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  • Niklas Rosén16 February 2018
    The best superhero movie I´ve seen
    Warning: Spoilers
    It´s a close race with the Dark Knight, but to me the sounddesign and brutality elevates this movie. Fantastic visuals and acting, even the kid is good for christ sake! Plot is very interesting, sendoff to Professor X is perfect. The only negative thing I can say about this movie is that the villains are a bit meh, Donald Pierce and Zander Rice are kinda forgetable. Other than that fantastic movie.
  • AudioFileZ14 February 2018
    The Best Marvel Movie Adaptation
    Logan makes The Terminator a bore in comparison. It's that good. Jackman, Stewart, & Dafne Keen turn in perfect performances. Director/writer Mangold makes zero mis-steps in crafting a powerhouse of a Sci-Fi celluloid story. This is what an action Sci-Fi movie should be...period!
  • skanklover_6913 February 2018
    The most confronting film about aging and mortality I've ever seen
    Warning: Spoilers
    I won't lie. Logan is heavy going. It's bleak, not bright, fun entertainment like the X-men films. Professor X has dementia which combined with his psychic powers makes him a danger to every one around it. Wolverine's healing powers are fading too but he keeps looking after his mentor. A flicker of hope comes in the form of the next generation, the new mutants if you will. Jackman delivers his best acting performance so far, full of raw emotion, pain and sorrow. The action scenes are exciting and harrowing and the direction overall has a relentless gravitas. The crushing inevitability of aging and death couldn't be more clearly illustrated than in Wolverine's bloody battles with a younger, stronger, faster clone of himself. This is easily Marigold's strongest Wolverine script - truly worth of it's Oscar nom. Easily one of the best films of 2017 and comic movies ever.
  • petarpavlicaaz10 February 2018
    Best wolverine movie of all
    Logan is everything we wanted from comic book movie.It will shock you,make you cry and even sometimes make you laugh if you are twisted enough.I am so glad that Hugh Jackman agreed to take pay cut to make move R rated but sad to see him play wolverine last time and he went out with big WOOOW.The best thing is that they didnt focus so much on comedy like DC with JL and villians were so easy to hate and that one more reason to love it.
  • Vishal D Makwana9 February 2018
    Great Ending

    What an emotional and satisfying tribute to the great actor. Finally, Jackman gets a "Wolverine" film what he deserved.

    All the performances are amazing; Specially Jackman, and Stewart are the best and may be best of their X-Men careers. I hope that we'll see retirement of Wolverine, and Professor X characters as nobody will be better than them.
  • adhybhinslamet8 February 2018
    Its Great Movie
    I am very enjoying the movie, the story iw very good for me
  • joaofreis-528457 February 2018
    It's violent in blood and language, it's good but it's not great
    This is one of those movies who left me with some mixed feelings, and first I thought it was due to the way they decided to end the movie and Hugh Jackman's role as Wolverine, but then I sat and though about what really disappointed me in a way I could not see this as a "masterpiece"...

    The story is well built overall and being an action / drama / comic movie, you can always expect some exaggeration and some plot problems, but in fact it's not the case, and apart from one or two details (like the "vacation" with that nice family on a middle of an escape), I didn't saw very big flaws...

    The acting is overall very competent (apart from the annoying girl), but also it's not memorable (and this is the first star removed from the 10/10 some people gave as rating).

    Then there are two things that take one star each:
    • the girl with Wolverine's dna (the "Wolverine's daughter") it's a very cheesy idea (with an annoying act)
    • and that Wolverine clone - who ruins, in my opinion, an otherwise reasonable plot, by creating a reasonably "cheap" solution to end Hugh Jackman's role as the character.

