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  • Mihai Toma27 December 2017
    A hilarious animation
    Gru, an ex-villain but now a proud father gets a job offer he apparently cannot refuse: to work for a secret society in order to track down an undercover bad guy. This assignment will prove to be quite a challenge for him as his new partner Lucy isn't the ordinary kind of girl anyone might expect.

    I have to say (and I honestly didn't expect this) that this sequel is actually better than the original. The way it introduces its story and the way the minions are used for comedy is really impressing. Gru's change of attitude is even more dramatic while sudden turn-overs keep the suspense up and running. Although it manages to be a little dramatic which combined with some romance give it a special feel, it isn't as profound as other titles in its category.

    But never mind that, its true Pièce de résistance is actually its comedy. The way all aspects are put together supplied with a whole bunch of minions create the most pure comedy I've seen in an animation. It was so funny I didn't realize I was still laughing after the scene in question was already over. For this part alone it deserves to be seen, not to mention its other great features. A very good movie!
  • sadmansakibsifat24 September 2017
    Ensurely, its enjoyable movie for all ages.
    Increasing the Gru family members! Its awesome sequel in every way. But it can't bit the first one still. Minions got strong in screens throughout the movie. Girls are cute in this one also. The villain is kinda weak and not funny after all. Steve Carell will got your nerves! Its enjoyable movie for all ages.
  • bandres-6398528 August 2017
    Dumb, obnoxious, unfunny and lazy
    Despicable Me 2 was annoying, unfunny, cheap and really bad. The animation was lazy, the movies has no grasp in terms of actual quality animation, not only a lot of the backgrounds are repeated with no really variation into the environment making look cheap, but a lot movement of the characters, their modeling and their design was kept in a minimal and simplistic level and it's visually poor and awful looking, and also easy to make. The movie recycles a cheap and overused plot involving spies and so forth and it's very predictable in the sense that it doesn't do anything new or inventive, including there's no reason these movies should exist, it's completely pointless and it got made in order to make a profit at the box office, considering the big revenues the first one gained. This movie is dumb, obnoxious, unfunny and lazy
  • swilliky4 July 2017
    A hilarious and cute animated sequel
    Warning: Spoilers
    The silly animated film spawned a comedic sequel that pretty much lives up to the original. Gru (Steve Carell) has given up his life as a villain to be a father to his three adopted daughters. He pursues a career producing jams and jellies but Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) wants to go back to a career of evil. Agnes (Elsie Fisher) prepares for a mother's day presentation but realizes she doesn't have a mother. Both Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) and Edith (Dana Gaier) think Gru should go out on a date. When a research facility is stolen, the Anti- Villain League sends Lucy (Kristen Wiig) to capture Gru and recruit him to stop this new menace. The Minions also start to go missing as someone is kidnapping them too.

    The leader of the AVF, Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) traces the source of the new villain to the mall and assigns Lucy to work with Gru. Using the cover of a cupcake store, Gru and Lucy investigate the other vendors including Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt) who Gru recognizes as the former villain El Macho. Gru and Lucy grow closer as they investigate the mall and Margo has a crush on Eduardo's son Antonio (Moises Arias). The captured Minions are all on an island where they can play and party. Lucy helps Gru out of a terrible date making Gru really happy and cueing the catchy Pharell song. The AVF thinks that the villain is the wig maker Floyd (Ken Jeong) and ends the operation.

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  • Miguel Neto28 June 2017
    As expected, failed to maintain the quality of the first.
    Despicable Me 2 was it really necessary? In my opinion Despicable It closed me very well, it was not necessary a continuation, but as it had remained twist, the film at least is legal, but it was a fact that could not surpass the first (that this far from being a masterpiece), The direction and most of the cast is the same as the first one, we have a new character that is Lucy that the Gru falls in love, and she was not so well developed, she is a character that does not add to the plot, Well the same thing, the Minions once again have the highlights, but I still do not like them, but in those they have some legal participation, the final '' battle '' of the movie is fun, and Gru in my opinion remains the best thing Of the film, the best moments are with him, the soundtrack is cool, there are moments that the Minios sing in the movie, but I do not like it. Note 7.0
  • Tweekums16 June 2017
    An impressive sequel that is as funny as the first
    Warning: Spoilers
    As this sequel opens an unknown villain steals a polar research station for reasons that become clear later. Meanwhile Gru, who has left the supervillain business and is now attempting to make an honest living making jam, is kidnapped by Lucy, an agent of the Anti-Villain League (AVL). It turns out that the AVL believe the best way to catch a supervillain is to use a former supervillain. It is explained to Gru that the research station had been working on a mutating virus that turns harmless creatures into ferocious killing machines. The virus has been traced to a shopping mall so Gru and Lucy are to open a shop there to undercover who is behind the crime. He suspects Eduardo, the owner of the Mexican restaurant who looks remarkably like El Macho, a villain who had apparently died some years ago… he suspects him even more when his son starts to show an interest in Gru's oldest daughter. AVL believes somebody else is involved though. Eventually the identity of the villain is revealed and many of the minions are captured and mutated into purple creatures! If all this wasn't enough one of Gru's neighbours is trying to set him up with a date but over the course of the film he develops feelings for Lucy.

