• prairiental28 January 2018
    Congrats on killing a 50 year franchise
    After watching the 1st episode of Discovery which was broadcast over the air, I'm not surprised to see all the negative reviews. As is often typical in "reboots", in an effort to make everything bigger and better, it's just change for change sake. From the Klingon redesign, to the various (sometimes laughable) uniforms, the aliens as well as the cast dialog and interactions, I had no desire to watch another episode - let alone pay for it. I've watched every Star Trek series from the original on and although some series were better than others, this one is a joke. Seems to be yet another instance of the bean counters overseeing the creative process. Congrats on killing a 50 year franchise.
  • dimitroscriticos4 February 2018
    Why can't we select 0 stars?
    Too many negatives to summarise... Pick some from the other reviews.
  • graves-scott27 January 2018
    How is a 7+ rating possible?
    Page after page of negative reviews with a large amount of "Helpful" votes I found a few pages with positive reviews all with 15 to 20 "Helpful" votes. Yet the average remains well over 7 stars. How can that be possible? Seems to me that IMDB is playing games with the reviews. This horrible reboot that lacks any of the original hope and striving to be our very best can't possibly be rated that good.
  • logika-6484910 February 2018
    How can this garbage get 7.5 rating?
    I went through at least 150 reviews (sorted by "helpfulness" according to IMDB) and not one was above 6, and at the very minimum, 80% was below 4.

    Thankfully, there are quite a few new SciFi shows that can provide me with a much needed fix: The Orville (surprisingly good), Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, heck, even the Expanse.

    I hope STD (poor choice of acronym) does have some redeeming qualities, but I can't spare the patience to go look for them...
  • chimera-215 October 2017
    It's dead, Jim
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Klingons do not look like Klingons, and when given a chance to throw us a bone of a real Klingon they failed. The Klingon ships don't look Klingon...or anything else. Absolutely shapeless. Discovery herself is a rejected McQuarrie redesign of the Enterprise from over 40 years ago. None of the sets make a bit of sense in continuity and the lighting is an abject fail.

    Your main character is a bully, impatient, fails to plan ahead and happy to commit mutiny. The other characters we have no idea about because they did almost no character development of them. And, let me see...we have the First officer going to investigate an unknown object in a high radiation area in a space suit because...they ran out of probes? Ran out of shuttles? The ship was low on fuel? We don't know.

    We ALSO have Obi Wan Sarek, who is now using the Vulcan mind meld to do instantaneous visits with Burnham across hundreds of light years. Yeah, THAT Sarek. The one who refused to speak to his son for 18 years because of his human half and his entry in Star Fleet...who adopted a human and has shared his Katra, and new Jedi powers, with her to be close when she needs him...because she joined Star Fleet...

    *sigh* I'm out of energy. Everything about this show is wrong including the cast/advertising presuming to claim she is the first black and/or female in a leadership position. Have we forgotten Uhura, Chapel, Janeway, T'pol or Sulu and Sisco, etc, etc...

    It's an SJW disaster and right now, an outright embarrassment.
  • MadManMUC7 November 2017
    Where no one has gone before ... and should never have
    Warning: Spoilers
    You know, there are lots of stories of people becoming — or wanting to become — scientists of every description, astronauts, engineers and so on because of Star Trek, especially TOS and TNG. People who saw this future, loved it, got inspired, and wanted to do their bit to make it a reality.

    Will Discovery have that same positive impact on people a few years from now? Will people look on Star Trek Discovery and think, 'Wow. This really is a future I want to help realise', and aspire to become something that helps humanity get there? Judging on what we've seen so far, the answer is a loud outright, 'NO.' And this is the biggest shame of all with this series. It has taken something that actually had a real-life inspiring legacy, and warped it into this dark, bleak, violent, gruesome (do we *really* need all of that gore in Star Trek,like in this last episode (8)?), immoral, insipid, un-inspiring, and — ultimately — revolting thing that is nothing like what it should actually be.

    If they dare to call this awful thing 'Star Trek', they'd better be prepared to live up to its legacy.
  • Carlos Peligroso25 September 2017
    Awful - Just Awful
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had read the many poor reviews in advance of this series, yet I still wanted to like it. Even with diminished expectations, this was practically unwatchable.

