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  • TARUN VERMA8 July 2017
    Not much impressive as it could be, beware of pseudo-admirers of art cinema
    My review here is unique in the sense that I want to criticize the film and hence my review is different from all other reviews. The reviews of the film posted here on IMDb (and elsewhere) are good and some of them are brilliant but I found some pseudo-admiration of the movie which prompted me to write the review.

    The movie is good because of its uniqueness, not many movies are made in commercial cinema which take the theme adopted in the movie. So people who love to watch art/parallel cinema would surely be attracted to the concept of the movie. The actors in the movie are mostly theater artists, who are popular for good acting and commonly appear in low-budget films. The basic theme of the movie showing the life experiences of the protagonist from ''his own eyes'' is appealing and philosophical in its essence. The film clearly showed demonstration of philosophical principle of "seeing is believing" through discussions, mass awareness campaigns (standing at metro station with message board in hand), life experiences of the lead character, Sanjay Mishra. When the movie had so many scenes conveying the philosophical ideas, yet I do not understand why most of the reviewers are saying that movie doesn't intend to spread any message. It seems pseudo-admiration at its heights!! The beautiful part of the movie is its emphasis on family roles and responsibilities, and dynamics of attachments and emotions among family members. The movie is set in a joint family context, which is shown in the beginning following strict social norms and conventions. Looking at all the mess going on around the family, and his inability to handle the circumstances, the lead character of Bauji diverts everyone's attention to his sudden shift of philosophical ideas and preoccupation of the principle "seeing is believing". When everyone was following "believing is seeing, he chose to do the opposite. At this point it seemed that the movie would take on deep, mysterious turns and would show depth of the protagonist's character. But the movie is disappointing in this regard.

    The movie takes many turns and shifts in actions of Bauji - not believing in anything heard until experienced, leaving job due to his ideas, remaining silent because everyone was getting fed up of his philosophical talks which were incomprehensible by people, gambling to earn money, brother and his family separating to manage their expenses and duties etc.. All these incidents shake the feelings of Bauji to the core and it is seen that with every incident he takes some dramatic step and changes his behaviors. But in all this superficial drama, the emotional and wise character of Bauji is showing its strength and the only merit that this movie deserves. The emotional bonds of the family members are persistent and deep, even when they separate. The responsible character of Bauji to arrange marriage for his daughter, saving his son from a debt of Rs. 28/38,000 (unclear amount) is the most appreciable part of the movie. The minute details of middle class family life of Old Delhi were remarkable. Very fine details were shown in behaviors and verbal expressions of characters, which, to me, is the only plus side of the story and adds energy to the movie. This is the only part of the movie to which anyone can relate.

    The most saddening part of the movie was its confusing story-line, abrupt incidents and events, lack of coherence in incidents, loose adherence with any single theme, lack of connections between different scenes/acts and sentiments of the leading character. If all other characters were predictable, the main character was uncertain and unpredictable. His unpredictable characterization made him incomprehensible and confusing. Why suddenly he became fond of philosophical ideas, why he didn't consider many daily responsibilities as important (like leaving job), how come he suddenly tended to become sannyasi-like, and why he held strong emotional bonds. On the surface he seemed to be dramatizing all this philosophical non-sense just to divert everyone else's attention from social norms and restrictions, because he was always an emotional person caring for his family. Was he trying to wind up his life's duties to experience his dream of flying, was he trying to become a good father- a liberator for himself and family? This was not clearly shown. He was trying to conclude his life as an accumulation of experiences and fulfillment of wishes.

    If you have seen many such movies, to make it comprehensible and easy to follow, the story-line should be consistent, convey a deep message and lesson, follows a uni-dimensional approach to story and must establish links to different scenes and themes. On the contrary, Ankhon Dekhi lacks consistent story-line (except family sequences), is multi-thematic, shows uncertain actions of the leading character which make no sense in broader picture, except attributing the protagonist as crazy and free-thinker. I do not advocate such pseudo-admiration of incomplete depictions just because these depictions are meant to be shown through the lens of an art movie. Overall, the movie doesn't give a pleasurable feeling, except admiring disconnected scenes and actions of the lead actor. There are many scenes depicting behaviors of Bauji which show strong and compassionate character, an emotional and deeply attached person who cares for family. For example, debating maths teacher of his niece, asking daughter to prepare for her marriage, saving his son from debt of gambling, appreciating classical music, being an intellectual and providing wise lessons to his followers etc.

