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  • Semisonic19 February 2018
    Makes you feel ashamed for not feeling much
    Do you know these cases when you get to learn something which you know is important somehow, but you can't still quite touch the topic on the emotional level? It doesn't even mean that there are no emotions to touch, maybe it's just you being a heartless piece of wood. But you just can't help but stare, unable to make a link from what your mind perceives to your heart.

    Wind River is exactly this type of story. It's not that the story is not touching, nor is it not important. But you can't shake off the thought that you've seen it all a thousand times already: a depressed place, a bunch of sad and tired people who have nothing good coming at them in this life, some people still have goodness within, some have chosen not to care too much because it's easier that way. And somewhere along the way, one unlucky event follows the other, and something evil ensues.

    I can't decide whether it's my fault for not being able to take such matters to heart simply because they are not sensational, or it has something to do with the writing being kinda thin and the directing being kinda slow and sloppy at times. Not something major, just the little details which only rub it into your eyes yet another time that it's one of those "sad, but sadly nothing new" kind of stories, something you wish you could've done something about to fix it once and for good, but you know at the same time that you simply don't have the power to.

    We humans suck in general. Thanks for reminding us once again of our rotten nature. Does it automatically make a film good because it's about this main law of life most of us don't really dispute?
  • laje201515 February 2018
    Worth watching
    Although this movie tended to be a bit slow at the beginning, it redeemed itself by half way and became much more engrossing. Jeremy Renner again showed what a good actor he is.
  • jimmydollar13 February 2018
    Renner Should have Been Nominated 4 an Acad Award
    Great Performance by Renner--Movie was great and Renner should have Been Nominated 4 an Acad Award
  • marylou_booth12 February 2018
    I couldn't hear much of the dialogue as the sound was so bad
    This film was a strain to watch as I couldn't hear a lot of the dialogue. Jeremy Renner in particular mumbles his way through the film.

    There was no light and shade, we didn't get to care about the dead girl (shown in the first few mi utes of the film) and the explanation of what happened was thrown at us seemingly carelessly.

    Some of the scenes were too violent and frankly daft.
  • Nicole10623 February 2018
    A special film
    Watch it! I find it difficult to describe this film except,as my husband said (with a catch in his throat) "it's as though you're watching real what is actually happening". It is a thriller but so much more than that. It presents you with the reality of life on a Native American reservation - there is a comic/tragic moment near the end where the victim's father (a Native American) is painted in a 'death face' which is like a bad football fan's face painting and he says there is no one left to show him how to do it. But is also about loss, hardship, strength, survival and more. I can't possibly do it justice but it's association with Harvey Weinstein must be the only reason it was snubbed by the oscars in 2018 because otherwise it would have cleaned up!
  • paulmcuomo1 February 2018
    A hatrick for Taylor Sheridan's official trilogy
    Warning: Spoilers
    Whilst it's not exact to refer to this, Sicario and Hell or High Water as a trilogy in setting or character, it certainly is through themes as said by Sheridan himself. In all of his films so far, there is a principle character who is a father who is trying to make amends for previous shortcomings as a parent. In Sicario, that was Benicio Del Toro's Alejandro, in Hell or High Water it was Chris Pine's Toby, and in this we have Jeremy Renner's Cory Lambert, a wildlife reserve hunter who despite his profession as a protector and hunter is haunted by the murder of his daughter Emily three years prior to the events of this movie.

    Sheridan, as an actor, is expert with giving his actors, even the minor players, a lot to play with. Now, with him moving behind the lense with this film, he shows that he can also give his actors excellent direction to go with this. In particular, the standout of this movie is Jeremy Renner in his role as Cory. Cory is noteworthy in this film, since he lives and works in the Wyoming Wind River Native American reverse, of being one of the few white American men who work on the land, and is ironically the outsider here. Renner plays the character with a steel similar to Del Toro's portrayal of Alejandro, but is far more empathetic, and is certainly the standout of the film's amazing cast.