    Nothing clicked. This was Star Trek developed by a bunch of network suits who had money to blow on special effects but no passion for any of the series before it.

    The uniforms are absurd - impractical, lacking any color references, and the gold lame? The use of holograms to communicate across space were a technology that wasn't present in any of the prior series. De-feminizing the female lead with a male name is an insult to women (you need to pretend to be a man in order to be significant). The Klingon scenes were unwatchable - done with subtitles and rambling on way too long. The Klingon "new look" is another break in continuity. The whole Sarek/Vulcan backstory felt contrived and unnecessary - there wasn't any logical reason for Vulcans to keep their "secret" to dealing with the Klingons from the Federation since the last thing Vulcans would want is to have an ally stumble into an intergalactic war. The whole think was just lame.

    A lot of reviewers must be on CBS's payroll to give this any positive reviews.
  • dsjbouma7 November 2017
    Not Star Trek, it's terrible
    Warning: Spoilers
    For a Star Trek series there's way too much improbability and inconsistency in the Star Trek lore. This series is set after Enterprise, but before TOS. The USS Discovery (and other federation vessels) are far too advanced for the time this series is set to take place in. A Spore drive, really? Why has there never been any reference to Spore drives in previous series? Okay, I get that visuals, etc. required an upgrade in this age of special effects and modern technologies, but then the series should've be set much further in the future. That at least would've been possible.

    Then there are those "redesigned" Klingons... just plain horrifying. They look bad, really bad and they talk a weird type of Klingon. I tried to get used to the changes, for the past 8 episodes, but I just can't get used to it. It's not Star Trek, it's a spin off and a bad one.

    This series is not what I had hoped for... especially since TNG and Voyager are my favorite Star Trek series and I'm automatically comparing Star Trek: Discovery to those series. It doesn't even come close to those two epic series.

    I think The Orville is better than this series, which basically says everything.
  • alikhat26 January 2018
    Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not going to drone on about how this series isn't Star Trek. That's not entirely accurate and anyway, it isn't really the point. The point is simply that it ISN'T GOOD.

    Oh, it certainly looks amazing; the special effects are gorgeous, the sets and costumes all beautiful, the cinematography up to major movie standards. The problem is that that is where the excellence ends. Everything else, from the storylines to the acting to the dialogue run the gamut from merely adequate to utterly painful.

    Aside from the series having a disgraced officer, rather than a heroic captain/commander in the lead role (plus a less uptight view of sexual preference and a cable-ready willingness to let the f-bombs fly), the series has nothing new to offer. In fact, every episode seems devoted to mining a specific worn out, hand-me-down sci-fi trope: Space monster who turns out to be a gentle, sentient being? Check. Kidnap and torture by aliens? Check. Character saved by mystical psychic connection and the power of love? Check. Crew caught in an endlessly repeating time loop that only one person notices? Check. Infiltration by an alien spy who's the last person you'd expect (but not really if you were paying any attention)? Check. Suicide mission to an enemy ship to accomplish something that could have been done in perfect safety via techno-wizardry? Double-check! Mirror universe shenanigans? Checkity-check, check, check!

    And then there are the deliberate recyclings of characters, situations and even famous Trek quotes that the show insists on dredging up like sodden remains from an old shipwreck.

    Do we really need to see Harry Mudd again? Do we really need to see him reimagined from a light, doofy baddie to a murderous psychopath? Do we need to see Sarek and wonder why Spock never, ever bothered to mention this older, adopted sister his dad seemed so obsessed with?

    And as bad and cliche-ridden as the scripts are, with dialogue that is almost impossible for actors to say with a straight face, do they have to be made even worse by the shoehorning of random Trek catchphrases, like, "To boldly go where no one has gone before" or "the undiscovered country" into Every. Single. Episode?

    I pity the actors having to deliver these strings of dross. Mind you, the talent on hand is uneven, and of the cast, only Jason Isaacs manages to rise above the material consistently. Still, Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh and Shazad Latif do what they can to acquit themselves and deserve better. The rest of the cast, unfortunately, might as well all be red shirts, as none of them have been given much of anything interesting to do, nor have managed a characterization that is memorable without being irritating.

