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  • gunnardsamek18 February 2018
    Funny biography with such a tight budget
    I, Tonya offers us a glimpse into the life of Tonya Harding, whose name will always be synonymous with being a "bad person". It's a film that is simultaneously real, outrageous, sympathetic, and doesn't hold back punches. While it does attempt to show Tonya's side of the story and how much of a victim she was, the film doesn't go so far as to apologize on her behalf. What this movie mainly accomplishes is giving a greater understanding of the infamous story from 20 years ago. The casting was great for this film; Margot Robbie fulling inhabits Tonya and has transformed herself more so than usual to create this role. The supporting cast is no different from this. On the negative side of things, the visual effects of the film were not spectacular. The limited budget didn't help, but regardless, the digital work done to paste Robbie's face on real life figure skaters was a little sloppy. Hey facial features appeared to shift several times during the skating scenes. While your opinion of Tonya Harding may or may not change by the end of this movie, you will walk away with more of an idea of what transpired. I give this one a fricky fresh 8/10.
  • novagirl1118 February 2018
    Better than I was expecting.
    Great cinematography, soundtrack, storytelling, costumes, and, of course, acting! Allison Janney absolutely deserves every award!
  • chunkylefunga16 February 2018
    Should have been raw and real, instead it's glammed up hollywood
    I didn't enjoy this movie. It couldn't decide what kind of movie it wanted to be; dead-on realism, raw violence, absurdist comedy, or satire.

    I thought Robbie is completely miscasted, feels like a hollywood actor version of a real life person. It felt like she was acting rather than actually being in the role. Not to mention she's far too old. Playing a teenager? Come off it. Who would believe she's suppose to be 15 at the start :D It also didn't help that she's half a foot taller and model slim rather than athletic built.

    Janney would good, but the role wasn't much a stretch for her usual roles.

    The CGI was pretty crappy and very distracting.

    It's a shame the movie made it seem like she didn't know the incident was going to happen when she's already admitted she knew.
  • Carlos AndrĂ©16 February 2018
    My God! They are really learning how to do a biography film, aren't they?
    Till this past year I had a problem with most "biography" that I watched, the only one that I really loved was The Imitation Game, although, this past year made me change my mind. "I, Tonya" is another great biography movie that came out this year.

    The acting is gorgeous, Margot Robbie and Allison Janney are the highlights of it, they kill in their roles, but I also like a lot of Paul Walter Hauser's performance. Sebastian Stan is good too.

    In fact, this part (the acting) was what I came to the movie expecting, just amazing acting and a "ok" movie, but my God, the movie is thrilling and entertaining for the entire run time. The soundtrack is fantastic, every song fits almost perfectly in each scene. The editing is awesome, they mix some "interview" scene through the main history, with narration, and fourth wall breaks, and it works! Otherwise, the movie would be just an assembly of events in Tonya's life leading to this one moment, but the montage change this scenario completely.

    You understand Tonya's point of view, you get why she is like that, you might not like her overall, but you definitely gets the reason why she act like that.

    And this is probably my favorite thing about the movie, how they were able to pick the history and make something fresh with it, not just the ordinary dramatic arch that we saw over and over again. The history is sad in many ways, but the approach here is not only sadness, is also with a comic way.

    The movie has tension when it needs to have, it can make you cry when he needs to, and also could get some jokes in a lot of other moments. I love the direction here too, the actor's performance, the cinematography, the use of the slow-mo, the track, in a way, it almost always has the director's hand.

    The only issue that I might have with the movie are some of the skating scenes, I don't know how the could improve that, but in some shoot you just can't avoid notice that is just Margot's head in some else's body.

