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  • Leo15 February 2018
    Irritatingly unrealistic
    The show is well made and nicely stitched together but from the very beginning it shows complete lack of knowledge of the subject, the culture (not only Mexican but American as well). A drug cartel murders a skimming accountant who, as becomes clear from some pompous "Dirty Harry" dialogues, launders up to 200 million dollars a year for them? Over a 5 million dollar skim? The second surviving accountant explains that laudering money means taking cash in the US and delivering it to a foreign bank "that doesn't respond to IRS". SERIOUSLY? That's how you imagine the process? Some Mexican bandit who walks around in a leather jacket in 35C heat. A frugal mob money-launderer with a downtown Chicago office driving an old Camry... talk about conspicuous. A gay FBI agent who had a bad breakup with his own partner? This sounds suspiciously like Breaking bad wrapped in Weeds. Dubuque and Williams clawing for the unenviable laurels of Jenji Kohan. FAIL! As long as you stay very (and I mean VERY) focused on the current events on the screen, it looks okay... at times. But the second you start thinking about the whole story, it falls apart. It feels rushed, badly thought-through and clueless. This usually happens in season 8. Here we start with it. If you're not bothered by all that and just need a quick entertainment, go ahead and watch it.
  • mike_moor2 February 2018
    Why stuff PC down people's throats?
    Warning: Spoilers
    What I find disturbing about this series is the gay scenes and the kids in the strip club scenes. I have nothing against gay people but I am not gay and 95%+ of the population are not gay either. Why put something in a series when 95%+ of the audience don't identify with it... ?

    If I go to the grocery store I'm usually not much interested in dog food. I buy and consume human food and on rare occasion dog food. Although the store's inventory might have 5% dog food, still I'm more interested in human food which consists of 95% of the store.

    Trying too hard to be politically correct in this show just makes the creators look like a bunch of losers.

    Good TV usually takes a lot of effort where the agenda is making good TV. Trash TV is the result of pushing an agenda other than making good TV.
  • pjcooper-338331 February 2018
    A good binge worthy series that could have been great.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've always liked Jason Bateman from way back when he first started appearing on our screens a few decades ago. His TV and films are usually quite good. I guess he picks his projects well. I checked out his latest offerings on IMDB and found his new TV series Ozark. Some good reviews and quite a high rating. I started watching the first episode with high hopes and it didn't disappoint. It has a cast of great actors and good sub plot lines. Sadly the wheels started falling off in episode 2. The gaping holes in the story and the huge leaps of faith you have to take were to say the least quite insulting to someone with average intelligence. The writing must have been by committee as the story line has such compromises and some quite unbelievable bumps in the road. Who in their right mind would tell their adolescent children 'dad is a money launderer for the mob?' Who leaves their young kids in charge of 8 million dollars? Who leaves books proving you're laundering money around for anyone to read? There are countless examples of such stupidity littered throughout this series. Are we supposed to think Marty Byrde and his wife are idiots? As this is the way the story line at times portrays them. In fact the story telling gets so stale at points you can actually see what's about to happen. I found myself at points hoping what I thought was about to unfold on the screen wouldn't transpire. Each time I had to question the writer's competence. Why would they be so lazy? I just had to ignore these irritating moments, of which there are several. This series could easily of have been a 10 had they told the writers to come up with a better way of moving the storyline on. Certainly it's a good series but with some major issues that make you question why did that just happen, did they just say that? Perhaps what I'm missing from this series is that even fairly bright people can be quite naive and dim-witted when pressure is applied to their ordinary mundane lives. All that said I can't wait for season 2.
  • dennis-hinkamp30 January 2018
    Interesting unlikeable characters
    I'm from Missouri so I had to watch, you know, my people. It reminds me more of Banshee than Breaking Bad because there is no moral compass. Everyone has an evil side but you choose who to root as lesser of two or three or four evils. Characters die violent deaths over almost nothing. It is a slight twist on the money and drugs genre with city folks in the sticks thrown in. The gay characters break stereotypes and the local hicks turn out to be smarter than they sound. If ye ain't from Missoura you might not enjoy it as much as I did.
  • pjcooper-3383318 January 2018
    A binge worthy series but ultimalty flawed through lazy lack luster writing.
    I've always liked Jason Bateman from way back when he started appearing on our screens. His TV and films are usually of a high standard. I checked out his latest offerings on IMDB and found Ozark. Some good reviews and quite a high rating, as TV shows go. So I started watching the first episode with high hopes and it didn't disappoint. It has some great actors and good plot lines. That was until the wheels started falling off in episode 2 and either the writers are quite dumb or they thought the average viewers IQ would be in double digits. The gaping holes in the story line and the huge leaps of faith you have to take were to say the least insulting to someone with average intelligence. How anyone could give this series a 10 is beyond me. The writing is simply not that good. Sure a solid 8 but 10 no chance. The story line does not resonate with people who question motives and action. Who in their right mind would tell their kids 'dad is a money launderer for the mob?' Who leaves their young kids in charge of 8 million dollars? Who leaves books proving you're laundering money around for anyone to read? There are countless examples of such stupidity littered throughout this series. Are we supposed to think Marty Byrde and his wife Laura Linney are idiots? As this is the way the story line portrays them. In fact the story telling gets so stale at points you can actually tell what's about to happen. I found myself at points hoping what I thought was about to happen wouldn't. Each time I had questioned the writer's competence. Why would they be so lazy why? I just had to ignore it and dispel belief, like I do when watching a new James Bond film. This series could have been a 10 had they employed better writers who took their time to think of different ways to achieve the desired story line. I was left thinking if natural selection is indeed a thing this whole family needs whacking to guarantee their gene pool is eradicated from the planet. Saying that the son might get a pass as he seems the most credible member of the family. Certainly this is a good series but with some major issues to anyone who thinks about and questions what they're watching.
  • chewywater-707-40070111 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    OVERALL: Show has flaws, but I just let it go and enjoy the roller-coaster.

