• keirafauldsx17 February 2018
    Getting Netflix last year and clicking on The Vampire Diaries is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I don't have the words to describe or explain how much love I have for the characters that I have started to fall in love with over time. The chemistry that the characters have together is just too beautiful and I love them all more than anything. I have watched the show 4 times and have started to read the books and I'm currently on the 6th. The books are amazing, but nothing like the show. I will always choose the show, but I do love the books. If you read this, then please just watch the show and I guarantee you will love it. Just the gorgeous male characters such as the Salvatore brothers or Mikaelson brothers, you will fall in love with, just like I have. The actors and actresses all play the parts so well and have such stunning talent. What I am writing right now is nothing compared to the love I have I wish I could describe, but it's not possible. All I can say is this show has helped me through so much, and it's uniqueness and beauty always makes me smile, and I will never not be in love with the show. Watch the show and you won't regret it. Always and forever, Keira.
  • gingersnap-7946316 February 2018
    Not too good
    I watched it without reading reviews and it was cliche, boring, unoriginal, ridiculous acting. Theres so much going on all the time and people die constantly. Its so unrealistic even if you try your very hardest to suspend your disbelief it just doesnt work for me. It is more geared towards teens for sure. You wont be missing anything at all if you skip this series.
  • inesereia-257569 January 2018
    Best serie in the world
    This is the best serie in the world and I really advice to watch! To many seasons but watching all of them makes us want to see more! WATCH PLEASE SERIOUSLY!
  • kbmoore-567643 January 2018
    its emotionally outstanding
    I finished all 177 episodes and fell in love with it when i first watched it on the last episode i cried my eyes out realizing that that this amazing show is irreplaceable and that this amazing of actors and actresses are amazing and so talented.
  • Agent Unprejudiced26 December 2017
    This is an insult to the vampire-era and i will not support this crap