    Elsewhere, Elizabeth Olsen is in the film playing FBI Agent Jane Banner. She's newly qualified, completely unprepared for the conditions, and completely under resourced. This character could've easily been a useless bimbo type of girl, but fortunately in the hands of Olsen, this part gifted by one of the most exciting new writers of our time is given something new: Jane is smart enough to recognise that she's out of her depth and needs help, is humble enough to empathise with Ben, the police chief, and is realistically capable in gunfight situations.

    The film's plot is simple, but intriguing: the body of a Native American woman, Natalie, is found raped, barefoot, 6 miles from the nearest civilisation in extreme snow. Jane arrives, and teams up with the Police and Cory to find the truth. The simplicity of the plot doesn't affect the pacing, which is certainly contemplative for the first 20 minutes, but then the rest of the film grows in action and interest - should be noted that this film is very short by modern film standards, at 110 minutes. It certainly is visually interesting, with lots of fantastic poetic imagery with Cory hunting the wolves to protect the Native's flock, the snowstorm setting looking great on screen, and strong correlation of soundtrack and imagery and the way the two don't trample on the other.

    The supporting cast is amazing, with actors such as Graham Greene, James Jordan, Julia Jones and Eric Lange providing memorable roles.

    But the true standouts among the supporting cast are Gil Birmingham, who plays Natalie's father, a big, warm presence in the film consisting of the cold, Kelsey Chow playing Natalie herself, and Jon Bernthal playing Natalie's similarly ill-fated boyfriend Matt. Bernthal and Chow only have one scene in the movie, and it's a scene that needs to work otherwise both the investment of the audience and the realism of the situation would fail, and the vibe they give off - that of a relationship that is genuine, affectionate, funny and caring - is one that makes the events of that scene so much more tragic.

    This movie is brilliant. Admittedly, I've only watched it the once, but it's certainly got the feeling of rewatchability like Hell or High Water especially has. If you haven't seen it yet, buy the DVD and support it.
  • Ian Calderbank29 January 2018
    Film ruined by poor rediculous ending
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first 3/4 of this film were really quite good (sure there was a few moments of eye rolling social commentary but nothing too bad). The dynamic of the of the out of town FBI agent and the local Hunter worked particularly well, the setting was also spectacular and set the scene for an interesting and unusual crime mystery. Note: major spoilers ahead. Unfortunately all this setup was ruined by a rediculous final chapter. The film seems to want to be taken seriously but then turns into a comic book western at the end. In a turn of events that surprises precisely nobody the villains of the film turn out to be crass working class straight white men... who are so unable to control their lust that they beat their colleague to death and gang rape his girlfriend. Is this what the writer really thinks men are like! If that wasn't bad enough enough they are then prepared to have a shot out with law enforcement, when they arrive, as if they could get away with their crimes if they kill a load of police!!!! What makes all this more intellectually insulting is that at the beginning of the film we have a the line suggesting this is based on real events. However, none of the events depicted happened and this claim seems to be based purely on the fact that an unknown number of native American women go missing every year. The writers conclusion is that they must be getting raped and murdered by white men... rather than something less likely such as they have run away!!!
  • ozlemk-9355223 January 2018
    So much fantastic!
    A really great and fantastic movie if you wish to see!!! That's a whole glory all the cast are doing very fine especially Jeremy Renner, a great cast if you wish to see....Just invite you to see the movie!
  • davidmantle21 January 2018
    Well worth a watch
    Cracking movie which moves at a steady pace. Interesting film that had me gripped . Good acting from all concerned with some of the best cinematography of the wilderness that I have ever seen.
  • valleyjohn20 January 2018
    The best thing Renner has has done
    Wind River is a film that seemed to pass everyone by when it got it's theatrical release back in September . I'm not sure if that's because it is a Weinstein film and Harvey had a little bit more on his plate than promoting it ?! It's also won awards for the most overlooked film of 2017 so I fully expect it to be talked about more now it has been released for home viewing. It's the story of a ranger who discovers the frozen body of a young Native American woman in an Indian Reservation. She turns out to be the best friend of his teenage daughter, who died a few years earlier under mysterious circumstances. Although the tribal authorities get involved in the investigation, the FBI also sends in rookie agent to investigate.