    Overall it's a likeable movie, with some drama and lots of violence, but along with that, I feel that Jackman deserved a better farewell....
  • GARYMARKBE3 February 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    FLAW IN LOGIC OF THE FINE FILM LOGAN I just saw the film LOGAN about Wolverine of the X-Men in the future which I thought was pretty good but absolutely great at the beginning. It deserves super extra points for doing an original take different from other superhero films with added human drama and steering clear of mere superhero cliches. The beginning which subtly oriented the viewer to how different the setting and characters now were--this beginning was superb! Now I wish to enter a SPOILER warning for those who have not seen the film.t I think there is kind of a flaw in the logic of the films essential plot element. Evil scientists, if I can oversimplify, have created these guys who are sort of clones of Wolverine and just as deadly. Early in the film it is established that wolverine has created a bullet made of adamantiium (sp?)-- the fictional metal that is the strongest of all-- when he contemplated suicide. Wolverine is almost unkillable and only admantium can kill him or those clones like him. The flaw is that Wolverine and his clones have deadly claws made of adamantium and could have killed each in this way, Also a very trivial thing: Wolverines gray hair and beard seemed to vary drastically from scene to scene. I incorrectly thought at first this might indicate different ages in flashback sequence I was not f ollowing, but this was clearly not the case,
  • joeuzelac3 February 2018
    Understanding where the plot was going
    Warning: Spoilers
    Is what most of the negative reviews are obviously missing. The plot holes you are so readily describing, what exactly are they? You are the conspiracy "they did it" people. This movie is a dichotomy of James dealing with his imminent mortality, the fact that everyone who gives a shit about him dies, and now he has a grounding effect of discovering a mutant obviously cloned from his DNA. Logan is fraught with indecision as leadership and responsibility was never his forte and he retreats like most humans-numbing with alcohol. It's the humanity he embraces in self-sacrifices for Laura. Make no mistake, this is a dark and introspective movie. If you were expecting otherwise, a) you obviously do not know shit about old-man Logan and b) you're an idiot.
  • Asif Khan (asifahsankhan)31 January 2018
    If this is a Western, Logan is very reminiscent of broken-down antiheroes!
    Like Clint Eastwood's William Munny in Unforgiven-a trained killer nursing decades of regret and sorrow, with enough juice for one last mission.

    The dirty little secret few critics dare mention is that James Mangold's last film, The Wolverine, was just as good as Logan, if not better.

    Mangold proudly wears his influences on his sleeve; a pivotal scene sees Xavier and Laura watching a clip from George Stevens's seminal 1953 film Shane, about another grim gunfighter with a mysterious past. Logan prefers hand-to-hand combat, of course, but aside from that he's quite similar to Alan Ladd's character in that film, a trained killer who fought for the good guys but didn't consider himself one of them.

    Mangold is an excellent director with a solid, unheralded resume (including the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line and the Sylvester Stallone neo-noir Cop Land). But Jackman and Stewart are, quite simply, why Logan works-they're why the film doesn't just feel like a cheap exercise in bloody violence, and why its subversion of typical superhero-movie tropes feels organic (unlike with the X-Men spinoff Deadpool). The actors bring warmth and grouchy humor to the story, barking at each other like the married couple they've become, as they go on a road trip north with their young ward in tow.

    The story itself is a little all over the place-Logan and company ping-pong from location to location across the country, as the villainous Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), a metal-armed bounty hunter, chases them in search of Laura. A long digression at the house of a friendly family of civilians feels a little forced; the film's bloody climax, involving a sniveling scientist (played to the hilt by Richard E. Grant) and another mysterious enemy, slightly overstays its welcome. No matter-anytime things get too out of hand, Jackman and Stewart are there to tether them back to earth, and at no point does a cosmic portal appear in the sky, or a giant purple supervillain start a monologue about magical gems.

    "Logan" is Jackman's latest, and possibly last, portrayal of Wolverine, the Marvel superhero he has played since 2000. If this is his final run at the role (comic-book characters do have a way of making surprise comebacks, so I'm wary), it's a peculiar milestone worth noting-he's our first superhero actor to officially age out of a role, a testament to the extreme longevity of some of these franchises. Will we get another Logan one day? Quite likely, no matter how foolish a proposition that might be; this is a world with a new Han Solo and a new John McClane, after all. All the more reason to salute Jackman as he rides out into the sunset; that's Logan's chief task, and it succeeds splendidly.
  • faridalvarez-131 January 2018
    Boring disappointing tired to see Wolverine powerless
    Not much to say. I just want to see Wolverine kicking buts. I guess I'm too old now and I'm tired to see all my cool stuff from my youth dead or deformed. I'm glad that I didn't spend a dime in this crap.
  • eric26200330 January 2018
    A Nice Send-Off To Hugh Jackman's Role That Solidified His Career
    Warning: Spoilers
    Emanating in the year 2029, the mutant race is on the brink of non-existence. An aging, disheveled shell of his former self, Logan (Hugh Jackman) the once mighty brave leader of the X-Men s now living a secluded lifestyle working as a chauffeur in a dystopian junkyard desert in Mexico with his ailing mentor Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and his loyal, pale complexioned tracker Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Trouble starts brewing as Logan against his better judgement must protect mutant girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) from an assembly of bounty hunter in pursuit to wipe them out led by Donald Pierce. (Boyd Holbrook).

