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  • emilyweems26 November 2017
    Fantastic Movie!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was very touching and had a very good message. The characters were very likable (especially the kid). This movie made me laugh and cry. I highly recommend it. I actually made an account just to review this movie! I don't know what's up with the terrible review talking about "do you hate poor people?". They obviously didn't watch much of the movie to be left with that impression. This movie is not bashing the poor!
  • austinphotog6 December 2016
    Great movie for Believers and Non believers, for Family with older children about 11
    Great acting, Great Message about taking care of those that are struggling and hurting. The Young Kid Steals the show. He is such a good actor. Jokes were great, not overly preach like a lot of Christian movies. The bad guys were good in it. Was not hokey but very moving and touching. I thought it was so good this is my first review on this site. Check it out, you will, laugh, you might even cry, The young kid and the main actor have some very emotional scenes. I GIVE IT A 10. Go See it. Such good movies like this don't come out enough in the movie theater. We in America need more touching movies, with Heart and caring about our neighbors. This type of movie is great.
  • gunslinger1911 July 2017
    Poor Millionaires
    Do you hate poor people? Is life too hard for millionaire's that inherited everything they have? If you think people asking to be treated fairly for the work they do and that maybe indentured servitude is a bad thing then maybe you should skip this movie. But if you are the person who believes that rich people are better than poor people and that they have more of a right to share in the prosperity of our country more than poor people do then you will love this movie.