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  • vansebastian25 September 2009
    i am very critical of television. i hate clichés, shows that try to teach you things, and more than anything ripoffs(like the fact that family guy takes most of its plot lines form old simpsons episodes). but Community is original, and dead-on with every punchline. Abed has some of the best delivery i have seen in years. everything he says and the way that he says it is side-splitting. the whole episode i am just longing for more words to come out of his mouth. brilliant beatbox/rap at the end of episode 2 by the way. Joel McHale is a great leading man who plays an ass trying a little harder not to be an ass(maybe its just to get a girl but regardless). i was confused about the purpose of chevy chase in this (dont get me wrong, he is hilarious, but in this he's just a side character) until i saw the second episode (Spanish 101) in which he does a Spanish presentation that is golden. no more doubts in my mind.

    this show is bound for great things. my only concern is that every show that i love gets canceled because not enough people get it. (Firefly, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks). So i just hope people give this show a chance. i was won over after one viewing. This is one of the nicest surprises i have seen in a long time and i strongly encourage you to at least watch the pilot on HULU. worth every minute.
  • LeonardOsborneKael29 October 2009
    Great ensemble work with fresh ideas about relationships
    The promos for this series really turned me off. Another dreary, predictable story about the uncaring horny guy pursuing the lovely stand-offish female? Wow was I wrong! These characters are refreshingly complex and give us lots of surprises in an all too short half-hour. The concept of a bunch of mismatched community college students bumbling through life is rich with possibilities and, speaking as a former community college student, has the ring of truth all the way through. All the actors are wonderful -- especially Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie. The cherry on top is the amazing Chevy Chase, so oft-criticized for being the self-indulgent ham, who delivers as nuanced and compelling ensemble-sensitive performance as you are ever going to see. My sense is that this show has got some serious legs!
  • staceyhicken16 July 2010
    Non stop laughter
    This show is just awesome. Me and my chap are often having to pause it or rewind it just because of the amount and the level of humour! All the characters are great. Sexy Jeff pulls the best faces, Pierce is just brilliant (he is very nearly my fave), Annie and Shirley bounce of each other and have some great moments, Britta is cute, funny and geeky and Abed and Troy take over the show when they have scenes together. Even watching the pilot episode i was laughing my bum off!!! Spanish professor Chang is also great. My only criticism is that Troy needs a story line or a few more scenes as he is so so funny but the end scenes with Abed and Troy more than make up for that. They are genius! The whole cast is just great and after watching the whole first series in one weekend i cannot wait for the next one. One of the most clever, entertaining and FUNNY shows i have ever seen. Along with the other fans. I beg you PLEASE do not cancel it! Here in the UK i am sure we would pick up this series for at least 5 seasons, its just THAT good! :-)
  • cerror2 October 2009
    A brilliant surreal comedy.
    As a European, I am not really a big fan of typical US comedy. Yeah I can laugh at some scenes of friends, Seinfeld or any other main network sitcom, but they never make want to rewind and watch a joke/situation again.

    I only had that with some moments of Scrubs and well.... Community!

    First of all thank god for the absence of the laugh tape. I hate that old figment of the 60's etc. If something is funny, it's funny. Not because other people are laughing on tape.

    Community has this really quirky well thought sense of humor where every aspect is really worked out. Offcourse there is some typecasting going on like the oh-no-you-didn't African-American woman but Yvette someway makes that type more than a type.

    I could give a review of every cast member but all I have to say is: the ones casted as a typical egocentric bastard, pretty girl or anything else are bringing more than just that.

    I have to say that Danny Pudi, Chevy Chase and Donald Glover are the absolute funniest written and played characters/types on this show but I have to say: none of the cast hasn't NOT entertained me.

    The type of humor really reminds me of scrubs and British humor with more interest to the unexpected. than to the typical expected. Not "just random" humor, but just something else then the thing you've would expect.

    Please do not cancel this show soon. It is one of the shows I really look forward to each week.
  • Omer van Kloeten1 November 2009
    Finally, after a long dry-spell, I have found a live-action TV show that actually makes me laugh again.

    Watching this show made me burst out laughing so many times. The script is wonderfully written and the actors have excellent comedic timing to match it. Sure, there are a few less-than-funny parts about it, but then again, it's not sketch comedy, so it can't be funny all the time.

