Black mirror is a reference to the effect of a TV or computer screen when switched off, giving a dark reflection of the onlooker.

From the second to the third season, the series changes from being a distinctly British show to featuring American actors in most main roles. This is because the first two seasons were produced by British production company Zeppotron, whereas season 3 (and also season 4, which will air in 2017) was commissioned and produced by Netflix.

Charlie Brooker said that despite the show's themes, he loves technology. "It's not waving a fist at the iCloud," he added.

All user interfaces in the series use the font Gotham.

Despite numerous references in different stories suggesting they all take place in the same universe, series creator Charlie Brooker has stated each episode is set in its own world (excluding possible sequels to specific stories).

The song 'Anyone Who Knows What Love Is' by Irma Thomas is sung by one character in each season so far : "Black Mirror" (2011) {Fifteen Million Merits (#1.2)}, "Black Mirror" (2011) {White Christmas (#2.4)}, and "Black Mirror" (2011) {Men Against Fire (#3.5)}.

In Netflix's War Machine featurette, Brad Pitt says he would do an episode of Black Mirror if there is one Netflix show he could be on.

At some point in each episode, a character says the word "oi".

Hannah John-Kamen, Jerome Flynn, Faye Marsay, Donald Sumpter, Oona Chaplin, Tobias Menzies, Natalia Tena, and Francis Magee have all had recurring roles on Game of Thrones (2011).

Domnhall Gleeson, Natalia Tena and Kelly Macdonald have all had roles in the Harry Potter franchise. Gleeson was Bill Weasley, Tena was Nymphadora Tonks, and Macdonald was Helena Ravenclaw, Ghost of Ravenclaw Tower.

Though most Black Mirror episodes are standalone and make no reference to other episodes, the Season 3 finale, "Hated in the Nation," makes the most references (3). Through the use of the ticker/crawler of the fictional news channel, references are made to "Men Against Fire," "White Bear," and "Playtest."