• ajwood-8499510 February 2018
    Aweful - so cheesy and politically motivated
    Warning: Spoilers
    Starts of good, but progressively gets worse to the point its so cringey its not watchable. Not sure who wrote it but their politics is clear. The nice guy president who spends his time ensuring the arts are funded, gun control is in place, global warming is fixed, and robs from the rich and gives to the poor, global arms control is sorted all 2 weeks after the entire government is wiped out. Even the republicans are are socially conscious hipsters. They have taken time to ensure complete diversity - except for all the bad guys of course. The main FBI agent loves going off by herself even when its clearly dangerous to do so and constantly gets caught but "escapes". Shameless product placement as well....most poorly made TV series I think I have ever seen.
  • Michal Tichý8 February 2018
    Season ONE - slightly above average, very good, very bad moments
    Its good that this first season isnt boring. Kiefer leads this show although sometimes his whipering-like voice is annoying.. two people NEVER communicate with whispering voice.. Characters are good, Italia Ricci is crazy hot and cute, Aaron Shore is very good character, atractively written. Plot thorough the season is good but cliché and nothing-new... Coupe from within the House, radicals... nothing new here.. last three episodes were dissapoiting...first of all, they have picture of Catalan and they cant share it with people from pentagon, NSA etc in case Catalan would showed up there ? I mean this last episode of first season when Catalan entered pentagon and NOBODY can recognize him ? ok ... Overall was finale poorly written, no drama, no action, no tension... it was lazy wirtten - copying files and datas from pentagon and THE END...

    Only characters which (for me) were bad are maggie Q with her bulimic figure and ridiciously thin legs and she can fight with a man ? LOL ... and her boss from FBI.. Those two were the weakest links...

    If you like House of cards but you want more action in the field, more talking outside of politics, its for you..
  • sarakuralexx4 February 2018
    Nikita continues!
    Now, let's get one thing straight: I am aware this is not Nikita. But this is still a gripping show with too many similarities to the CW's previous incarnation of Maggie Q's show, which aired from 2010 to 2014 and we should be oh so thankful for that!

    In both, Maggie Q plays a secret agent looking to take down a shadow geo-political organization with nefarious interests. In Nikita, she's an assassin, whereas as Hannah she's just an intense FBI agent.

    That's not where the parallels end: Designated Survivor is also shot in Toronto, the same place Nikita was produced. This has led to more than half a dozen cast members coming back in this show: Dillon Casey, Malik Yoba, Peter Outerbridge, Michelle Nolden, Romina D'Ugo and Brian Howe all played either guest stars or were regular cast members from Nikita and got guest spots by Designated Survivor's mid-S2.

    It's also blatantly obvious Chuck is supposed to be Birkhoff here, as Nikita's (sorry, Hannah)'s eyes and ears on the field - her comm is always on for the hacker geek/friend, who also has a crush on her, like Birkhoff did.

    Given that Maggie Q's storylines rarely intersect with the White House's schenanigans, it's a pretty bizarre experience watching her scenes alone and not feeling like you're watching a spiritual continuation of Nikita. Literally everything is there.

    I love this show for that.
  • tonius430 January 2018
    I want my life back, please!! (Season 1)
    Warning: Spoilers
    I hate Designated Survivor! Now why?

    Because I cannot stop watching it. I have seen the 1st series several times and there is no end in sight. I want my life back.

    The acting on the part of the main characters is superb and reliant. Outstanding is Kieifer Sutherland as the President and Maggie Q as Agent Hanna Wells (she lights up the conspiracy angle). The other supporting cast members are fantastic! And the emotional breakdown of the Deputy Director is heart breaking and very difficult to watch. Aside from other elements of production,its direction, set design, writing, casting which all are magnificent, there is the music score principally by Sean Callery (never heard of him before this show). I read only one reference to Mr. Callery's work on IMDb-and they deplored it for being too loud. The opening motif is simple and brief, yet magnetic and strategic to the central theme to the movie. The brilliance of his score primarily lie in the scenes from each episode. His selection of instruments using modern sounds are fixating indeed and it pulls you in. But you have to take the time and let his skill at composing sink in. An example of this is Ep. 9 - The Blueprint. Listen closely his music for the whistle blower in two places. I loved it. **** 10 stars