    FLAWS: The writers do force the drama here and there. There ARE scenes where you roll your eyes, Examples (spoilers) eg1. Every villain is a prolific storyteller. Whenever you see a villain, get your mug of hot chocolate and get comfortable, because you're going to be there a while. The moral of these stories is always that the villain is evil.

    Now, I'll concede that stories are a great tool for teaching. My professors used to use stories to help us remember things. But my professors didn't shoot us in the head after teaching us stuff, because that makes the material harder to remember. So I think these drug dealers have a lot to learn about education.

    eg2. There's a scene where the real-estate agent's mother gets hit by a truck. It's one of these scenes where a vehicle doesn't make any noise, and no one sees it coming until it's 2 feet from the victim. I see a lot of this lately, vehicles that are outside the frame of the shot so the characters just don't notice that said vehicle has been bearing down on them for the last mile.

    Another problem with the show is that it tries a little too hard to be gloomy, especially the soundtrack. There was more humor in early episodes and I think that worked better than the pure gloom we get in the end.

    POSITIVES The characters change in satisfying ways. Just when you think the characters might be getting too unlikeable, they grow or show kindness (although you have to wait for it).

    The writers do a good job of managing the forgivability of the main characters, so we know where they stand morally, and we can feel comfortable rooting for them.
  • mcintyre648 January 2018
    Breaking Bad Wannabe - Lacks depth & Integrity
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe this was strongly recommended to me. It is awful. The main character Jason Bateman is just annoying to listen to and to look at. This is like Breaking Bad in a mad rush, instead of building up the story and adding depth to characters they have crammed about half a season into the first episode and a lot happens in the 2nd episode too. Most of what happens is implausible and boring and the acting feels forced. Will have to stop at the end of 2nd episode, just do not care what will happen to any of the characters. Worst TV show I've watched in a very long time. If you like Mafia themed shows stick to The Sopranos or Breaking Bad and avoid this garbage!
  • eryui7 January 2018
    This is not "Breaking Bad" even if it tries a little
    Apart from the common man who faces uncommon circumstances and the great amount of money he finds in his hands, cartel etc., this is not "Breaking Bad". There are no techniques of shooting, photography and music as seen in "Breaking Bad" , even if it tries. This last one had a whole other class, it was much more plausible and detailed and not only in the filming, from which Ozark try to takes its cue. Ozark is a mixture of "Breaking Bad" and "Fargo", but less of them in every respect.

    It's bad? No. It is certainly more then watchable, and I watched the first season without problems, apart from a single useless episode (8), but, please, don't compare it to those mentioned above, as it is not at their level.

    7.5/10 to me.
  • dalto-748074 January 2018
    Great show with really great acting and script
    I was really surprised with this show. I went into it expecting a knock-off attempt at Breaking Bad. Although it does remind me a bit of Breaking Bad it's quite different. This show takes place in a very rural area and the main character isn't some type of highly intelligent bad ass. He is a standard guy that toke an offer to make more money for his family by laundering for a drug cartel. Everything goes sideways and you watch as he tries to keep his family together.

