Les Misérables : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

The song "Lovely Ladies" consists of sexualized lyrics, about sailors being "hungry for a poke" and "dropping their anchors". About twenty or so prostitutes are shown dancing provocatively, shaking their backsides and torsos (clothed) and cupping their breasts, partially exposed by a lot of cleavage. Fantine eventually sells herself as a prostitute, and there is a brief scene of her and a male customer having sex. Fantine is seen from the front, her dress slowly being pulled off (shown no lower than her shoulders), pushes her back onto a makeshift bed and pushes up her skirt, thrusts on top of her while she is crying; he then pays her and leaves. The actual sexual activity is only on-screen for a few seconds and contains no nudity. In the "Master of the House" song, a female prostitute is briefly depicted straddling on top of a man (dressed as Santa Claus), thrusting forward as a man below the bed steals the man's money. The couple are completely clothed. Eponine is briefly seen in underwear, wrapping her breasts tightly with cloth to pass as a man. Fantine is seen in undergarments as well, with some cleavage showing. Marius and Cosette kiss passionately. A man lifts up a woman's skirt using his cane and touches her clothed breasts.

Violence & Gore

A gunfight between a small band of revolutionaries and soldiers of the king takes place in the streets. Cannons and rifles are fired, and scenery and people blasted by the explosions. Bayonets and swords stab and slash people as well. Some wounds are seen involving a moderate amount of blood, and in the aftermath, blood literally runs in the gutter. A very young boy is shot several times in the chest, and so is Eponine at extremely close range Jean is beaten several times by fists, feet, and wooden clubs, sometimes drawing blood. Fantine scratches a man's face, also drawing blood. She also has her tooth removed, and some blood is shown in the aftermath. Jean has a sword fight with Javert. Several characters are shown ill and dying. In the "Master of the House" song, a man is humorously punched in the face, and several people party while drunk, tumbling down the flight of stairs. In a scene played for laughs, Thénardier and his wife make meat pies out of hats, cat tails and other objects. Javert commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge into the river. Before he lands in the water, he hits a stone partition, the impact accentuated by the accompanying sound effect.


5/10 One "shit". One or two uses each of "hell," "ass", "pissed", "bitch", "slut", and "bastard". Jesus' name is misused a half-dozen times, most often by the innkeeper. God's also comes up as exclamatory.


Fantine drinks from a vial (most likely painkiller for having her tooth extracted), several men are shown unconscious from alcohol and one man is shown lapping up alcohol from a bowl, and the "Master of the House" song shows many people dancing and partying drunk. A man smokes a pipe, and several men smoke pipes in drinking establishment scenes and in a meeting room.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Very emotional scenes throughout. Intense scene of combat between barricaded rebels and soldiers armed with guns and cannons. Many characters die.