    Well, I have to leave now I have other things to do. But wait! Let me look in on an episode o Designated Survivor-Season One before I do.
  • StarkerMann28 January 2018
    An Original Series Premise that Lost Its Way in Season Two
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first season was a solid and engaging start even with its flaws. Then the show creator and writer left before season two began production, and it's as though the show's premise was forgotten and season one never happened. Instead, the series' story arc shifted away from the events that defined its premise and each episode became a contrived "by the numbers" drama of the week. What happened with catching those responsible for the attack? Who were the domestic and foreign operatives involved? Why did the VP and his wife suddenly shoot themselves towards the end of the first season? What events occurred with his military unit? The answers were weak as if the writers simply wanted to end the series story arc and begin with an entirely different concept for the second season. The weekly episodic story arcs in season two seem desperate attempts in trying to reflect current US political drama yet falls short with absurd premises ("sucker-gate"? really?).

    It's a shame as the cast is solid. Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto, Kal Penn, Italia Ricci, LaMonica Garrett, Virginia Madsen (what happened to her character?), and of course Maggie Q, Maggie Q who I personally believe is a severely underrated actress. With a solid cast and an original, interesting premise that simply needed fine tuning, "Designated Survivor" lost its way in season two and with it my interest.
  • jnoosa21 January 2018
    Virginia Madsen
    Miss, Virginia Madsen on this show I feel she brought a certain style and dimension to the character and certainly added more than added to the compliment of cast on the show it would be nice to have her return in a regular capacity
  • cfourie615 January 2018
    This series should have been cut before it was ever filmed - embarrassingly awful
    I guess this White House makeover with a President who has integrity and is honest, his family all too perfect, the WH staff all shiny and saying the right things, is what the writers thought America needs right now to offset against the reality of Trump's administration. Sadly it would have made for more interesting viewing if the Trump saga was aired instead. This show lacks substance on every level, the acting, the pop-up plots that get resolved each episode, the over OTT jingoism and American Gung-ho-ism....its all too much. No idea why its rated so highly? 7,8? WTF? Are viewers really so stupid and easily pleased? If ever a series deserves to be cancelled this is it....please spare us.
  • heacock10 January 2018
    Started out well but quickly turned into the typical cardboard world U.S. shows like to serve up.
    Admittedly this show started out really well but now has just degenerated into a form of American propaganda and ego stroking. For once could we please see what it is really like to be president of the United States instead of some director's wishful thinking? No president has really been universally liked, to difficult when the country is split between Democrat and Republican - Clinton was the closest at 74% and I imagine this was because he accomplished very little as president, besides getting a blow job. What would be interesting is to see what shit storm happens behind the scenes, even more so when people like Trump or Bush Jr. are president.

    We would like to see the power struggles that we know happen. We already know there are constant power struggles just between the internal organizations in the United States like the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Border security and U.S. consulates. What powerful people and organizations influence Congress, Senators and presidents? How about seeing some of that lobbying and corruption at play instead of the bullshit this show serves up? How about how corporations and their powerful lobbying institutions influence the White House?

    Now that would be interesting instead of the cardboard world you serve us up.
  • skincse9 January 2018
    Storyliners running out of ideas?
    Here is a series that starts really interesting, witty. Ok, it is a little difficult to imagine that some major dreamer (and, let's add, a total loser who is about to be sacked) would ever make a secretary in the US, but all right, let's go with it - the mystery sells the story. By the end of the first season problems start: it seems that the creators are losing touch or that they have no clue of what it is they want to make of this entire thing. The fact that they solve the mystery at the end of the first season seals the faith of the entire project... from the second season you see idiotic things happening to everybody.

    The President, who should be a champion of equal rights gets right out of character when his mother-in-law is the target of the bad guys ("they attack my family???!) - as if it were somehow worse than some ordinary citizen getting a home call by the them. Then all kinds of completely idiotic things take place: a plague that makes no sense with a "hero" appearing only to die amidst the tunes of some sad can music - we don't get to know anything about her, we don't get to care about her - but somehow we are expected to believe that she is important for the President.

    Then there is the imaginary country where trouble breaks out: how could they possibly create a country name right out of a children's book? For me that was the point that ended it all. You cannot expect me to take a White House serious where people deploy the army to Sesame Street. Come on!