    This is the second film in a row I have watched that involves Native Americans dealing with death and the grief that comes with it ( the other was Hostiles ). This is the better film of the two in my opinion. It's very atmospheric and you really do feel the harshness of the environment these people have to deal with. This is probably Jeremy Renner's best performance to date as the dad who is still dealing with the death of his daughter but I was not totally convinced that Elizabeth Olsen was the best choice for an FBI agent. Overall I really liked this and I recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.
  • The Couchpotatoes19 January 2018
    Good mystery thriller
    Wind River is a good mystery thriller about the murder of a woman in an Indian reservation in Wyoming. There's a lot of snow what gives beautiful scenery shots. There are enough intrigues to make this movie interesting to follow. The cast was good even though I would have chosen somebody else than Jeremy Renner to play his character as the hunter. Not that he is a bad actor or so, I just don't see him as the though guy hunting in those bad circumstances. He just looks to polished for that role. The FBI agent played by Elizabeth Olsen was good. In fact the whole cast was good. If you like mystery movies where you have to wait until the end to find answers then you're good with Wind River.
  • chrismuniz1319 January 2018
    Renner for the Oscar
    Absolutely loved the film. Jeremy Renner is a stud. His performance as "the hunter" is his best to date. The character was focused and precise. That being said I have not seen many of his movies. "The Town" was probably the best movie he has been in till "Wind River".

    This movie was emotional, intense, and full of surprises. I jumped so high off the couch during the climax. Elizabeth Olsen was delightful as well. Her endurance as the FBI agent was portrayed with prominent detail. At some moments you felt as if you were going through them with her. Her passion for justice drove her to persevere through the cold, unfamiliar environment.

    What makes the film so hauntingly beautiful is that it is based off real events. It educates the audiences about the treacherous mountain ranges and the plight of drugs and crime in the Wyoming native people.

    The ending was so satisfyingly complete. I love a film with great closure.

    "Wolves don't kill unlucky deer, they kill the weak ones."

    The quote truly sat with me. If you are willing to fight and claw and do whatever it takes to survive and succeed, you can create your own luck.
  • fahlstrom-161-77198614 January 2018
    Stellar, Oscar quality. Do not miss this one.
    I don't do very many reviews but this was the best movie I've seen in at least a year. It shines head and oulders above the junk that won Oscar's last year.

    It has all the best things we love in a great film; a great plot that grabs you immediately, no gratuitous sex and just enough violence to fit the story, great dialog, intense suspense, excellent music and stellar photography. The special effects were used sparingly but effectively with no CGI that I could detect. The Wyoming winter terrain should be up for a nomination for a supporting role. I haven't seen a movie that chills you like this since Jeremiah Johnson.

    Whether the Academy blows this off or not, put it high on your must see list. I suspect we'll see much more of the director/screen writer and the two lead actors.
  • s k14 January 2018
    Could have been a LOT better
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is actually two movies. One without the FBI agent, and one with the FBI agent. The movie prior to the introduction of the FBI agent had some good moments, and appeared to be heading in the right direction. After that, it went downhill. Quickly. To say that she just doesn't fit is an understatement. It seems as if the makers of this film intentionally played upon that fact, but in doing so they failed. Miserably. They chose to make her out to be some sort of heroine, but in reality she is the reason that several really good characters ended up dying. Needlessly. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and she is, without a doubt, the weakest link. Consequently, the film breaks down and falls apart, rather than building upon the power generated prior to her arrival. If ever a film needed an alternative ending (and middle), Wind River is it. Maybe some day a good director will do a remake, and allow this movie to be what it could have been but wasn't. The message of this film is fine; the medium through which the message was delivered was tragically flawed.
  • jtncsmistad13 January 2018
    "Wind River": Murder with a Message on "The Res"
    I love, love......LOVE......Elizabeth Olsen. I can pretty much take or leave Jeremy Renner. Their performances are equally exemplary (Renner's best work yet for my money) in the crime thriller "Wind River".