    After the success of the first 'Despicable Me' film a sequel was inevitable; thankfully this one was a lot of fun too. The story was entertaining with some decent twists however it is the funny moments that make the film such a joy. The minions are as funny as ever; they may be childish but that is what is so funny about them. Sadly the three girls Gru adopted in the previous film have a smaller role this time; mostly involving the subplot about finding a girlfriend for Gru and the eldest's involvement with Eduardo's son. The romance between Gru and Lucy won't surprise anybody but it provides some good laughs… especially when she helps Gru get rid of an unwanted date. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody who enjoyed the first film; I hope the third film proves to be as good.
  • classicsoncall13 March 2017
    "Eat jelly, you purple freaks!"
    Warning: Spoilers
    Having landed father Gru in the first movie, Margo, Edith and Agnes are hot on the trail of hooking him up with a potential Mom. This picture also added more Minions to the mix for which I was grateful, those little cornballs are very funny with their own brand of minionese. When not saving the world or freeing Margo from the clutches of the smooth Antonio, son of El Macho, Gru is an absolute sketch attempting to make that first phone call date with Lucy, the gal he has eyes for. What shy guy can't relate to Gru's nervous trepidation trying to come up with the right words? Hilarious. Well, it all works out, with the Minions getting their share of quality time, even if they had to go purple for a while. It's a fun film that kids of all ages should enjoy.
  • Sean Lamberger8 March 2017
    A Middling Continuation of Gru's Adventures; Lightly Entertaining
    Picking up right where the original left off, evil genius Gru has seen the error of his ways and transitioned into life as the single, adoptive dad of three young girls. The sudden reform has left everyone (an army of minions, a long-time collaborator and Gru himself) a bit stir-crazy, so he seeks new thrills as a turncoat, tracking and identifying his former rivals for a stuffy government agency. Illumination has leveled-up their equipment since the first film, which makes for a far more polished visual product, but the story is less lively and fuzzy than its surprising predecessor. Of course the minions are everywhere, getting the star treatment before their inevitable spin off, but the girls are relegated to watery secondary story lines and there seem to be a lot of missed opportunities. Gru's job with the g-men, for instance, seems like a ready-made setup for introducing all sorts of wacky new characters and enlarging the world, but instead it merely hones in on a single new villain and ventures no further. The introduction of a love interest is hesitant, overly convenient, and never really clicks. There's plenty of fun stuff for younger audiences, of course, and some of the sight gags are clever, but most parents will find themselves daydreaming through the bulk of this one.
  • zkonedog6 March 2017
    Silly Fun (With A Little Emotion Thrown In)
    The first "Despicable Me" effort introduced audiences to the goofy, rambunctious Minions as well as the relationship between villain-turned-good guy Gru and his three little girls. The second movie plays to those same strengths and offers more Minion mayhem and more heartfelt moments.

    For a basic plot summary, "Despicable Me 2" sees Gru (voice of Steve Carell) recruited by secret agent Lucy (Kristin Wiig) to join the newly-formed Anti-Villain league. Though at first nonplussed by the offer and content to be just "Dad" to Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and sweet little Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher), Gru begins to feel the tug of adventure once again (as well as perhaps a bit of a romantic fling as well?!) and is quickly caught up in the world-saving game again.

    In terms of comedy and adventure, this movie provides it in spades! It's amazing that it took this many years of human history to think up such hilarious characters as Minions, as they can make even the most sourpuss among us crack a smile (and have most of us rolling in the aisles!). Their crazy antics are unrivaled in the history of animated feature films.