    McHale leads nicely, but both he and Gillian Jacobs do a weird 180 degree turn in character after a couple of episodes. It was supposed to be a step meant to make them seem more human and vulnerable, rather than absurd, comedic characters, but ends up making you a bit uneasy. A special kudos goes to Ken Jeong, for portraying one of the funnier characters portrayed on screen as of late.
  • brenee245 March 2010
    What can I say except I LOVE IT !!!!
    I'm so happy for Joel McHale (The Soup) to have found a comedy that works for him. It's great to see Chevy Chase back on the screen, in a role that is so unlike himself but that he plays so convincingly that I often forget I'm watching the guy from "I'm Chevy Chase and You're Not." I also love seeing Donald Glover in a supportive and recurring role on a show- he's a wonderfully talented writer and has been in the business for quite some time, working with Derrick Comedy and even writing some of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock. Glover's on screen relationship with Abed is hilariously funny- the two have an amazing chemistry, and people who think that's weird are "just jealous." The ladies are also quite brilliant and unique, each with their own distinctive personalities and eccentricities. The ensemble cast is quirky and the characters are extremely diverse but somehow fit together first as a Spanish study group and then as friends. Moreover, after dropping out of my first pick of universities, I myself attended a community college for my sophomore year, and Community does well to portray the...uniqueness of this type of school. The student body is quite diverse, and the cast of the show represents all the stereotypes of people who end up in such a place. However, it also reflects the actual sense of community that can be formed in a smaller university and the bonding between students who otherwise would have never met let alone become friends. Oh, and we can't forget the mix of normal professors and absolutely insane ones ! What more is there to say ? I love this show; I think it's The Best new comedy for 2009-2010. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it goes another season !!!
  • jetsen van den eede10 December 2010
    Awesome show
    The first time I've heard about community was this summer when I was taking the 'Paramount' studio tour. When we where walking around the decors I was amazed about how real it looked! Since I work for TV in Belgium I know how decors look and how it's been shown on TV. But when you walk around in the studio it's like you're really walking in a school! But most of all the way that the Director shows it on TV is just amazing! the lighting also plays a great part of creating the mood and weather which looks like real! GREAT JOB!

    "side note"- in the episode with the paint ball competition I really don't want to be the decor staff because what they did with the decors, It blows my mind! (and it's a lot of cleaning work)

    The first episode should be the best one where the audience gets caught in the series. But this was not the case! you get to know all the characters in the first episode but you don't get an real story like in the other episodes. It even looks like it is a drama show where the guy hopelessly falls in love with the girl but just can't get her!

    Further the acting work is great every character has is own personality and the way that the actors show it to the screen is just like there being them-selfs! (which in Chevy Chase's case could be real ;) ) It's amazing how you can get so caught up in the story when it is everything except real.

    Also amazing work for the screenwriters because they can come up with amazing new out of the box story's! While we are used to see them like on The Simpsons,..

    I a really looking forward to the new episodes of this season and maybe a third season?
  • nwes10016 October 2009
    hilarious! funny! surprisingly inspiring
    This show is hilarious and at times I find it inspiring. Favorite episode so far is Season1Episode3/Introduction to Film. The show is very clever, the characters are such a mismatch it does what the Breakfast Club does in revealing human nature and sociology. The community college they attend often tries to give a university feel and in doing so also it parodies universities.

    Character Abed is the funniest! I love Joel Mchale on this show . Joel plays the character Jeff, and does not present himself as the over-the-top jerk on the Soup -he is still a jerk but a blander(or more reserved) version giving the other characters a chance to shine. The rest of the cast as the series progress you learn more about them and appreciate their depth and humor they bring.
  • ChorusL10612 February 2010
    Something new that hasn't been seen for a while . . .
    I started watching this show late in the season, and accidentally came across it by accident on Hulu (I meant to click on something else). I am glad I did.

    What I like about this show in particular is that it is primarily concerned with the platonic dynamic among the members of a mish-mashed group. For me, that is really refreshing. I have never been a real fan of major network sitcoms because of what I perceive as a complete lack of ingenuity and a revolution around unoriginal themes (I actually started tuning into the Disney show, Suite Life of Zach and Cody for the reasons stated herein). There have been a few good ones here and there, but most friendship-oriented sitcoms geared towards adults seemed to develop the over-used story of a group of friends sitting around crabbing about their love lives and how to fix them, i.e. Friends, Will and Grace, O.C. (not exactly a sitcom), Sex and the City, even 30 Rock to a certain degree. I realize the bulk of those shows are from a few years back, but it was those sorts of shows (not to mention the devil-conceived reality shows) that really turned me off from major network programming. I enjoyed them at the time, but they all seemed to grace the same themes: we're such close friends and we're going to help each other find boyfriends. Puke! I got so sick of seeing friendships revolving around getting someone laid.

