Fargo : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

While this show does have a couple of sex scenes it's usually implied and when it's actually shown it's under the covers and it doesn't show anything. No nudity in the series what so ever Sex is mild in this show

Violence & Gore

Season 1 Episode 1: A man kills another man by stabbing him in the back of the head while he's having sex. He spits up blood on the woman and falls on top of her. Later, his corpse with the knife still in the head is shown for an extended period of time. A man beats his wife to death with a hammer. After the first strike, she stands with blood trickling down her head. He then begins beating her in the head with the hammer, and while most of the actual blows are off-screen, her head is shown bashed in and bloody. A man shoots another man twice with a shotgun. Blood spray is shown. A frozen corpse is shown. A man runs over a deer. Some blood is shown. A few beatings. Episode 2: Two men drop another man through a hole in a frozen lake and then leave. The man never resurfaces. A couple flashbacks to violent scenes from the previous episode. Episode 3: A frozen corpse is shown. A dog is killed off-screen. Blood is shown pooling around its body. One scene shows a large amount of pig blood spraying out of a shower onto a man. A brief flashback shows a man being shot. A boy is shot in the buttock with an arrow. A man tends to a festering wound on his hand. Episode 4: A man gets tasered, a man punches another man, two men begin to brawl, a man tends to a wound on his hand. Flashbacks briefly show violence from previous episodes. Episode 5: A flashback shows a man being shot from the perspective of the bullet; the camera follows the bullet through the man's shoulder and into another man's hand. A man commits suicide with a straight razor off-screen. Blood splatters against a wall. Episode 6: A man stabs a man in the side a couple of times and twists the blade. He then slits the man's throat with the knife, causing blood to pour out. All of this is shown in close-up. Very bloody. Four men shoot a man dozens of times. Blood splatters all over the wall behind him. Two men are found dead with blood splattered on and around their heads. A man fires his gun blindly into a snowstorm. When the snow clears, he finds a woman lying in the snow, presumably hit by the bullet. Hundreds of fish rain down on a car, splattering the windows with blood. A fish is shown being gutted. Episode 7: A shoot-out occurs almost entirely off-screen; numerous gunshots and screams indicate the deaths of several men. At the very end of the shoot-out, a man is shown being shot on camera. After being shot, he plummets out of a window and lands on the street below. Blood and bullet holes are shown on his corpse. Flashbacks show violence from previous episodes. Episode 8: A man strangles another man. A man staples two teenage boys in their heads. Episode 9: A man shoots two women and a man in the head. Very bloody, large blood splatters are shown. A man shoots a woman in the head. Shown from a distance, blood and feathers from he coat spray into the air. Episode 10: We see a dead body of a woman, we see the bullet hole in the back of her head. Blood covers the floor. A man shoots two other men, one is hit in the head, spraying a large amount of blood onto the car behind him. The second man is shot in the throat, blood sprays and pours. Very violent. A man is hit in the face, splitting his nose, bloody. A man steps on a bear trap, it clamps shut, blood sprays onto the wall, bloody. A man, who stepped in a bear trap rests his mangled leg on a table. This is the goriest scene in the series, we see his bone snapped and exposed and many gory wounds, showing bone and muscle. He ties a rope around his foot and pulls it to straighten the bone. The bone snaps back into his leg. A man is shot several times. We see very bloody wounds in his chest and neck, all pouring with blood. Very bloody. The same man is then shot several more times. Bullet wounds can be seen in his neck and cheek, he is covered in blood. Season 2 Episode 1: A man pulls a gun on someone to threaten him. Their is a shooting inside a coffee shop: A man shoots another man and their is a brief blood spray. A man shoots a woman in the stomach, no blood spray yet blood stain on her apron. A man shoots a woman, blood sprays over the coffee table. A man is hit by a car as hit stumbles out into the road. He is flipped onto the hood and windshield of the car. A man is stabbed 4-5 times in the stomach with a gardening tool - some blood is present. Episode 2: A man is seen putting a dead mans limbs through a meat grinder at a butcher's shop, some blood is seen. Episode 3: A man is forced into a hole and then covered over with hot tar from a tip truck. A girl is slapped by her father. Episode 4: In a flashback their is a shootout in a cinema, everyone is shot, a little boy stabs a man in the back of the head as well. Two men walk into a cafe and beat two others, they also use a cattle prod a few times. Two men with shotguns shoot two other men in a car park. Episode 5: A shootout occurs in the woods, many men are shot and killed, blood spray is seen and bloody wounds. A man has is throat slit at the end of the shootout and is killed. The top of a decapitated head is briefly seen in a box. During a scuffle in the butcher shop and man is shot and wounded, another man stabs a gangster in the head with a meat cleaver in self defense, blood is shown, the shop catches on fire and is burning down. Episode 6: A few shootouts take place but no blood or dead bodies are seen. A man is knocked out with a shotgun hit to the head, the wound is shown. Soon after in the basement a man is accidentally shot and another man is shocked with a cattle prod a few times. Episode 7: Two men on a window washer pull out machine guns and shoot 3 people through a window, blood is seen. Not long after a man strangles another man with some wire until it fades to black. A man shoots a lead character out in the woods, the shot is not actually seen but it is implied she is dead. A man pulls out a gun from his sleeve and kills a man at point blank range, instantly stabbing his two guards as well, lots of blood is seen. Episode 8: Women stabs man twice, some blood is seen. Man is seen being hung almost until dead. Two men are shot in the kneecaps, one man shot in the chest and two other shot in the torso. Man stabbed in foot with knife then gets shot in the head, body seen with blood around. Episode 9: A man is shot from a distance, the blood sprays from his head. One of the lead characters is stabbed in the stomach and dies. The climax of the episode is a massive shootout in a motel, many people are shot with bloody results, a man is stabbed in the stomach as well, a lead character is shot but not killed, another lead character is shot through the head and another strangled close to death, very violent scene. Episode 10: A man is shot through a car window and dies. A lead character is shot through the upper chest and eventually dies, blood is seen. A man shoots another man with a shotgun at close range, the bloody wound is shown and he is left alive briefly to suffer.


Season 1 Occasional instances of "shit", "tits", "pussy", "piss", Season 2 Occasional uses "shit". Other words such as "pussy", "goddammit", and "hell "are used throughout. Season 3 Same language as previous seasons, uses of "shit", "piss", "asshole", "damn", and others are heard throughout "Fuck" is used a number of times in one scene during episode 5


Characters drink alcohol. Mentions of marijuana use. Season 3 does have a character that does use and is seen using marijuana.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Extended threatening situations extended over multiple episodes