    Of course, they are not helped any by scripts that allow no time for either the plot or the characters to breathe. Instead, the writers all seem to suffer from a form of ADD, where, instead of letting the story unfold and progress organically, they're jolted from bullet point moment to bullet point moment, hitting their highlight reel points with little or nothing to build on in between.

    All of this is aside from the annoyance of mowing over Trek canon about every ten minutes, radically redesigning a beloved Trek species for no discernible reason and giving us a show utterly shorn of any of that dumb, old fashioned hope and aspiration that the franchise once hinged on.

    Star Trek: Discovery could have been a terrific show. They certainly spent enough money producing and promoting it. Too bad they didn't bother to devote more than $1.49 and a pack of minty Lifesavers on the scripts. Having started with quality on the page could have made all the difference.
  • pepzar22 October 2017
    You should be ashamed of calling this Star Trek!
    Warning: Spoilers
    sOK . where do I even begin?

    I have seen 5 episodes and here is what I struggle with in prioritized order:

    1. Taking advantage of a sentient being to the brink of it's death, is so far from the Prime Directive, which is T_H_E E_S_S_E_N_C_E of ALL Star Trek shows EVER! This is so wrong in any possible ways and cannot be excused by any means!

    2. Since when is Star Trek about 1 person only? They have always been dependent on the variety of crew members and their skills, in order to "survive" and crack the puzzles encountered. But this depends on a no ranked traitor? Really?? Is that the best you can come up with??

    3. Since when has ANY captain been a dictator and a tyrant to the brink of the unbearable? Kirk, Picard, Janyway, Archer have all been decisive, but they have always listened to the crew's opinions and made decisions based on that.

    4. In the light of no. 1 and 3, I am sorry to say, but I feel this like being Nazi in the space squashing all live no matter the cost.

    5. Klingons have been designed to look and feel Egyptians and having hard to breathe when they talk. They do not feel as the warrior race they have been portrayed in any other show. They are just so out of place.

    In all honesty, Andromeda feels more Star Trek than this will ever be.

    I for one will not waste anymore of my time of this bs excuse of the Star Trek franchise.
  • kbdavyf-063969 February 2018
    production slow
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm sorry, but whatever the reason "season 1" is 9 episodes and "season 2" is 5. Am I the only one who thinks we're getting half what we asked for? By this time, the only series with 14 episodes the first year of production was Star Trek TNG. They had 15 episodes by now. This series kills key characters early on. Maybe that's the point along with a talk show after the episode. I dont have a solution. I am committed to CBS for a year, so I"ll follow "Season 3" with I assume an average of 7 more episodes for a total of 21 episodes, among the lowest of any Trek series in any given years time. And we didn't call 3 seasons within a year. I don't have answers but I'm disappointed with the production of three seasons in 1 year. I'm disappointed in the lack of cannon devotion and Gene Roddenberry's original vision. This is the worst Trek series I have ever seen. It has its moments, but, I suppose, it passes the torch to the next generation with 3 seasons in 1. If that appeals to you, as does major actions to main characters within a few episodes, then go for it.
  • norbertgeorgkraft5 February 2018
    Garbage in - Garbage out
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bad reviews - This is what happens when you desperately try to push your "ideals" by using the movie you are making: Women are in charge, in all universes (and mostly not white); the only white male that is higher ranking turns out to be evil and dies; the other white male is gay; high ranking aliens. And the Klingon's ... what happened to them?!!? It's OK to make changes but don't be desperate. You are trying to hard and it shows. This whole manipulation is hurting the movie and it's a pity. Focus on the movie and give it great plot, not on pushing an ideology and the reviews will be much better. That is ... if you care about the reviews
  • joefatica24 September 2017
    Worst Star Trek to date
    Warning: Spoilers
    The casting is wrong. The camera work is terrible. The writing does not exist because the dialogue is horrible. The Klingons should feel like pirates who love life, battle and debauchery-in other words anything their senses tell them feels good-instead they make them into some hybrid Egyptian Hierarchy. If it's pre-Kirk why is the technology better? It looks better. The music is also nonexistent. How can you make Star Trek and have no music? There are two people who should have been at the top of the list to run this show J. Micheal Strazynski and/or John Byrne. I can't believe they have the nerve to ask me to pay for the second episode. Gene would not have approved and I certainly do not. Vulcan are logical not dullards. Study the original series. That's the feeling you want to achieve. I cannot say how much I loathe this reboot. This is not Star Trek.
  • piotrlipert26 October 2017
    Childish, badly written and poorly executed.
    Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, don't read journalist reviews for this. My guess is they are paid, either way really disconnected from reality (check the disparity between critic/fans reviews on rotten tomatoes).

