Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie prepared for their roles by working at a car wash in Queens

The film received a six-minute long standing ovation after its screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

Good Time is prison slang. It refers to a reduction in a prisoner's sentence for good behavior.

Robert Pattinson found much inspiration for his character Connie in Jon Alpert's documentary One Year in a Life of Crime (1989).

The role of Connie Nikas was written specifically for Robert Pattinson, who had contacted the directors and expressed interest in working with them after watching their previous film Heaven Knows What (2014).

Ben Safdie, the actor that plays Connie Nikas' brother, is also one of the directors, editors and sound technicians of the film.

English comedian Jack Whitehall was considered for the role of Nick.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Benny Safdie claimed that he and Robert Pattinson prepared for their roles by working in-character at a car wash in Queens

According to Josh Safdie, Robert Pattinson's character Connie was, at least partially, inspired by the late cult leader Charles Manson.

At the end of the film (1hr, 34) the camera slowly pans away from Nicky Nikas (Benny Safdie's character), and a sign saying 'Director' can be seen to the right of him. This is an easter egg pointing to Benny's joint directing credit.