Young Timothy (Miles Bakshi) has a Gandalf-themed alarm clock. Bakshi's grandfather, Ralph Bakshi, directed the original The Lord of the Rings (1978).

During the secret baby meeting, one of the babies is seen putting a cookie in his mouth. Boss Baby tells the baby to put the cookie back because "cookies are for closers". Alec Baldwin made a similar demand in Glengarry Glenn Ross, telling the salesman to " put the coffee down. Coffee is for closers".

The first trailer was released on National Boss's Day.

Near the beginning, when the toy steam train is being activated, we see different toys put in order of the plot in which they happen. First we see a taxi, in which the baby is delivered, then a police car and fire engine, in which the babies chase Tim in, then a barn, referring to the family going to Puppy Co., then a game of Mouse Trap, in which Tim and Boss Baby get sent to Francis Francis, then an airplane, in which Tim's parents fly in, then a pirate ship, referring to Tim and Boss Baby imagining their plane is a pirate ship, then Habitrail, in which Tim climbs in to get to his parents, then a rocket, which is where the Forever Puppies are being launched.

When Tim jumps up to his home's second story during the early chase scene, the sound effect is from the seventies TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man."

This is the first time Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow have worked together since Friends (1994).

Kevin Spacey was going to voice a character, but was replaced by Steve Buscemi.

The scene where Tim and the Boss Baby attempt to steal and replace a file from Puppy Co. is a parody of the famous opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) in which Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) attempts to steal an idol from a temple.

Tobey Maguire replaced Patton Oswalt.

Miles Bakshi's acting debut.

Wizzy the Wizard (Jim McGrath) is a version of Gandalf the Grey (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)) in The Boss Baby (2017) universe as can be seen with the quotes "He shall not pass!" and "Fly you fools!"

Many people thought that the premise of a baby business man becoming the all-powerful boss of a family was meant to be a spoof of Donald J. Trump who had become President of the United States just a few months before. This was enforced by the fact that the baby is voiced by Alec Baldwin, who gained wide popularity with his Trump impersonations on Saturday Night Live (1975) during and after the elections. According to director Tom McGrath, this was all a happy coincidence: the idea for the movie dated back six years before its release, when Trump had not even announced his candidacy yet. Baldwin was cast long before his Trump parodies; McGrath simply wanted him because he had worked with the actor before on Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008).

This will be Alec Baldwin's third Dreamworks animated film. His first was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) and his second was Rise of the Guardians (2012).

The Boss Baby (2017) will be the 34th Feature Film by Dreamworks Animations.

In the scene where Boss Baby and Tim are looking for the plans, Boss Baby throws his disguise into the bin. The way it lands in the bin directly mirrors The Spider-Man story 'Spider-Man no More'. Tobey Maguire, who voices the older Tim portrayed Peter Parker / Spider-Man for three movies, the second of which also pays homage to this iconic image

When Tim and The Boss Baby move to the back of the bouncy dog and escape it parodies Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls when Ace squeezes out the back of an animitronic rhino.

The dummy sucking scene where Baby Corp is revealed pays homage to The Matrix (1999).

Tobey Maguire and Alec Baldwin were co-stars in Cats & Dogs (2001), where they both voiced dogs.

While Tim describes his parents' exciting jobs in marketing, a shot of them "launching" new products shows them simultaneously turning launch keys in an allusion to the opening sequence of WarGames (1983).

The trap used to catch Tim and the baby is an oversized and little cruder version of the 60s game "Mousetrap" all the way down to the cage that encapsulates them.

The special song Tim's parents sing to him is "Blackbird" by The Beatles. Every time somebody recites it, just the first stanza is sung.

The second DreamWorks Animation film to be rated PG for some mild rude humor by the MPAA, after Trolls (2016).

When Tim and the baby are standing over the Puppy Co. file the music playing is Mars, The Bringer of War from The Planets by Gustav Holst.

This will be Tom McGrath's second time not co-directing a movie. His first time was for Megamind (2010).

This is Alec Baldwin's fifth animated voice role after The Fairly OddParents: Channel Chasers (2004), The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), and Rise of the Guardians (2012).

At the BabyCorp Baby-making Facility, new baby boys have blue pacifiers and new baby girls have pink ones.

The Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, speaks of writing the best memo of his career. Alec Baldwin's character Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October (1990) comments about writing a memo the next time he gets a bright idea.

After Megamind (2010), The Boss Baby (2017) will be 2nd directorial by Tom McGrath outside the Madagascar Series

Alec Baldwin and Conrad Vernon's second DreamWorks Animation film after Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008).

First trailer premiered on October 17, 2016.

This is Steve Buscemi's third animated film about a character involved in a business. The first was Monsters, Inc. (2001). The second was Igor (2008).

This is the first Dreamworks Animation film to release in 2017 (the other being Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017)).

First Dreamworks Animation film directed by 'Tom McGrath' to not have any character voiced by Ben Stiller.

In the scene with the sun rising, and the babies face pops up, closely resembles the Sun Baby from Teletubbies (1997).

The bed Timothy's second daughter is in at the end of the movie says her birthdate is March 31st, 2017; the same day the movie was released. This could indicate that the movie was not based in present day.

Tim's full name is Timothy Leslie Templeton. The Boss Baby's full name is Theodore Lindsey Templeton.

When Boss Baby is showing Tim "Lamb Lamb", and explains that there are newer better toys now, his reference toy is actually "Voltron", from a 1984 television show titled "Voltron: Defender of the Universe".

at about 7 minutes) When Tim watches Boss Baby exit the car, Tim is wearing a top with the digits '01' imprinted. However, when he gets down the stairs, the digits change to '02'. This indicates his transition from being relegated to 2nd place by Boss Baby.

Tim states near the start of the film that his parents tell him that he has an "overactive imagination". The events between 0:06:00 - 1:22:00 could easily be Tim's imagination merging with his real memories, especially as the events that follow 0:06:00 and 1:22:00 are so similar to each other (the arrival of Boss baby), and the event between are so adventurous.