• mike-thornbury10 October 2013
    An update of the 1970s British teen series.
    I am old enough to remember and have fond memories of The Tomorrow People, the ITV production from 1973 that was the source for this reboot.

    The premise is the same - the next evolution of mankind is manifested in these teenagers 'breaking out' with new powers - telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation, in the latest iteration.

    They are on the lookout for the agents of 'Ultra' - a governmental agency tasked with rounding up the new breed and turning them to the governments will.

    After viewing the pilot episode, the series seems to be a high-quality reboot, with the to-be- expected lowbrow US scriptwriting, full of teen angst and bad guys that whisper. But, I will persist, if only in homage to the original series that was the staple fare for teen sci-fi nerds in the 70s, along with Blakes 7 and Doctor Who.

    it isn't a bad start, it remains to see if it stands the test of time - that is if the network doesn't kill it off at the least sign of a dip in ratings, something we in the motherland have never had to endure. We get to see a show mature and grow and thus, grow it's audience.
  • SnoopyStyle9 May 2014
    So much potential So many problems
    Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell) is a regular teen. His mother Marla (Sarah Clarke) is raising her two sons all by herself. Then he connects telepathically with Cara Coburn (Peyton List). They are part of a group of people called The Tomorrow People with new mutations that allows them the 3 Ts (telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation). The only drawback is that they suffer great pains if they try to kill. Cara is the leader of a group hiding underground from the evil Ultra organization headed by Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino). The Tomorrow People either work for him or are strip of their powers.

    This sci-fi has so much potential. But this just never overcome some basic plot holes. Like so many of these sci-fi, nobody in the general public ever knows. It's highly questionable. At least in MIB, they have the memory wipey thing. Then there is obvious solution to Cara's group. Ultra teams The Tomorrow People with regular people who can use deadly force. It makes no sense that Cara or anybody in her group can't figure that out. The good parts are that the action is fun and the actors are all pretty. The concept just needed to be worked over a few more times to iron out the kinks.
  • ProfessorMovieMovie2 November 2013
    Lazy, lazy writers Plot holes galore NO surprise there
    Warning: Spoilers
    Where to begin...

    You can teleport, but you run from bullets instead of.... teleporting. I don't know... I am thinking completely disappearing from the danger is better than running a few feet away and trying to hide behind a car from it. Where you will then be shot at again. But, you can completely leave the scene in an instant. Um... yeah, OK.

    You have the bad guy in a vulnerable position where you can easily and safely get rid of him thus ending most if not all of your problems. But you simply TELL him you are going to kill him and then LET HIM GO.

    You see the bad guy doing bad things and telling you he is going to do bad things in bad ways OVER and OVER AGAIN and yet every single time he does something bad you are, for some inexplicable reason, surprised.

    You can stop time with a mere thought. Six bombs are about to explode. Instead of stopping time to take care of the issue, which you have demonstrated you can do with no problem at all, you take a huge chance in effing things up by having some other character try to be in 5 places at once so you and he can "cut the wires" on all the bombs at the same time. But if you mess up even a little bit, the bombs will explode killing you and a bunch of innocent violin playing children nearby. But, you can stop time. Yet you choose not to. OK, then.

    Time is going to come to an abrupt halt on this hot mess of a teen super hero show if the writers continue producing obviously lazy and contrite work.

    Par for the course for American television though. Unlike the hero seeing the same thing over and over again and being taken aback by it, I am not shocked at all.
  • Ernesto Ignacio29 March 2014
    Don't be too quick to judge. :)
    I have to admit that at the start of the show, I wasn't instantly hooked. The first few episodes seem to drag, the plot a little juvenile and uninteresting. Predictable at times which is a real downer for me. The characters besides being eye-candy don't really stick. Being OK at best. The story feels like something from a comic book. Missing father, son who suddenly discovers he's gifted then thrust into a world where he is unprepared for and unwillingly but then slowly rises to the part and well you know the rest. Not very original. I know it was derived from 2 franchises already but still I expected something more this being the year 2000's already. Plus since I follow this show together with other shows, I vividly remember putting this in the least priority list often being the one I watch when I've finished watching everything else.

