Life 2.0 : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

Only in the form of computer-generated people (avatars) does sex or nudity appear. In one scene, avatars wearing swim gear make out with each other. While they lay in a bed, the female goes from wearing a bikini and bustier to completely naked, she rides the male, such that they appear to be having sex. The female's breasts and pelvic hair are visible during this. On the wall of a clothing store of the virtual world, affixed is a portrait of a nude female avatar, her breasts and camel-toe-shaped vulva visible. The bulges of breasts, some large and some small, appear on clothed avatars made in the intended form of prepubescent girls.

Violence & Gore

No gore, not even blood. Only in the form of the actions of computer-generated people (avatars) does violence appear. An avatar bearing a large pistol in each of her hands open fires upon a number of other avatars, sort of like a shooting spree, but the actions have no effect upon the targets apart from those avatars vanishing from the virtual meeting places as the avatars' users are disconnected from the network. She also wears a suicide vest and triggers the explosives, throwing her up into the air but not ripping her apart.


In one scene, a man tells a woman, "The point is, darling, we're trying to do something here, and you're fucking griefing me. Okay? So, pick the time to fucking grief me... Oh, fuck."


One of the software's users can be seen smoking a cigarette.

Frightening/Intense Scenes