The phrase "come hell or high water" typically means "do whatever needs to be done, no matter the circumstances". It also refers to the "hell or high water clause" in a contract, usually a lease, which states that the payments must continue regardless of any difficulties the paying party may encounter. Both definitions apply to different parts of the plot in this movie.

The film is dedicated to David John Mackenzie (1929-2015) and Ursula Sybil Mackenzie (1940-2015), the parents of director David Mackenzie. Both died while he was making this film.

Toby offers his son a beer. Texas is one of ten states that allows underage minors to consume alcohol in specific locations, such as the privacy of home or in the presence of consenting and supervising family members.

This movie is set in Texas, but not a single scene was actually filmed there.

Comancheria, the film's original title, is the region of New Mexico, West Texas, and nearby areas occupied by the Comanche before the 1860s.

Parts of this movie were filmed at the Route 66 Casino, with the casino patrons/employees being voluntary extras.

Chris Pine, who plays the younger brother, is actually two months older than Ben Foster.

Was originally titled "COMANCHERIA" but was changed after a title competition between interns at one of the production companies. The title that won was "HELL OR HIGH WATER"

The first two bank robberies take place in Archer City and Olney, Texas. These were towns used in the filming of The Last Picture Show (1971), which also starred Jeff Bridges.

Parts of Comancheria (the film's original title) are being filmed in Clovis, NM, with residents of the city being used as extras.

Second movie of 2016 starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster after The Finest Hours (2016).

The high-speed chase scene was filmed on NM State Road 311, past Ranchvale, NM.

There are several mentions of Archer City, TX, the town where The Last Picture Show (1971) was filmed, but this film was shot in New Mexico.

Parts were filmed in Portales, NM, 18 miles from Clovis, NM.

Katy Mixon, who plays the waitress Jenny Ann, appeared in Blind Dating (2006) which also starred Chris Pine.

Dale Dickey and Kevin Rankin, who do not share scenes in this film, also appeared in Breaking Bad (2008) where they also did not share scenes. Both works were filmed in the state of New Mexico.

Taylor Sheridan: The actor-turned-writer who wrote the film plays a cowboy whose cattle are chased by a grass fire.

Body count: 4. The first three are killed by Tanner, while the fourth is Tanner himself.

When Marcus Hamilton shoots Tanner Howard, there is a coiled rattlesnake at the base of the rock where Tanner is sitting dead. You can hear the rattlesnake and see it move if you watch closely.

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