    Overall, the movie is nice, watchable, shows inner turmoil of an old man who is awaiting his death, good family sentiments and strong emotional bonds within a joint family But at the same time it is inconsistent in connecting scenes and shows multiple themes/messages with loose meanings. These meanings become hidden/suppressed and no single message or theme dominates the whole film. Due to overburdening with multiple messages and themes, the movie loses its charm and pleasure. This leaves many viewers confused and disappointed.
  • Sachin Chauhan26 November 2016
    Enlightening movie, A must must watch!!!!(Except the masala movie loving people)
    Just being casual I give this movie a chance, but it turn out be an eye opener. The complete movie was catchy, there was drama, comedy, but most importantly the philosophical part which I loved the most. I loved the character of Sanjay Mishra who defies everything which is told and believed. He emphasizes on experiencing things personally before accepting them. This view of his life was being considered as psychological disorder by many in the move initially. But after some times he made some followers. I can watch this movie multiple times. But still I have some contradictory view on this movie. I think you can't experience everything in life, you have to have some belief in others to make this society work and progress. As there is saying in Hindi "Umeed par duniya kayam hai"(Whole world is exist entirely on beliefs). Many viewers might not find the climax convincing but, it the principles of that man he can't contradict. I will not reveal the climax though. Direction, screenplay and acting everything was top-notch. This movie redefine the real acting, every actor performed his role well. There is also one actor's guest appearance. It is gem of Indian cinema. I don't know why these kind of movies don't get recognition, may be it would take some time for Indian viewers to know about quality cinema.
  • Chinmay Shrotri (chinmayfurtado)15 November 2016
    Rajat Kapoor's new film Ankhon Dekhi is easily one of the finest films that I have seen till date.
    I've just watched Rajat Kapoor's "Ankhon Dekhi" a film that was released in the year 2014. Let me start by confessing that I am a bit of a procrastinator which is the sole reason that I watched this film so late. The best films are those that subvert your expectations as a viewer, but as time goes by it's getting very difficult to not have expectations, as we now walk into movie theaters after being bombarded by the filmmakers with never ending promotional material. But Aankhon Dekhi is an exception not only is it a film that had been criminally under promoted, but it does something much unexpected. Most of the philosophical films are a bit preachy, they are too eager to provide inspiration or make statements. But in Ankhon Dekhi, curiosity is what drives its premise and suspension of disbelief is entirely abandoned. The film is set in an authentic neighborhood of Old Delhi one that we never see in the movies, this setting reminded me of R K Narayan's Malgudi. What I liked most is, how the protagonist's journey of inner realizations, isn't defined by a singular goal. There are films that are character-centric, there are films that are character-driven, there are plot-driven films and then there are films like Aankhon Dekhi where the idea looms large enough to swipe everything under its shadow. I will not give away plot details, because really, the plot isn't what sets this movie apart, the plot is merely there to move the story along, slowly and surely, but it's interesting enough to keep you awake and invested. The real star here is the cast and the acting. Every single performance, in my opinion, is perfect, led brilliantly by the believable and perfectly done portrayal of Bauji by Sanjay Mishra. In terms of portrayals and production design, Aankhon Dekhi is about as accurate as a film can get. Every character is pitch-perfect in terms of their accents, mannerisms and looks. The lower-middle-class family dynamic is explored beautifully. Aankhon Dekhi is an intensely rewarding experience, with an ending that will haunt you for days afterwards.
  • Empty Life12 November 2016
    Good direction but weak story line
    Warning: Spoilers
    In brief, the movie beautifully depicts a typical life of a lower middle class family but the one thing that spoils the mood for me is the senseless philosophy that was injected into the plot.