    In short, "I, Tonya" is a terrific film, that approach this really challenging genre in a fresh and clever way. I love it.
  • ross-547-58575414 February 2018
    A documentary or a movie. This film couldn't make up its mind
    Firstly let me say if the topic interests you go and see this film. I found the mixture of 'interviews' and 're-enactments' a bit confusing and it seemed the filmmakers couldn't decide on a documentary or a scripted movie. The result 'mash-up' was somewhat unsatisfying. That said the performances (especially Allison Janney) were strong. The characters were at once repulsive yet watchable. I wouldn't be rushing to see it. Wait for it to get a TV release.
  • littleging1214 February 2018
    Redneck Goodfellas on Ice
    I, Tonya boasts two first rate performances from Margot Robbie and Allison Janney in this honestly-told and hard-nosed based on a true story adaptation. The film transcends many based on a true story adaptations by not completely coasting off the source material. It adds unexpected depth by delving into what it takes to make a champion and how far parents are willing to go to push their kids to the maximum.

    I, Tonya is clearly inspired by the hard hitting cruelty, black humor and self-awareness of Goodfellas. With the source material, this approach proved to be more effective than derivative. The character interviews explaining why things happened allowed the film to be more funny, honest, and meta. You see these peoples' side and understand why they acted the way they did, even if sometimes their decisions were completely idiotic and downright amoral. The only person you feel for is Tonya Harding due to her abusive relationships with her mother and boyfriend, and the fact that her skating career was ruined thanks to a couple of bubbling idiots. Every other character is entertaining but is either ugly, abusive, or downright trashy. Give the movie props for not trying to lionize them and depicting them for how they really are.

    Something thought-provoking the film brought up had to do with the complex relationship between Tonya and her overbearing mother. When Tonya becomes an Olympian, her mother tries to take credit for it saying that she made Tonya a champion, through all the cruelty and abuse. Does beating and making high demands of your children really make them champions, driven to overcome any obstacle or opponent? Hmm maybe my parents should've beaten my ass so I'd learn to write better reviews and become the new Ebert. Damnit mom and dad! Haha just kidding.

    I, Tonya scores with its funny, well acted, and unbelievable true story that doesn't quite stick the landing discourtesy of its awful CGI skating scenes and unsympathetic, albeit entertaining, characters.
  • sydbuyer13 February 2018
    Really entertaining.
    This one keeps you well entertained for the whole 2 hours. Cleverly crafted with wonderful performances from all involved, definitely worth the watch.
  • Michael Ledo12 February 2018
    Triple Axle Jump
    Warning: Spoilers
    Decent Biopic of Tonya Harding. The film includes quiet a bit of fake interviews and asides. It shows Tonya growing up as a combination skater/punching bag. It goes in depth on the attack and skips the infamous honeymoon tape.

    It is a well acted film and stands out in a year that is light in quality productions. Most of the feature I felt like I was watching a train wreak.

    Guide:F-word. Brief sex. Brief distant stripper nudity.
  • aarosedi11 February 2018
    A talented, uncouth redneck figure skater's fall from grace
    This biopic shows a series of interviews and dramatization of sometimes conflicting and unreliable accounts from the prominent people in the events surrounding Nancy Kerrigan's knee whacking in 1994. Robbie, Stan, Janney captures the essence of the characters they portray in this film. The various news clips and interviews of the real Tonya Harding and other personalities shown in the end credits serves as comparison to those said performances, and I got to say that the depictions really made those larger-than-life characters yet again larger than life.

    Gillespie has profoundly presented Harding's life beset with hardships: of her and her mother's persistence in achieving mastery of figure skating at an early age and trying to fit (or not) to the expectations of a sophisticated sport, of her struggles in being a product of a broken home, of her volatile relationship with Gillooly, and of the insanity that surrounds the botched-up plan to scare her rival Kerrigan. The pst-modern approach that the director used in this film to handle the issues regarding the inconsistency with which we recount the events in the past, (I admit even I am sometimes guilty of that - Nobody's perfect). Not to mention the egotism in which people try to paint themselves a more pleasant, more agreeable version of the past to suits them or feeds them. And then there's those people who are just plain kooky.

