Batiatus: You were *nothing* before me! I gave you the means to accept your fate!

Spartacus: And now you are destroyed by it.

Batiatus: Once again, the gods spread cheeks and ram cock in fucking ass!

Spartacus: There are many men in this place that I would see dead. You are not among them.

Varro: One day you may not have a choice.

Spartacus: There is always a choice.

Marcus Crassus: Would you have been born a Roman and stood besides me.

Spartacus: I bless the fates it was not so.

Marcus Crassus: [talking about the reasons why they are fighting] As mine


Marcus Crassus: are so moved toward the memory of my son. As yours toward wife no longer...

Spartacus: Do not think to place your loss on equal footing! Your son took up arms for the republic - the same one that saw my innocent wife torn from grasp, condemned to slavery and death.

Marcus Crassus: And now you would lead thousands to join her in futile attempt?

Spartacus: Whatever happens to my people, it happens because *we* choose for it. *We* decide our fates; not you, not the Romans, not even the gods.

Batiatus: [referring to Ilithyia] The snake arrives, walking as if human

Agron: [sees Ilithyia being dragged in behind Spartacus] Fuck the gods.

Doctore: Spartacus!

Spartacus: [as he catches Doctor's whip with his wrist] That is not my name

Gannicus: I have had my fill of words and tearful farewells. I desire blood and cries of our enemy.

Spartacus: Let us make it so.

Sibyl: [watching Spartacus fight in the makeshift arena] I have never laid eyes upon the games.

Gannicus: These are but dim reflection of the glory.

Sibyl: You speak as if heart yearns for such days.

Gannicus: To return to shackle and lash, no. To stand upon the sands again - to know clear purpose of who you are and what must be done... that is a thing that calls to all of my kind.

Aurelia: He was not a perfect man; but he was mine! He was mine!

Ilithyia: [about Licinia] If I didn't know better, I would say she was attempting to fuck one of your gladiators.

Lucretia: Ilithyia...

Ilithyia: Oh! She is, isn't she! What a little whore!

Sibyl: There is no life absent your touch.

Gannicus: You once said to me that the gods had sent me to save you. You were mistaken; you were the one sent and I in need of saving.

Spartacus: [about Agron's injuries] You've broken words toward subject. You cannot fight.

Nasir: He has yet found a way - forged by loving hands.

Agron: Do not ask my own to remain idle in coming battle.

Spartacus: [sees Agron's mark of the brotherhood] I have born witness to the fall of many I have called brother. You are the last yet living; stood with me when Batiatus' ludus was laid to ruin. You honor me. I stand in gain with you at my side in final conflict.

Doctore: [the ludus has rebelled] Crixus! What is this madness!

Crixus: We follow Spartacus!

Doctore: Spartacus? He is a dog without honor!

Crixus: This house is without honor!

Spartacus: Gannicus stands the only among us to win his freedom upon the sands.

Laeta: If free, why does he raise arms with the slaves against the republic?

Spartacus: He took up cause to honor a fallen brother - one that taught many of us the ways of battle, and the bond that joins all men and such with it.

Spartacus: Sura and I often spoke of children. A family we were going to have now forever denied me. As I now deny Glaber of his!

Ilithyia: The child is yours!

Spartacus: You lie.

Ilithyia: Would then my tongue make false noise? It yet speaks bitter truth. Monthly blood ceased after you came to me in Batiatus' villa. Lucretia had promised Crixus - a cruel jest. Tis a memory that lingers, is it not? Of that night. Of you inside me.

Spartacus: Yes. As does memory of my hands around your throat.

Ilithyia: Can he do it again? Make him do it again.

Laeta: Gannicus seeks to best you.

Spartacus: [amused] Gladiators seek to best all. It's the only way to survive in the arena.

Crixus: [to the gladiators] Kill them! Kill them all!

Agron: Fucking Gauls.

Gannicus: I knew you'd lead these men to their deaths eventually. Is this the day you would do it?

Spartacus: They are but loyal. A quality you seem unfamiliar with.

Licinia: What of you, Spartacus? Are you a blessing to us?

Spartacus: To some.

[looks to Ilithyia]

Spartacus: To others, a curse.

Ilithyia: The duality of his kind: admired as a gladiator; yet despised as a slave.

Ilithyia: First you tie my hands and then you seize my fucking tongue?

Lucretia: I would not have it flapping about absent direction.

Spartacus: Is this my destiny? Blood and death?

Sura: You have always been destined for unfortunate things.

Sura: Kill them all.

Spartacus: [to Mira] You do *not* know my heart!

Doctore: [referring to Melitta] Is it true? Did you lay with her?

Gannicus: ...Oenomaus.

[they fight]

Gannicus: I never wanted to feel the things I felt for her!

Lucretia: Try not to cut too deeply.

Ilithyia: [presses the knife to Spartacus' stomach] Legend does call for the blood of a *dead* gladiator...