    There is also a nice little touch of emotion in the movie involving Gru finding a partner (or mother, as asked for by Agnes). I actually wish the movie would have focused on this movie, as a more developed and focused emotional aspect could have easily vaulted it to five-star status.

    Overall, though, "Despicable Me 2" is fine comedic fare for anyone who enjoyed the original. The girls might touch you, the Minions will have you laughing throughout, and Carell's Gru is such a crazy character that he is a joy to watch. A fun film for the entire family.
  • OneEightNine Media14 January 2017
    Best jokes are in the trailer..
    Warning: Spoilers
    What I'm starting to notice about these Despicable Me movies are how they put the best jokes in the trailers and everything else in the actual film usually s@cks unless you're a five year old kid who can never get sick of the minions talking in gibberish. This is a four out of ten stars kind of movie but I'm giving it just one star to help offset the current ranking. I swear, people love to give the stupidest movies ten out of ten stars if it can make them laugh just once. And that is why this film is near garbage. I know, I know.. this movie is made for kids but, is it really? It has, or tries to have a bit of adult humor but it fails. I swear I'm not going to pay a penny to watch anything by these directors.
  • Filipe Neto16 December 2016
    An excuse to make a lucrative sequel, basically backed by the Minions.
    This film is the more than expected sequel to "Despicable Me", which is naturally motivated by its huge box office success. The script revolves around a theft of a chemical formula that turns the most harmless creatures into monsters. The central characters of the first film are back, but the entire script is a poor excuse to make a sequel and revolves around the Minions, clearly the stars of the film, almost obscuring the main character. It's worth watching this movie just because of them. It was a conscious bet of the production team, given the explosive popularity reached by these little yellow creatures similar to cheese snacks. It worked. He managed to make the film a success. But the quality of the movie lost with that.

    The plot also plays with romance involving Gru or his eldest daughter. This is a more interesting and appealing subplot but its not enough to make the film truly interesting. This is an adventure movie, not a romantic story like "Lady and the Tramp", "Beauty and the Beast" or others. And the truth is that this film has a lot of funny, it's very romantic but it has little adventure and action, and the public that hoped for it later felt disappointed in their expectations.

    This movie is not bad. But it's also not as great as the first movie was. The first movie was a good story, with good characters, an excellent comic vein and good animation. This movie had all of this except the good story, which should be the center of everything else. It's still funny, but that is not enough to make it a great movie.
  • Arrernte18 June 2016
    The major flaw with this movie was for me the complete unawareness of gender issues.
    Warning: Spoilers
    A male lead that saves the girl. Sounds familiar? I'm honestly getting so tired of movies (especially for kids) that are cementing body images and gender roles. In Despicable Me 2, all the males are fat and all the women are skinny as rakes. There is nothing wrong with being fat, and there is nothing wrong with being skinny, but when these body types are being portrayed in the same way all over the media, a pattern is starting to form. A pattern that communicates that if you are a woman you have to look pretty, smile and be skinny (even though kids watching this might not actively reflect on this, it contributes to build up an overall image of what 'should be'). Unfortunately, Despicable Me 2 falls right into the dead center of this pattern and helps to reinforce it because of its incredibly conservative body images and gender roles. On top of this, even one of the toughest females needed to be rescued by the male lead. The complete unawareness of gender roles and body images makes me sad and disappointed. Movies like these are an opportunity for us to show the new generations what the world could be, and encourage kids to be who they want to be instead of conforming to norms. Despicable Me 2 misses this opportunity by miles and miles.
  • mike4812813 April 2016
    Gru as a good guy and nasty purple Minions!
    Warning: Spoilers
    People are split between loving it and hating it. It's great fun but nothing like the first one! Gru is a loving father to three "nauseatingly cute" little girls but you love 'em anyway! Even funnier even than the new "Minions Movie"! Gru dresses up as the Drag Queen Fairy Godmother of all time when no one shows up at the girl's birthday party. His evil scientist assistant can't stand making bad-tasting jelly so he jumps ship to serve another villain that (yawn) wants to conquer the world. (Still a popular movie subject--look at the new Star Wars) It makes fun of Mexicans, Mexican food, tacky malls and trendy food courts. A send up of "Get Smart", "Gremlins" and "The Hulk". It certainly isn't politically correct. The antidote to the purple monster-making-goo is Gru's sticky bad tasting red jelly! Too much fun with impossible gimmicks and gadgets, and incredible stylized computer animation. Steve Carrell has a job for life! The "fat" CEO of "The Bank of Evil" makes a guest appearance. So does the family "dog" and Gru's Mama. What can they possibly do in next year's second sequel? I can't wait to find out...
  • rbn_lrk-13 December 2015
    Retro meets new technology
    So I just saw Electric Dragon review Despicable Me 2.

