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  • jessed-7891414 April 2017
    So let down
    I've kept up with this series since its first episode. I can't tell you how let down I feel at this point. In this season the writing has become so frustratingly predictable I am finding myself anticipating things before they happen. They've started an episode and several scenes with lame plot turning monologues that seem super lazy to me. In previous seasons, particularly 1-3, writers wove its story through each episode in a very intriguing way. Now I feel I am being spoon fed plot turns like I've never seen the show, simply put the intelligence of this show has gone way down. Also, this season took some real liberal stabs at predicting the political scene that you can see had to be altered as it went on, not a great way to write in my opinion. Sadly, I won't be watching this show any longer.

    Cast: Mandy Patinkin is quite literally the only reason I have held on this long. He is a classic and I hope he ends up with another starring role after this one ends.

    Rupert Friend really showed his chops in this show, I love the seasons where he was a bad ass and the guy you counted on. I hated this seasons version of Peter Quinn and hate to see him go.

    Claire Danes has been super hit and miss for me in this show. I don't blame her for this seasons short comings. I feel like shes done a good job with a plot that keeps changing.

    Damian Lewis was the reason I started watching this show to begin with. He was awesome as Nicholas Brody and I miss his acting.

    F. Murray Abraham- I love hating this bad good guy. He is a great actor and his character development over this series has been really good.
  • Akshit Markan12 October 2011
    Intriguing Drama with an immensely talented cast.
    If you wanted to see a gripping thriller with incredible characters, you have come to the perfect place. 'Homeland' is the new Showtime Drama that entertains you throughout and never lets you go, thus succeeding in slipping in some really unexpected twists in the plot. With writers who've previously written for '24', the show does look inspired when it comes to keeping the audience in the dark.

    The show is blessed with a small but amazing cast whose performance is worth every penny. Claire Danes plays an intense CIA analyst who believes that recently recovered P.O.W. (Damian Lewis) is plotting to attack America. Her character is unstable and makes it hard for the audience to believe her which adds to the beauty of the script. Damian Lewis, on the other hand, plays the 'guy in uniform' with ease as he did splendidly in 'Band of Brothers'. The show hasn't revealed much about Damian's character and I have a feeling they wouldn't do that any time soon, since it keeps the suspense going.

    The pilot was top-notch and certainly the best that premiered this fall. If the show continues to be intriguing and maintains the high quality of the pilot, it can surely be a genius.

    10 stars at least for now.
  • endemoniada-119 December 2011
    A brilliant first season leaves me pining for more.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, yeah, so a lot of people watched the final episode and thought the show sucked. Maybe they're right, a lot of them also seem to share the same problems with it, from the ending being disappointing to it being a "propaganda show" AGAINST the USA.

    First of all, whatever the political aspirations of the show's creators, this is a fantastically solid, well-acted and directed first season of a show that feels like what 24 should have been from the start. Tight-knit, down-to-earth suspense with an actually realistic premise. As for the supposed "propaganda", it's time the people in the US hear what the rest of the world has been thinking for a decade now. No, really, we actually don't think it's absolutely ridiculous that 10 years of retaliatory wars in the Middle East will spawn some kind of blowback. This show explores what we've all been thinking, but American patriotism makes it shameful to admit. I find that incredibly strong and encouraging, and it makes me watch it not because I hate American, but because I enjoy and appreciate truth.

    As for the acting, I sincerely hope Claire Danes will receive proper recognition. Especially in the last few episodes towards the end, her performance has been among the strongest on TV in years. Lately, only Brian Cranston's amazing tour-de-force in Breaking Bad has topped it. Damian Lewis, too, delivers like I've rarely seen. Far from the caricatures of Muslim terrorists Americans apparently would like to see, he sincerely and convincingly acts out the role of the man who is emotionally sure of what he wants, but not brainwashed enough to think is the absolute only way to achieve it. Desperation can make anyone rationalize their goals, but not always be enough for that final push.