    Simply put the show is awful. The dialogues are sometimes disconnected from one another and feel very forced. You'll feel like watching the Room in some scenes, that's how bad it is.

    The most important flaw however is that heroes are annoying. They make stupid decisions. It's hard to believe that Starfleet officers from the future with high IQ fail so hard. An average Joe would have the common sense not to make such mistakes.

    There is another side to the annoyance. The characters annoy each other. They argue and insult one another (even if a superior officer is on the receiving end - inconceivable in the military, even in TNG, or TOS). I get the idea that writers wanted their relationships to grow, but it's way overdone. People in the real world who act this way are called ass holes.

    I'm not even going to talk about the betrayal of the Star Trek spirit. Spend the time re watching TNG instead of this Star Trek: Avengers flop.
  • rosedraws23 October 2017
    It's no fun, it has no heart.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really don't care that it's not *enough* like Star Trek, it's simply not a show I want to watch. I do hate that they stole the Star Trek name, without having ANY of the show's best characteristics.

    I'll admit I've only slogged through the 1st 2 episodes, and they were dark, and depressing, and the characters are all idiots. The writing is TERRIBLE! Really, the Klingons are gonna just start chanting about T'Kuvma because his sidekicks spout a few praises? Really, two officers are going to take the lead Klingon prisoner with just a couple phasers? Did they even HAVE combat training? How did she not take that guy prisoner? And the dialog totally blows. These are not impressive characters that inspire and intrigue us, there's just nothing to them.

    If it gets better, I'll stand corrected, and revise my review. But the previews of the next episodes are more of the same: no friendships, no fun, no brilliance. I'm not sure I can watch them at all. Especially because I had to PAY to watch them, and the story is interrupted what feels like every few minutes by loud commercials.

    The new Star Trek reboot movies are some of my favorite movies of all time. Which only underscores how tremendously disappointing this series is.
  • scalnecus .16 November 2017
    Shiny on the outside, but hiding a stinking turd inside.
    Warning: Spoilers
    --Many Spoilers-- to illustrate the weirdness

    Mr.Spock: Where is the logic in this? CBS: Logic, Mr.Spock! You mean, money. We really aren't interested in creating a wonderful Sci-Fi Show, based on some dead guys futuristic visions, that already has a huge fan-base.

    Oh, if we only could go back in time and bring Isaac Asimov back for scientific consultancy and Gene Roddenberry to keep the Star Trek soul intact. Unfortunately this is not possible.

    The Acronym CBS must stand for Cr@p & Bull Sh!t.

    The main protagonist is a human, emotional, weak, unstable, illogical and very unlikable character, who was raised by a highly logical Vulcan. Totally connects. But hey, she is a woman, is black and has a male name, so, it's all good. What's not to like.

    EP1 & EP2, weak and totally unbelievable. At this time, this show could maybe still redeem itself.

    EP3 and onward. It gets even crazier. The captain of the Discovery is a mentally sick fascist, who killed his entire crew from his previous ship, so we learn, but saved himself and justifies this by telling that he didn't want them to fall in the hands of the enemy. Cap Lorka:Do you know how they will torture and humiliate them. Not on my watch. BTW, the Klingons form of torture is, for instance when you have sensitive eyes, shining a strong light in them. Nothing too intrusive or even damaging.

    Also, when Cap and his cell-mate escape from the Klingon prison ship, they can effortless kill the two Klingon guards with their bare hands with a few well aimed karate chops and a neck-breaking twist. Damn, those Klingons are weak.

