Factual errors

The judge sentences Baby to 25 years in a Federal Penitentiary, with parole in 5 years. There is no federal parole.

Character error

In the opening heist, the getaway involves dumping the original car and switching to another. However, while Buddy, Darling and Griff all wear gloves, Baby does not. During his "dance" scene he touches, and leaves fingerprints on, the steering wheel, wiper control, the outside of the door, and a water bottle (which he leaves in the car). During the getaway he also would have left prints on the gearshift and the interior door handle.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

During the course of the film, Baby frequently has music playing in his ears in order to drown out the tinnitus (ringing in ear) he suffers. However, most ear specialists recommend people with tinnitus to limit being around loud noises, which would include playing music via earbuds. Baby might being inflicting more damage to his hearing. However, he is also participating in armed robberies ; so like many young men, clearly doesn't always do what is best for himself.

Crew or equipment visible

Near the beginning of the film, when Baby prepares a meal for Joseph, as the camera follows Baby around the kitchen a reflection of the camera operator appears on the microwave door.

Crew or equipment visible

When Baby is breaking into a car after being chased through the shopping mall, a camera operator can vaguely be seen in the reflection.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

While planning for the armored car heist, Baby notes that Doc instructed them to not buy their Halloween masks at the same time (to prevent suspicion), yet when they get to the heist JD appears to have picked up all three of the (incorrect) Halloween masks. However, they could easily ignored the advice as overprotective.


While waiting in the Subaru, Baby flips the wiper switch down to turn it off. Car guys will notice this because up is off in a Subaru and most Japanese imports.


In the opening car chase sequence, several of the 2nd unit stunt car shots show the driver as the only person in the car where there should be 4 occupants.

Revealing mistakes

When Bats, Buddy, Darling, and Baby go to the diner and order 4 Cokes, the sound of the ice clinking is ice in a glass cup but the cups are plastic.


During the flashbacks of Baby in the car with his parents, he is shown listening to an original (2001) model iPod, however he has current-model EarPods in his ears. Early iPod models came with regular earbud-style earphones, and had a gray band at the base of each earbud stem. The EarPods Baby is using were not released until September 2012.

Errors in geography

During the planning of the second heist, Doc mentions the bank is in Dunwoody, GA, at the top of the "Perimeter" (I-285), and that a possible getaway road is the Buford Highway. Later, Baby and the getaway crew are seen driving south on I-75/85 in downtown Atlanta. None of these highways or locations are anywhere near each other.

Audio/visual unsynchronised

During the gun battle with police near the end, Buddy's fully automatic M16 can be clearly seen expending multiple brass casings indicating fully automatic fire. Twice during the battle the sound edit only makes semi-automatic fire (single shot).

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

During the post office robbery it is raining hard. When the getaway started, the sun was shining bright. However, the weather could have changed over time.


During the robbery with the rubber Myers masks, one bandit can be seen biting one end of the mouth opening of his mask during a walking shot, apparently to hold the mask in place well enough that he can see where he's going through the eye holes.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

Doc asks Baby to go inside the Post Office and take note of cameras, registers open, etc. Sam tells Baby that there are "ten cameras, THREE registers open, etc." Baby then returns to the car and tells Doc that there are "ten cameras, TWO registers open, etc. " However, Baby didn't do such work before and thus could forget details or intentionally lied.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

On the opening car scene, you can see Baby driving their red Subaru between two identical cars. But several shots showing the cars from ground level reveal WV signs, which should be easy to tell apart from a Subaru. This is incorrect. They are not identical, one has a Chevy badge, and the other has a VW badge.