    Now I eagerly await the second season, amid the angry and upset cries of all the people who can only accept fantasy that supports their own, real homeland.
  • jerseyjoea11 April 2017
    I couldn't wait for it to end
    This was one of my favorite shows the first 3 seasons than it went downhill. When you didn't think it could get any worse it did, big time.It's turning into "The Man in high castle" I think it's time to bale on this. So many shows start off good and than take a bad turn along the way.
  • C. Scott14 January 2013
    If CIA operates anything like HOMELAND we're doomed!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sounds interesting until you watch it, and if you're like me you tend to pick it's bones like turkey on Thanksgiving. Carrie has an affair with Brody to get closer to gathering information, but she actually falls for him, then has a nervous breakdown & acts all jittery & crazy. Yet she's still allowed to be in charge & hold her rank in the CIA while crying at every drop of a hat? Puleeeese! And the Brody character is not only titled an American hero, but he's a Congressman scouted to be the Vice President's running mate. That in itself would be a lot on his plate, but where does he find time to plot terrorist activities, stay abreast of military & presidential affairs, while hiding from press who usually dog any political appointee, and sneak off from his wife & kids while running off to meet Carrie for weekends in little cabins in the woods? Puleeeese! Mandy Pantikin co-stars as Saul,whose been with the CIA 35 years. He trained Carrie & placed her in the field, and though not her boss anymore, he's still protective of her & she looks to him as a mentor. However, she rarely takes his advice these days & constantly runs off on tangents which, in real life, would either get her killed or most likely stripped of rank & fired. I really like Pantikin but sad to see him take on a role of such a complacent character. Give him some spit & fire! Puleeeeese!! I'm bored with it now & probably will drop it altogether. Hopefully before the next time (otherwise pretty) Claire Danes' cry face freezes that way...
  • christian-h-e13 April 2017
    Bet on the wrong horse
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great show except how they bet on Hillary and wrote season six as if she had won and the Conservatives were the ones shouting "not my president" and coming up with the FAKE NEWS and the security services are hiding the TRUTH. LOL hilarious! Of course in reality the Dems are the ones screaming "not my president", focusing on fake Russia/Trump ties with zero evidence and Trump is the one fighting our intel bureaus who are manipulated by the Leftist propaganda and sock puppets.
  • The Couchpotatoes17 February 2015
    It goes beyond my comprehension that people hate this show. They must all be American brainwashed patriots. Seriously get over it, it's just a show and it's a good one. I absolutely love this show, the actors are all very believable in their roles, the storyline is exceptional, full of twists that keeps you on the edge of your seat during the whole show. At the end of every episode I already want to watch the next one as soon as possible. Everything that you think happens in real life when you think about CIA, espionage, terrorists and so on passes the register. Conspiracies, paranoia, double-crossing, betrayal, false promises etc. Clair Danes puts down a brilliant performance playing an unstable CIA analyst. To me the whole series is full of action and suspense. One of the best series!
  • Cook E. Munster24 December 2012
    An annoyingly stupid depiction...
    Warning: Spoilers
    Annoying characters, meaningless drama and absolutely no attention to detail.

    This show would have you believe that the major CIA operations are based on the whims and fancies of an out of control, emotionally unstable over grown child. What a joke! The whole series is characterized by painful stupidity and unbelievable laxness on the part of both terrorists and CIA operatives.

    There is one scene where a terrorist lies down ON TOP of the backseat of a car with a blanket over himself and the driver never notices. Even when she is stopped at a police check point by a cop with a torch (security for the vice president) no one notices anything!!! Really?

    In addition to all the stupidity, the show is also borderline offensive to Arabs.

    I wish I had not bought the whole damn season on amazon.

    THE WIRE still reigns supreme as (by far) the best drama ever.... there no one else?
  • a1_andy_115 November 2012
    Slow and formulaic
    Warning: Spoilers
    Homeland has been receiving rave reviews and I can't see why. It's predictable, corny and incredibly slow at times. Our lead character is a troubled, stubborn, renegade agent who constantly disobeys her Superiors (she also can't stop shouting). This formula has been used in every buddy cop show ever made. Not to mention shows like The Shield, 24, etc. Although this time I found myself siding with the villain. Clare Danes makes for a very annoying and unlikeable Jack Bauer clone who over acts every scene with the same three facial expressions.

    The middle east is portrayed in the usual black and white over the top Hollywood style. Then comes the slow pacing, with hollow characters going through predictable motions the viewer has too much time to realise not enough effort went into the story. 24 got away with insane plot holes because it was so fast paced, the viewer is on a roller-coaster ride.

    Damian Lewis is a good actor but he has nothing to work with here. As is Mandy Patinkin, their talent is wasted on this shoddy 24 clone.
  • nanofcb27 September 2012
    good but really nothing that extraordinary
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mmm I think that the shows starts good but after that they just overstretched the story with just unexplained twists.

    the good part extends from the pilot to the 6/7 episode, after that parking lot sex it just goes stupidly wrong. I mean how the hell a CIA agent will go out and sleep with somebody she's suspecting to be a freaking terrorist FFS and how does a trained CIA agent believes the words of someone that just admitted to her face that he was lying, oh just because she fell in love with him, yeah you heard right, a CIA Agent fell in love with the man she was convinced he was a terrorist just a few days ago.