    I feel sorry for Sutherland trying to cope heroically with the character who is gradually getting painfully annoying due to the lack of any negative traits, or any traits now for that matter - a real summer Santa. Promising start and an epic fail. I indicated no spoilers because you simply cannot spoil anything there.
  • emmanuel-562-5438886 January 2018
    24 seen from a different angle
    While I really enjoyed seeing Jack Bauer chase, catch and kill the bad guys, I am less enthused by the goody-goody side of Sutherland in his role of a left-leaning president-by-default. It's a little bit like Bauer has been given a promotion - a big promotion - and manages other agents to do what he would have had to do himself otherwise. It's an interesting twist on 24 for those of us who enjoyed it and Sutherland makes a good job of it as well. The plot is good to excellent and the suspense rivals that of the aforementioned Golden Globe winning series. The pace is fast enough to stay interesting but not so fast as to be tiring. Most characters are interesting and given a chance to get some depth, some are even likeable. What I didn't appreciate was the ridiculously blatant way the authors use the series as a platform for their characters to pass their own political message. Unfortunately, Politicians are painted as unidimensional. For instance: Republicans are only interested in being reelected but Democrats are only driven by the good of the American People, Democrats care that someone got killed by a gun, Republicans just care about selling more weapons, etc, etc... "Democrats are good, Republicans are bad" is getting old. Kal Penn even had to pass his own message about the Syrian refugees and islamophobia in America (for which there is no proof by the way, unlike the rise of attacks on jews), again caricaturing what became a real social issue in parts of Europe. I think even the authors knew some of it was going to be hard for all of their audience to swallow so they made Kirkman, who is obviously a Democrat, declare himself as an independent so as not to make him too unpalatable from the start for some. Shame about these small irritating issues which occasionally spoil what is otherwise a griping series with an interesting story line.
  • Kingslaay5 January 2018
    Great political drama
    Designated survivor has a unique start and premise and continues to build on its intrigue and mystery.

    The acting is very good from the main cast, especially Kiefer Sutherland who is very presidential and acts as a president we can all admire when he takes on the many challenges.

    The show is interesting, full of drama and topical events and a lot lighter than other darker political dramas that push the envelope like House of Cards

  • sharkshark-7706827 December 2017
    I love this show
    I love this show because if you mix Homeland and house of cards the result is Designated Survivor , every episode keeps you in anguish , congratulations
  • J. (CountJonnie)27 December 2017
    After a great 1st season, Sutherland carries the mess that is season 2
    Season 1 offers a great show that is about a normal likable man, who has to grow into the role of a leader, against all odds and against all expectations. As the man conquers the house, the US citizens, he also conquers the hearts of the people watching the series. Brilliantly written, the show balances family, drama, politics and thriller, with long term plots and decent development.

    Unfortunately with season 2, the only constant factor is Sutherland. All others, including the staff surrounding him, his family and the FBI are downgraded to weak excuses for plot elements. The long term writing made place for day-by-day chronicles, filled with cringeworthy dialogues, farfetched dumb decisions too stupid for academics and FBI professionals and emotional moments just for the sake of portraying emotions and stretching what could have been one decent storyline.

    We will keep watching the series because it offers mild entertainment and because we're curious for how the writers will fix the mess that came into existence with episode 10 of season 2. If you watched it, you'll know what I mean.
  • Khy Maaren21 December 2017
    I don't have any excuse: I ate it up.
    I admit, I am a sucker for anything that involves the "most important person of the world", especially in serialized form. For this reason, one of my all time favourite shows is The West Wing. This show is not as good as Aaron Sorkin's series but it entertains.

    Designated Survivor starts out on a violent premise: an unthinkable attack on the US government thrusts a lowly politician into an unwanted position. With an always likeable Kiefer Sutherland in the lead, it got me hooked right from the first episode. The story kept me on edge throughout the season, making me suspicious of this character or the other while the machinations of the "enemy" always seemed to fulfill their intended purpose.

    I think the first season was great. It came to a satisfying conclusion and kept some legs for the next season. But that's just it: whatever remained unresolved from the story of season one was tied up pretty fast in the second. For the character of the President, seemingly nothing remains from the premise of the very first episode-and the title-of the show. It's still just as much entertaining as it was in the beginning, but to me, it lost it's uniqueness a bit.