    Since 2000, Hugh Jackman has played the iconic Logan/Wolverine ad it's this role alone that definitively put a stamp on his career. After 17 years, this ride mut come to an end and in "Logan", Jackman will unleash the dreaded claws for one more hurrah. The big difference between this movie and the previous solo films about Wolverine is that the action is more tense, the drama is more uplifting and the action scene are violent, but very well choreographed. The best thing about this movie is that director James Mangold give superhero action fans what they want add to that what they deserve, an R-rated film that shows no remorse or any watering down in its action scenes. Through all that dicing and slicing with his claws Jackman looks like he's never lost his step.

    Aside from the gory scenes, Mangold and his screenwriting cohorts Scott Frank and Michael Green have successfully managed to fully bring Mark Millar and Scott McNiven's "Old Man Logan" comic series juxtaposed with an homage to the classic Westerns like 1953's "Shane" and 1992's "Unforgiven". The character of Logan himself has an identical psyche to Alan Ladd's Shane and Clint Eastwood's William Munny as a vigilante who's willing to leave the past behind him and unwinds until something horrifying happens that resurrects his old habits. In spite of the gloom settings and cynical tones, there is an equally balanced humour to lift one's spirits so that you won't leave the theatre depressed.

    Performance wise, Jackman delivers a strong performance as Logan being that it is his swan song as the film that made him who he is gives everything he can to close out this chapter in his movie career. Patrick Stewart is remarkable as Professor Charles Xavier and though it can be sad seeing this once powerful mentor in the aging condition he's in, Stewart still pulls it off convincingly. Wonderful performances come from the strong support from Stephen Merchant and Boyd Holbrook as Caliban and Donald Pierce respectively. The real scene stealing comes from Dafne Keen as mutant Laura who was near flawless.

    If I could find a solitary flaw in this story it have to be the editing. The main scene which could've been better was when the mutants are hiding in a remote area.

    When everything sums up we should not say this is the end, we should just say, see you later. Even though Jackman may not play Wolverine, there might be another performer who might play Wolverine. Though this may be the end of an era for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, at least he went down in a big way thanks to his endearing performance and Mangold's sharp direction. This will truly be a send-off everyone will remember.
  • alexandregatineau30 January 2018
    What a suprise
    Warning: Spoilers
    Before going to this movie, I didn't watch trailers, didn't read anything, just went out of curiosity.

    I'm very tired with super heroes movie recently, the original movies to introduce the avengers were fun and the first "the avengers movie" was pretty cool. Since then, it's all been generic movies (Thor 2, Iron man 2 and 3, Winter soldier, Age of Ultron, ewwww).

    But somehow, they finally hired good people, gave them money, gave them Logan and "do something good, do something people want to see".

    If you're scared of watching this because of the two previous Wolverine movies, don't. Logan is worth it. It has depth, it's grim, dark, sad, gore but not just for the sake of being like that. They worked on it. Like "Hey, if I was Wolverine, I would stab people in the face with my claws" and they did it and you see it. But they didn't cross that line "haha yeah and when he pulls out his claw, you can see the brain leaking from the guy's head and with make a focus on it for 2 seconds hahaha" nah nah nah. It's gore for the sake of "reality", not for the sake of gore.

    Visually, it's pretty. Not much to say, vivid colors and tons of light, which contrasts with the darkness of the movie.

    Hugh Jackman is on one of his best performances. Could be his best one (I haven't seen all his movies, working on it). He's tired, ill, rude, fed up and has seen a lot in his life. Hugh Jackman portrayed him perfectly. Whoever has to be the next Wolverine, be prepared for the hate because you have big shoes to fill after this movie.

    Interesting choice is they don't explain anything to you. The X-men are gone, Xavier is going insane (due to his age?) and people are chasing someone. You kinda understand that Xavier seems to have killed the X-men by accident during an event, only Logan survived because of, well, being almost immortal. But you're dropped in this timeline with no explain and you just have to enjoy the movie.