    And when they fly away with some kind of Klingon shuttle, they have no trouble whatsoever mastering the controls and flying this thing.

    The warp-drive in this fairy-tale is rendered almost completely obsolete. And forget about worm-holes, that is old school stuff. They now have a bio-drive that works on some kind of fungus-spores and can take them anywhere. Yep, because the whole galaxy is connected with these spores and with this drive they can now zap instantaneous from one place to where ever they want to go. Except, they need a supercomputer with a galaxy spore-map, so they can navigate over longer distances. No, problem, they have a giant Tardigrade, that killed every person on Discovery's sister-ship. He has the whole map in his head. No explanation where he comes from, or how they know that. You just have to feed him a bucket of spores to make friends with him. Illogical Michael had a hunch about that. Skip logic. They connect him to their Bio-engine and away they go. It just involves, that certain parts of the ship need to start spinning really fast, like a toy robot that is going to change in a truck. I believe they call them transformers.

    But, eventually the Tardigrade is tired of these foolish kids plays and reverts into his slumbering survival almost dead state.

    No, problem, thinks the arrogant cocky co-inventor science guy of the bio-drive. I inject myself with the DNA of this creature. Magically, he also has acquired the Galaxy-spore-map in his head and now he can play the navigator. No redemption possible at this stage.

    Last scene of the episode. The black doctor and the new navigator reveal that they are gay lovers. My jaw drops on the floor.

    This is certainly not Science-Fiction. Closer to Dystopian Fantasy Fiction with a bad touch of Rick & Morty, without the comedy.

    They best make an episode where the engine malfunctions and the whole ship blows up. And then they can show stock footage of Captain Kirk, waking up from a really bad nightmare. End of show.

    I just binge watched the 11 free episodes of fan made "Star Trek Continues". Damn, that show was good, and only of a fraction of what 1 episode of STD must have cost.

    Some thoughts on what the D in STD could mean, pop up in my head after seeing this failure. Depressing, Disenfranchised, Derailed, Delusional.

    Edit: Since this drag queen of a show still seems to get above average rating, from now I'm going to rate every CBS production down.
  • gianlucalentini8 November 2017
    Not Star Trek
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'd like to add my voice to countless others: this is no Star Trek, by any stretch of imagination.

    I could forgive the inexplicable new look of the Klingons (even though STD has basically changed the soul of their culture!), I could also forgive some minor or not so minor anachronisms (cloaking technology ahead of times, holographic technology ahead of times, ...) but I can't for a second forgive the complete lack of the true Star Trek core message in this series: Star Trek has always been about a future in which humanity is better than today, a future we could all aspire to, a future of harmony and maturity, and also a future of intelligence and curiosity.

    This show is so 21st century in its focus on the pettiness of the characters, all of them are close-minded and unlikable, all caged in their own quirks and victimism; they don't work as a team, they don't respect the Federation's ethics, they don't respect the chain of command, they're just a bunch of spoiled kids that would have never been admitted to the Starfleet Academy, not to mention selected to work on a spaceship.

    Michael Burnham is the least credible Vulcan-educated character they could create: illogical, emoting all the time, an insufferable Mary Sue who manages to be uninteresting and infuriating at the same time. Stamets is a petty temperamental insubordinate, Tilly is an embarrassing excuse of a shallow illiterate teenager; the only partially complex and passably interesting characters are Lorca and Saru, if one wants to be generous.

    The plot holes and illogical turns of STD are often an insult to the intelligence of viewers (the final of Lethe, anyone? The start of the Klingon war? The events on the Klingon ship in Ep.08?), whereas Star Trek used to engage the viewers' intelligence, to challenge it with fresh and new ideas, and also with some scientific complexities (and no, the ridiculous tardigrade/mushroom drive doesn't count: that's not suspension of disbelief, that's just idiocy).

    Not Star Trek, and also a sub-par sci-fi series, which I wouldn't recommend to anybody.
  • AntonEgoCritics19 November 2017
    Roddenberry must be turning in his grave...
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not particularly old and not even a hardened Trekkie, but I WAS a fan... And I felt it was my obligation to open an account just to participate in mitigating this show's senseless and overly enthusiastic public reception...

