During the shooting of the cab scene, Jason Segel's (Marshall) script didn't tell him the real news, but instead it said the Lilly was going to say she was pregnant. Therefore, Marshall's reaction is actually Jason Segel's very real reaction. The producers of the show did this because the show focuses on milestones of young adult life, and they wanted to make the shock and dismay of unexpected events such as that scene very real.

There is a countdown throughout the episode - from 50 to 1. The countdown is as follows:

  • 50 - On a pamphlet in the Doctor's office in the first scene

  • 49 - Same pamphlet on the Doctor's desk ("months later" according to Ted)

  • 48 - Label on hot sauce Marshall uses at MacLaren's

  • 47 - Barney's laser tag forms are for the "47th Annual" Laser Tag Competition

  • 46 - Printed on Dr. Stangel's certificate behind Lily when they first meet

  • 45 - 45¢ the price of the hot wings at MacLaren's

  • 44 - Number of beers on tap, on a circular blackboard in MacLaren's

  • 44 - (appears twice) Football number on a man's jersey in MacLaren's

  • 43 - On the pamphlet Marshall is reading in Dr. Stangel's office

  • 42 - Second side of the same pamphlet

  • 41 - Race car poster number in Dr. Stangel's office (which disappears when Marshall goes back)

  • 40 - Ted's book that "New York's 40 greatest landmarks" when Robin comes home from Day 1

  • 39 - Number of office behind Robin

  • 38 - On the back of Robin's co-worker's newspaper, 38° in the weather section

  • 37 - Lily is reading a Decadence magazine with the "37 Recipes for Holiday leftovers" title on it.

  • 36 - The number on Marshall's dad's beer, "Old Number 36"

  • 35,34 - Stock markets are up 35.34 points on Robin's news screen

  • 33 - Miners rescued from collapsed mine on Robin's news screen

  • 32-27 - On Robin's screen: "Today's lottery numbers are 32 31 30 29 28 27"

  • 26 - Marshall's dad is reading "26 Home Improvement Shortcuts"

  • 25 - Textbook that Ted is reading in the apartment, "25 Greatest Bridges"

  • 24 - One of Robin's co-workers is reading a magazine, with a sports player on the front with "24" on his jersey

  • 23 - Metro News 23, the channel Robin says "I'm a dirty, dirty girl" on

  • 22 - Seen in the corner of Robin's Japanese broadcast

  • 21 - Calendar behind Dr. Stangel

  • 20 - Room for masturbation room at Dr. Stangel's office

  • 19 - "Top 19 Nekkid girls countdown" on Nekkid magazine in the room

  • 18 - Apartment number of Marshall and Lily's apartment

  • 17,16 - Marshall's specimen cup seen in his apartment

  • 15 - Grams of fiber in Robin's cereal

  • 14,13 - Apartment number of Sandy's apartment

  • 12 - The book "12 days of Christmas" behind Marshall when he's speaking with his parents in their apartment

  • 11- On Ted's architecture book, "America's 11 greatest water towers"

  • 10 - On Robin Sparkles left jacket arm when shown to co-workers by Robin

  • 9 - Disguised Barney holds a folder when talking to Marshall

  • 8 - Number on Dr. Stangel's door

  • 7 - Number on Marshall's champagne bottle

  • 6 - Dr. Stangel turns the folder with the 9 on it upside down

  • 5 - Barney gives Marshall a "Motility 5"

  • 4 - The "4 Layers of the Uterus" poster in Dr. Stangel's office

  • 3 - "Open til 3 am sign" outside MacLaren's

  • 2 - Clock in Marvin Sr's wood shop

  • 1 - Number of the cab Lily arrives in

Neil Patrick Harris is credited twice for this episode, once in the opening as a member of the main cast and once at the end as "Dr. John Stangel."

The glasses Barney is wearing in Dr. Stangel's office are The Sensory Deprivator 5000 that Ted invented in the season 2 episode Monday Night Football.

At the beginning of the episode on the calendar of the doctor a 50 is noticeable. Throughout the episode is a countdown from 50 to 1 until Lily talks to Marshall at the end, e.g. "48" on the sauce in Marshall's Hand, and "36" on his father's beer can.

According to the episode's commentary, Jason Segel's line "I'm not ready for this," after hearing about his dad's death, was improvised.

In the closing moments of the episode Marshall finds out the his dad has passed away. Through-out the episode there is a subtle countdown to the moment Marshall hears the news on objects through out the scenes. The countdown starts at 50 on a calender and goes all the way down to the number of the taxi(0001) that Lily arrives in to tell Marshall the news. Some other numbers include: The number 11 on the front of an architecture book, the price of 45 cents for buffalo wings, the conference room Robin has a meeting in is 39 and Lily and Marshall's apartment number is 18.

There are numbers hidden within scenes throughout the episode that count down to Marshall hearing the news of his father's death. The numbers start at fifty and count down to one. E.g. the taxi cab number, the number on the pregnancy brochure, the apartment number of Marshall and Lily, the date on a calender, the number on Marshall's urine sample container.

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