    Not gonna lie, I cried in the end, which is pretty rare for me. Okay, maybe I cried when Optimus Prime died in Transformers 2 too, but that time I cried for good reasons.

    Don't watch it with someone who isn't interested or keeps talking, you're gonna spoil a good experiment.
  • jerralagbayani28 January 2018
    If You Want To Be The Best You Got To Drive the Best
    Logan is by far one of the most mature super hero movies I've seen in Marvel. From it's mentality to physicality this shows Logan's transformation as an olden Wolverine who's on the verge on dying. Basically if you haven't seen this awesome and innovative film for the end of Logan's run Logan takes a last stand with the help of Professor X to take X-23 to Eden before the government kills her and her friends for one giant fight that really puts X-Men on high ground for the next film. The reason I rate this so high is because it is Logan's story. Old and washed up he is he puts up some effort to take her unlike what he'd do to maybe Caliban. There is some light humor and a lot of F-Bombs(and very brief nudity). Ain't no grave can hold their body down...
  • Giallo Fanatic28 January 2018
    Not as fascinating as The Wolverine.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Wolverine dealt with Logan's curse of being immortal and living through too many horrors to even care about living. Logan deals with an aging Wolverine who has become more cynical and sick of the world. It is an interesting premises but it fell kind of flat because of the been there, done that character development/realization and generic western story. Seriously, if I want a good western story about a tired old man who's forced back to his old ways I rather watch Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. As far as the action and violence goes I prefer watching The Raid movies because at least The Raid movies have stunning tension and intensity. Sure, Logan has R-rated action but even The Wolverine action scenes had more intensity. I know they were trying to make the story about a tired, old and cynical Logan but did they have to come up with such a generic plot? A mutant who was a laboratory experiment meets another laboratory experiment. Does it sound familiar? Doesn't it sound a bit like Hitman Absolution? Is James Mangold a fan of the Hitman game series by any chance? Logan didn't bring anything new to his character that The Wolverine hasn't already explored and to be honest I feel The Wolverine did a better job at character development.

    In Logan they made everything as depressing as possible. Yes, they even made the colors as depressing as possible. Speaking of a depressing and broken man, if I want a good story about a depressing and broken man I would much rather watch The Bench starring Jesper Christensen. At least with The Bench you see one of the most depressingly touching stories ever made. With Logan it feels scaled down for blockbuster and political correctness reasons. Yes, an R-rated Logan is still a politically correct movie. And such great acting by Dafne Keen:*grunt grunt* *slash slash* *edgy stare for 5 minutes*. But at least the movie didn't take itself as seriously as the Dark Knight trilogy and at times it had really emotional scenes (e.g. the sleeping over at a black family) and what else is there? I think that's about it. Overall an okay but forgettable movie with a generic western story and plot with typical American color grading that makes it try appear more gritty and depressing than it really is. Good enough for a beer or two and chilling with friends. Not exactly a masterpiece.

  • Mohican1527 January 2018
    Brutal, tragic, but a fitting end...
    Warning: Spoilers
    In the words of Shane, a movie that is both watched and quoted in this film: "there's no living with... with a killing. There's no going back from one. Right or wrong, it's a brand. A brand sticks. There's no going back". This sums up the feel and plot of LOGAN well, a film about someone who's done terrible things to survive and is now just trying to get by in peace...

    It's been 17 years of Hugh Jackman as one of the MCU's greatest characters and now his run has finally come to an end. Let's face it, apart from Jackman's Wolverine himself, it hasn't been a great ride. The past few X-Men films have been decidedly mediocre and the first WOLVERINE movie (Origins) was downright terrible, but I can assure you that LOGAN is a whole new ballgame for the Superhero movie. James Mangold has delivered the best X-Men film to date and this really feels momentous for the franchise. Although I admired and respected a lot of this film, there was also material that I frankly hated in it. Let's look at all the good in Logan!

    Obviously a large portion of praise has to go to Director James Mangold for pulling it all together, and pull it all together he certainly has. Both his writing and directing are quite frankly masterful. Mangold's story encompasses all that you expect out of a Wolverine movie (it is after all based on the Old Man Logan comic book) but what Mangold does is he strips his characters and the story right down and makes it raw and realistic. The plot is simple and straightforward but has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. The characters are all very strong and brilliantly multi-layered and the story itself is brooding and very Western-like. Mangold also directs brilliantly, choreographing brilliant and brutal action scenes but also getting 110% out of most of his cast and that's the real highlight of LOGAN: the cast!