    The values Star Trek promoted and illustrated even facing the worse adversity was exemplary and inspiring... To think we might actually be capable of such evolution was goose-bumpy! Now it's just a bunch of egotistical undisciplined brats led by warmongers focused on personal achievement, love affairs, drinking, clubbing and answer back wittingly even to the hierarchy...

    But I have to admit it does suit the writing though: In-eloquent and brash, poor vocabulary... Nothing like the perfectly articulated yet concise and efficient arguments of the past. (It really helped in perfecting my English at the time)

    Before, each adventures took its time to unravel, taking root in the mind first, then pace-fully building up to smoothly unfold into a positive and meaningful ending... It was so well done, many episodes got me thinking many days after watching them... Where as all Discovery's 45 minutes episodes (except the last 2, maybe...) left an empty/unsatisfied feeling behind, like nothing really happened... I often found asking myself afterwards: "What have I watched?"

    On a somewhat more positive detail, I salute the continuities showcasing the qualities of an advanced society with women being Captains and the wide acceptance of same sex relationships... Although, contrary to quite few opinions it seems, nowhere as "groundbreaking" or even as "daring" as it were when TOS or Voyager successfully implemented these same twists... Discovery just likes to over abundantly remind us of its stands on the matters by, for example choosing a confusing first name for the main character, or profusely exposing the viewer to inelegant and unrestrained public displays of affection... Which I doubt to be as tolerated in any actual military organization, let alone The Federation supposed to represent the best in humanity...

    So to bring an end to my rant of disappointment, I'll finish by qualifying this show as a disrespectful, poorly written, overly demagogic, unsatisfying human showcase piece of garbage... With nice CGI.

    I miss Star Trek...
  • ranogajecf1 November 2017
    This is NOT Star Trek! SPOILERS
    Warning: Spoilers
    Really? Rap? Beer pong? Drunk teens partying on the ship? when at war? Cursing? Instant travel to anywhere in the galaxy during the Klingon war? Spock has a step sister? And what have you done with the Klingons?

    If it was show with a different name maybe it would have a chance, Stat Trek, and a prequel as well, no chance.

    A single 🌟 for effects and the studios.
  • PQTaggart29 January 2018
    Would be ok if you replaced the label "Star Trek" with "GoT in space"
    As a generic sci-fi show it would be ok and I think a lot of the 1-3 star reviews would be higher. Although episodes 10-12 create an promising story arc, I don't count this as Star Trek (yet). It's more like GoT in space where the good guys loose and the bad ones survive. This might be more realistic in the end but I have enough of this crap in the real world right now. Star Trek to me depicts a positive picture of the future.. a light tower, something to strafe for.

    Things I like about the show:
    • The story twists in the alter universe seem promising and explain some bad behaviour of some characters
    • The bridge design of the USS Shenzhou is/was awesome
    • Saru is an interesting character.. would fit well into the Trek universe

    Things I dislike:
    • The Klingons look like they in-bread with Aliens and sound like they just came from the dentist who forgot to remove the cotton rolls from their mouths. Poor actors.
    • The ship gun's are the same pew-pew toys as in JJ's abolitions. Like kid's toys
    • These lens flares are freaking me out!
    • The missing depth in the story-line.. nothing to think about after the show's over. no philosophical debates and pondering.. just military routine, war, darkness
    • Another prequel in today's prequel-fatigue. This could all have been placed in a time 100 years after TNG. Why change the history of ST?
    • Just serving today's cliches in USA-think and assuming it's daring (black main character, gay couple, etc.) Why not go further and really challenge the prude and racist thinking and have an alien captain who's married to several individuals at once, different races and genders, one or two humans among them? Or something inspiring like a Russian admiral, an Iraqi ambassador on Risa and an Ugandian as first officer. Remember how inspiring Uhura was for Whoopie Goldberg? And we even had a Russian at the helm in the 1970's. Now? It's just a bunch of mostly white US army style folks mixed with some real aliens. Earth / Star Trek is so much more diverse than what we see in Discovery!
    • The spore drive and a fungus penetrating the universe is just plain stupid. I miss the science based technology. Something that you could imagine to become reality one day. It's called sci-fi and not fantasy. The old Trek inspired thousands of scientists.
  • SamRawr30 November 2017
    It's got to go, the sooner the better.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Oh boy, I just don't know where to start with this.

