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Kimber Myers Los Angeles Times
The biggest problem for Gun Shy isn’t its ridiculous premise or its frequently silly tone; it’s that it doesn’t fully commit to either.
Richard Roeper Chicago Sun-Times
Gun Shy is a loud bang signifying nothing, a tired and second-rate actioner — and an embarrassing resume entry for the likes of Antonio Banderas (“Desperado,” “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”) and Olga Kurylenko (“Oblivion,” “Quantum of Solace”).
Joe Leydon Variety
Gun Shy is the sort of leaden misfire in which actors labor mightily to transform themselves into cartoon caricatures in a desperate (and largely unsuccessful) attempt to make viewers think, despite all evidence to the contrary, they are watching a comedy.
Peter Sobczynski
Gun Shy is an action-comedy starring Antonio Banderas that is lacking only action, comedy and a performance by Antonio Banderas that is anything other than a complete embarrassment.
John DeFore The Hollywood Reporter
A giant thud of a film that makes one doubt the fact that West ever directed a proper Hollywood movie.

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