    That being said though it does have its moments then but they just did not burn to memory as other series did. I was about to drop it really. I mean it's a hassle for me a student to follow it around especially since I couldn't find a real foothold in the storyline to keep me wanting more.

    I'm glad I didn't though. I just recently viewed the following episodes I missed starting from episode 10 (I think. I'm now at ep.17 as I write this) and I have to say that the show has improved a lot. Aside from the awesome effects which it never fails to deliver, The plot has grown. I really like it. I have to admit the transition was so fast it caught me off guard. I wonder if the creators, producers changed writers or something because if they did then kudos to them because the storyline has gotten a hell and I mean a HELL LOT BETTER. I literally couldn't stop watching from episodes 11-17 which I finished within the day. The characters are getting better. I like how they get new ones that I really find interesting like Charlotte. Although I still am looking for those tearjerker moments, those lovey-dovey scenes, those fart inducing punchlines that I look for in most series, I have to say that it's really getting there. Plot wise it was a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR improvement. I really enjoyed all the plot twists honestly. The action scenes are cool. I know its scifi themed but a little of those here and there wouldn't hurt right. I mean Smallville is just themed like it but it did have those elements right? That's my two cents on the matter. Just a little more push and I can say the show can get to top 10. Even number 1.

    Reading this I know it wasn't as convincing since I lack facts or "specifics" but trust me. Give the show a chance. It'll definitely grow on you.
  • zach13286 January 2015
    Poor, uninteresting plot and even worse acting.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I hardly ever write a review after watching only 1 episode. The Tomorrow People is so bad that I feel the need to waste more of my time writing this review - I'm hoping that this saves someone else time! Oh, where to begin...the plot is just plain stupid and there are already holes in the plot before the first episode even ends! The acting is sub-par at best and the character development is practically non-existent. All of the action was predictable and there was no element of surprise; you know basically whats going to happen long before it really does. This is a Juvenile "super hero" series, if you can even call it that. The "super heroes" are called "homo-superiors" suggesting they are somehow better than normal human beings. Isn't the whole point of a super hero to be above the whole "I'm better than you" thing. I mean look at all of the greatest super hero movies/shows; non of them have the superior ego that these "super heros" in The Tomorrow People have. If you like egotistical super hero's, poor acting, a poorly written and directed plot, and predictable action, then this show will be a 10/10 for you. If I could give this a NEGATIVE rating I wouldn't even hesitate to do so.
  • Anantharam Venkatesan11 October 2014
    Evolution causes humans to become dumb people with powers!
    I am a big sci-fi fan and i love anything remotely related to super powers, but even i cannot stand this horribly written show whose aim seems to be only to hire super models and show off their flesh! What would you do if you had the power to teleport anywhere, move anything with your mind, telepathy and the power to stop time? - The answer is to fight with your fists!!! As weird as it may seem, that is the logic the writers use in this very badly written show! Even in many situations were they can use their powers, they are stupid enough to not to use them. Even if they do, they use it in the most unimaginative way possible to teleport sideways and use their fists again! If their aim is to just run for their lives, wouldn't it be a better option to just teleport far off from where the fight is going on? That is something for think about when you watch this most illogically written show for dumb people. I feel bad for wasting hours watching this show, it is no wonder they cancelled it!
  • Cayo Hern9 October 2013
    The Best Superhero Show on TV in 2013
    Sure, it has a lot in common with The X-Men.....but they are only available as animation on TV...or in the movies, so if you want a weekly fix of super-heroics, this is as good as you're going to find on the small screen. The cast is handsome and talented and the special effects are amazing for The CW.....I think they have more amazing effects here than on any episode of Smallville.....So, I'm happy to give it a chance and see how things develop....and if the audience grows, imagine what they could do with a bigger budget.....I just wish TV would stop being afraid giving superheroes costumes!!! I'm getting tired of dark clothes and leather being the apparel worn by all heroes on TV!!!
  • midge71925 October 2013
    I have been watching this, I remember the old UK series and to be honest I am actually enjoying this new version. regardless what others think and disagree.