    I have seen many philosophical films but those make sense but this is just directionless philosophy.

    Let me explain. There is a man whom every one calls 'bauji' played by Sanjay Mishra who believes that you should accept only that which you have experienced yourself.

    Now, he performs twisted actions sometimes like he will be never speak, sometimes starts speaking again etc. In short , the philosophical idea is not given a good direction instead it was reduced in this film to mere stupidity (and not for comedy purpose).

    In the end , he want to experience what it feels like to fly. For that he suicides in the end . What was this ? He could have done paragliding or similar experience.

    My question is why he never felt then to drink poison to experience what it feels like dying ? Why don't he rape women to feel how dirty thing it is ?

    Hence, This movie had high expectations but in the end turned to be complete let down for me.
  • rickyoneaaidu11 October 2016
    Simply Awesome
    This is something very real and excellently showed. Kudos to all team of this movie. To learn and see what happens, gain experience and learning is the best way of living your life. Sanjay Mishra has delivered again and again but this was one of his best. Rajat Kappor has written and acted also very well and keeps us thinking about the aspects and the way we live our life motto's. Keep it up everyone and make movies of these sorts again and again. Without being preachy the premise makes you (makes us) introspect – all of us, lost in the jungle of consumerism are losing our own thought prowess; the power of self experience. As bauji would have said which goes in English somewhat this - Whatever I am saying is my truth, my experience. Don't go by it only as your's experience & truth can be different.(For some reason IMDb is not allowing me to out the Hindi sentence thus have to give the translated version). In this way the film hits the consumerist (And media dominated) culture whereby people are losing their self identity.

    Must watch for everyone all age, gender to learn and see within themselves.
  • Sharaths00213 September 2016
    Aankhon Dekhi!!
    As the name and the theme of movie suggests, it's better to watch Aankhon dekhi on your own to feel and understand the magic rather than relying on reviews. Its a pity that very few people have heard about this gem of a movie. In the big factory of bollywood that churne all glam sham non sense mockery of logic movies , Aankhon dekhi comes as a fresh breeze. The irony that humor can convey so many serious meaning to life is beautifully depicted by Rajat Kapoor and his brilliant team. Hats of to Rajat for assembling the perfect cast that brings life to each characters. Sanjay Mishra as Babuji trying to find the meaning and truth of life and Seema Pahwa as his wife who is trying to cope up with Babuji's antics is awesome. A soulful Cinema that touches your heart! Aankhon dekh lo aur fir maan lo..
  • Suman Shakya23 February 2016
    A Hilarious Look on the Apathy of a Lower Middle Class Family.......
    "Ankhon Dekhi" takes Bollywood to an offbeat stream with a story that will please the class seeking a quality story that's close to your real life. But here the narrative isn't very straight forward. It uses much of imagination and metaphors to depict the apathy of a lower middle class family. Sanjay Mishra plays the head of the family trying to keep up despite the several hurdles. Many sequences of the film just touch you deep for which the film becomes adorable. However, the film also keeps a mood through its light comedy at times. Overall, it's hard to understand some of the logic in the film; but for the wittiness, nuances created through the performances, and a very relevant story, the film becomes a nice leisure.

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4
  • muvi-fan-731 October 2015
    best lite-movie ever!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ankhon Dekhi is a movie rotating around main character Bauji and his joint family along with some additional characters. Bauji's daughter loves a boy, but as soon as the news is known to family, everything goes upside-down. Although this is just an incident in movie as they further get married. The main thing is it triggers Bauji's questioning in world, he decides to believe only what he can directly perceive with his senses. This makes him lose his job, family members get disappointed. A group of people join him considering him as ideal... and the story moves ahead.