    Oh and please,to the writers of this show and others in general, stop using the "bipolar" thing just to solve your plot writing issues, it's really getting old and lame.

    Not talking about the disappointing ending, Overstretched Plot is Freaking OVERSTRETCHED. Don't believe the hype.
  • WVfilmfem5 April 2017
    Politically correct
    I've loved this series until this most recent season. They have a Hillary clone as female president, portrayed sympathetically for losing a son in the war. She is all wise and above reproach, a victim of the alt-right. The alt-right media are portrayed as sinister unprincipled predators. The media/Hollywood is really skewed in their interpretations, and a danger to public safety. So many sheep believe this.
  • Vincent Nguon5 November 2012
    Why am I watching this?
    Warning: Spoilers
    • Overstretched plot - VERY unlikeable characters (especially the main character) - So many useless scenes - Not enough story-driven - Plot-holes - Unrealistic fiction

    What appeared to be a great idea on paper: "a POW has been turned" is becoming a dramatic soap opera... I was expecting something 24-like because of the writers but nothing is common, no action, no twists, no cliffhangers, no nothing. I hate Carrie, Saul, Brody's wife, I kinda like Brody (props to his daughter's acting) who is supposed to be the bad guy... who apparently is going to be led straight to the VP office.

    I don't even know why I'm watching but I think I will stop soon if nothing happens. I started because of the hype, but I shouldn't have.

    The only thing I like about this show is that you can start watching and do something else on the side you wont miss a lot.

  • skyflyer712 November 2012
    Really nothing to recommend
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched only the first five episodes so far, and i'm starting to think that's enough. I hoped this series would be pretty good. Although, so far i've felt totally disappointed with it. I didn't have high expectations of it but i had hoped it would at least be moderately entertaining. The show is entirely made up of unlikeable characters. Literally all the main characters are annoying. The CIA agent is a completely unbelievable character that makes it virtually impossible to suspend your disbelief and get into the (weak) story. Her part is poorly acted and scripted and is probably the biggest turn-off of the series for me. Sergeant Brody is so dull, boring and often (again) unlikeable i am left not caring if he's turned or not, which seems to be the supposed mystery of the whole thing. There's very little story so far. It seems like every now and again, one of the main characters will start speaking Arabic (as if that in itself implicates them as a possible terrorist) which seems to be trying to serve as a "twist" to draw the series out. What seems to have been forgotten is you can't "twist" a story that isn't there yet! That said, anyone who thought Lost was good will probably think this is too, being seemingly of the same formula. I notice others compare Homeland unfavourably to 24. Personally, i'm not a fan of 24. but i can see why fans of that wouldn't like this. There's zero action in Homeland. I can only imagine the most paranoid and xenophobic of viewers really getting into this (which is probably why it won awards). I only gave this 3 rather than zero because i haven't seen it all. As my flatmates are watching it, i'll prob sit in and catch some more and update this review if need be.
  • Dev Dev3 February 2012
    Decent show spoiled by too many errors
    Warning: Spoilers
    Any show that sets itself out as a 'real world' scenario should at least make some attempt to get its story straight.

    Throughout the whole season, there were so many 'mistakes' that made me just want to stop watching.

    *spoilers* E.g. 1. FBI raids into a dark building and shoots without thinking. There were people doing morning prayers in that building. Why would it be pitch black again?

    2. A good explanation was given by Brody about the requirements of the faith to cleanse their hands and feet. Yet when he was praying with the son of the terrorist, both of them were wearing shoes INSIDE the house while praying.

    3. Why does his wife keep calling him Brody?

    4. Vice president is coming just days after a bomb explosion, and security is tight, but ONLY on the day of the event? I guess the police must think that terrorists don't actually attempt to sneak in the night before. I have shitty police here, but even they manage to shine a spotlight at the rear seat of my car for any given check.

    5. Guy confesses to you that he's been lying about EVERYTHING he told (under oath?). 1 minute later you find out his most recent story about his partner dying is totally not true. Your decision? Totally drop any doubt you may have about him since you now love him.