    We must of course begin with Mr. Jackman. I am not a person who thinks Superhero movies deserve a place at the Oscars but with Jackman there has to be an exception and if he doesn't get at least a nomination for actor I will be very disappointed. Jackman delivers a herculean performance as Logan. He's a cynical, depressed, world-weary, alcoholic who is nowhere near the young punk we used to watch. His healing factor is failing him. He squeezes bullets out his chest and is forced to pull his claws straight out of his knuckles. Bloody coughing fits and claw puss is another affliction Logan suffers with. He actually wishes for death and Hugh Jackman plays all of that to the uttermost of his acting ability. Every cough, wheeze and splutter is authentic and real. We're made to feel his pain, anger, sadness and loss. It's an incredibly raw performance. He really captures the character of a regretful man who's had a violent life and now just wants to die in peace. He only lives with Professor X, Caliban and eventually his daughter Laura "X-23". But perhaps most importantly, through his performance, we are truly made to care about this old man, Logan.

    However, Logan is not the only good performance in this film. There are two other standouts: Laura (Dafne Keen) and Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart). Dafne Keen delivers a phenomenal performance as Laura and at so young an age. She gives a incredibly strong performance and plays a real fighter. She's every bit as tough as her Dad but also has a very humane side that you can really root for. Not wanting to sound pompous but mark my words: "that girl will go far" and I really look forward to seeing more of Ms. Keen and her growing career. Then there's Sir Patrick Stewart as the ailing Professor X. Here is another really vivid performance. The Professor is dementia-addled and forgetful. He acts as Logan's conscience but is often prone to devastating mental seizure's. He's definitely flawed but acts as Logan's father and becomes the sort of grandpa character that you really care about and just want to hug.

    Decent performances from most of the supporting cast including Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Jason Genao. Stephen Merchant gives a good, serious performance as the sarcastic mutant Caliban. Boyd Holbrook is convincing as the psychopathic thug Donald Pierce but is certainly no Hans Landa. Elizabeth Rodriguez gives a very emotional performance as the damsel in distress. Jason Genao is another great performance as the new mutant leader and gives a very strong performance. The only error in casting is Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice. Grant is not someone I would even think of casting for Rice and basically reads the script but this is a small blight on a terrific cast.

    Something that obviously stood out in this film is the action, really courtesy of the R-rating. The rating really gave Mangold the free reigns to give us action appropriate for such characters. We really see what Logan and Laura's claws are capable of. I first watched this film with my very good friend and fellow IMDB user Tarx309 and we were really both taken aback by the action. It's gritty, bloody and brutal but most of all realistic and so makes it more believable. Each fight scene is brilliant and brutal. Logan's berserker run against the Reavers in the forest at the end is simply glorious to see, with Logan unleashing all his rage and fury!

    Finally, did I enjoy LOGAN? I enjoyed LOGAN as much as it was impossible to enjoy it. There were funny moments but they were few and far between. There were tender moments but they were crushed by the brutality, but I must say I was really touched to see the old western SHANE since it's a movie I often watch with my Dad. However, the second act was what really ruined the film for me. A gorgeous Christian family is brutally murdered. You see I can take violence but what I can't stand is mindless slaughter. It ruined LEON for me and it ruined part of this too. It was like something out of your worst nightmare and really dragged the film down for me. Once it gets back on the brutal adventure path I enjoy it but it was still a horrible path for the film to take. We finally arrive at the climatic and bloody end of the movie and without giving anything away, it will break your heart!...

