Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 : Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

Expected to be much increased as we begin to explore the romantic/sexual nature of the complex relationships between Newt/Leta, Newt/Tina, Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, even Queenie/Jacob, and Credence/Grindelwald This could include darker sexual/romantic themes, homosexuality and predatorialism/grooming, and elements of eroticism, tied into mature sexual thematic material, passionate kissing, and even some mild sex scenes and nudity, among other romantic scenes.

Violence & Gore

Strong and cruel and unusual violence, including sighting of flesh and bone, mutilation, lacerations with knives and other sharp objects, possible death and/or injury from stabbing, explosions, possibly strangulation or beating, horror scenes, war related imagery, sightings of blood, injury (mass injury/torture/murder,) corpses, shoot outs with magic and possibly non magical weapon usage, and scenes of murder, torture, and major deaths, gray morality, along with dark/mature themes have all been par for the course for the Wizarding World Brand and are expected to be very much a part of this one as it is the other films in the brand. World War II imagery, including being forced to kill and torture, youth corrupted by war, gassing, mass murder, weapons, uniforms, and insignia is also expected and will probably have the ability to disturb.


Not expected to be a huge factor. Most likely low level swearing such as damn and hell, but British swears such as bloody, bugger, tosser, and sod, and moderate swearing such as bastard, slut, and bitch all the way up to shit and then single uses of fuck are also possible. Note: the film is expected to utilize French at least a few times, as it's partly set in Paris, but whether that emboldens the scriptwriter to include more swearing remains to be seen. If the film does include swearing in French, subtitles will enhance the strength of the profanity. Made-up slurs and foul language is also possible.


Expected to be a major factor. The film could potentially play host to a wedding and other celebratory and social occasions for drinking and smoking. It's also par for the course for the WW brand to depict alcohol, sometimes in a magical sense, and historical smoking is expected to be pervasive in this film. Violent, weaponized, and militarized uses of magical and non-magical drugs and potions are expected, mainly used to cause explosions, poison, gas, and drug. Medicinal uses of magical and non-magical drugs and potions are expected to be used, mainly to sedate, clean wounds, and heal. Cigarette and cigar smoking, as well as consumption of magical spirits, wine, champagne, vodka, gin, etc...are possible.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Expected MPAA Rating PG-13 BBFC 12 Mainly for strong/tragic violence, dark/mature themes, frightening imagery, war-related imagery, and an increased amount of sexuality and even "eroticism". (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was rated PG-13/12/M/FSK-12 for dark/mature thematics, strong violence, war-related imagery, and frightening imagery that included parallels to lethal injection/the electric chair, head-bashing, sightings of flesh and blood, imagery pertaining to hanging, the murder of animals, questionable murder of family members, including matricide and the murder of siblings, the murder and death of children, WWI and war-related imagery, shootings, people falling from heights, being crushed by masonry, burning, or being electrocuted to death, betrayal, body horror, blunt-force trauma, shooting with wands, death from explosions, attacks by animals, mass murder, vengeful murder, gray morality, repression, grooming, manipulation, discrimination, abuse, beatings w/ a belt and graphic injury, horror scenes, Capitol punishment by threat of burning in acid, sight of mutilated corpses with limited sight of blood, torture by electrocution, and strong tragic scenes, including the major death/murder of 4-5 characters. Slightly depicted sexual material includes general promiscuity, a sensual relationship between an older and a younger man, shirtless men, women in skimpy clothing and one woman wearing lingerie, passionate kisses, slight depictions and drawings of naked women, allusions to homosexuality and pedophilia, and alluded-prostitution. Some period-appropriate smoking and drinking also played a role in the first film, and is expected to play as big a role in the second film.) (The Harry Potter franchise has collectively been rated mainly PG-13/12/FSK-12/M for strong, sometimes graphic violence including repeated sights of blood, horror imagery, war-related imagery, gray morality, mild to moderate gore, and intense injury, such as sightings of flesh, blood, and bone, people being lacerated with knives and other sharp objects, being mutilated, abused, beaten, the questionable murder of family members, including matricide, patricide, and the murder of siblings, description of decaying bodies, festering wounds, having your fleshed carved into, the cutting and slitting of limbs, arms, and wrists, blood-letting, mass murder/torture/injury, the melting of flesh, vengeful behavior, being cut, scarred, branded, burned, hanged, crushed, gassed, asphyxiated, death matches, sport murder and torture, falling from heights, body horror, the breaking of limbs, blunt-force trauma and head-bashing, sacrificial murder, drugging, envenomation, poisoning, drowning, being stabbed, killed in explosions, killed tragically by magic, self-mutilating, images of dead/bloodied/mutilated corpses, being mauled by animals, being forced to torture w/ magic and knife, burning to death, injury gore, cannibalism, strangulation, execution, suicide, themes of rape and gang rape, horror scenes, death/murder of youth, disembowelment/dismemberment and brief glimpses of muscle, sinew, and internal organs, mass murder, disturbing depictions of torture, mature themes relating to genocide, sadomasochism, war, fascism, naziism, human trafficking, depression, discrimination, bigotry, mass murder, and terrorism, as well as isolated scenes of sexuality/mild nudity by teens, and moderate language, as well as the occasional use and abuse of alcohol.) Expected to be darker than the first one, an already very dark film. Rating's history of the Wizarding World brand (MPAA/BBFC) Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone: PG, PG Chamber of Secrets: PG, PG Prisoner of Azkaban: PG, 12A Goblet of Fire: PG-13, 12 Order of the Phoenix: PG-13, 12 Half-Blood Prince: PG-13, 12 Deathly Hallows Part 1: PG-13, 15 Deathly Hallows Part 2: PG-13, 12 Cursed Child Parts 1 + 2 (theatrical): Recommended for teenagers aged 12+ Fantastic Beasts Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: PG-13, 12 *Predicted ratings (MPAA/BBFC): Fantastic Beasts 2: PG-13/12 Fantastic Beasts 3: PG-13/15 Fantastic Beasts 4: PG-13/15 Fantastic Beasts 5: R/15