    This is one of those few shows where I was actually rooting for Brody to blow himself and everyone in that room up just because the good guys are such bumbling idiots.
  • krzysiektom19 December 2014
    season 4 is idiotic
    Warning: Spoilers
    Unfortunately the writers for the season 4 took viewers and fans of the series for morons. The entire chain of events in Islamabad is idiotic and highly unrealistic. If US Embassies operated in such a loose and unprofessional manner, half of them all over the world would have been attacked or infiltrated. In a place like Pakistan the US Embassy is like a fortress and movements of all the personnel are monitored and so are the entrances to the flats of key embassy employees. Spoilers: Ambassador's husband(!?) sneaks into Carrie's flat and switches her pills!? And it works? And he knows the plans of the embassy building secret tunnel?? What?? And one of top Pakistani intelligence people cooperates with CIA Carrie against the wishes of his boss, because... he likes her and it's the right thing to do. What?? Bazukas smash the vehicles with Carrie and Saul to pieces, but surely they come out of it only with minor bruises. Hollywood stuff. The US Embassy's CIA operative goes AWOL and conducts an operation to kill a Pakistani terrorist on his own, against the orders from Carrie. And did I mention he shoots a US guard in the leg when they try to apprehend him. What?? What an unrealistic fairy tale.
  • JoeC3458 August 2013
    Thought Provoking Television
    If you want to watch some inane shoot em up show about terrorism where America can do no wrong and always kills the enemy, there are plenty of those available. However if you want a more in depth look at the causalities of terrorist attacks and the people that devote their lives to preventing them, then Homeland is a show for you.

    One thing that has bothered me for years in shows like 24 is the stereotypical views that they promote about the non-traditional Americans such as Muslims. Every single Islamic member that is shown in shows like 24 ends up having some ties to terrorism and is inherently evil. It doesn't stop there though, any deviation of what is thought to be the ideal American lifestyle leads to trouble in such single minded simplistic shows, but I digress.

    This is a review about Homeland which is a surprisingly good entertainment. It starts with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes in an astonishing performance) learning that an American POW has been turned and is now working for a terrorist organization. Later when an American POW, Gunnery Sergeant Nicolas Brody (Damian Lewis), is rescued she starts to think that he may have been the one she was warned about.

    WIthout any proof or any real probable cause, she opens an investigation and begins tracking his movements to see if anything raises suspicions. Another bothersome thing about many other shows is the way the lead characters of those shows someone has the audacity and ability to flout both federal and state laws without any repercussions. Homeland does not let any of it's characters get off so easy. If any character is in the wrong in any way they are appropriately chastised for it. In addition to Claire Danes and Damian Lewis awards worthy performances, Mandy Patinkin's performance as upper level CIA officer and Carrie Mathison's mentor is phenomenal.

    Not wanting to give away to much of this amazing plot I will end this review here. However I will say that even though the first few episodes of season one are a little slow, it is to be expected since automatically leading into the action is a good way to turn an astute brilliantly crafted show into another asinine action filled debacle.
  • macdeutsche30 December 2016
    Not going to watch season 6 any time soon.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I wouldn't be watching season 6 anytime soon. Season 4 was disappointing, but realistic. It's not always win for the US, I get it. Sometimes there are complicated political situations, and that may win in the conflict. OK, not great, but I understand. Biggest drawback was she slept with Aayan to gain confidence/intelligence. This is Brody all over again, and in my mind, it's even lower than Brody. There is something very wrong in intelligence if female officer has to mix her body with terrorists to gain information. What's the matter with this girl? It was so ridiculous, from that moment, I stopped watching Showtime all together. Took 1 year to watch this again. (and showtime was free)

    Season 5 was fun, but again filled with plot holes. Carrie is a sec head for the humanitarian organization that works against intelligence, but at the same time, virtually CIA agent. This is too much of conflict, and this can't never work out in reality.

    But she got some help from Otto. Who by the way should have suffered extremely at the end, if your organization helped releasing prisoners who were suspicious of terrors, and those prisoners brought truck load of sarin gas to Berlin train station. I don't see any organization would survive after this, even if the attempt was spoiled by your employee (Carrie). Not to mention, if your grandfather was Nazi, you wouldn't have such a big 'foundation' who can pay 10 billions in war zone, to begin with.

    The story line with this guy and boyfriend is too flat and it has no content whatsoever. They are used to fill time and extremely boring. What's the point of them showing up in the show? What do they add in the complex spy game? Otto proposing in the end... man... these people shouldn't be allowed to write the show at all.