    After the first Despicable Me became a hit another one followed.

    Those who made this is a cult following was the Minions.

    Also the line it's so fluffy.

    Now Gru and his friends are back in style.

    This time Gru must face a female villain he also falls in love with.

    In the meantime the Minions fools around as usual.

    More gadgets, more interesting secret lairs and on.

    That if you look away from the Minions, but they do not distract.

    It's no 10 time Oscar worthy movie, so enjoy a light spy computer animated cartoon instead with your whole family.

  • RizqahcputAdams26 October 2015
    Despicable Me 2
    Warning: Spoilers
    Now that Gru has given up a life of being a villain to raise Margo, Agnes and Edith, he is trying to figure out how to provide for his new family. As he struggles with his responsibilities as a father, the Anti-Villain League, an organization dedicated to fighting evil recruits him to think like a villain in order to catch a new evil. whilst on the mission he learns about his daughter, who has her eyes on the villains son, in this mission to capture the perpetrator of a spectacular heist, he also helps his daughter to see the bad in her boyfriend. This movie was very interesting, after enjoying the first movie, i was excited about seeing this one. This animation was enjoyable and definitely unforgettable. There are a lot of different values the little ones can learn from this movie, really a great watch!
  • aaditya-nikam24 October 2015
    don't waste your time even if anyone offers you to watch it for free
    I loved the first part to be honest .In fact it had the right recipe for a complete family entertainer.This one on other hand is so awful that when you watch this with lot of expectations it doesn't even fulfill even 1% of what you are expecting. my family members fell asleep behind the 3D glasses. Please its a super bad movie.. Go watch the first one again avoid this part 2. even the 3D couldn't save the pathetic animation..This is just made to make money on the fame which part one garnered . Similarly how the big studios try to en cash James Cameron's name after the super success of titanic.These animation studios are the real villain who rob money by misguiding the public. Any way i Wasted the money but you don't.
  • raqueltmnunes12 October 2015
    Comparison of Despicable me and Despicable me 2
    Warning: Spoilers
    In Despicable me 2 Gru has now left his villain days and is focusing on contributing positively to Margo, Agnes and Edith's lives by being a parent and even attempting to run his own Jam business. He tries to live a normal life until Lucy who is apart of the Anti villain league approaches Gru to get involved in a new mission. When Gru declines the offer it is then evident that he has changed and now prioritises his family by being selfless, even though being a villain will always be apart of him. In the end Gru is able to save the day and balance his life and make everyone proud of him, even the unexpected.. his mother. This movie has humour and not only enjoyed by children but adults to.
  • eric26200311 October 2015
    A Sequel That's Just As Fun As The First
    Warning: Spoilers
    The original "Despicable Me" was a rather eccentric, but quite an engaging family film. In the original, we see Gru (Steve Carrell) as an evil doer who's master plan was rob the moon. The antagonist in the movie was even more deranged and diabolical. In most animated cartoons, the heroes come across as cute and timid characters who come out on top in spite of the dangerous obstacles they must prevail to emerge victorious. Gru on the other hand has a more anti- hero characteristic rather than the typical soft fuzzy heroes we loved over the years. I guess this kind of characteristic in find a darker toned character as the hero was the reason why this film fared so successfully at the box office; along with the Minions mind you. "Despicable Me 2" may have been one of those not-needed sequels, since in the end of the first one, Gru does become nice. With his ability to utilize his evil savvy as an advantage to service heroism contributes the movie to work its way this time around.