    The acting and script is amazing. It toke me 2 episodes to get into it, and really glad I did. Would recommend you give it a try!
  • lindseyholy72 January 2018
    This show was a Netflix A+. Jason Bateman did an absolutely astounding job with his role, as did all the actors in the show. So much was packed into the episodes, and there are so many directions the writers could take the next season, it's impossible not to hold my breath in wait. Brilliant.
  • tnsmile23 December 2017
    Unexpected, psychological, smart. I'm a seasoned watcher of thrillers and this is in fact one of the best ones that I've watched in a decade. I never rate anything with a 10.
  • view_and_review21 December 2017
    Gimme A Break
    Have you ever watched a movie or a show in which everything went wrong--kinda like Married with Children but not a comedy? That's this show. In fact it should be called: "We keep getting into deeper sh*t"

    Marty Bird (Jason Bateman) is a financial adviser that helps launder money for a Mexican cartel. Everything is fine until someone steals money from the cartel. Cartels do what cartels do and Marty saves his own skin by proposing some grand laundering scheme to be done in the Ozarks of Missouri. If things weren't already screwed up for Marty and his family they became infinitely more screwed up once he moved to the Ozarks.

    A show can hold your interest with a good story, good acting and interesting characters. Even if you don't have all three then you better have two out of the three. The story was one I saw as promising initially but I quit the show two episodes in. Why? Because I had zero give-a-bleep about the characters. Let's see: I don't like programs about dysfunctional families in general and I don't like teenagers in particular. Those two elements were enough incentive to completely stop watching the show. But, a coworker begged me to continue watching--promising how much I'd appreciate it like it was the next Game of Thrones. Well, I obliged (I was at home sick anyway so wth). I only finished the show more upset than when I started.

    Not only is Marty the money man in all kinds of trouble, he pretty much drags his entire family into the mess. And, if there wasn't enough drama with the story, EVERY decision he makes causes more problems. It's like gimme a break. He should be able to accidentally do something right. He's holding off the Mexican mafia, the redneck mafia, the feds, local law and local yokels with nothing more than fast talking and the four leaf clover he was born with.

    I don't know anything about the Ozarks, never been there and never plan to go. If you'd like to see the twisted machinations of Ozark life then this show should be a blast (and if you're from that area you may resent everything about this show). I don't care about Ozark life and I certainly didn't care about Marty Bird hence I had nothing to keep me watching except to satisfy a coworker's need to not feel alone in liking this drivel.

    Honestly, it could have been Marty Bird the character or Jason Bateman the actor--I don't know. Jason is serviceable as the straight man in a comedy but he becomes downright annoying as the lead in a drama. Does he ever blink? He has a permanent fixed stare that he uses for every single scenario. In any case, had they coulda killed Marty, his wife, his kids and I wouldn't have batted an eye. One thing is for sure, kill the show.
  • darkvstar85719 December 2017
    A scifi thriller disquised as a drug cartel movie
    Do you need a hint about what to think about all these characters? Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles is referenced about midway through and the hillbilly boy says something about how transplants never fit in to their new home and ultimately everyone is a transplant trying to put down roots in a land that would rather shake them off. Do you hate the characters. Good. You aren't supposed to like anyone in this show except Marty. He is the Everyman seeing the world with new eyes.
  • Max Bracht18 December 2017
    Great show that lays a solid foundation in season 1
    Its sort of reminiscent of breaking bad, just more grounded and from another perspective. The show's main cast are all likeable and the writing is grounded, which I like. If the second season can avoid the temptations of trying to make everything bigger and more action packed, whilst also having a good story and character building then i'm bumping this to a 9.
  • therealtruthhurts13 December 2017
    An all-time standard...
    ...of the worst tv series, ever.

    I don't care writing reviews but i started to watch this because of its rating, 8.4. If this one gets 8.4/10 then what would "the wire" or "true detective" or "fargo" or "breakin bad" or "narcos" score? 20/10? The script is totally unreal, causes and effects seem to come out of a 10-year old writer and the characters are totally inconsistent. There are dozens of other tv series out there that truly deliver. This one doesn't. At all.
  • dragoshilbert13 December 2017
    Good acting but fails to deliver
    The idea is good, the actors are great but the rest is not so good. As of December 2017 this show is rated 8.4 with many of 10. I do not understand this because this show lacks a lot of things, it is a constant run to a final destination that, we will find out, is not final! I suspect is inspired by some real facts and events, this is good and informative. I like that the show goes against the political movement of the moment and is anchor in reality but seems very unlikely that a 'family man involved with drug money' can have the time and energy to do all that things. Very unlikely!