    Anyway, it looks like season 6 will continue Carrie as 'humanitarian' who feel guilty a lot about her past but essentially work like CIA agent without any boss, so that she can do whatever and wherever she likes to do and roam. I can tolerate her crying, child like chin movement. But I hate slowing down. I am pretty sure it will have so many distractions and this slows down. So for me, it's no go.
  • kkay311 December 2011
    Powerful, sophisticated drama
    Who said American television couldn't produce an edgy, compelling drama that captivates an audience? Homeland is spell-binding, packed with enough twists and turns to keep even a seasoned mystery writer wondering. Superb acting and a script that manages to avoid the usual clichés. Kudos to the writers! I found myself debating the civil liberties vs. national security issues that are so artfully posed each week.Claire Danes, Damien Lewis and Mandy Patinkin inhabit their characters.The producers also refrained from populating the cast with impossibly beautiful people who are unlikely candidates for clandestine operatives. The performances are nuanced and exquisitely wrought.They raise serious questions about the sacrifices both personal and physical that are required in the world of espionage, and the political consequences of using "heroes" for cynical ends. This show and its ensemble cast are MUSTS for Emmy recognition.
  • richwgriffin-227-17663525 September 2012
    Am I the only one who HATES this show?
    Warning: Spoilers
    I guess I am the only one who absolutely hates this show. I've watched 3 episodes only (it's all I could bear to watch) - dull, boring, poorly acted (Danes and Lewis won Emmys for their - ahem - performances?). The pacing is deadly - it's also remarkably visually flat. And what is the point of this show? A complete waste of time. I am curious as to what others think the politics of this show is? What is the P.O.V.? I know others love this show so it may be just a case of my disliking where others are at psychologically at this dangerous time in history. I don't like a single one of the characters on this show! Also, less than 3 million people watch this show? (That's 3 million more than should, LOL!). O.K., only 1 star for this piece of junk!
  • grm00927 December 2014
    Worst series ever.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first season left me looking forward to the second. By the end of the second, the plot has become so preposterous and so idiotic, I'm sorry I wasted my time watching any of it. The plot meanders here and there, people get killed, accidents happen, here and there, and to what end? The answer is to keep the show going mindlessly for another season or two. I'm finished. Every American character is a government employee, except for wives and children. Every Muslim is a terrorist. The worst part of the series is the fact that whoever wrote the script obviously had no idea where he was going to go at the start. This has to be (I hope) the nadir of Claire Danes' acting career where she repeats the same horrible affectations-mouth quivering between grimace and grin, and an idiotic wide-eyed look where her corneas become dots in the middle of the whites of her eyes. I'll chalk that up to incompetent directing. The main characters- Carrie and Brody- are deeply despicable, amoral characters who have the same predictable conversations feeding each others' delusions over and over again. The worst part of it is that the producers of this pretentious garbage seem to expect that the viewers have forgotten all about their deeds and have somehow transformed them into sympathetic characters. There isn't a moment of irony, or self-reflection in the entire series. I do think I see a look in Mandy Patinkin's face where he's thinking "This turkey's even worse than Criminal Minds." Go and watch The Assets and see how it's done when it's done really well.
  • Andreas Abrahamsson16 April 2017
    Writers from kindergarten?
    To sum up: Don't watch Homeland anymore.

    Season six again fails in every way to live of to the complex and intriguing story telling we're used to from season 1-3 of Homeland. I feel that the story is written by first-timers with a target audience of the mental age of 7.

    The main plot of season 6 is good, but for some strange reason we're forced to watch side stories that are so far from relevant to the main story it actually hurts watching them. It just builds up frustrations that doesn't go away. Also, the key characters behaves ridiculously unprofessional giving their line of work and the communication between them is so poor you wonder if they're simply children dressed up as grownups. I wonder why the actors agree to such stupid scripts in the first place, as they are so wonderfully good at what they do?

    It fails so hard at telling the story that at the end of episode 12 you just realized you waisted 12 hours of your life for nothing. Viewers are left with an unsatisfying end that explains absolutely nothing, and the use of story telling throughout the episodes is so poor you simply wonder if they thought it was going to go on for 100 episodes = we have time..? And no, it's most definitely not the way to gear up for another season. There is nothing remotely professional about doing that. It just screams: I don't know what to write but we have a contract for a few more seasons so let's just write stuff.

    The fact that people actually get paid for producing this crap is just unbelievable.