    The best thing about the movie is its screenplay. Rajat Kapoor has done a terrific job. There couldn't have been a better choice other than Sanjay Mishra, for the role of Bauji. As he decides to behave different, the entertainment altogether goes to a different level. The way he views things and portrays them to other people is awesome. Overall a great movie to watch, the fact that it is not known much disappoints me. Please watch it, you cannot miss this standard entertainment.
  • rohitkray27 August 2015
    A mesmerizing experience
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ankhon Dekhi is a particular type of movie which makes one think. Rajat Kapur has done a marvelous job in scripting the movie keeping in mind the very detail. He has effortlessly captured the middle class proforma of Indian society, at the same time raising the bar with the philosophical insights of a common travel agency worker (Bauji). To question the societal norms, to believe in something which one can only justify by using one's senses has been the foundation of the movie. Bauji starts questioning things which we have taken for granted. His actions draw laughter from the society and anxiety to his family. Yet his unhindered walk for the verified truth continues. Rajat Kapur has failed to ignore smallest of details. From the crisis of middle class family to the thirst of the common man to find meaning and purpose in life is so seamlessly portrayed that if hardly feels reel. Adding to that is the background score, adding right pinch of salt whenever necessary. The movie throws a lot of open questions to the audience without moving to any particular resolution. After all the ending was the "ankhon dekhi anubhab" (eye witnessed experience) of Buji, which could have been as much different for someone else. The closure thus provided once again proves to be one of the most cherished and pivotal points of the movie and in an essence of the script. Surely one of my best watches till date.
  • Prabhat Rayal16 June 2015
    A Journey of Self Discovery
    I heard a lot of good things about this film so I was looking forward to it. I finally got a chance to watch it and I was amazed by what I saw.

    With Aankho Dekhi, Rajat Kapoor shows us that Bollywood is pretty much alive. This is one of the best Bollywood movies I have ever seen. It is not a movie that you can ignore. It is pure art.

    This is the story of a man who decides that he will not believe anything that he has not seen with his own eyes. He will experience things first and then believe it. This is the plot, but it is executed in a brilliant way.

    Sanjay Mishra gives the best performance of his career and "bauji". Other actors are equally good.

    The screenplay is brilliant and tight. every dialogue is thought provoking and has a deep meaning. The conversations between the characters are really interesting (e.g. the conversation about parallel lines and gravity). So anyone looking for over the top and cheap dialogue will be disappointed. Rajat Kapoor uses the real world conversations without making it boring.

    The cinematography is amazing and easily one of the best I have seen in Bollywood films.

    Background music is really good. You can feel it. Some parts will give you goosebumps.This movie has no unnecessary dance sequences and songs (Dance sequences and unnecessary songs kill the movies for me). Every song has a meaning.

    The atmosphere is great. You really get the feeling that you are watching an Indian middle-class joint family. Rajat shows you the problems they face in their day to day life and the happiness they find in the small things. It also deals with the issues of having a joint family or nuclear family.

    The ending of the movie is spectacular and I do not think anything else would have worked better than this. the ending is symbolic and left for open interpretation. You can believe what you want to believe.

    But this is not a movie for everyone. some people will not get the point this film is trying to make. It is a journey of self discovery. It is a rare gem of Hindi cinema and will get a cult status in the future.
  • CriticGirl912 June 2015
    An Honest Film
    This movie is brilliant in every aspect. For me, it belongs to Sanjay Mishra who portrays Bauji so effortlessly and naturally, that I barely remember such a brilliant performance by an actor in the recent past. He was excellent in Dumb Laga Ke Haisha, but in this movie, he gives the performance of a lifetime.

    The story is very simple, and realistic. The important part is the instant emotional connect that the audience can make with every scene. We have all gone through the sorrow, hurt, disappointments, joy and hope narrated like poetry on screen. Bauji is lovable, and every time he is hurt, you really feel for him.

    Seema Pahwa compliments Sanjay Mishra in every aspect. Rajat Kapoor, like always is outstanding with his performance of quiet agitation.

    A word for the brilliant setting as well. The portrayal of old Delhi is very natural.