    Then I came upon Community. I've watched every episode thus far in the first season and I really appreciate its commitment to focusing on the core relationships among the friends. Of course they delve into the sexual tensions that naturally exist, but it always remains focused on the friendships, and through funny means. I think this kind of theme is so necessary in today's programming. It's OK to "just be friends" with someone. It's OK to be yourself, to be dorky, funny, fussy, uptight, bitchy, whatev. There are still people out there that can care about you. It doesn't have to be about finding love or sex, being sexy, or being desired by the gender from which you seek attention. That is what I like about Community, it just shows friends being friends without pretense.

    As far as the show goes substantively, I think it is quite funny. It sometimes misses the mark, but I think those moments are rare. Some episodes are funnier than others, some characters are funnier than others, but everyone has their moment. I love Joel McHale, I think he's a riot, and Chevy Chase is really great. Someone else mentioned how they were glad he wasn't over-taking the show's humor elements and I also appreciate that. His humor is well- spaced throughout the show. The guy who plays the dean is a riot as well. I love his scenes.

    I also really enjoy the community college setting. It's a very appropriate setting for a show about a diverse group of friends that each have their own special and interesting reasons for being there. I know some people dislike the overt, "politically correct" representation in the group. There are some stereotypes, the culturally- insensitive older person, the fabulous African-American woman, the WASP-y, pretentious brat, the hipster, the cool guy, the nerd, etc. It can get a tad clichéd, but I think it works specifically because the community college setting is a place where you might find that mixture of people. It appeals to people from all walks of life: younger, college-aged students, people who have time on their hands and want more education, people trying to make a new start in life, etc. I think it's a great and interesting setting to use in a show about a unconventional group of friends. I really think the creators planned it out well.

    So yes, if you are like me and enjoy seeing shows about friends being just friends, and developing those platonic relationships, its definitely worth the try. I certainly plan on continuing.
  • dannyusf22 December 2009
    Witty and Great!
    Warning: Spoilers
    The fall of 2009 was a great year for comedies. Two reached out to me with both having Blast from the Past actors (Chevy Chase and Ed O'Neil) which are Community and Modern Family. Viewers have found two new shows to laugh at once again with fresh new witty humor and great acting.

    Community has hilarious ideas with having a Asian Spanish Teacher which is well played by Ken Jeong. Abed the movie loving/quoting difficult social skills middle eastern and finally one of the moments I have been waiting for of Donald Glover (or anyone from DerrickComedy) finally having a spot on TV. This show is great and have not seen one disappointing episode. The extra clips in the end are great way to end each episode to.
  • shonenpunk22 November 2016
    A funny start, an inspiring development but a disappointing ending
    When I first started this show, I was loving it SO MUCH, enjoying every character and their silly humor. All the nonsense and the cartoonization they suffered throughout the seasons reminded me a lot of Scrubs, which is my favorite show of all time. The world they built for the series is inspiring and it activated my imagination to the point the characters and that reality kept living on in my head.

    But then I got to the monotonous and forced season 4 finale, that I believe it was the moment when they jumped the shark. In season 5, the show seemed superficial and not funny at all, especially with characters leaving for no reason and things coming out of nowhere, so I dropped it.

    Still, Community holds a place in my heart and I'm glad for all the laughs I had with it, a great show and I'd recommend it to anyone!
  • Heather2 October 2009
    Good new show...hope it lasts
    I was a little skeptical when I first watched Community because of all the pro-mos that were done. It seemed like every commercial break had a pro-mo saying how great this show is going to be...which usually turns me off a program.

    I missed the first episode but caught the subsequent ones and they were funny. Chevy Chase does a good job at not taking over as the lead in what is essentially an ensemble cast. McHale does a good job at being a guy that does not want to be involved in other peoples' lives, but ends up getting dragged in anyways.