    Stay way and watch something else.
  • GaiaOnlyKnows26 December 2011
    Flawless TV
    This series is truly great television. On every single level it works and the judgemental aspect of my brain can only give up finding something to criticise. First of all the show deals with the subject of terrorism in a very mature way, there is no ideology behind the script and every perspective is treated fairly. The characters have a real depth rarely seen on screen which is backed up by a lot of very solid acting. Indeed, the conflicting elements to the central characters which makes the show so great would unlikely be pulled off without actors of the calibre of Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin (also particular kudos to the daughter played by Morgan Saylor - one to watch out for in the future). Not only do you watch these characters go through some truly weird and strained circumstances, you really feel it too. The story also has a depth and complexity to it that has only been seen in shows such as The Wire, Lost, The Sopranos and Generation Kill. There are no plot holes that distract from the often quite tense narrative and despite what you think of the overall subject I would be surprised if this show didn't totally suck you in. This is a very real, well thought out and well executed show. Two big thumbs up to everyone involved. For everybody else - go watch it.
  • Walter Goldenberg20 February 2017
    CIA traitor Carrie Mathison turns 9/11 truther
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's bad enough that, in HOMELAND's fantasy world, the newly elected US president is a Hillary clone, and her adviser is an Obama clone, both of whom think that Iran is a peace-loving nation and that the threat of an Islamic nuclear holocaust is a concoction by the usual suspects, those devious Israelis.

    But far worse is the latest twist - that elements, rogue or otherwise, of the US intelligence community are staging terrorist attacks in America's streets to further her agenda at home and abroad.

    I don't have a crystal ball or access to HOMELAND's closely guarded scripts. But its plot line now couldn't be any clearer. Carrie's apartment is being watched by black-flag operatives, the same ones who furnished her with the crucial surveillance tape, and they're no doubt commanded by the disgruntled general sympathetically interviewed by the "crazy" right-wing talk show host.

    The midtown Manhattan explosion was, of course, the work of these same black-flag operatives, who timed it to produce "minimal" casualties - an absurdity in itself, as anyone would know who's lived or worked in midtown Manhattan. Its streets are almost always busy, and especially so in broad daylight. New York is, after all, the city which never sleeps.

    It's instructive to follow HOMELAND's left-wing arc. While George Bush was still president, the premise of the series was that the US vice president, a Dick Cheney clone, would assassinate CIA agents to cover up the collateral damage of a drone strike. But after Obama the drone king was elected, Carrie posted herself to Afghanistan and delighted in ruthlessly "smoking" mullahs and imams. Only after a few more years did she, like many others on the left, become disenchanted with Obama's droning, and after that, she retired from the CIA to become a private-sector do-gooder under the aegis of a left-wing billionaire who is, as other posters have noted, an idealized George Soros clone.

    Judged solely on its merits as a theatrical piece, HOMELAND admittedly doesn't deserve my one-star rating. The series is finely crafted and invariably entertaining, and Claire Danes is an absolutely superb actress - her turn in the splendid TEMPLE GRANDIN is one of the best things ever put on film. But this latest delusion of HOMELAND's screenwriters - set, of all places, in Manhattan, which witnessed the 9/11 horrors firsthand - is so offensive that it warrants nothing but the utmost contempt.
  • adriaan_ten_bosch13 January 2015
    Homeland. H for Horrible.
    Warning: Spoilers
    What a piece of Cr*p this first season. All fake and not one single moment makes you happy. Not once you get the feeling the CIA is actually on to something or making a difference. The series makes you follow Carrie Mathison, the main character. The series is constructed so you identify with her and you want her to succeed. This happens NOT ONCE. throughout the episodes, Carrie gets very close to solving the problems but nobody in the CIA believes her. This is idiotic. its the CIA's f####g job to investigate the things Carrie comes up with but still everybody thinks she's crazy. and NO, its wont get better and NO, things won't solve itself in the last episode. In the end, everything becomes even more fake and the season leaves you empty-handed and unsatisfied. 12hrs of my life wasted on this B*LLCR*P.
  • roqash_roqi18 October 2013
    Religious Propaganda
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well i have started watching this series hoping it would be a thrilling story and after watching 1st season i am quite satisfied with the story line of the series but the main propaganda in this series is to degrade Islam and all Muslim countries...

    There should be a code of conduct to avoid targeting a specific religion or country in any film or series...

    So in my opinion this series is solely based on targeting and degrading the Islamic religion which is inhumane behavior and quite shameful...

    The terrorists have no religion or faith as to kill someone is to kill all humanity...
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