    The movie starts with Gru living peacefully with his three adorable daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher). Believing that he's lonesome with no companion in his life, but seems ardent at times when they start looking for companions. One day, Gru gets captured by an undercover agent of the Anti-Villain League named Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). The AVL depends on Gru to ascertain a possible fiendish criminal genius who's coming off as an owner of a shopping mall store. Gru declares that the villain is El Macho (Benjamin Bratt) a man who appears to be almost unbeatable. He has invented a concoction that provides for him super-strength and has arbitrarily tried it on some of Gru's Minions.

    Even though Gru is more of a protagonist, it's still wonderful that his edginess wasn't completely watered down. He still get easily cantankerous towards people who irritate him which includes his three daughters. He still has the knack for being evil and the film takes great pride in proving that point. One of the better scenes is when Gru tries to outsmart El Macho and pinpoint his next moves beforehand. This kind of methodology is what keeps this film true to the original even if Gru is not as despicable as he once was.

    The storytelling elements in this film are the main weakness here, just like the first one. The narrative is way too loose contrary to other animated films of this generation ("Madagascar" and "Frozen"). I think "Despicable Me 2' had the potential to pitch more ideas over with Gru striving to become more adept at pushing his heroic integrity even further. There are moments midway in the film that drags a bit at times. and even though the Minions are cute, their functions tend become at times lacking in significance. Every so often these little guys need some moments to themselves (thank goodness for the summer spin-off movie this year).

    I would be lying to your faces if I told you the Minions were not the best things in the movie. In fact every time they're on, they put a big smile on my face. They really are quite magnetic. Sure they might distract the gist of the movie, but they're just too adorable and funny to neglect. Some of the more funnier scenes was when they morph into purple demon-like critters. I guess the film- makers knew how immensely popular the minions were so they added more just to please the viewers. And surely they didn't disappoint. They're manic and crazy antics will surely have you laughing out loud till your head explodes.

    The Minions weren't the only funny ones here. Gru is exceptionally funny as the leading hero and El Macho makes one hell of an exciting villain. He kind of reminds me of Carlos from "Hop" that has morphed into a sumo wrestler. The characters are very delightful in it creation and the visuals are just simply stunning. "Despicable Me 2' isn't the best animated movie out there, but it's still offers lots of humour and warmth for a family film the whole family could enjoy.
  • phoenix 218 September 2015
    Good enough
    Warning: Spoilers
    Gru has left his villain days back and he is now spending time with his girls, when a secret agency approaches him and asks him to find a villain working in the local mall. The minions have a central and maybe main role in the film that is not focused so much on the girls as to Gru's love life. And here is were the movie gets more adult friendly. Sure the villain and all the guns and even the monsters are specifically designed for children, but the movie is funny, however not as funny as the first one. The story is nice and interesting, but what actually entertains is Gru with his difficult yet loving character. So 5 out of 10.
  • Wuchak15 September 2015
    Gru goes secret agent and falls in love while the Minions are kidnapped
    Released in 2013, "Despicable Me 2" is the sequel to the hit 2010 animated film. This time Gru is propositioned by the Anti-Villain League and teams up with Agent Lucy Wilde to find out who stole a mutagen known as PX-41, which turns subjects into aggressive monsters. Gru is convinced that the presumed dead supervillain, El Macho, is responsible while the leader of the Anti-Villain League concludes he's incompetent. Meanwhile Gru goes on his first date, many of his Minions are kidnapped and Margo becomes infatuated by a boy at the mall.

    Like the original, "Despicable Me 2" is zany, consistently amusing and often laugh-out-loud funny. It's hard to determine which one's better as it's simply a continuation of the story with a more James Bond bent and a smidgen of "Gremlins." Lucy's a great addition and you can't help but hope a Mulder-Scully relationship develops between Gru and Lucy.

    The movie runs 98 minutes.