    Olsen play's greenhorn FBI Agent Jane Banner. She is dispatched from the Las Vegas bureau to investigate the murder of a teenage girl on a Wyoming Native American Reservation. Once on "The Res" she winds up teamed with Renner's character, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service "hunter" Cory Lambert. Together they trek through blinding snowstorms and brutal backcountry in search of a killer.

    The acting is solid, the suspense sufficient and the scenery as intimidating as it is breathtaking throughout "Wind River". Yet what resonates most is the enduring message that the indigenous citizens of our country continue to suffer a shamefully raw deal.
  • rratto-5374412 January 2018
    Great movie, despite the closing on screen fact!!
    Wind River I thought had all the aspects of a great movie, but what genre does it belong to? Drama, action, suspense? There is certainly enough of all in this film. Being an avid movie buff and a fan of most big action stars, I've never been able to make up my mind about Jeremy Renner, but I can now say with no doubt this guy is awesome. Maybe it's the roll itself,but I think it is how he portrays it that's just gold. GIVE this actor some BIG ASS contracts. He deserves more than Avengers!! As for Elizabeth Olsen, she is the only one in that Family who can claim the occupation of actress in my opinion.(I'm sure it was real hard to play cute as little babies in a sitcom). All that being said, much credit deserved to the Native American whoops I mean first real American actors in this film, but how come it's always Greene, and Birmingham?Lol!! We need to see more of these actors since we already know the two I named already are both GREAT,GREAT actors. All in all a super entertaining "Eye for an eye suspense thriller" I'll make up my own genre for it. As for the closing on screen paragraph, all I can say is this," To all the politicians,certain Law enforcement officers,and all the racist assholes out there," WHAT FUCKIN' YEAR IS IT ?? Maybe it's the year that mankind will GROW UP and realize that all of us are unique people,and while we might disagree on beliefs or religion etc., We can all definitely feel happiness, sadness, love, and loss. We struggle everyday to live. All of us!! We could be such a brilliant, powerful,limitless, species once our dumb asses see we're all the same race!! Earthlings!!!!!;
  • Mustakim Faiaz Prime12 January 2018
    Heart touching drama, Mind blowing acting and screenplay
    Characterization and screenplay of this movie is excellent...

    Jeremy Renner just made me forgot that he is an actor. I loved the way he talked, he acted, his intelligence; that was like sherlock.... Elizabeth Olsen acted as it's a real deal, made that FBI character more alive... and Gil Birmingham, as the victim's father, really heart touching acting...

    Such an excellent, Beautiful, Suspenseful and really high quality Movie... Yeah, Sure!!

    Cory Lambert: I decided to fight the feeling instead. Cause i figured the world would win.
  • sobelman-3840612 January 2018
    Gritty and depressing
    Warning: Spoilers
    It at first may seem like a normal murder mystery movie, but it is so much more. This movie just feels so real and has some great acting and cool action scenes that immerse you in the feel of the whole thing. My only complaint is that I feel that the message wasn't really portrayed very well. I didn't even know that the whole point of the film was that life out their sucks until the end. I'd give it and 8.6/10.
  • tomreidsemail10 January 2018
    So cold you should wear your long johns and cover yourself in a double quilt
    I like these cold movies like Runaway Train but somehow this seems colder. It has some interesting medical info about the cold too for all you medical boffins out there.

    I watched this movie knowing little of what to expect so I'd recommend the same to you. Jeremy Renner is excellent in his empathetic role (particularly to Native Americans) and really makes the movie what it is.