    i am really disappointed and i think that they try to renew the Twilight-era but that was a big misstake
  • dorisa198913 December 2017
    Great pacing (mostly) and completely believable despite the unbelievable subject matter
    I'm on my 5th re-watch of the series and I absolutely love the pacing of the first two seasons. Lots of major events take place in a relatively short amount of time. Those two seasons really drew me in and made me stick through some of the not-so-fun episodes. I've read the books the series is based on and I've got to say (and this is rare) the TV version is MUCH better than the books. I know it seems silly to say the TV series is more realistic, because obviously nothing is realistic about the series, but it truly is. The actors were perfect for their rolls, all of them. Nina Dobrev does a phenomenal job. It's unbelievable how much of a difference there is between Elena and Katherine. She's also extremely beautiful. In fact, everyone on the show is beautiful. There's Stefan/Paul Wesley and his "ugly" cries at various times. There's Damon who makes even killing innocent people look fun (and always looks good doing it). I don't think I'll ever enjoy another show the way I enjoy this one.
  • cmc23921 December 2017
    Great show!!!!!
    Noticeably, I read wiki about Jamie, Bonnie's stepbrother who deserve a minor role and did not have any important role or story background. Don't blame CW network that show diversity with some African- American actors. Mostly, CW covered many Caucasian celebrities in early 2000s. Though, it is still a great teen vampire drama and action show. I did praised actor's performance. Jamie Bennett, who played by Robert Richard who did not displayed a major role in The Vampire Diaries. The Originals in spin-off show have African American witches, vampires and werewolves. He should played more like any gangsta rappers. I also had seen him in many shows like Skeeter. It seem confusing to follow up that I watch Do Not Gentle an episode which he had almost killed by Klaus. The episode may get sensitive by many African-American viewer. It bugged me when Bonnie and Jamie Bennett are in sex. I think awkward and confusing. TVD took place in Mystic Fall which why show minor African American role. We need show more 90s supernatural legends and creatures.
  • rawwrrroots28 November 2017
    Disappointed VD Fan with no Closure
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was hooked to the show at the beginning. I was a die hard Elena and Stefen fan. The story started about their love story. I was very disappointed it didn't end that way. I lost interest when Elena and Damon became a thing but I hung in there for several more seasons waiting and hoping Elena and Stefen would find their way back to each other. By the sixth season I realized that it wasn't going to be that way and I skipped 6,7 and 8 right to the last episode. It just seemed completely useless to pair Elena and Damon considering the story didn't start that way. It should have revolved around ELena and Stefen. So in the end I was very disappointed and found the show to be a total waste of my time.
  • harpreetsingh-5087217 November 2017
    1 of the most addictive shows I have ever seen.Moreover, I'm in love with its music.I remember the day when I started with The Vampire Diaries and I was bit scare of it because lately, I was done with The breaking bad so I didn't want to ruin my taste of tongue.Eventually,this show held with a promising start and apparently, I didn't even notice that how strongly I got hooked into it. Lastly,I must say that this show is a worth time spending series.
  • jhenson-2906912 November 2017
    Rabbit Hole
    I mean, legitimately what is happening. I have never seen a show where so many characters go from being the antagonist to the protagonist. It starts out portraying Damon as this Satanic psycho evil vamp. And that "he must be stopped". Then he is substituted for another villain...who is substituted by another villain. And everyone so easily forgets the evils committed by all of the above. I mean, Damon literally kills Elena's brother and Stefan's best friend and does all kinds of horrible stuff and then it's just forgotten. And now the Originals aren't even the bad guys? It's just a rabbit hole.
  • sunjaysmith16 October 2017
    A great vampire series
    I watched all the seasons during the summer and I really enjoyed it. Vampires are my favorite supernatural creatures and to have an entire series about them was fantastic. I thought the actors did a good portraying them. The first season was slow but it picked up speed as the show progressed. Season 2 was my favorite to watch. Finally at the end I thought it finished with a satisfactory ending.
  • makaykay-1091513 October 2017
    I am hooked on this show. At first I thought it was just about this love triangle. But, it's so much more than that. The Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows I've ever watched. It aired from 2009 to 2017 and has 8 seasons. However, romance and drama play a huge role in the show. Also, if you don't like the supernatural types of shows, then I don't recommend this show for you.
  • prettylittlevampiresb26 September 2017
    One of my favorite series
    Warning: Spoilers
    The vampire diaries is one of my favorite series (after pretty little liars of course) it has constant drama and suspense. Elena Gilbert is the main character and she starts off dating Stefan Salavatore, who is a vampire as the series develops she falls in love with his older brother Damon Salvatore and from there the plot thickens.
  • Sidd Gupta16 September 2017
    Amazing. Loved it.
    Not being really critical about it. Just what I felt in the heart. Heart to heart talk. Finally the not so long last season. Vampire diaries comes to an end for me. Now, I wish it never ended. Characters in the series start to seem undo able without. They certainly became a part of my somewhat solitary life. "I was feeling Epic"- 2nd last episode , last season. #vampirediaries #forever #forevermine *all teary eyed* :'( P.S - Stefan's hero hair intact at last. Never gonna wear off. #salvatorebrothers #elena #stefan #damon #carolineforbes #elizabethforbes #bonbon #bonniebennet #bonniethewitch #alaricsaltzman #ric #tyler #jeremy #werewolves #twilight #lorenzo #enzo #niklaus #klaus #originals #katherine #donovon #mattdonovon. Can't go on, but in love with each and every one of them. Paul Wesley Ian Somerhalder Nina Dobrev Kat Graham Candice Accola Gonna miss each and every one of you.
  • xristinaelisa15 September 2017
    After the 3 season the show was a mess
    The first 3 season were great, great story line , actors everything! As soon as the forth season started the whole show was a mess! No story line, they went too far from the books! The script was confusing and not interesting.It seemed that the story was rushed and not well written! The only good thing was the cast , the were amazing. But I still can not believe that the rating in this show is higher than other shows which are much better!
  • ippolitimichelina19 August 2017
    Worth watching.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The meant it when the said the show was a drama, worth watching anyways. Bonnie is far my favorite character, strong, independent, resilient and loyal it was quite beautiful see how they develop her history. Also it was interesting to see how Caroline and Dammon became better "persons" through the seasons...and the poor Stefan finally got peace. Wouldn't change a thing.
  • tboatwright-974188 August 2017
    This Show could've been so great
    Warning: Spoilers
    Where do I start, oh I know the beginning from the first episode, Stephen was suppose to be the main character from the start literally in first scene he says something like this is my story but then the writers flip it and say no it's actually about an annoying teenage Girl just like Twilight. These writers are just so annoying honestly it would've been nice to have something new but no how about we do something exactly like Twilight. Next thing why doesn't any body give these teenagers therapy whatsoever but no a teenage girl says she's handling it after she just witnessed her parents drown. This girl honestly needs help which probably explains she's dating a blood thirsty vampire and all of the annoying crying scenes. Her Aunt is an idiot to think her niece is fine after witnessing her "parents" die. What's next, none of the characters change Stephen who is about 100 years old still can't stand being around human blood. Come on this is so stupid after all those years he still couldn't have met anyone who achieved some sort of enlightenment. Stephen is still a whiny teenager he is not heroic nor is he able to make up his mind. Now Elena it may sound heartless to call this girl annoying but no it isn't she had all that time to try and grow up but no she has to cry and whine. When she has the power to try and seek help which she never does. Damon man this guy is just crazy and is perfect for what a vampire is Evil and manipulative. All of these characters just don't change they say oh Damon change but he still kills people. Also I am so sick of shows that try to make vampires seem good when obviously their not I mean they feed on us humans. Which is definitely cannibalism. Also I hated the ending when they have her fake parents come back so stupid, I mean why not the person who sacrificed him self for his daughter that part was heartbreaking.

