• LordJiggy6 August 2017
    Interesting concept, very pedestrian execution
    Warning: Spoilers
    The idea seems to have a lot of promise, but the show is not living up to that. The first episode felt rushed, with some handy exposition to give us background on the characters. Apparently, the producers aren't familiar with the old screenwriter's adage "Show, don't tell."

    The casting of some of the "normals" is pretty lame, bordering on clichéd. The Deputy with the ill-fitting hat is one of my whince- inducers...as is all too typical with Hollywood, they are giving us the "What a California person thinks Texans are like" vision of people from even a supernatural fly-over location.

    A lot of the acting is amateurish (dead grandma, I'm looking at you), and a number of the lines are equally painful. One character utters the never-before heard words "We have to be smart about this." I only wish the producers had chosen to take that advice, as well.

    One good thing about the series: It made me interested in reading the books...they have to be better than this swill.
  • RyanTheStoryteller15 September 2017
    Hoping for Season 2
    Over my years or television watching I have followed many summer shows. Though these shows have varied widely from comedies to dramas to reality shows there is one thing that every single one of them has had in common. None of them has ever lasted past a single season.

    I am hoping that Midnight, Texas will end up being the show that will break that unfortunate trend. This is a good, solid show that is highly entertaining with great characters and a fun premise. I will keep logging on to the old information super-highway in the hope of seeing the glorious headline "Midnight, Texas renewed for Season 2." Fingers crossed!
  • puzzledresearcher25 July 2017
    Mixed bag of magic
    Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the first episode only, Midnight strikes as a mixed affair, with some entertainment value but let down by less than engaging dialogue and character interaction that is too formulaic. The genre (of vampires, psychics, witches, etc.) has become rather worn of late, and Midnight may not be the best entry in this field.

    The look, the direction, the scenes are appealing for a small screen production. The town as presented is not too hokey, if a bit contrived.

    Boy meets girl is the major plot element (for the lead character), with a large dosage of mystery.

    Most intriguing characters are the reverend/pet-cemeterian, and the talking cat. The latter's visual effects are not quite as good as some talking animals in other productions, but is sufficient for the cause.

    Cautiously recommended.
  • heatsink9829 July 2017
    Clumsy writing in the pilot
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've never read the books this series is based upon. That said, I hope the books were better than the pilot I just watched.

    The writing was bad. The acting wasn't great, either, but writing might have a lot to do with that. The show plays out like a more fantasy-centered version of THE SIXTH SENSE, or a take on CONSTANTINE.

    The plot moved along, but it skipped important things like how our hero deals with meeting a vampire. I can see how the writers might have wanted to move quickly into other parts of the story, but skipping reactions to big moments makes the story super weak. The pilot contained enough material for far more than one episode, if pacing and intensity were done properly. I wish it had been done that way, not to mention tightened up on dialog and character design.

    I'm not sure I'll be watching any more episodes after this one.
  • Liz Fickenscher30 July 2017
    Sigh. Really not good.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't think Charlaine Harris is a great writer, but she can turn out an entertaining story. The "Midnight" books were fun because they combined characters and elements of her other books series. The "Sookie" books were represented by the vampire, Lemuel. Bobo Winthrop came from the "Lily" books. The sheriff of nearby Davy was Arthur from the "Aurora" books (woefully misrepresented over on the Hallmark channel, btw). And, finally, Manfred was arguably the most interesting character in the "Harper" books.

    I understand a lot of people are upset that the physical attributes of the actors chosen to play the parts are so different than the way the characters are described in the books. I understand, but I also understand it when someone unlikely is cast for specific artistic or creative reasons.

    I fail to see anything artistic or creative about this show. An earlier reviewer commented that it's a bummer that the casting directors didn't choose characters that fit their book descriptions because those descriptions were really interesting, and they were looking forward to see how that translated to the small screen. I can agree with that, since Manfred sounded really interesting. But Bobo looks just the way he's supposed to, and the show still kind of sucks.

    There's no charm or quirk to this show. It's all flashy, cheesy special effects and polished pretty people with no good dialog. Pass.
  • leesilm15 August 2017
    Entertaining with heart
    If you liked the first season of LOST GIRL, if you were a PUSHING DAISIES fan, or you a Browncoat who likes Urban Fantasy as well-- this show is for you. At it's core is a family of real characters, who after only 3 episodes, you feel like you've known them for months. It is a bit cheeky and the town feels lived-in. When these guys joke with each other and talk you feel like they all have truly known each other for years, possibly decades. It has vampires, hit-women, mediums, ghosts, a regular average-Jane waitress, a talking cat (with a thick accent!), a Wiccan with some serious powers, and more. I would recommend tuning in. It is a good show, and despite the subject matter, it really is fun.
  • Ladybassetdrool27 July 2017
    Intriguing will give it a go.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have not read the books so the story is new to me. I so far like the characters they do seem rather "pretty" but that is how it goes with TV filmed in in America.

    Like the plot and the ghosts are very good they have substance and grit. I will give first season a fair shake. I really enjoyed the pilot episode and have high hope for season one.
  • olgee119 September 2017
    Overall an entertaining TV series.
    I was a little skeptical while watching the pilot that the show would be any good But it really draws you in after a few episodes and you just can't get enough. Usually I am bothered by the CGI effects if they do not seem real enough but in this show somehow I don't really care because everything else is just fun. + some of the actors are great.
  • Clouddancer1976218 September 2017
    Worth the time
    Midnight is one of those shows that start slow with teasers. It's a nod and wink to the supernatural while also inter-splicing realistic possibilities. It's like a joke. A vampire, a witch, an angel, a wear beast and a hired killer walk into a diner. Except it doesn't have a punch line. Instead. It draws you in. Slowing unraveling each characters background until, you are invested In the towns scrappy bunch of characters. It's definitely worth the time. I intend to binge on all the episodes, thus far, this weekend. The marriage of the occult and Normalicy is intriguing and I'm interested to see where it goes.
  • mbrask-2281213 September 2017
    Its growing on me
    As someone who loved True Blood and enjoys supernatural story lines, I was very excited for Midnight Texas to premiere. The first couple episodes were a little try-hard, but I stuck with it because I love the actors. By episode 4, I was officially hooked. It's not a heart pounding drama or thriller, but it's entertaining and the actors are starting to connect and get into their parts. I personally would love to see a second season, especially since first seasons for shows aren't always "mind- blowing"....but Midnight definitely has the potential to be the next True Blood or Supernatural.
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