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  • Sean Donovan23 July 2017
    Netflix scores again with Ozark
    To say this series is intense would be an understatement. Be warned: Ozark is not family friendly as it has a multitude of graphic violence, nudity, mature language and sexual themes. Not for children. I am not a big fan of contemporary dramas, but it was Jason Bateman's outstanding performance in The Gift that led me to check out Ozark. And his character Marty Byrde delivers the same smug arrogance as a finance adviser turned greedy money launderer whose circumstances hurdles the patriarch into survival mode, which is tested repeatedly. Laura Linney is brilliant as his unfaithful/neglected wife Wendy Byrde who proves she is as much as an urbane grifter as her husband. Everyone in the cast delivered superb performances. The drama-charged first episode managed to pull me into the entire series and although some of the plot seems downright incredible (disbelief) I was captivated until the end. Look forward to a second season.
  • matthewnezat22 July 2017
    Nerve wrecking thriller worth the watch
    This series is a home run for Netflix. Its a gripping series with superb casting for every character. It is an edge of your seat thriller that grips the audience from the very start. Throughout each episode you are helplessly wondering how Jason Bateman's character will pull through. The writers of the show are spot on with every twist. I highly recommend giving this series a chance and i can't wait for season 2 to come out. From the first episode to the last it is a brilliant masterpiece that deserves better reviews than other people have given. %100 one of the best new series of the year.
  • Danny21 July 2017
    A tense,tight and consistently entertaining thriller
    Ozark is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. Its a pretty tense what-is-he-going-to-do-now type of storytelling that makes it easy to binge-watch.It also holds your attention as Jason Bateman plays a similar kind of character as the likable anti-hero keeps falling in trouble.Similar to breaking bad but also quite different.
  • fastpuppy3 August 2017
    It's good and I should probably like it more but...
    Warning: Spoilers
    The cast and the acting are great. Bateman in particular is very good, I like him in these darker roles. The story makes enough sense that it should work. Direction and cinematography is good. Etc...

    But for some reason I find myself fighting to get through a couple of the episodes (I have watched 6 so far) because I am expecting some sort of payoff.

    I really don't know what it is that keeps it from coming together for me. There is a certain lack of cogency that underlies the show where I just can't suspend my disbelief long enough. Many plot elements seem forced from an awkward place.

    Not sure... if I get through the season maybe my opinion will change.

    It's certainly better than a lot f the other stuff on TV.
  • ggarfole23 July 2017
    Fantastic, gripping new series!
    I finished bingeing on this show over the last 2 days. All I can say is, "WOW"! The characters are all interesting and intense as usual from this Netflix release. Again, comparing this series to Breaking Bad is somewhat justified, but with a Bloodline, Gone Girl, kind of feel to it.

    The cinematography is amazing (Although, according to filming location info- very little is actually filmed in the Ozarks) I did notice the Bagnell Dam bridge sign is the current one (My family vacations there, having most recently been there in summer of 2016)

    This show is a definite nail-bitter and you never know how the larger-than-life troubles will get resolved, but somehow, Bateman's character, Marty , is the man with the plan. If you like crime thrillers, this is one of the best I've seen in years!

    Can't wait for Season 2 (and 3,4,5,6, etc...)
  • Sam Pistachio28 September 2017
    Fails to deliver.
    Starts with great promise and great cinematography, albeit gaping plot holes, draws you in but disappoints with ludicrous plot-twists that fail to suspend disbelief. Towards the end the plot line meanders and ultimately fizzles out, the character interactions unbelievable and just plain dumb.
  • fredgfinklemeyer22 July 2017
    Exceptional series that needs to continue for years to come
    07/23/2017 I will finish the last episodes today or tomorrow? I was unsold the first 1/2 hour in due to the overused story line of Mr. Big Time Drug Supplier goes on a killing spree and then dictates the future of a family to the father. Didn't seem real, but after I started it back up again, everything came together. Even though it's fiction, the perception of reality, the ease of real life dialog, the gripping story line is lifelike. Very easy to immerse the viewer into completely. I would rate this series with Breaking Bad, The Sons of Anarchy or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series of 3. It's truly great and the only negative thing that I might offer is that it's all over to quickly, to short/to little for those of us who really love escape entertainment. I've easily watched 100+ movies online since the beginning of 2017, this is my first and only review. You'll love it, I guarantee. Bon Appetit
  • Roastt1 September 2017
    An unlikable family move to a grotesque town and participate in grimy events to avoid death.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ozark is a story of a dysfunctional family having to move to the Missouri Ozarks so that the dad can re-launder a huge amount of cash for a drug cartel his business partners stole from without his knowledge. The mob boss' reason for having him re-launder, despite the money being clean already, is feeble and adds no genuine notion to the entire premise of the series. The family features a weird boy who studies vultures eating dead things, a spoilt teenage girl who thinks she knows everything, a mother who had an affair prior to the move and a dad who is a money laundering criminal who likes watching a sex tape of his wife porking another man.

    The family situate in a town that we continue to learn is hilariously grotesque for no apparent reason. Such aspects are a strip club that breaks every strip club law available, a fuel/diner owner slag who goes out for her 'fuck of the week' to whichever man she thinks is "cute enough" and a neighbour who is dying and walks around naked without a care in the world. Some gypsies are in the mix too, who are, you guessed it, criminals, including an obnoxious girl who mentions her hot-shot "daddy" constantly as a shield for all her actions, and a man who states he hates gays and SHOCK HORROR turns out to be gay himself *cough* American Beauty *cough* to an FBI agent who is completely normal...oh wait, did I say normal? Sorry, I meant he spouts disturbing statements during homosexual acts performed on him by male prostitutes. Just when you thought the script writers weren't trying so hard to be gritty enough, it turns out there's a local crime boss too, because this is apparently a THING that TOWNS HAVE. When met with a priest/vicar, you might believe there is a smidgen of kindness in the town, but it's quickly revealed that the Bibles he hands out during his speeches are filled with drugs. I wish I was making this up.

    Literally every character in the entire series is unlikable. The try-hard attempt to make everything as gritty and smutty as possible is too forced and makes for unbelievable scenarios. The 'family man involved with drug money' setting is taken straight from Breaking Bad, the portrayal of every grown up in town as being some sort of criminal, cheater and/or slut is laughable. Every event that takes place is uninteresting as you will not care about the demise of any of these people because they're all awful.
  • LA Carlson22 July 2017
    Dark, Violent, Explicit and generally Terrific
    If you like your shows dark but plausible Ozark would be for you. It has a terrific cast, plausible premise and it builds slowly like a terrific series does. Some scenes are violent and explicit with either gun play or sex. Easi Morales is haunting as Del the drug dealer. It's familiar ground for Bateman and probably one of his better roles but it's Linney who's sticks out like a beautiful diamond among cubic zirconium. Her resume is already impressive but this is not her typical role. Julie Garner is excellent as Ruth the hustler. Jordana Spiro as Rachel raises our interest with a fine, subtle presence and audiences will recognize the house guest, Buddy with a laugh. My favorite cameo comes in episode 3 and proves this Canadian singer has a great sense of humor!
  • traumajunky-9067921 July 2017
    Great framework and so much potential
    This series has so much potential and has a decent cast. I think the history of the characters were rushed and some of the plot was not as detailed as it should have been. This series could be a huge hit in the coming seasons if it had deeper connected characters. A great example of this would be the TV series Justified. Overall the story line has great capabilities and the ideas within the plot are refreshing but there is room for improvement.
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