    As of this writing, the show is on its mid-season break during season 2 and I'm sure as hell I'll be coming back for more. If nothing else, the cast of characters is interesting enough to keep me going.

    (One notable exception to this, for me at least, is the FBI tech guy. His character is the most cliched in my opinion, with laughable lines and character development. Not to mention the wooden acting or, rather, no acting at all... I don't critique actors, unless they stand out, and usually only when they do that in a negative way. Well, he did, so I had to mention him. Luckily, he is not on screen THAT much...)
  • allyson-munger19 December 2017
    Great show!!
    Been reading the reviews. This show is great! Am I the only one that likes it, and think it has great potential? Wow, a country run by a decent man, nice to be able to escape into that world for a few minutes a week. The first few episodes took off great, then slowed down, but it ramped back up again, in my opinion. Has some great actors in it too. Keifer Sutherland nails it. He is not supposed to be an a-hole in this show. I love House Of Cards, but I do believe this is better. The last season blew of that show.
  • deepanjali-sarkar18 December 2017
    Had such a brilliant premise but then it just fizzled away (still to finish watching Season 1)
    Warning: Spoilers
    Got really irritated while watching this and had to vent so here goes! The series started off so dramatically but then just became so trite! Am surprised no one is discussing how similar the main plot is to Homeland - someone who is a war hero and nominated to become VP is actually a terrorist. Why would Designated Survivor take this line when it has already been done so brilliantly by Homeland? And I don't understand if its bad writing or bad direction - but why is there absolutely no suspense/tension when so much is happening? Is it because we aren't allowed to dwell on the implications of it? There is a blip of a climax, a mild catharsis and we are immediately swept into some other crisis that is brewing. And what is it with the President's wife always looking so perfectly turned out? I mean the President is shot, but his wife still looks picture perfect, still smiles (that really put me off) dazzingly (why is she always so beautiful and poised? It would work so much better if for once she is overwrought!). Then the FBI agent - Walls. She has no interiority. We feel nothing for her. The President's Special Advisor - Emily - whenever she has to show her inner conflict she plays the piano with a pained expression that looks so so put on! I generally love political dramas and thrillers and am so disappointed by the quality of this one, especially since it had so much promise!
  • Bedivere1717 December 2017
    Started off good in the early shows but went downhill
    I like the premise of this show, and I like the fact that there are basically good messages being delivered in this show, but the good-spy vs bad-spy and evil subterfuge is rather unbelievable. The stories themselves are getting too trite and too redundant following so many other similar political drama series. The dialogue is canned, used many times before and containing so many clichés. It is also way too fast-paced. Nobody holds conversations like this. I can't keep up with it. Doesn't anybody just go "er, or ahem, or clear their throats, or cough or anything? As usual the young actors are all good looking ex-models-turned-actors-actresses who try to look serious and never smile.

    Half of the scenes are the two women of the show, the chief of staff and the lawyer, walking fast and swaggering down the halls of the white house, giving them a chance to show off their latest fashions, while the men usually are following behind them trying to get a word in edgewise, while the two women arrogantly ignore them. And the dialogue, as always, is rapid-fire and impossible to follow. And does Emily ever just loosen up and relax and smile from time to time?

    The sound itself is terrible. It sounds like the mikes are all behind us, and the actors are standing right in our ears and then their voices dubbed over the scenes with the volume turned up unrealistically loud. When Kirkman-Kiefer talks it is much louder than the others, drawling, rumbling, excessively low and loud, and barely understandable. He slurs. It is a the mark of a good actor who can truly enunciate - Kiefer just drawls, barely moving his upper lip. And it's so loud!

    Last of all, Hannah the spy-girl is a side story that is becoming really old and out-of-sync with the show. It's like two shows in one. Her female James-Bond, arrogant attitude mixed with her never-ending bungling search for something - we're not sure what - is getting really trite. She's too intense, too cold, cocky and self-assured to be appealing any more. Maggie Q herself is an actress with no depth, and a stony-solid frozen face that never changes.