    There is no drama here, just a depiction of real life. This movie surely deserves a nomination for the Academy Awards.
  • Baceseras30 April 2015
    I might be wrong . . .
    An Indian film (Hindi) - old Bauji, narrating by way of introduction, tells us he has a recurring dream of "flying through the clouds," and the camera hovers above the little kitchen where his extended family's meals are prepared; it drifts through a window and hovers above the narrow lane, meanders over a tangle of streets, and drifts up to the tops of the buildings in Delhi - it's a twilight hour, the sky is like a glowing bruise for color, and down below it's quiet, no one about - then we are back in the apartment, and all is commotion: Bauji's young niece Rita has been out with a boy whose reputation is not good - the whole family, three generations, make an uproar about it. When some of the menfolk rush off to give the boy a walloping Bauji goes along, and finds that the boy is nothing like he's been painted. Bauji protects him, and later reflecting on what almost happened he resolves never again to believe anything he hasn't personally experienced. So thoroughly does he hold to this resolution that he can no longer perform his job, selling travel packages over the phone: he confides to customers that he doesn't really know what time the plane will depart and land, or if there will be a hotel waiting at the other end - he hasn't seen these things for himself. The manager must let him go. Being idle himself, Bauji attracts a circle of other idle men; at first they tease and mock him, but finding him so positive in his new way of life they become his disciples. What follows you must see for yourself. I could tell you that "Ankhon Dekhi" is that rarity, a philosophical comedy that's really funny - but that would just be me telling you; you won't really know, will you, until you see it.
  • Pye Vibes25 April 2015
    A tight slap on high budget sleazy movies..
    This is one of the best movies in the year 2014. This movie proves that a good movie doesn't require hot item numbers or overpriced so called actors or overdone physics violating action scenes. The actors in this movie are simple yet each one has given an awesome performance. You can relate the characters with the people in your locality or someone you see in day to day life. In the beginning movie would seem a little slow but soon it becomes quiet interesting. It shows what happens when a person rejects the common rules and starts believing in only what he has seen. The climax is totally surprising and unforeseen. Sanjay Mishra has given an example of his diverse talent and played a very difficult role of being funny and serious at the same time. No wonders it won the award of Best Critic's Movie. The story is really good and it will leave you thinking and imagining for a few hours or may be days. Another different movie like this is Queen. You should watch that too.
  • indianature6 April 2015
    Interestingly different
    Not quite sure what to make of Aankhon Dekhi.

    The acting was superb - everyone essayed their role realistically, the settings were ever so real typical old Delhi galli haveli life like, the story line interesting and something different from the run of the mill, the music beautiful, but ............ but what? I'm not sure.

    Was it the disjointed ending or what? Something was lacking in the overall experience. At the end of the film we wondered what it was ultimately all about.

    Did he jump off a Matheran cliff's edge to commit suicide or was that just a fantasy sequence at the end?

    One other minor point is the lighting in the indoor sequences. I saw this as a VCD on my TV monitor and it was painfully dark. Perhaps it is better on a large screen.

    Well whatever. At the end of the day this comes across overall as just another film, albeit that it was engrossing and well enacted though will not appeal to all. It could have been brilliant had there been more "definition" and I use the term loosely to describe something that I can not quite put my finger on.
  • Aman Yadav27 March 2015
    This movie is an experience in itself
    This movie is so different in what it portrays, and yet it captures very beautifully the life of an ordinary Indian. It is a story of which I enjoyed every moment as it unfolded, probably because there is so much one can relate to in the movie.

    Perhaps I was a little disappointed in the ending scene, but overall I would recommend this movie to everyone. In the simplicity of Bauji, one can achieve the extraordinary.

    The more I think and read about the movie, I can only conclude that the movie isn't attempting to teach or preach. All it does is to showcase the complexities and minute details of every experience in life and how we fail to take note of most of them.
  • frazakhtar4207 March 2015
    Its my achievement to watch this kind of masterpiece.
    It is an excellent flick that is on my favorite list, like Sadma, Simon Brich, Hachiko, Lawrence of Arabia, Gangoobai, Iqbal, etc. Its is kind of flick I prefer to watch. It is a logical drama masterpiece of Rajat Sir, I am big fan of your film, long ago. There are very reality based scenes in film that I can only imagine, like when the younger brother moving out the transfer of luggage from roof top to the new house is amazing, the body languages of all characters in whole movie was marvelous, the Shadi scene when all sitting in pooja and the son of pujari came back and forth telling the current events in tents happened at that real time was outstanding, even pujari's son character has a real existence in our society. It took a long and intense kind of observation and create a plot on these kind of happenings is a great achievement. Finally, hats off. Also, in the end, its an excellent recommendations from IMDb to let me know what should I deserve to watch. Thanks for this wonderful art work.
  • chapalahar7 March 2015
    Perfect Movie
    I just like everything about this movie. After long time I come across such a perfect Hindi Movie.