    The Spanish rap that was done at the very end of episode 2 was just hilarious and the dance at the end last night was great. Silly but still funny and entertaining.
  • wct44316 January 2011
    The Best Comedy On Television
    This show is vastly underrated. It gets overlooked next to popular titles like The Office and 30 Rock. Not that these shows aren't great, I love them, but Community is far superior. Not only is it hilarious, it's incredibly creative and unique. You never know what to expect. In one episode, the plot will simply be that the main character, Jeff Winger, gets back in touch with his old lawyers buddies. A few episodes later, contaminated meat turns everyone at a party into mindless zombies with an appetite for flesh. And then skip a few more episodes and you get a story told entirely in claymation!

    Joel McHale is the perfect lead for this show. He's cool, calm and a great leader for the study group. But the whole ensemble is where Community's strengths lie. Chevy Chase is great, as always, as the strange and hilarious Piers Hawthorne. Gillian Jacobs, as Britta, is fantastic as Jeff's on-again, off-again love interest. With this relationship, the show does an amazing job of spoofing classic sitcom "Sam and Diane" relationships. Danny Pudi, as the movie and TV fanatic Abed, is perhaps my favorite character. His character seems self-aware, and he frequently makes references to their lives being similar to a sitcom. Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown also star as the dumb-jock with a heart of gold Troy and religious divorced mom Shirley. Rounding up the stellar ensemble is Allison Brie. Playing the innocent and simple character of Annie, she could easily be overlooked. But of course she fits the part perfectly and steals the show in many episodes with her emotional outbursts.

    All in all, Community is a great show that is worth checking out. And if you want an episode to start with, the action-movie spoof "Modern Warfare" may be the best thing I have ever seen on television.
  • yamurbina11 November 2016
    Lovely characters, laugh, great story and enjoyable journey.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not really a comedy guy, I find most comedy show really hard to watch and not funny. I have a lot of favorite shows, but there are only 2 shows that made almost cry and sad because it felt like some part of me die with the end of the show (I know, its ridiculous but its the truth.)

    That being said, from the very first episode Community made me laugh a lot, mostly because its not a ''every line its a joke'' type of comedy and it doesn't have fake laughs that only makes me want to face palm.

    Like I said I'm not an expert in comedy, but every character might no be original, all characters has a realistic personality, I think that's one of the reason you can get easily attached to this series. We all are like a character and we all want to be like a character from the show. With the same goals, weakness and everyday problems.

    In the other hand what this show has gone through its unbelievable, actors leaving, a kind of Steve Jobs situation happened, where if Im not mistaken the creator was fired and rehired, the show got canceled and then got bought and able to do its last season. I can't really imagine how fans would have felt when all of that happened. Sadly I did miss Chevy Chase on the show, Pierce was my favorite character. And Donald Glover leaving I felt made Abed different.

    Anyways I just want to say, Yahoo!, thank you very much for picking the show and give us a really beautiful end to this show. Community really deserves the support you gave them. And of course everybody who made this show possible.

    And last but not least, this is an example of one of those totally underrated shows which are really good and you just can't understand why. This is not just a comedy show, if you plan to watch it , or you just started watching it, get ready for a journey, for roller-coaster of emotions specially towards the end, and for your new favorite characters. Welcome to Greendale! #SixSeasonAndaMovie
  • LukeItIs3 February 2014
    Community became the type of series it once mocked
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first seasons of Community were an absolute joy. The writers managed to create an intellectual and off-beat sitcom, which is a welcome change in a genre that has seen tons of generic titles come and go. By blatantly calling out their own clichés for what they were - usually through the character Abed - they were a very special kind of comedy. One that made you mockingly laugh at something you were thoroughly enjoying at the same time. Perfect examples are of course the paint ball episodes, in which external influences force the school into an absurd mayhem.

    As Chevy Chase, the actor that portrayed Pierce, mentioned in various interviews and a disturbing voice mail (look it up!), over time Community has fallen into its own trap. By focusing more and more on predictable sitcom story lines, such as those regarding love interests within the group and the pregnancy of the character Shirley, it slowly turned into another one of those shows. We do not care. We just want to laugh.

    The reboot at the start of the fifth season looks promising, but the forced nature of the fourth episode is a terrible sign. It is abundantly clear that the writers wanted to do another paint ball-type episode, because they know we enjoyed the others. But the thing is, we didn't enjoy it just because of the blazing guns and outright craziness. We enjoyed it because it poked fun at the action genre - and most importantly, at itself. This time the premise was weak and the execution was predictable. The joke was gone.