    GRADE: A-
  • braydwilde-886-44582615 September 2015
    Not perfect, but still funny and entertaining
    Warning: Spoilers
    In 2010, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment brought us the critically-acclaimed animated comedy, Despicable Me. I originally was not a fan of it, but in anticipation of number two, I went ahead and saw it on DVD. While far from my favorite animated movie of all-time (I think you already know which two are my favorites), I really enjoyed it and there were some parts in the movie where I actually chuckled and laughed. As they say in the trailer for this long-awaited sequel, "Guess who's back?" Despicable Me 2 re-introduces us to Gru (again played by Steve Carell) as he takes care of his three kids - Edith, Margo, and Agnes. One day, Gru is recruited by secret agent Lucy Wilde (voiced by Kristen Wiig, who also lent her voice to the original movie) - and yes, even "lipstick-tased" - to join the Anti-Villain League as a new villain resurfaces. Eduardo, the owner of a Mexican restaurant (voiced by Benjamin Bratt from "Law & Order"), has developed a serum that turns the minions into purple "basically-anything" eaters. Before Gru is "kidnapped" by the A.V.L., he finds out Agnes desperately wants a real mother along with Gru as dad. And also, Dr. Nefario (Gru's right-hand scientist, played by Russell Brand) is "retiring" in order to find a more suitable job for himself, where he can "do evil again", only to come out of retirement and help Gru defeat evil in a surprising, yet also entertaining, fashion.

    Gru notices Eduardo is actually a famed masked thief named El Macho, who, 20 years earlier, faked his own death by doing a "Dr. Strangelove" kind of stunt - riding a shark into a live volcano with dynamite strapped to himself. Gru's grudge against Eduardo grows even bigger when Margo - one of Gru's three kids - falls head-over-heels with a young boy named Antonio (voiced by Moises Arias), who just happens to be Eduardo's son. This subplot actually adds to the hilarity of the whole movie, in my opinion. And at the same time that happens, Gru himself falls for Lucy! (Who would've thought?) Can Gru and Lucy work together to stop El Macho from taking over the world with his evil minions - who are actually Gru's minions after the dose of the serum - and save the day? After the 2010 original, I had pretty high expectations for number two, and the guys at Universal nailed the comedy aspect of the movie - IN SPADES! Like the original, it takes a while, but as the movie progressed, the jokes got funnier and funnier, and I laughed harder and harder. I was just basically laughing out loud at the very end! Gru is NOT the only big star of this hilarious sequel. We get more screen time for all the supporting characters, and of course, we can't forget about the minions! Those little guys "bring it" with the comedy, and they're slightly funnier than in the original! While still far from an animated classic, Despicable Me is getting more and more popular, and the minions themselves have all become iconic characters - so much so, that we got a Minions spin off this past summer! Look out for a long - yet also hilarious - 3D gag during the end credits that sets up that said spin off.

    Again, not nearly my favorite animated movie of all-time, but the comedy is off-the-charts in this long-anticipated sequel. Go ahead and see this over-the-top and entertaining animated adventure with your family!
  • Bryan Kluger23 August 2015
    'Despicable Me 2′ is quite enjoyable, despite lacking the emotional pull the first film had. It's packed with laughs, terrific visuals and great voice work.
    Warning: Spoilers
    In terms of box office, it may be difficult for 'Despicable Me 2′ to beat its predecessor, which made over $543 million just three years ago. Nevertheless, the directors and writers are back again with Steve Carrell as the wacky former criminal mastermind Gru, who we last saw stealing the moon. How can one top that? This fun sequel may lack the heart and soul of the first film, but it's still highly entertaining for both kids and adults with its amazing animated visuals, laughs, great voice cast and those lovable Minions.

    A small amount of time has passed since the last movie. We see Gru happily living his new life, free of any villainous activity. Sure, he still has his weapons, but he uses them more to get rid of annoying neighbors who constantly want to set him up with their single girlfriends. Gru still takes care of his three adopted daughters: Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher). In the middle of a BBQ birthday party for Agnes, he's kidnapped by the Anti-Villain League to help find a new dastardly criminal who has stolen a top-secret research lab, by way of a giant flying magnet.

    Gru gets paired with the incredible new AVL recruit Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). They're told to set up an undercover operation at a frilly cupcake shop in a fancy mall. Their Intel says that the villain is also undercover in the mall. The two will have to find out who the mystery man is before the world meets its impending doom. Gru quickly suspects the boisterous Eduardo Perez (Benjamin Bratt), owner of a wild Mexican restaurant and a dead ringer for the evil villain El Macho, who was thought to have died a long time ago when riding a shark with tons of explosives into an active volcano. (Take note, Syfy Network!)

    These types of situations make the new installment a bit more bonkers than the first movie, but the creative team makes it work, even if this one seems to be more about the action and adventure than telling a story. It's nice to see Gru's daughters help him out in a side-story about dating. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments when Gru goes on a blind date. And of course the Minions are back in full force.