    This is where I say stuff they should've done differently for instance keep the blood thirsty vampire as the main character and do his back story first. Do not make him seem good and also make him seem like a strong villain. Have Elena seem like a smart, and strong heroine because of her experience having lost her "parents". Also make her a vampire hunter and maybe have her stop crying so much. Have her aunt actually care about her kids well being like have her meet with a therapist for once and also her brother too. Also writers please stop trying to please everyone this show could've been amazing if you gave it more depth of what it means to be human like I know you guys talk about having a family that's great but maybe give it more. And stop trying to please everyone. Maybe give it more comedy relief because of how many times people die. Also please expand on the supernatural world or maybe give it your own twist. Maybe have the vampire's instead use Sunscreen instead of magical rings that would've been more believable and may be have a secret Vampire hierarchy since they've been around for so long. This show could've been amazing if only you just used common sense and have the characters make smart decisions. The writers of this show really need to think about what they are writing period but at least this show finally ended. Hopefully someone saw how ridiculous this show became.
  • evie8 August 2017
    Best show i've ever watched
    This is literally the best show i've watched in my entire life. I admit, season 1 isn't the best but oh my days it honestly just gets better and better. I highly recommend it for teens who are looking for a new show to watch. It also has a successful spin-off show called The Originals, which doesn't have as much romance in so if you're looking for something more sophisticated then go for that show instead :)
  • Satya Pranay18 July 2017
    Amazing show which slowly gets boring over time!!!!
    Well I got to give it a 5 out of 10... reason being I do like the story but over period of time just couldn't take the additional nonsense they portray in the story with the main things going. Ya for a show to be running they just can't reveal everything but with all the other crap and non story related talks I couldn't convince myself to give a higher rating . Overall the show keeps you entertained but gets boring way too many times and the only reason I watched it is cause I started it and I really loved the initial stage of the show .
  • Miroslav V.14 July 2017
    teenage ''televisa presenta'' vampire triangle
    Warning: Spoilers
    first 4 seasons its interested teen TV marmelade. (rating 8/10) season 5: tralala bored... season 6: painful to watch... season 7: first half is watchable, then again too bored... season 8: wake me up...

