• PeterJasonQuill10 September 2016
    Just purely stupid.
    Now, people love YouTube shows about movies, kinda like the stuff Mr Sunday movies does, or screen rant when they make an original video that they haven't already done before, or even honest trailers. But this, this is far from what people would see as a good show about movies. Some of the flaws they point out are good, and proper flaws, but most of the time they just point out stupid things that aren't even plot holes, clichés, or even proper flaws in a movie, something I just find really stupid, annoying and not even funny, they should be pointing out REAL flaws, not just ones they made up, and another bad thing about this show is the amount of swear words they use in every video, it is really annoying and stupid, I mean, do you hear a critic say that many swear words? I don't think so. So overall, if you don't want to have good movies ruined, don't watch this channel. You'd be a moron if you do.
  • shani_dayo3 January 2016
    Tone down the cursing
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoy the "everything wrong with...." series. First I would like to say that these videos are for fun and aren't meant to be taken seriously, they are more like comic relief and little nitpicks rather than actual flaws within a movie. The one thing I don't like is the constant use of foul language, it irritates Me to no end. I would give this show a higher rating if the creator didn't have such a potty mouth.....I don't recommend this show for anyone under the age of 14, because the cursing can get a little explicit. Other than that You may have a few laughs here and there, but it's not the best Youtube show out there.