    If you enjoyed shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory for more than a couple of seasons, you may or may not appreciate Community. But if the repetitiveness and lack of innovation of those shows bothered you, this is a show you should not miss.

    I'm just sad that this show no longer deserves the A+ it once earned. Community has become the type of series it once mocked. Perhaps in an attempt to gain a wider audience, it has lost its heart.

    Let's hope Dan Harmon manages to find it again, before it is too late.
  • jbboyle330 June 2012
    The Best Show Nobody Watches
    Ever find yourself flipping through your channel listings over and over and over again, throwing your remote at your dog, and complaining about the lack of quality television programs to your Twitter followers? Well, odds are you just haven't given the shows that are actually worth watching a chance. I made the mistake of avoiding the hidden gem that is Community for nearly two years. The often unappreciated NBC comedy follows the antics of a study group consisting of seven Greendale Community College students from all different walks of life: the egotistical and recently disbarred lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), the outspoken liberal Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), the dynamic/inseparable nerd duo of socially awkward Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) and former high school jock Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), the pill-head turned sweetheart Annie "Adderall" Edison (Alison Brie), the morally driven Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), and the oldest, most inappropriate member of the group desperately trying to stay hip Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase). The cast teamed with the incredibly talented writing staff will have you chortling by yourself at the witty jokes and fresh comical situations. Community's ability to develop such intricate relationships between the characters in such a short amount of time is what separates the award winner from the competition. In between the laughs, the show has a lot of heart, allowing viewers to build an emotional bond with the odd group of characters who, despite all of their differences, share a sort of symbiotic relationship. The show is simply in a league of its own. Community has the perfect mixture of comedy, emotion, and storyline, not to mention an incredible amount of action packed into a few paintball episodes. Like Fox's Arrested Development, Community, likely entering its last season, will go down as one of the most under-appreciated shows of all time.
  • reneweddan21 June 2011
    Those who watch it fall in love, always.
    Community is brilliantly scripted: the dialogue is ingenious, the acting is superb, and the creativity is off the charts.

    Don't watch this show with high expectations because those expectations will be met, but the show excels if you have an open-mind and as you relax.

    The humor is abundant and you will fall in love with at least one of the characters, if not all. I would attempt to list the diverse features of each character, but they really can't be explained. Each character truly cannot be labeled, they are each so unique and realistic that you'd have to watch this show in order to understand.

    If you aren't a fan of this show yet, give it a chance and you will be, otherwise you're missing out of cinematic entertainment at its finest. I would classify this show as one of my favorite comedies, ranking alongside Arrested Development and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Community is definitely the cleanest of the three so it's a great watch for a good time without being overly offensive.

    You can read all of the positive feedback about this show, but the best way to fully understand this show is to immerse yourself in it by watching it.
  • kimintuitive7 April 2010
    Community Deserves A Gold Star on It's Report Card!
    The past several years, there has been less and less to watch on TV because it's saturated with awful reality shows and the sitcom-type shows that are on, are basically following the same faux-documentary type model that I just don't find funny. I find myself watching more Canadian shows now, and less and less American shows.

    But in comes Community as a nice little gold star for American TV! I have to say it has really grown on me, and now I'm hooked. I love that each episode tries out the different dynamics between each of the characters.

    I didn't know of Joel McHale before. Yes, he sure is a tall hunk of good-looking stuff (hello! the naked pool episode!), but I think he's doing a good job and his character is likable (his slightly sleazy and insensitive character is fun to watch). Chevy Chase and Ken Jeong really do push the boundaries of political correctness - but that "not sure whether to scorn or laugh" feeling is balanced out with some nice moments for their characters.

    Love the Annie and Shirley characters in the debate and bad cop episodes, and the switch-spanking episode with the Troy and Britta characters was hilarious! My absolute favourite character has to be Abed. The Don Draper and vampire impersonations, and pretty much everything he says I find laugh-out-loud funny. I love the ending bits with Troy and Abed - more please!