    rating 6/10 because season 5-8. DON'T waste time after season 4! start to watch the Originals.
  • Khaled nour29 June 2017
    best show ever!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    BEST SHOW EVER!!! it really makes you feel alive and live the adventure like you are really on the show. i wish there were more seasons and Stefan didn't have to die. and its the only show that makes us love viliains like Katherine <3 she is one of my best characters thanks to the great actor Nina Dobrev <3 and really great actors by the way especially Paul and Candice and of course Ian and Nina too <3
  • legitjoseph19 June 2017
    story of two vampire brothers.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm really sad that the series ends here. Well i enjoyed watching a long 172 episode series. And I should to say that the climax was awesome. But they could've shown us at least a glimpse of Damon's and Elena's life, romance, their children etc. It's understandable that Every story can't be a happy ending. But I feel like they have hurried a little bit to end the series. And they just left a question unanswered. How did Bonnie break the spell of Kai Parker? Well every story leaves some question marks isn't it?
  • utg00114 June 2017
    Unnecessarily long
    Warning: Spoilers
    I will say that this show suffers from the same thing that has plagued many great seasons these days. Just like Prison Break, the producers get greedy for the views and keep on adding episodes for the sake of more episodes. I think this season is actually twice the length it should have been. What viewers need is a good story with proper closure, this show leaves many ends unexplained.

    The acting is great, You find loving characters you once hated and hating the ones that you once liked. The emotional scenes are really well done but the more you stick to it the more it feels like stretching the same story over multiple seasons. You get an all powerful villain, defeated by a hero who has to take questionable decisions, their friends forgive the hero because the dead actually come back alive. I'm not saying that everyone becomes a vampire, but the ones that should die, don't. In the end what lets this show down is that nothing is certain ever. You might have a character that died in first season come back, while others become downright invincible despite being very vulnerable. This puts me off very much.

    I'm actually happy with the ending and believe it is worth going through all the drama that is the rest of the series, though first half of the series is the best part.
  • ethandoesreviews7 June 2017
    i hate this show
    CW has a habit of making bad shows which teens love. From Riverdale to Gossip girl they are all genuine trash with the exception of a couple.Yet the vampire diaries has always been a strange one for me as though most of their shows are trash but watchable and sort of addicting I struggled to get through an episode of this show. Everything about this TV show is so unlikable. There isn't a single likable character (or actor) all the acting is shockingly awful the pacing makes it seem like hours have passed when its been one episode there is hardly anything to like. it is beyond me why this show is so popular especially as it appeals to teens who seems to have the shortest attention span. The plot line is so cookie cutter basic yet the producers feel the need to try and make it smarter which never works.nothing on this show works and will ever work. there are a few good performances from Nina but that is it. i am glad this show got cancelled
  • e-a-caskey18 May 2017
    Season 7 worst season Ever...
    Warning: Spoilers
    I grew up reading the first 4 books of The Vampire Diaries, 90's child after all and at first I was really disappointed that the t.v show didn't follow the books more closely (I am a traditionalist when it comes to book to movie/ t.v show conversions). After watching the first season I am so glad that the only person that they really kept completely true to the books was Damon, Ian Somerhalder fit my ideal vision of Damon to a Tee. In the books I didn't really like Elena at all and Didn't really care for Stefan either. I think the books were the rare ones where I actually liked the secondary characters better then the mains.

    I felt like T.v version of Elena was a lot more relatable and likable, contrary to what I have read in other comments she did grow and mature, she went from not able to cope or accept her Vampirism to being OK with it, yes it took her awhile, at the end she was able to live with it. I think one of the reasons I don't like Stefan is that he is too noble and self sacrificing, he also denies his inner nature. Where as Damon has always been upfront about who he is, he is a narcissist and selfish but he admits it. At the end of the day Damon will make the harsh decisions, he will do what ever is necessary to save his friends and family. Stefan and Damon alternately love each other and hate each other, their whole relationship puts the dys in dysfunctional. How could they EVER have a normal relationship when their father was an abusive monster and their mother abandoned them?

    Up until now I have loved seasons 1-6, even though the show has gradually become darker and darker. After watching season 7 I think that once Nina Dobrev decided to leave the show it feels like it has fractured, it just isn't the same without her, at least for me. The whole show is supposed to be about the brothers relationship plus the relationship that they have with Elena. Also loved watching the dynamics between Elena, Bonnie and Caroline. Bonnie, Matt and Caroline have pretty much gone their separate ways with Caroline going to Texas, Matt pretty much has become the supernatural police, so there is only Bonnie left to help Damon and Stefan :(. I also found the jumping around from present day to three years in the future really confusing and wish that they had put all the present day episodes together and have them lead up to the future.
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