Mud : Quotes

Neckbone: I knew it. I told you that dirty son of a bitch was trouble. Did you tell them where he is?
Ellis: No, that's why I called you. He needs to know people are looking for him.
Neckbone: You think he doesn't know that already? Jesus, Ellis! Why do you even think he's on that island?
Neckbone: Ellis, I'm serious! We don't know who this guy is.
Ellis: He loves her, Neck. He told me.
Neckbone: I don't give a shit who he loves!
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Ellis: He's not dangerous.
Neckbone: [sighs] Sounds like a shitload of state troopers thinks differently.
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Galen: [to Ellis] So you get your heart broke? Don't walk around with a shit look on your face. Get back in there, get your tip wet. You hear me?
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Mud: There are fierce powers at work in the world, boys. Good, evil, poor luck, best luck. As men, we've got to take advantage where we can.
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Mud: She is like a dream you don't want to wake up from.
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Mud: I like you two boys. You remind me of... me.
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Galen: I know I'm just your uncle, not a parent, but uh, you can tell me things if need to.
Neckbone: I can tell you this helmet smells like my duck butter.
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[last lines]
Tom: [to Mud] Come on, son. You gotta see this.
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Tom: The real reason Mud's in all the trouble he's got is because of her. He's been in love with that girl since he was your age. Trouble is she don't care about nobody but herself.
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Senior: You know I love you?
Ellis: Yessir. I know.
Senior: I work you hard 'cause life is work. You know that?
Ellis: Yessir.
Senior: Your Mamma's been talkin' 'bout movin' in town.
Ellis: What's that mean?
Senior: She seems set on it. Wants to separate. She may ask me for a divorce.
Ellis: [pause] What's that mean for me?
Senior: It means enjoy the river son. Enjoy it while you live on it, 'cause this way a life isn't long for this world. Game and Fish's 'bout made certain of that.
Ellis: But you and me can still live out here. Game and Fish can't take your boat. Not while you're still in it.
Senior: The houseboat's in your mother's name. Her daddy give it to her not me. If she wants to leave it, Game and Fish has ever' right to take this boat apart board by board.
Ellis: But that ain't right. You work outta here. We got the ice machine, the traps. What are we supposed to do?
Senior: Like I said, this is your mother's business.
Ellis: I ain't no townie. I ain't livin' like that.
Senior: [pause] I've let you down. A man should be in charge of his own affairs, but I haven't worked it like that.
Ellis: But ya'll are married. Ya'll are s'posed to love each other.
Senior: I don't know about that anymore.
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Mud: Tom's had lives you'd never even know about. Grew up up north,went to Yale. For a long time he was a paid assassin for the CIA. Flew to Cuba in '63. He's killed more people than y'all probably ever met.
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May Pearl: If you can find my number you should give me a call.
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Mud: What'd you say, boy? It's a hell of a thing, ain't it?
Ellis: What's that?
Mud: Boat up on a tree. Hell of a thing.
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