    The biggest problem is that it tries to associate itself with Star Trek, when it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Star Trek. Someone has vandalized a classic, dumbed it down so even idiots can follow a story, and then slapped Star Trek intellectual property left and right. The end result is nothing short of an insult to the intelligence of the fans over the past 40-50 years.

    The writing and characters are dull and shallow, so very predictable, and everything is a cliché. There is no sense of wondering how an episode might play out as you can see it all coming a lightyear away. To completely retcon the Klingons is absolutely unforgivable. Just who do these people think they are? The writing is abysmal, how can it be possible in this day and age, with this huge budget, and come out with stories like a fan movie? It insists upon itself, has more plot holes than swiss cheese, and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth with the ongoing, never resolved story arcs revolving around very unlikable characters.

    Jason Isaacs is a pompous and arrogant actor off-screen and only seems to enjoy destroying the history of the fandom, I can't watch another second of him in this role, and just adds to the collapsing house of cards that is STD. The vitriol from him toward the existing fanbase is doing him, or the show no favors, and if anything is making it even more hated.

    By the mid season cliffhanger STD has lost most of the Trek fanbase and is now relying upon a hardcore bunch and unsophisticated newbies who wouldn't know a cerebral story or morality play if it slapped them upside their face. It's star trek made for idiots, by committee, and then shoehorned in to the Trek universe like an obese child trying to fit in to their baby clothes.

    The special effects aren't great. Everything is oversaturated, blurry, shaky, obscured and unrefined. It looks like anime a lot of the time, there are fan movies on YouTube with greater finesse and refinement. Where is all the budget going? $8m per episode? It's completely unbelievable.

    The end result is unwatchable garbage to Star Trek fans, and an action fantasy show for newbies. There is no science whatsoever, it's harry potter in space thinking it's Game Of Thrones.

    They claim a 2nd season has already been commissioned, but I find that hard to believe. It reminds me of the claims by Paramount when Star Trek Beyond was flopping at the box office that the 4th movie script was already underway and to include Chris Hemsworth, then the movie ended up costing Paramount over $50m in net losses. It seems that it's a last ditch attempt at bringing in more viewers by pretending that it's so great you can't afford not to watch it.

    The only real saving grace is CBS's decision to place it behind a paywall, so most people won't consider it to be canon in the same way that the novels are not canon because they were never seen in a TV show. STD is not a TV show, it's high budget fan fiction loosely based on the idea of Star Trek, but missing the entire point of it's existence.

    It's really getting to a new low when Star Trek Enterprise is no longer the worst one, and in fact is looking like a pretty good option to watch instead right now. By the time we got to the mid season cliff hanger I was skipping through the pedestrian dialog more than I had watched.

    I just left thinking that this whole thing had been a nightmare, I still find myself unable to fully comprehend what the hell CBS were thinking when they green lit this, and what the hell Netflix were thinking when funding the entire production budget.

    You'll notice on IMDb that the reviews singing STD's praises are generally getting no likes or up-votes, so just who exactly is watching the show at this point? They've killed the inbuilt Trek fanbase from the outset, no one is going to accidentally come across it with a paywall there, so now it's just some hard core fanboys who frequent Star Trek websites to condemn anyone who isn't in love with STD, calling people racist misogynistic homophobes.

