American Assassin : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

Based on the novel, there is a brief sex scene involving the main character and a woman he met. It is very brief and short (even in the book). So, nudity is highly unlikely. There may be shots of men shirtless.

Violence & Gore

Violence is most likely. Based on the book, there are a few torture scenes and planned assassination. So, its up to the filmmakers to show blood or not.


Profanity is also most likely. Based on the book (again), Mitch Rapp, the main character, is portrayed as a tough guy and takes no jokes. He would swear if necessary. Another main character, Stan Hurley, is known as a foul mouth guy. He curses just for the sake of it and looks down at others. So, profanities are likely, except if the filmmakers decided to replace them with other more milder ones. Name calling is also likely.


Based on the book, there are no scenes of substance abuse but smoking and alcohol drinking are likely.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

The torture scene may be frightening and may be sensitive to some viewers (and except the filmmakers decided not to show it). Intense scenes are most likely. As we all know, this is a thriller. Suggested MPPA Rating: R for Strong Violence, Including Torture, Persuasive Language, and Brief Sexuality/Nudity