    This series is fantastic, maybe they have never seen the old series or are to young, either way give it a go you may enjoy like i'm doing.

    I say this, in all the science fiction series I have seen this is one of the best. I only hope it does not get canceled, like a lot of shows have been in the past.

    If you are an avid fan of science fiction, then this is right up your street, the effects are fantastic, acting too, give it a go you will not be disappointed.
  • t hamilton22 November 2013
    i rate this slightly above a "trapped in the closet" out of 10.
    Waited a few episodes (currently 7 in) before i gave my opinion of the show. Can now safely point out enough problems with the show to know beyond doubt that the show is happy being at best mediocre and successful amongst a less discerning younger crowd than anyone looking for a show that actually depicted a truthful telling of a world in which people had supernatural abilities.

    First of all i instantly had a huge problem with one of the core concepts of the world they created. Apparently these people all had random genetic mutations to turn into the same form of post-human species, and this mutation means that they have telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and potentially more T related mental powers. They also mutated to have DNA markers that forbid them from killing anyone.

    In the show there are said post humans on both the "good" and "bad" side of the fence as it is introduced to us. However neither can kill each other, they all use tranq guns and are at a constant disadvantage because they cant actually finish off any of the government agents they fight, simply run and hide. In the first episode one of the T people even grabs the bad guys gun but he cant pull the trigger even to save his life. However in the seventh episode a T person knocks out a character and puts him face down in a stream of water which would have killed him had saviors not appeared at a later date.

    How then does this "cannot kill" gene work? Its not based on intent to kill, the Drowner hopes very much that he winds up dead, and then deliberately puts him in a situation that he almost certainly will die. Another breakout T person pushes someone off a roof and again he is only saved by the arrival of a teleporting friend at the last minute, and whilst he wasn't deliberately seeking to murder anyone again we see the potential murder of someone by a T person.

    Why not just get a gun, put it to someones head then imagine its a windex bottle and close your eyes as you pull the trigger. The DNA will never know and you can stop running. This plot device is horrendous, makes absolutely no sense to anyone with half a brain and they constantly ruin its continuity, it alone makes the show ridiculous to the point of being trash.

    Then there's the protagonist, an untrained teenage boy with no combat experience goes to work for the government agency killing or forcefully drugging and removing the powers of his species. Sees multiple of them be killed or tortured at the hands of this organisation and still isn't sold on them being that bad. This character would fence sit in nazi controlled Germany in 1943. Anyway while hes "finding himself" and endangering the lives of a bunch of people he then walks into a ruthless government organisation killing people like himself and makes some half arsed lie about why he didn't do as he was ordered or why people report seeing other T people helping him, and then the government organisation's head threatens to kill him if he even smells anything fishy but then walks off and lets him keep working against the organisation.

    Then finally because having inept scripts and ridiculous plot devices that allow a 16 year old (whose actually 25) to somehow fool a murdering government agency while still attending school and not forgetting to spend time with his family and friends ISN'T quite enough to make teenagers want to watch this with their minds switched off, there's a love triangle, betrayal of friends to be with their girlfriends and best friends that you mindread love you because it wasn't obvious by them spending every waking second around you.

    If you came here looking for a show with the honesty and integrity of say breaking bad or the newsroom but focused on supernatural powers and evolution of the human race, you wont get passed the first 10 minutes or so. If you want another show to watch that has "dreamy actors" and don't care that its insulting your intelligence in order to make you feel less lonely and loved, then you'll probably find this review not helpful and watch the hell out of it.
  • Michael Angell22 October 2013
    Promising series.
    This series has got off to a terrific start. The storyline although just beginning seems to be attention hugging. I remember watching the original series in the seventies (yes I'm that old) and this new reboot is a pleasant surprise. I'm not sure about the special effects though, but I suppose that's down to budget. Looking forward to seeing how the series develops but so far I'm giving it a 9 out of 10. In fact even my wife is enjoying it, now that's something. Reminiscent of "Heroes" or the "4400". But beware, this series has every cliché under the sun in the dialogue (better script writers for the next series I hope). All in all a worthwhile program which will not leave you feeling you've just wasted an hour of your time.
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