    Overall, Community borders on the absurd in it's humour but does so in such a clever way, that I can't help but laugh and feel good watching.
  • parunach6 September 2011
    Superb show that is offbeat
    This is an unusual show with great imagination. The cast is superb with many actors giving a special touch to it, from Chevy Chase to Ken Jeong. The show has a balance between traditional humor and the unexpected. I found this show from an interview with Gillian Jacobs in Craig Ferguson and fell in love with it. While some parts can be slow, the creativity is what keeps it going. I rewind and watch parts multiple times to make sure that I did not miss any pieces. My wife and I watched all episodes in both seasons in one weekend. I am surprised that it is rated 81st show in the last year. I hope that it does not get canceled. Assuming that it keeps the current standard, it can easily go for a few more seasons.
  • Owen Coombs1 September 2011
    What I love about community is the versatility of the mish-mash of characters and the way their chemistry just works. You have a bit of everything. In Jeff Winger you have the smug, speech making likable anti-hero. Troy Barnes, the silly, immature, lovable ragamuffin. Shirley Bennett, the lovable innocent bubbly one. Annie Edison, the gorgeous and bubbly, point making, try hard, witty young lady with an unexpected history. Abed Nabir, who's 'dissability' of Aspergers Syndrome is made light of by making him obsessed with pop culture, meaning endless film and television references which drives the cinematic element of the show. Britta Perry, who's witty, self obsessed persona bounces of other characters with hilarious consequences and finally Pierce Hawthorne, played by the fabulous Chevy Chase, who's hilarious, inaproprism lands gives him one of the greatest one liner characters in recent years. Not to mention the supporting cast, who are excellent, played by Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Dino Stamatopoulos and John Oliver to name a few.

    Another thing which is great about the show, is it's self awareness, in the sense it recognizes itself as a television show, justified by the presence of Abed's character. "I thought we were like Chandler and Phoebe who's stories never go together" and "this is a bottle episode" are a few examples.

    After more or less every episode, comes a great character sketch between Troy and Abed, who's friendship and bromance are a thing to cherish.

    So watch this show, it's bloody great.
  • Mela O25 July 2011
    I wish I knew them!
    What an excellent show! It is witty, funny and keeps you wanting more. I love the cast of this show, everyone fits their characters well. I feel like the study group that was formed offers a bit of crazy in all kinds of forms. I like how we meet the characters from the beginning and get to be a part of their lives as the show develops. I found season 2 to be even better than season 1. I have a few favourite episodes but overall I can watch any episodes more than once. There are few shows I would re-watch and this has been added to my list. I feel like the humour in this show is very creative, as the situations are not the typical comical situations that you would expect. Everyone in this show contributes to the comedy, from the Dean to the lunch lady, again a great cast! I can't wait for season 3!!!!
  • MaximumMadness13 January 2011
    "Community" is an Incredible series. Simultaneously outlandish and realistic, it's fun, touching and hilarious. One of the best TV Comedies of the past 10 years...
    Premiering in 2009, "Community", created by Dan Harmon, stars a fantastic cast of actors, portraying characters from very different stations in life, as they all come together in the hopes of receiving a higher education (well... "medium" education is more accurate) at community college. Though each character is very different, and many don't seem like the types to hang around with one another, the seven leads eventually come together, first starting as a study group, before blossoming into a sort-of family.

    Joel McHale (E!'s "The Soup") stars as Jeff Winger, a lawyer who has returned to college on a deal to keep himself from getting disbarred- if he can earn a more legitimate degree (his previous degree was not from Columbia University, but rather, an illegitimate degree from Columbia the country), he can return to his former law firm. He's cocky, smarmy, and exploitive at times. He starts the series as a self-centered jerk, for lack of a better description, but over time, has calmed down and opened up a little more.

    Gillian Jacobs portrays Britta Perry, a gorgeous woman whom Jeff has on-again, off-again feelings for. Britta is a strong-minded and strong-willed woman, with concrete beliefs, thought she often hides the fact that she can be sensitive and vulnerable. She's the voice of reason, arguably, but she's also a darned great character, and doesn't fall back on clichés at all.

    Danny Pudi (in an outstanding performance) plays Abed Nadir, a pop-culture aficionado, who also seems to have some social and minor mental difficulties (Jeff says he has Asperger's Syndrome at one point, and as someone who has the condition, I'd say he was probably spot on), but is also fairly intelligent and can "read people" very good, even to the point where he can predict people's behavior slightly. He wants to be a filmmaker, and spends a lot of his time referencing movies and TV shows, and directing student films.

    Yvette Nicole Brown plays Shirley Bennet, an older woman who has returned to community college to start her life anew after her husband left her. She's a very kind woman, and a devoted Christian (which occasionally causes problems with the group's diversity), though she has gossiping problems as well.

