Mariah Carey was scheduled to film a cameo, however her scenes were never filmed. Will Farrell recalled that Carey showed up four hours late, then didn't want to do the scene she had agreed to do. Carey then delayed production as she didn't want to sing the song, one of her own, that she was supposed to sing. This would have required the legal department to clear the song. Carey also required her trailer to be filled with white flowers and stuffed animals of lambs. Carey's scene ultimately was not filmed.

Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler previously worked together ten years prior in Blades of Glory (2007).

This film is Andrew Jay Cohen's feature film directorial debut

Jason Matzounkas and Amy Poehler have appeared together in Parks and Recreation (2015). Poehler played Leslie Knope and Matzounkas played Dennis Feinstein

Will Ferrell (Scott), Andy Buckley (Craig), Rob Huebel (Officer Chandler), and Randall Park (wall-street guy doing cocaine) have all appeared in The Office. Amy Poehler (Kate), Jason Mantzoukas (Frank), and Nick Kroll (Bob) have all appeared in Parks and Rec. Jason Mantzoukas has appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. All three shows feature Michael Schur as a creator, writer or producer.

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler appeared together previously on Saturday Night Live.

Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll appeared together in Parks and Recreation. Poehler played Leslie Knope and Kroll played The Douche.

Second time Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas have worked together, first being Parks and Recreation (2013).

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