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Michael Rechtshaffen The Hollywood Reporter
Words like "inventive" and "inspired" are very rarely applied to the parade of cookie cutter animated features that pass through the multiplex each year, but The Boss Baby proves a refreshing exception.
Owen Gleiberman Variety
The Boss Baby, the jokey new 3D animated lark from DreamWorks Animation (it's being distributed by 20th Century Fox), is a visually brisk, occasionally clever low-concept comedy that's also trying, half-heartedly, to be some sort of Pixarish masterpiece. You may wind up wishing that it had been one or the other.
Alonso Duralde TheWrap
There's so much to like in this movie, but its best qualities are ultimately subsumed in formula. And not the nutritious kind.
John Hazelton Screen International
Hyperactive, oddly premised and never quite as endearing as it should be, The Boss Baby is an animated family comedy that seems to have all the right elements but just doesn't deliver.
David Ehrlich Indiewire
The film is never funny, and its attempts to wink at the adults in the room are so lame that you wish they'd been left on the cutting room floor, but the deeper the film delves into Tim's imagination the less imaginative it becomes.
Ian Freer Empire
The Boss Baby is hopped up on energy but never harnesses it effectively. There are laughs and heart buried in this idea somewhere. Shame the film is too hyperactive to find them.

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