    Alison Brie plays Annie Edison, a sexy but insecure young girl who just graduated High School. She was very unpopular in the past, and sees community college as a second chance at making friends (and getting close to Troy, her crush). She was formerly addicted to Adderall, but has turned her life around following rehab. She's the bookworm of the group, and tries a lot harder than everyone else, but hides many insecurities common for people her age.

    Donald Glover plays Troy Barnes, a former football star who had to stop playing following an injury. He's a bit rambunctious, and has a simple sense of humor. He becomes best friends with Abed, and they spend much time together. Short clips featuring the two of them close every show.

    And finally, Chevy Chase plays Pierce Hawthorne, a moist-towelette heir... member of a Buddhist Cult based around obscure concepts and "levels" (Guess which trendy Hollywood "religion" that's parodying!)... Very racist, but never with poor intentions... Seeing himself as more talented and valuable than he is much of the time... And physically awkward, setting up for a lot of slapstick gags. This character is perfect for Chevy. Need I say more?

    Every actor on the show is exquisite (with Pudi's performance being my personal favorite- no disrespect to the others), and each actor really transforms into the character. They all gel perfectly. They all work perfectly. This is one of the best comedy casts I've seen in a long time. The show also features actors such as Jim Rash, John Oliver and of course Ken Jeong in recurring roles as staff members, and each one gives a great performance as well.

    The show is quite smart, and well written. Characters are fleshed out and developed in a naturalistic way, and the situations often build off of that. Also, it's interesting in that the college (the infamously bizarre Greendale Acadamy) itself seems to become a character in the show.

    "Community" has just the right combination of realism and obscure outlandishness. As insane as the show can get (and it gets pretty insane), it never "jumps the shark." Everything still seems grounded and real in it's own cartoonish way.

    It honestly doesn't surprise me that the Russo brothers produce this show. When I first started watching it, I got a small hint of "Arrested Development" (the best TV comedy since "I Love Lucy", as far as I'm concerned), many episodes of which were directed by them, and when I found out about their involvement here, it made sense.

    Similar to "Arrested", this is a fantastic show. It's smart and put together, and is a prime example of modern TV comedy done right. It's one of the best TV comedies of the past 10 years, and my favorite show on TV now. A perfect 10 out of 10 from me.
  • Mac Benitez24 May 2015
    six seasons and a movie
    If you haven't seen Community, shut off the Big Bang Theory and watch this show. This show; by all intends and purposes, is a masterpiece of television. It's probably one of, if not the best TV comedy since Friends, because what makes this show, is not one single thing that stands out amongst everything else, it's the writing, and more importantly, it's the characters. But rather than siphoning off jokes and set pieces from Friends, Community creates its own unique situations and creates comedy gold with it. Another thing I love about the show; it doesn't need to advertise its most famous cast member; Chevy Chase to get attention, because all of the characters and actors do a fantastic job. Now before I conclude this short review on why Community is the greatest television comedy, I have to mention Troy and Abed, who in my opinion are the greatest TV comedy duo since Bert & Ernie
  • katchei-675-4488183 June 2011
    I hate having to put 10 stars but...
    Holy crap...

    Every single character on this show is so unbelievably awesome. Every single character is likable to some degree.

    Let me first say that I see everything. I work at home and I need one of my monitors to have some television show to keep me occupied. I was in such a dry spell lately having nothing to watch when a friend recommended this show. After the first episode, I thought it's not bad. After the second episode and that Spanish gibberish rap, I knew that I had found a winner.

    Even the teachers like Senor Chang make me smile whenever they enter a scene.

    What is most interesting is that this show is new. It is not based on any formula. The relationships are completely original and they are smart not to get mired down in romantic relationships unless for the sake of a joke.

    I'm currently ending the first season and I heard that the second season is even better.

  • copperncherrio13 March 2011
    It can only get better.
    The story centers around a Spanish study group at a community comedy, the group is made up a variety of people who go to community college: recent high school graduates, elderly looking seeking company, single mother, a former peace core activist, and lastly Jeff Winger… a lawyer with an unofficial degree. Lot of heart warming lessons with humor goes throughout the series.

    Review after finishing Season 1: Funny and loving, I watch it for the humor and for the love in the the character's relationships. It may not be everyone's type of humor, but it is general enough to be brilliant and not to obscure. Not only that the humor is unique but not weird. It reminds me of Scrubs with a new type of humor.

    I say it's a much watch comedy.

    Season 2: IT just gets better and better!
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