    This movie force you to think the way you are living your day today life and your approach towards the life in general. This movie insists on the fact that life is all about experiences. Face it and realize it on your own way. It also to touch the mob mentality of following anything crowd says to follow.

    Direction, acting, photography characters perfectly selected.

    I congratulate the team for excellent movie.

    Direction is up to the mark. Photography captures intricacies of houses in "Purani Delhi" and elaborate their existence in human relations. Every cast is perfect fit. Movie holds you right from the beginning.

    Thank you very much to entire team.
  • vishu-gurav9 February 2015
    Wow true movie making
    Charming, down to earth and true to real life.Honestly how many times we talk to ourselves. Watch this to learn the same. This movie teaches introspection. It has different angle about looking at everything. Awesome performances by all special Bauji. I can say it has class as Malgudi Days had. Loved Watching...Rajat awesomely done.

    All characters are real and depict typical life in northern India. Common man, his own issues, his family. In the midst of all he is trying to find himself. Though we see people following him. I wont find it wrong maybe this is something like finding yourself by practicing spirituality in everyday tasks. Yes the end is little different but worth for the movie plot. I am lifetime fan of this film maker now.

    All stars, no doubt this movie has won millions of hearts.
  • Ankit Awasthi1 February 2015
    Must watch movie if you liked/Know Udan, Stanley ka dabba, Swadesh etc..
    Was watching filmfare 2015 news and saw that Sanjay Mishra(Lead actor in Ankhon Dekhi) got Best actor critics award for this movie.

    I just watched this movie and it has brilliant story line, best acting of Sanjay Mishra.

    Ankhon Dekhi has comedy genre but delivers a good message to the audience in humorous way. This movie is in category of Udan, Stanley ka dabba, LunchBox, Iqbal, Maqbool which are not that famous movies but were brilliant.

    If you like movies like HNY, Kick, Dabang etc , this is not the movie for you.
  • Neeraj Singh4 January 2015
    Ankhon Dekhi is a true gem that you should not miss
    When you take philosophy as a subject, it is often difficult to connect with your audience. But Rajat Kapoor has done a true justice with the film he wrote and directed. Sanjay Mishra as the main protagonist engages you till the end of the movie with one of his finest performances till date.

    The movie embarks on the main idea of leading a life based on one's own experience and poses a rather difficult question in front of its viewers by means various anecdotes which keeps coming in the movie at regular intervals. It is all refreshing and takes us near to ourselves.

    I highly recommend you to watch this movie and you will not be disappointed. I wish to see more movies like this in future.
  • ash-virmani3 January 2015
    Should be mandatory viewing for anyone interested in Hindi movies
    The best of the movies that come from Bollywood are the least known ones. This movie continues that trend. Ankhon Dekhi is brilliant, every frame captivating and could have been one of the contenders for India's foreign movie Oscars submission.

    Rajat Kapur actually delivers a real a slice of a on old Delhi life, something I thought was out of his depth but boy was I wrong.

    Sanjay Mishra is the life of this movie with a towering performance which can described as one of the best character portrayals seen in the recent times. His character is on a mission to live life his own way, yet one sympathises and relates to him at multiple levels.

    Rest of the cast is equally awesome. All of them are champion theatre actors and it shows.