    It's really a film about an ill-equipped FBI, in the shape of gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen, arriving in a foreign land (Wyoming) and getting help from the local park ranger, the not quite so gorgeous Jeremy Renner, to solve a crime. Even when she arrives you're altogether sure why she's there and if there has even been a crime at all - like I said it's worth watching this movie blind!

    From there, there are plenty of plot twists and supporting ugly characters - with the spotlight mainly on the plight of Native Americans.

    Very watchable, enlightening and yes, very very cold...brrrrr
  • lctogo9 January 2018
    Taylor Sheridan's story telling and film making is spot on.
    I have watched Wind River about 10 times and it's one of those very rare films that just keeps getting better. Taylor Sheridan's ability to tell this story is perfect. Given the challenges of budget he faced it's a wonder it's so masterfully done. Some stories drag on and on, some are convoluted and are not told very well, some writers just can't hit the exact spot of brevity, suspense and touching your heart. Taylor does not have this problem, he hits the mark on every level. I hope he continues to follow his heart and amazing gift of story telling right from what he knows and from the heart. Bravo!
  • mdmvrockford6 January 2018
    Great slow burning drama-mystery
    Warning: Spoilers
    Overall a great movie. If you liked "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water" then you will likely enjoy this drama-mystery. I certainly did. "Wind River" and these other two movies by same writer(Taylor Sheridan). There is a fair amount of violence (see CONS).

    PROS: * Tight, good story with slow burn) * By far, Jeremy Renner's acting in this movie. IMO by far his best acting role. Hopefully his Hawkeye (Clint Barton ) roles will afford him the income to do more movies like "Wind River." * Elizabeth Olson (another Avengers alum) acting * Native American cast (e.g. Graham Greene and Gil Birmingham) * Utah (though movie states Wyoming) winter environment is well represented showing it is is friend and foe at times

    CONS: * Is showing the rape at end of movie really necessary? Already established twice she was brutally raped (1st Elizabeth Olson's FBI character stating so upon finding body and 2nd the Medical Examiner describing victim). To me it was gratuitious much like showing Jodie Foster character's rape in "The Accused." * Elizabeth Olson's FBI character does some real boneheaded decisions. E.g. Despite still very affected by pepper spray, she still enters drug-hole home to clear it. E.g. At end of movie she was being flanked by the workers but able to stand down. Then minutes later, she does not take proper precautions knocking on closed door (e.g. should have had on weapon and not stand directly in front of door). These boneheaded decisions given to her by the writer knocks off one star for me. * Needing better closure for death of Graham Greene's Ben sheriff character and the other police officers. There was no mention by Renner nor Olson's character of the death of at least three police officers. Just simple <10 second mention is all that is needed.
  • christianloteyro5 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I like how they cast Jon Berthal as the Boyfriend so that it will look like he is the killer. Almost all the people will think like that cause of his other movies where he always does the bad thing. And also is it me or there is others there that would think that Cory (Jeremy Renner) is the Killer, this is before the apperance of Jon Berthal cause when he appeared I also thinks that he is the one but after several minutes you will clearly know what really happens. It also made my mind that Cory is the killer cause of how the clues where introduced, and his past story.

    Overall the movie IS great, it will made the viewers think and drama give the expression at the later part "SO THATS WHAT HAPPEN".
  • Mohamed Hesham3 January 2018
    Very good performance by the cast... Yet I wanted more.
    Warning: Spoilers
    A girl found dead in the middle of snow.. FBI agent comes to investigate with the aid of a local hunter. They found the girl's boyfriend dead in the snow also.. they suspect his colleagues and the final shocking scene is revealed. Very sad ending. Very good performance by all actors. I wanted more to come actually. More investigation more action between the characters. Good movie.
  • lilly_white_lillith3 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't find out where they state if they killed real animals on this movie, but if they did, my rating of it is in the negative numbers. If they answer this and tell me 0 animals were hurt and/or killed in it, then I will change my rating of it.
  • gamleprut2 January 2018
    Don't miis out on this gem
    Great story and acting. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The backdrop isn't too bad either.
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