    Well done CBS on another own goal. It's got to go, for everyone's sake, the sooner the better. CBS are now finding themselves in an international boycott relating to any content or goods with CBS's involvement.
  • shabda417 November 2017
    To boldly ruin Star Trek ... This nonsense is not Star Trek.
    Warning: Spoilers
    What is this nonsense? When was Star Trek about one character! A super genius character that does not play by the rules and keeps getting away with it! Bad acting and bad story lines makes this show anything but Star Trek! What a waste of resources! Just simply remove the main character from the show and see what a huge difference it would make. Send her back to zombies. If she might have been good in that show, it does not mean she would be good in another show. I kept giving it another chance hoping it might get better. But it did't. It is time to stop watching it .\/. DON'T RUIN A CLASSIC SHOW FOR THE REST OF US!
  • Agnetha Icelandica29 November 2017
    Terrible, terrible show.
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is NOT Star Trek. I don't know if a review of this rot can 'contain' spoilers when the whole show is spoiled anyway. There is nothing about this mess that could be mistaken for Trek. It is NOT canon, despite what CBS is trying to push. There is nothing canon in this show. There are no Klingons (just some ridiculous weirdos who look like a cross between the Jem'Hadar and Enemy Mine - except the Jem'Hadar were cool, and Enemy Mine was awesome). The behaviour of that dreadful Soniqua creature would never be tolerated in Starfleet - in fact the behaviour of nearly all the characters would never be tolerated in Starfleet. The uniforms are a dead match for the Chilean Soccer team, and the whole presentation is just truly awful. The attitude and behaviour of Jason Isaacs (whom I used to admire) is appalling, and he has lost a fan. NOT Trek. CBS has failed miserably.
  • brooke5324 September 2017
    My opinion is neutral so far, but Star Trek purist will hate this series.
    The creators are trying to make a new Star Trek series that will appeal to modern audiences but at the expense of continuity. The technology and appearance of the ship is far more advanced than any of the series were. The ship is slick and shiny like a luxury cruise liner.

    I get that they wanted to make the Klingons really intimidating and monstrous but this is set ten years before the original series in which Klingons had smooth foreheads. The change in appearance was glossed over in the DS9 crossover episode and explained in a story arc in Star Trek Enterprise. Some people hated that storyline and wished they did not explain it, saying that fans should accept that the restricted budget for TOS did not allow for fancy Klingon prosthetics and costumes. I thought those Enterprise episodes were brilliant and now they've been cancelled out by this new series. Very annoying!

    The only way I can enjoy watching this is to pretend all the other series never even happened, as little is recognizable as being Star Trek save a few familiar sound effects. Some thought Enterprise ruined Star Trek, attacking Berman and Braga. I think many more will hate this series. Some will love it for being completely different.

    However, it's unfair to judge a whole series on the pilot episode. It started to get interesting in the last ten minutes and ended in a way that will make some want to know what happens next. It may be fine as a stand-alone series and perhaps as it unfolds it will start to feel like it fits in with the Star Trek franchise.

    As for Sonequa Martin-Green, her dialogue seems a little wooden (and not even Vulcan wooden) as though she's reading it off a teleprompter. Voyager's Kate Mulgrew had a terse mannerism that was distracting that I eventually got used to so I supposed I'll get used to this too. I'll have a long wait though and only if the series is released on DVD/Blu-ray. The show can't be watched by people on low incomes as you have to be able to afford high-speed Internet service (I have stepped wireless to keep my bill as low as possible) and the monthly fee for the streaming service, or the cost of full-tier cable in Canada to get the Space channel, which is airing it.
  • chucko1822 November 2017
    This STD is just gross...
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen every second of every ST show and film ever made. I recently watched the remastered original series and loved every second. The original series was low tech by comparison to the newer shows, but it filled us with wonder and amazement. The crew were explorers with good intentions and usually solved their problems with diplomacy and wondrous technology. Occasionally the Enterprise crew was forced into conflict and that was also entertaining but it was never the sole focus.

    STD a complete departure from the culture, morality and spirit of Star Trek. It's simply not Star Trek. Its a formula Gen-Y sci-fi soap with the typical obligatory dash of liberalism thrown in. I don't think Hollywood is even capable of making a show without a progressive liberal agenda nowadays.

    STD has many timeline issues as many others have mentioned. It doesn't feel at all like a prequel to the original series. Even Harcourt Fenton Mudd is all wrong. He just seems way too sinister and they somehow lost the jovial "traveling salesman" qualities of the original character.

    I get it. They are trying to make a fresh modern and slightly dark version of ST that appeals to young folks. Even if that was a good idea (it isn't), they missed the mark. Instead they created a hot mess.
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