    Gillooly's meetings with his friend/self-proclaimed Harding bodyguard Eckhardt in that dreary strip club fancying himself as a criminal genius wannabe is quite a black comedy gold. The director superbly captured the cheesiness of the proceedings, and the resulting lunacy of having to rely on such buffoons in the first place to devise an idiotic out-of-this-world plan that went down in American pop culture history, of which he is amazingly immensely proud of orchestrating.

    With the madness that have transpired that had her ending up as victim of a traumatic attack, there is no need for people to know Nancy Kerrigan's point-of-view or take in all of the fiasco. Not that her life isn't that interesting, it's just that boring for some people ain't palatable and Tonya Harding life is handing the all-consuming trashiness to the scandal-hungry public in spades.

    Kerrigan and Harding's name are forever linked to each other, like marriage in tabloid heaven. Never shall Nancy's name will be mentioned and for people not to think of the other, a dilemma that is shared as well by Harding who still has protested her innocence regarding the incident. It's kind of a bummer for Kerrigan because that kind of undermines her career as a proficient skater, though to think about it, her name would not have been more resonant if she would have been only one of those Olympic figure skaters in America that come and gone. And Harding, in all fairness that she also deserves, she does not need that nasty publicity as well. She could have easily had a decent career being a product endorser or something for being the second female figure skater in the world to completely execute the triple axel in a major competition, nobody can take that away from her, a feat that hasn't been attempted since. Yet.

    My rating: A-minus.
  • ryanlaurencecole11 February 2018
    Margot Robbie and Allison Janney
    After seeing the preview I knew I would love this. Margot Robbie and Allison Janney were both impressive. I have to say, I was really surprised by Robbie! I checked out a few interviews with the real Tonya and her mother. Seems like Robbie and Janney really nailed them.
  • raddha010 February 2018
    The acting and the directing were amazing. Everyone in this movie was really perfect, especially Margot Robbie. This is not in my "must watchlist" but its good movie,anyway. You should see it once.
  • Kapten Video10 February 2018
    The season of good movies continues. Here's another one that I devoured with my eyes, and recommend!
    Who needs traditional sports movies when there's a new mini-trend emerging to get ride of any old "classical" approach and concentrate on the actual pain and madness behind the life of the champions? I liked "Borg McEnroe" a lot, and I pretty much love "I, Tonya"!

    Based on a true story, it's about an American figure skating star Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) of the 1980's and early '90s who's too white trash-y to be taken seriously by her peers, and her life choices turn out to be so damaging that she's banned from professional skating forever.

    Robbie is nothing short of sensational as Harding but it's not just about her. "I, Tonya" is hands down one of the best ensemble movies that I've seen recently, and there's been quite a number of them.

    You may remember the rising star Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn of "Suicide Squad" - the only memorable thing from this abysmal superhero effort -, but you wouldn't probably recognize any other name from the cast.

    But there's so many incredibly enjoyable performances that I just have to give shout outs also to Alison Janney as Tonya's stone cold ever-hateful mother, Sebastian Stan as Tonya's impulsive and violent husband, and Paul Walter Hauser as Tonya's "bodyguard", one of the most brilliant comic relief type of performances that one could think of.

    It's amazing how, on one hand, everybody feels like such a black and white cartoon figure, and on the other hand, like a real person.

    There's also Bobby Cannavale - the only one besides Robbie whose face you might remember easily from other movies or series - but his contribution seems wasted by the creative team behind the project.

    Cannavale has great presence and he's super charismatic as usual but the character has so little screen time and importance that it could have been replaced by voice-over or just let somebody mention him in passing. Sad.

    In fact, not making the most of the material is the only thing that I would call the weakness of the movie - and why I wouldn't give it even higher score.

    It's not that the storytelling is lazy but Cannavale is not the only thing that's been added to the story just to be thrown aside carelessly.

    For example, I find it most curious indeed that Tonya has four siblings but they get mentioned once and otherwise have zero participation in the story. It would be reasonable to show at least something about their lives, even if they were not part of Tonya's life.

    On the other hand, the storytelling is enriched by the inventive technique to sometimes speak directly to the audience even during the busiest of scenes, without losing the momentum or spoiling the atmosphere. Impressive use of breaking the fourth wall, as they say.

