• Ramandeep Singh20 January 2014
    Beautiful television... Great job JGL
    It's one of those shows which keeps the audience involved right from the start. I don't know whether it's just the presence and awesomeness of Joe which makes this an epic, but the great appeal it has as a TV show transformed from skits produced and released online is quite impressive. The TV viewers are introduced to a whole new lot of a talented community run for the purpose of providing beautiful things any being could ever imagine. It was impressive and I really have high hopes for the latter episodes. This whole show is based like a musical with a sub plot by which related videos are shown. Towards the end we see Joe performing, which is awfully great. I have been complimenting this show ever since I first saw the trailer. The viewers are aware of a talented community and this community has found a way to resemble itself in front of a huge audience quite bravely.
  • life_enriched-210-92601417 August 2015
    By far the best compilation of talent, creativity, and the Arts
    Talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows a more diverse example of his talents as a musician, singer, athleticism, and passion for the arts. Extremely worthy a ten star and thorough reviews from 'creatives' and those THIRSTY for decent, thought provoking art seekers. A tasteful, yet honest blend of the many talents throughout the world, given to us to admire and enjoy the true benefits of the internet and worldwide connections. Immensely intelligent, thought provoking, at times breath-taking examples of compassion, humor, and talents of the human race. I felt 'privilidged' to witness the many varieties, 'signatures' of many of these combined talents, illustrations, poetry, and music - compiled in a mosaic of a thirty minute visual, auditory feast. I don't feel I am being over the top - as this has simply raised the bar of quality television and talent we should choose to see. There are way too many "real, and crap" videos that are being shown on TV from the internet, all that we should be discarding. We should be raising the bar as a viewing public as a more selective and intelligent lot; Demand good taste, and freedom in the arts, speech, and expression. I feel this is a taste of the greatness, intelligence, open mindedness that challenge me and what we should be demanding as a public audience in the 21st century. Give it a chance, and watch at least the first 2-3 episodes!> You will be hooked, and the only negative is that 30 minutes isn't enough, show me more! And give me more Episodes JOE!
  • Rogue-3221 January 2014
    A case of too many cooks, perhaps
    Big fan of JGL, ever since I saw Mysterious Skin; he's a fantastic actor, capable of bringing intense credibility to nearly any role he's given. I've been following this project too, with much interest, because I like the nature of the collaborative process and the way he brings together various kinds of media and so many different kinds of people, all working to produce one end collage-type result. This is a cool concept, no question.

    I have the HitRECord DVD/book/cd that he put out a while back, and for the most part I enjoyed all the short films on the DVD. I've been watching the TV series which just launched, and there's something I find lacking in this work. I had the same feeling with the DVD but I couldn't quite put my finger on it; figured it out finally: while the films are creative and watchable, they feel disjointed. It's like there's no central core point of view, just a cleverly edited collage of ideas which do come together harmoniously (most of them), but they're not really satisfying on a deeper level.

    I don't think JGL should stop doing this, I know his heart is in the right place and he's doing it for the right reasons - it's his Aquarian need to bring people together in creative harmony and union - but I do think perhaps he should have less people on each project to hopefully establish more cohesive, satisfying results.