    I struggled to see all episodes, again, the actors are great so I was hopping for a grand finale or something similar but no, the final is exactly as the rest of the episodes, dull and running to a destination that is not there. The problem with this type of strategy is that the public will be disappointed because makes impossible any end of the story or conclusion. Yes, the main character is smart, but how smart you can be until somebody else will outsmart you? I suspect the writers can do only one thing and one thing only. If it will go with the same peace in the second season then will become apparent how boring it is. There is no desire to see the next episode or to continue, I hope it will end with this one. Related to the characters: the wife is smart and dumb in the same time, sometimes hard to believe but we can buy it. On the other hand the daughter is the dumbest of all and in some moments the writers are trying to make us to relate with some of her drama - hard to do. Also it is an FBI plot, but again is a not very smart one and cannot believe that FBI lacks a proper management structure. And why a gay FBI agent? What is the drama here? What is the point to be made? Related to nudity and explicit scenes -> I had the impression that are more gay "action" scenes than any other ones, none are designed to impress you, simple boring ones - gay or non-gay, all are bored, why? Because are unnatural, implausible and lacks artistic value.

    Do not loose time with this one, this is a case when good actors and acting cannot save a bad script with a lot of unbelievable and ridiculous situations.
  • figjam-4023629 November 2017
    If you are a Fan of Breaking Bad then you'll love Ozark. Jason plays a great part in this quirky story. His dysfunctional family get caught up pitting wits against the drug cartel. With many twists & turns to each episode that keep you watching for what comes next. This series is set against a beautiful back drop of the Ozark Mountains and the seedier parts of the country.
  • RNDorrell28 November 2017
    Dirty deeds done dirt cheap in the Ozark lakelands
    Warning: Spoilers
    When did Jason Bateman become such a good actor? And director? This show transplants a "Breaking Bad-ish" plot from the desert Southwest to the green Midwest, and it's great. The parallels with that show are many, except there's less overall initial innocence, and the kids find out the truth far faster. It stars Bateman, Laura Linney and a solid supporting cast. It's extremely well-written, and drips with regional accuracy, showing us the seamy underside of southern Missouri drug crime, mixed with the crisis-a-minute foibles of a displaced suburban family. One season made so far, and the show got green-lit for a 2nd. It's tense, brittle, darkly funny in a desperate way, bleakly emotional and overbrimming with class consciousness.

    Bateman sheds his typically comic skin and goes dark, cool, plotting, cynical, icy, playing Marty Byrde, a calculating money manager from the Chicago suburbs who gets in over his head as a money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel, fronted by Esai Morales as the coldly homicidal Camino Del Rio. Linney is excellent as always, as Marty's wife Wendy, a mom trying to grasp at fraying threads of family identity, and hold everything together. Two young actors, Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaetner, are terrific as their frantic, frightened, confused kids, teen Charlotte and tween Jonah.

    When things go sideways with the drug gang in Chicago, Marty barely convinces Morales to let him relocate to the Ozarks of Missouri, where he promises that the lakefront brims with under-managed small businesses and real estate parcels, terrain ripe as fronts for laundering activity. The family has 48 hours to split Chicago and a week to set up credible laundering operations. The kids are crudely uprooted, and circumstances in the Ozarks both freak them out and force them to grow up far too quickly. They intermix with a clan of trailer-dwelling locals, with mixed results, at first being sized up as easy marks, foolish city folk ripe for exploiting, but then the locals see how smart a business analyst Marty really is, and they begin to realign themselves in partnership with him. Julia Garner plays a 19-year-old sharpie, Ruth Langmore, with sly survivalism. She rules the Langmore compound of two adult male relatives and two younger male cousins; nobody screws with Ruth, and don't you dare eat her last can of Pringles. She comes to appreciate the opportunities Marty represents faster than anyone else.

    Within a couple of weeks, he has his hands on the tillers of multiple area businesses: marina/bar, strip club, real estate agency, church, funeral home, and has drawn the attention of the local sheriff more than once. The stakes rise geometrically as Marty enters a three-way partnership with the Mexico cartel and the Snells, Jacob and Lisa, an infamous, and powerful, regional clan who control the region's heroin trade, and who have understandings with local law enforcement. The Byrdes gain an unexpected and unusual ally in Mr. Buddy Dyker (Harris Yulin), the terminally ill man who sells his lakefront home to them in exchange for the right to live out his remaining days in the basement of the house. He moves from creepy to clever to vital. Jason Harner and McKinley Belcher play a pair of obsessive FBI agents intent on nailing Marty and his Mexican bosses, and not too troubled by their unethical methodology.