    Again, I like the messages of the show - it's great to believe in a "good" America. But the stories are clichéd and contrived, and the acting, the sound, and the side stories, are too unpleasant.
  • mssoylu10 December 2017
    tragically poorly
    Warning: Spoilers
    They are discussing with the prime minister of turkey in a row. Presumably Turkish prime minister is trapping the son of the American president. Really? Is it possible? Another point is that the man responsible for the coup in turkey is being laid as a teacher. But it is not mentioned that you are on the ground of a radical religious group who has vowed to destroy the regime in turkey. As if this is a poor American who is trying to live with the teacher's salary. But is it really in circulation?

    In another part, the American president is in agreement with one of the two terrorist groups. Is not it a great shame for this America? Does not this America think that it deals with organizations like ISIS?

    These things pollute the honor of both nations.

    It is normal for a script to use a name to be more excited. But with the carpentry, there is no wrong or incomplete information on topics that people do not know.
  • rleegray-569-581587 December 2017
    Love For This Show is Waining
    I have not changed my overall rating for Designated Survivor yet, but the once exciting show has really changed way too much in it's second year.

    None of the new characters or actors added this season have really added anything. I esp. hate the character playing by Paulo Costanzo.

    I am not a person who has to have constant explosions or wars or anything of that sort to enjoy a show, but if more is to come out of the characters then they have to be likable or well developed characters.

    I really hope the show gets back on the track of what it was in it's first year, but if recent episodes are the way things continue -- the once great show will see it's rating decrease for me.

    I highly recommend the 1st season. The 2nd season just so so.
  • joe-hookham2 December 2017
    Jack Bauer is President Palmer on valium
    The premise is a good idea of a series but the writing is poor, particularly the dialogue which is so dull in parts and over sentimental in others. The plot only moves forward through bullshit plot CSI plot devices or by characters making dumb decisions. I cared very little about what happened to anyone in the series, there's no driving force behind it.
  • jarez-139421 December 2017
    No more non sense
    1)The president and immediate circle around him have such purity of mind unrealistic in the world of politics. 2) Dumb writing. 3) Political correctness that makes one throw up. 4) Right wingers are the bad guys while left wingers are the world saviors. And I am not even a conservative or republican but an independent. 5) The tone of the actors' voice to make them appear more intellectual perhaps......the list goes on and on.

    I lost patience with this show little by little as season one reached the finale but after the first episode of season two had to stop watching.
  • f_bian28 November 2017
    People miss understand Desingated Survivor
    We like all Americans are used to watch politics movies as propaganda all the time, from ww2 to cold war, even Vietnam. There are some movie genders like distopias, science fiction and so on. This is a non common TV series. A few aspects to clarify to another critics about the light reaction of the withe house to the tragedy: to have a nice beginning the writers have to think a way out of the box to make a common citizen the president without a big and false political career. The attack its just an excuse. Don't take it so seriously. Nevermind. My suggestion is that everyone who is watching this or about to watch this series, try to watch it with other eyes and think differently about politics in your country of what is used to be about. Without race judgments, or beliefs o any kind of judgments to think that a every kind of people have a special place (mothers in the house, fathers working, Muslims in terrorism, Mexicans in gardens, and so on). Hope you enjoy it.
  • btheis198228 November 2017
    Class series
    Finally again an alternative to house of Cards. Hope that even after the 2 season it goes on. Kiefer Sutherland is simply again class in his role as president. I am always looking forward to new episodes. I hope very much that the series is going well and that we will also have a 3 season.
  • ninjaparsnip27 November 2017
    Not inherently bad, just underwhelming.
    Designated Survivor is a disappointing show. Overall, it's not bad. What makes it disappointing is that it could so obviously have been better.

    The show can't seem to decide what it wants to be. During the first half of series 1, it was an entertaining thriller/drama, featuring a likable secretary of housing and urban development turned president played by Kiefer Sutherland, who is easily the best part of this show, trying to salvage American democracy but turns into a boring political drama with a sideline Hawaii Five-0 type plot. The first half of series 1 is well worth a watch but I would drop out after that.

    If you want a thriller, Homeland is much better. If you want a political drama, House of Cards, either the American or British version is well worth a watch.
  • mariogotovac20 November 2017
    So awfully bad
    The pilot seemed promising but after struggling to finish the first season I can undoubtedly state that the bad casting and even worse writing made this show unbearable to watch. Pathetically pictured patriotism smells like propaganda while the dialogues are unconvincing and action scenes that only a child could buy.

    The interesting premise is not enough to make a good show.
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