    Carrell and Wiig do stellar jobs lending their voices to make these characters truly come alive, but the real star of the show is Benjamin Bratt as El Macho. Al Pacino was once attached to play this part, but dropped out for creative differences. I'm so glad this happened, as Bratt just owns the voice role. Russell Brand returns as Dr. Nefario, and Steve Coogan and Ken Jeong have minor but hilarious parts as well.

    'Despicable Me 2′ is quite enjoyable, despite lacking the emotional pull the first film had. It's packed with laughs, terrific visuals and great voice work. The Minions are amped up to 11 this time around and perform a few musical numbers, which will certainly make you laugh out loud. Don't forget to stay through the credits, as our little yellow Minions hold auditions.
  • Horst in Translation ( July 2015
    Good watch, but inferior to the first
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Despicable Me 2" came out 3 years after the first film (and is maybe 5 minutes longer) and this may have been exactly the right time frame as this film as a gigantic box office success, even a much bigger hit than the already pretty successful original. And also in terms of awards, this one got more recognition. Just like the first, it was nominated at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes for Best Animated Feature, but also got in at the Oscars this time. Twice, actually because Pharrell Williams' "Happy" became the possibly biggest hit of 2013. Unfortunately, in terms of the story, it did not reach the heights of the first film. The reason is very simple. The female character in here did not add as much to the movie as the three girls did in the first film and she also takes away quite a bit of her screen time. Coffin and Renaud really took the safe path in this film and repeated several of the aspects that made the first film such a success. One example would be that there is one major change in Gru's life brought by new human characters (or only one this time). That character gets abducted by the villain again in the end and Gru has to save her. A crucial difference here is that we have no idea until minute 70 really who the main antagonist is this time. Still, there is a father-son connection again just like in the original as well in terms of the villain, only that the father is the really bad guy this time. I have to say the villain was one of the pros this time, in my opinion superior to Vector.

    The voice actors in crucial roles are the same again as in the first. Carell returns in the lead roles and the three child actors are the same too (well I should maybe say teenage actors). Steve Coogan joins the cast and so does Benjamin Bratt. Kristen Wiig is back as well and she voices a different, much more important character this time. Oh yeah and how could I forget about the Minions. They are great fun as always and the "evil minion" plot added a lot to the story, Nefario's resignation not so much really. In general, I liked this film, but it was missing the heart that the first delivered so nicely with the three orphans. I am generally not too big on the character of Lucy in this one here. All in all, I guess I would recommend it and I am curious about the new "Minions" film that I am going to watch soon. I hope the downward spiral does not continue with that one.
  • trooper578325 July 2015
    Not as funny as the other two movies in the franchise, but alright.
    I highly enjoyed Despicable Me and the recent spin-off with the Minions, but I have mixed feelings about DM2. Granted, the animation has greatly improved since the first DM and some of the jokes are REALLY funny(the Minions at some parts, mostly Agnes), but there are some characters that were obnoxious and/or underdeveloped(Lucy, Margo, Edith) and even some of the humor is simplistic and childish(fart noises, pratfalls). What sucks is that in the other two DM movies in the franchise, the kid factor was very well realised and one of the many things that made them entertaining. But here, there is just way too much of it and it's often in your face. Other than a handful of hysterical gags and some detailed animation, DM2 is just an OK movie that doesn't hit the mark with me the way it did with DM and Minions. I did like the 3D conversion and the minion knight fight gag(I laughed so hard I cried on that one), as well as Agnes being cute and funny along with the Minions sometimes, but it's an overrated film that is strictly for the kids. Watch the first DM or go see Minions 3D,both movies I thought were great animated comedies and should be recognized more than this average film.
  • siratlas196820 July 2015
    A defense of Al Pacino
    Looks like that this animated full-length film by Illumination Entertainment became successful thanks to Al Pacino's "creative differences". On the other hand, the voice of Eduardo/El Macho sounds like an animated character from a Latin American cartoon and definitely not the real Al Pacino voice I expected for a while. Actually, I supported him, but someone else became the voice of Eduardo/El Macho. Was Al Pacino as the voice of Eduardo/El Macho a deception from Illumination Entertainment? Or it was just a lie? I have no idea, but any attempt to make an animated or a video game character with Al Pacino's voice failed. Anyway, I support Al Pacino's ambitions as a voice actor.
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