    LOGAN is certainly not for the squeamish but it is a masterpiece of the MCU and a fitting end to 17 good years of the Jackman in his famous role. It's a sad, dark, brutal chapter but certainly the best end to the character. Farewell, Bub!
  • Jade Praerie (jadepraerie)27 January 2018
    Best movie of 2017. Best comic-book movie ever.
    Best movie of 2017. Best comic-book movie ever (Dark Knight is a close runner-up). Gritty, fresh, realistic, and a beautiful tear-jerker.
  • aikomart27 January 2018
    Endless violence. Very poor story.
    I love the X-men series and have watched them all....many times. I will not watch this film again. It is an endless loop of despair, violence, empty dialogue, despair and endless violence. I get the idea but the film itself left both my wife and I feeling like we needed a shower. the little girl's psychotic violence is over the top. The only part of the film I even liked was when Logan tore up the car thieves. After that it went downhill fast and hit bottom....then started to dig. Our time will be better spent watching the earlier films.
  • Marius Petrescu26 January 2018
    This is why I don't go to the cinema
    These kind of movies are the reason I don't go to the cinema. You know, they ask for your money before entering the room and they won't give them back when you exit, even if you would exit after 15 minutes. Some times I feel it like a huge waste of two hours of my life even when I watch them on HBO, like I did now, then how could I ever want to go to the cinema again?
  • alelujo26 January 2018
    He's the best in what he do.
    Logan delivers a really dark and violent part of the wolverine that we've never seen before on the big screen, without sacrificing what we already love about this character .
  • frequencyy24 January 2018
    Not another superhero movie
    You don't have to be Marvel fan to get emotionally attached. This movie has everything you need and makes the rest of the X-men movies fade in the background
  • stuart-1277723 January 2018
    Disappointment yet again....
    Where to start? Well if I say that the best bit of the film for me was Charles Xavier watching the classic western "Shane" on tv I think you might get the gist. Yet again a film which had rave reviews falls way short in so many areas it beggars belief and who on earth suggested Stephen Merchant....absolutely laughable. My advice is not to bother....I now have another dvd to get rid of next Christmas!
  • addiekay22 January 2018
    I went into the theater expecting a generic superhero movie and was so surprised. this movie made me feel so emotional and satisfied. i was 100% glued to the screen and it definitely does justice to Wolverine and Hugh Jackman.
  • dcramirez-3937721 January 2018
    OMG I love this film <3
    Well, what can i say? this movie reflects the human emotions so well that establishes a bond between our loved main character, Logan. He is in our mirror, when the memories of our past lives take us back to the times when we used to hurt people we used to love and now we feel regret for it. It made me realize that there´s a place for sorrow and pain but there is a place for redemption, too. Sometimes the pain overwhelm us, but there´s always a hope in this life and this movie made me realize what i was forgetting a long time ago. Thanks Logan.
  • Fallen Eye20 January 2018
    Slogan: Logan is Good, But Not a Masterpiece.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know if this was a superhero film, or if it was a drama/action movie with a "superhero" lead backdrop. As grounded and realistic as Logan was, it also lacked that sense of adventure and fantasy, however, that is not this movie's greatest problem(s).

    Logan never really did explain why or what was happening to, well, Logan. Why was he weak, tired and seemingly not healing? Logan is set after Days of Future Past, and DofP ends around X2 or X-Men at the earliest, so, that means at most Logan/Wolverine has aged ONLY 29 years in Logan, and that's NOTHING for him, so why, is he so weary? How or why is the adamantium now suddenly killing him? It's not explained, and it's suspect how even when the adamantium was "mentioned" as the cause, it was mentioned almost, in passing.

    Also, Logan and Laura's quest to Eden didn't provide any closure. Did Laura and her friends actually reach Eden? Does Eden actually exist? If it does, is it in fact a Safe Haven? We don't know, and I doubt very much that Mangold intended for an Inception type ending here.

    Then we have the family that died, the Munsons. No acknowledgement at all of the destruction Logan and Co. brought upon that innocent family was mentioned. Logan talks about how Xavier, Caliban and HIMSELF never asked for this, and he doesn't mention the very family who didn't ask for it the most, and probably ended up dying the most brutal death of all in comparison to everyone else.

    One more thing; Are we happy with how X-24 died?

    Logan is DEFINITELY not a bad movie, it is quite good, but, I genuinely do feel that people went crazy over it based on this "super grounded" approach it took. But being grounded is not enough to constitute as a "Masterpiece". I mean, apart from the above mentioned issues, you also have things like the fight sequences feeling incredibly monotonous and repetitive, especially because of that groundedness... The fights were no different to action movies' constant swinging punches, except this time, it's with claws.

    Logan is good, but not perfect or "near perfect". It's enjoyable, but it is not a "masterpiece". A solid 7/10.
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