    If you watch or are interested in watching Hindi movies, go watch this now.
  • otherworksfor29 December 2014
    Such films are made once in a lifetime
    A Film revolving around the life of a lower middle class family in Delhi. and what puts life in this story is its brilliant direction and top class acting. even the side actors in this movie have done a role of a lifetime. The screenplay, music, script also deserves applause. the film is brilliantly done and most of the people can actually connect to the story. the film is a perfect blend of drama, romance, comedy. The philosophical aspect of the story is very strong each and every scene in the film has a striking resemblance to that of a lower middle class family. The wedding scene in the film is the most realistic wedding scene i have ever watched ever. and the end of the film literally manages to haunt you forever.
  • sesht27 December 2014
    Staying firm, standing your ground
    Warning: Spoilers
    When this came out, it sure seemed like t'was a good week for Indian Indies.

    Rajat Kapoor, finally out with a great effort after one of the best pulp crime dark comedies ever made in the Indian milieu, 'Mithya'.

    (He has made other movies before and since, but that stood out for me, and parts of 'Mixed Doubles')

    This one's called 'Aankhon Dekhi' and was out in just a few screens - in and out within a week, and in few lucky locations, about 2 weeks.

    Rajat has always been a bold artist, both in his acting as well as directing choices, but this perhaps could be his boldest work, in spite of being an Indie, and the pitch itself would have been nightmarish to pull off.

    Its also perhaps his slickest, and he ensures that Delhi is captured every lovingly throughout. The respect for his characters shows throughout, as do his musical choices, all of which firmly scream 'Indie'.

    Sanjay Mishra, widely regarded a great actor, is perfectly cast (along with the rest) as the family patriarch, with Rajat casting himself (against type) as the Khadoos chacha. Its all about how each of lives reaches a point where something happens to make us change perspective (which one character also casually dismisses as 'menopause'), and how that even that affects us in making a radical change affects those around us. Though this flick is much more than that, with us, as the audience, just joining the protagonist in a journey that he's already on, this is the beginning point for us as we get on the ride.

    It called to mind the trip I had a few months earlier with 'Om Dar- ba-dar', though this one stays firmly in the real world and sticks the landing too. A trip nevertheless, both for us, the audiences, as well as the lead protagonist, who has a crisis of faith (some might disagree, but this was my lens doing the viewing) when we first encounter him initially, and yet stays firm in his conviction of doing something different in his life that he has never done earlier, something that casts him in a different light, and brings the neglected skills, nee, requirements that are critical thinking and the ability to reason. Sadly, though this is a poster child of sorts for both those attributes, the audiences, mainstream and Indie alike, have chosen not to use both in their decision to ignore this. Ironic, like most things are. In hindsight, this also would've made a good entry to being shortlisted as this country's entry for the Oscars, and I'm not sure it was considered. Like that 1988 movie I referred to earlier, the trip, I do hope this one also finds it audience over time, and Rajat manages to match the level of film- making that he seems to have attained with this one.

    I did observe a few audience-members (most of them well-behaved and who enjoyed/respected the material) complain about the abruptness of certain sequences, but I beg to disagree completely. This is not for anyone who's after instant gratification - Salman movies exist for that purpose. This one takes its time, and breathes.

    I still have no clue why there was almost next-to-no-buzz about this one, no festival talk either (this would make a great representation for India all across) and all I've seen's just the poster since 1 month back. Sad. 'Lunchbox' guys did it wayyy better in terms of publicity, and movies such as this one deserve such an approach.

    Ranvir Shorey and Saurabh Shukla have blink-and-miss cameos. Its always nice to watch them in action, no matter how short the runtime. Wish there was one with Vinay Pathak as well.

    Don't miss it - support good cinema by watching it on the big screen. And do it this week, cuz it just might leave cinemas by then.
  • Vikky000712 December 2014
    This movie is not to be missed. Rajat Kapoor's best movie till date as a director. Sanjay Mishra has acted so well that you would think where was he hiding until now. The screenplay is so close to reality but at the same time so surreal. If you love the everyday nuances of middle class desi life or have perhaps grew up in an environment of joint family, you will absolutely adore this gem. All of the characters are well written. Sanjay Mishra's wife's (Buniyaad actress) acting is commendable. Rajat Kapoor's performance is great as well. This is a relatively unknown hidden gem that you would cherish throughout your life.
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