"HCF" ("Halt and Catch Fire") is from one of a number of lists of humourous assembly command mnemonics. Others are "BrH" ("Branch and Hang" and "DWIM" ("Do What I Meant"). {DWIM, if it existed, would be the single most useful programming command ever.}

Scoot McNairy and Kerry Bishe co-star as husband and wife, Gordon and Donna Clark. They also appeared as husband and wife, Joe and Kathy Stafford, in Argo.

In an interview for The Guardian, Lee Pace references Steve Jobs, Patrick Bateman and Don Draper as influences for his portrayal of character Joe Macmillan.

While the first two seasons were set in Grand Prairie of the DFW Metroplex, the show is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. In particular, Atlanta's tallest skyscraper, the Bank of America Plaza, doubles as the headquarters for Westgroup Energy.

Scoot McNairy (Gordon Clark) interviewed computer engineers to see what their personal and professional quirks were. He then applied some of these findings to help ground his character.

Joe's first and last line in the series is "let me start by asking a question"