In the movie, Maddy's mother says Olly needs a haircut. In the book, Olly has a shaved head.

In the movie, Olly has brown colored eyes. In the book, she has blue colored eyes.

This movie is based on the book Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.

There are many differences between book and movie. In the book, they have the fancy friday french theme with her nurse; in the movie, this does not happen. In the book, when out visits Maddy, he does all of these cool tricks. In the movie, she says she can do handstands and does one and that is that. In the book, she keeps falling over while trying to do a handstand. In the book, when Carla is fired, she has a lot of different nurses until Janet comes along and they play phonetic scrabble all the time. In the book, when they get to Hawaii, Illy has to convince a native Hawaiian lady to giver her a lei. In the book, Maddy's suit is bright pink, not yellow. In the book, they meet with Olly's gay rockstar friend at a restaurant.

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