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  • pdulski10 January 2018
    Skeptical at first, liked it in the end.
    First off I wanna say, I've never heard of this film until the Writer, Director and Actor emailed me to do a interview for this film. Knowing what I knew from the more of info email, I agreed to setup with interview. So a couple days BEFORE we were gonna do the interview over the phone for the Everything Horror Podcast (which if you don't like no filter language avoid my podcast). From the time I spent debating to rent this (before purchasing this), I decided to go for it hoping I'd like it and not a waste.

    I enjoyed the camerawork actually and the way they acted / setup sets to do some of the stuff was not really noticeable. The only thing we noticed was near the end was the blood, it did stick out to be more pinkish to really not believe it. I did however got an answer via the Interview that the special effects guy they had at the time wasn't available when it came down to the blood.

    If you don't swear teenagers swearing like they would when being around friends and stuff, watch this film. If you can't stand swearing almost every line, just ignore it. And if you would like to check out the interview I did with Unlisted Owners writer, director and actor make sure to check out the Podcast.
  • Leofwine_draca16 January 2018
    Found footage yawner
    Warning: Spoilers
    UNLISTED OWNER is another laughably terrible indie found footage horror flick, made on the cheap by a bunch of people who really don't have much idea about basic filmmaking principles. This one sees a family murdered in a house, causing a bunch of teenagers to head over and investigate the place, filming the whole thing as they do so. This particular effort spends a great deal of time on set up, interviews, and introductions, as well as some of those unnecessary driving scenes. The actual stuff at the house is hurried over at the climax. There's no atmosphere to speak of, and as for horror content, you can forget it.
  • klwarzala14 December 2017
    Complete and utter garbage.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know who gave this piece of crap all the stars, but they are lying. This movie starts off with a bunch of 20 somethings pulling pranks and bad practical jokes on each other. It doesn't get any better from there. I am 49 minutes in and I don't know how much more I can take. All of the constant bickering is giving me a headache and If they took the F word out of the dialogue, it would be labled a silent film. Clearly none of them can stand each other and I surely don't even know why they are all friends. At 50 minutes in, they are finally at the house, and still fighting and argueing. Ok, one of them is now pissing in the bathroom sink of the house. If you choose to watch this mess, good luck to you. But please watch it for free, don't waste your money. Better yet, give this crap a pass.
  • lynnebriangoldstein16 January 2018
    Just awful
    The only positive thing I can say about this found footage movie is that, compared to most found footage movies, the acting in this one is not terrible. Now, the negatives. First, the characters, especially the two alpha male guys, were so obnoxious, such douchebag pricks, that I could not wait until they died. Second, the movie was a bit more than 3/4 over before anything "horror" happened. That's right, the vast majority of this film is just some immature pricks yelling at one another. Finally, when something happens, it is not supernatural or even scary in any way. Third, we never find out who the villain is, which is so unsatisfying, given that I had to sit through most of the movie before any action happened. There was no character development, no plot development, no mystery, no build up to a climax, no denouement: just a bunch of hillbilly, immature pricks cursing and yelling. The most horrifying thing about this movie is that I wasted a portion of my life to watch it.
  • nickyb-7913118 December 2017
    Typical found footage fayre
    Please will people stop making these hopeless attempts at movies. "Found footage" is such a feeble cover for lack of skills in editing, script, lighting and directing. In the same scene the f-word can be bleeped out while not being bleeped out just 1 minute later. Even the cheapest compact camera's from 10 years ago had OIS. Just an annoying mess resplendent with battery indicators and flashing "Rec" indicators and distracting artificial pixelation somehow being recorded. I guess everyone that worked on this movie and their parents voted this to above a 3 star. Not close to having tension, suspense or horror. It would take a very special person to feel engrossed and invested in this cacophony. I should point out I never saw every minute of this; after 15mins of nothing but what was scripted or unscripted (improv dahling) rambling (without any character pinning) I skipped to the 30th. The only reason I would say to watch this is to see how all the excuses of pathetic movie making are covered up in the "found footage" genre.