    Something occurs to me about "Ozark." That part of the country has increasingly come under writers' lenses, in the same way the New York-New Jersey Italian American experience did earlier. A dramatic test bed for crime stories. The novels of Daniel Woodrell, especially, draw some scary, desperate Ozark hills portraits, and do so with veritas, because he grew up down there and still lives in that region. This show hits the right visual and social notes: turkey vultures pinwheel languidly overhead, while dirty deeds get done dirt cheap down below, with particular emphasis on the rigging of dockside electrical junction boxes for the purposes of seemingly accidental electrocutions. All of this is set against a blue-green vista of remote lakeland life, both naturally beautiful and socially poisonous. Marty Byrde jumps from crisis to crisis, using his raw intelligence to feverishly protect his family from the dangers he himself exposed them to. It's wicked, cruel, sly, funny, dark and beguiling stuff.
  • ivancicarh22 November 2017
    Predictable and seen in many many shows before
    Great cast and performance, good camera,and that is it.

    They just took the recipe and cooked it. I know ,there are many incapable of cooking anything but those are not calling themselves Chefs.

    Same here, TV show that spans last decade of Crime/Mystery/Thriller TV you can remember some old originals.

    Rather check for new episodes of your favorite sitcom
  • peach00721 November 2017
    Great pilot, boring afterwards
    Warning: Spoilers
    Heard a lot of great things about this show, so I started with high expectations. The first episode was pretty good. Great settings, interesting dialogue, nice action. The Mexican dude was pretty cool. Usually when I like a first episode, it turns out to be a great series for me. Ozark however may the first series where this is not the case. The whole lake setting just doesn't work for me. Nothing really happens there and the locals are not very interesting either. There are way too many dumb, boring, uninteresting characters, getting too much scenes about nothing. Then there is too much gay men crap no one really wants to see either. I am currently half season and I am really struggling to keep watching. I will finish it, since it is only 5 more episodes, but so far this really isn't what I was hoping or expecting.
  • supervundu-5776313 November 2017
    Decent show, solid production, sets up second season well
    So, you should probably watch this show if you're reading the reviews. Ozark isn't for everyone, probably 30-45 year olds who aren't homophobic (like several reviewers on here), and can follow a story that doesn't always follow a linear narrative. Oh yeah, and folks who understand subtext.

    Is it the best show ever? Well, no. Is it one of the best shows of 2017, definitely.
  • Chuggy Nakamura10 November 2017
    Great If You're A Moron
    This is easily the dumbest and least plausible crime show on TV. The protagonist talks his way out of everything, usually with a pathetically weak scheme that makes no sense. The antagonists (the Snells) are the least intimidating or believable bad guys in the history of recorded media. The FBI agent tracking the Byrds is a lame ripoff of every "troubled cop" you've ever seen and the Preacher (a supposed man of God) happily sacrifices his own pregnant wife rather than simply go to the police or leave town.

    If you have a functioning brain, avoid this show. Only suitable for mouth breathing, mentally stunted Trump voters.
  • acsonbarreto30 October 2017
    Unnecessary scenes
    The plot had everything to be good, if it were not boring and tiring scenes. Not to mention that nowadays it is "fashion" to insert subjects that involves the politically correct like homosexuality and etc. What is the reason the FBI character is gay? Not to mention that it teaches money laundering.
  • dogengenjo28 October 2017
    As intense of a Show as You will see
    I need not go into detail; other than to say "Ozark" was perfectly cast, with a story one will want' to watch all episodes non-stop. Every bit as good of a show, (with less humor) as "Breaking Bad". Ten Stars in all categories. Can't wait for Season 2. Like a book you can't put down until the ending; excellent story and presentation by Netflix, Kudos!!!
  • jfelger15 October 2017
    yes, Bateman
    Proving to be as great a director as he is an actor. Perhaps I'm biased due to long time obsession with Laura, but I thought it was tremendously well made in that all of the scenarios are over the top and egregious, and if it had not been put together so meticulously or acted so well, it would have all come apart. I've enjoyed watching Bateman grow as an actor over the years and always suspected he has a touch of the OCD. It really shows through in Ozark, but in a good way, and I hope to see much more of this show and his work in the future. I hope the team gets nominated for something this year.
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