    I also love the production design - how the 1980-90's lower working class American dream looks like. As period pieces go, this is great work in its own right.

    All in all, I just loved "Tonya". There's a great number of movies aiming for sassiness and feeling energetic, but director Craig Gillespie and writer Steven Rogers have managed to raise these qualities to a new level, or at least to a league of its own.

    Judging by this movie, the old spiritual observation that being poor can make you more alive - living in constant need will make good things more vibrant and enjoyabble - seems 100% true.

    There's something irresistible about the atmosphere of "Tonya", all this mobile and restless energy just glues the attention on the screen.

    "I, Tonya" is nominated for 3 Oscars: Robbie as the actress, Janney as the supporting actress (she already won the Golden Globe for this) and the editing. All three seem award-worthy on their own, although the competition is strong in each category.

    So, I don't know what to tell you. Go see it, if you haven't already. It's captivating, always ertertaining and has a lot of punch. One of the more "alive" films of the year.

    Just like Harding at her prime, the authors have made most of their strongest materials and left some other bits hanging. But who's to whine if the result is so winsome!
  • Matt Greene10 February 2018
    I, Love, This, Movie
    I, Tonya treats the story of Tonya Harding as if you already know the punchline, and you probably do. It doesn't build up to the "incident" in climactic mystery-drama style, like some sort of "Memento on Ice". Instead, it focuses on correcting the public consciousness of an uncomfortably complex figure. It isn't a single-minded recreation or a myopic vision of an easy character. It's a celebration of the ethically grey, allowing the bigger truths to shine through the conflicting details. One of the most stylish, energetic, and hilarious films of the year, I, Tonya is a stone-cold scorcher. A biopic of Olympic-skater-turned-American-pariah Tonya Harding, we're given a fully-formed view of what made the superstar one of the most controversial people in sports, and one of the most compelling cultural characters ever. On simple filmic levels (perfect performances, fun long-takes, seamless ice skating cinematography), it's nearly impeccable. The film glides along gracefully, before repeatedly being hit by a baton of style, violence & unique honesty. Using conflicting first-hand accounts, recreated interviews and fascinating fourth-wall-breaking, it manages to make a ubiquitous news story an eye-opening experiment of stylish filmmaking. Not that the style is mindless pretension. All the kinetic editing and unique writing play into the real point: that truth is more complicated than heroes and villains. Harding worked hard, tried to dress the part, piled up the makeup to hide her bruises (both literal and figurative). Yet no matter how she changed her image, she couldn't change others' perceptions, or even the truth of who she was. She was human. She was complicated, and so was her story. And I, Tonya treats her with that respect, all while staying endlessly entertaining.
  • TheTruthDoor9 February 2018
    Amazing Movie...Unbelievable Acting....Brilliant!
    I saw "I, Tonya" last night because there was nothing else starting at the time. I am SO glad I did get to see it.

    What an amazing performance by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney. I cannot say enough about their acting. It was definitely OSCAR worthy.

    The plot, the cinematography, the script, the acting and the skating performances were all perfect....bordering on amazing.

    Margot Robbie is the real deal....she has some serious acting skills...way to go!

    And for the real Tonya....big hug from me!

    This is an amazing movie.
  • aldri-395768 February 2018
    Gripping but not really funny
    I, Tonya is a surprisingly good movie and much of the credit goes to Margot Robbie and Allison Janney who were both excellent. If you want to call this a "dark comedy" though I guess that would be alright but don't expect a lot of laughs. The humor is really in the storytelling, full of irony, plus the foul language and violence which is kind of taken to absurd, almost comedic levels.

    Anyway, Tonya is portrayed throughout as a fiercely combative woman who gives as good as she gets. She's no timid victim except perhaps when going up against her mom in the early years. You can infer what you will about that as it applies to the "the incident" as it is called. I mean, the real Tonya always seemed more sweet that prone to violence at least in public interviews. But if she is in reality anything like the Margo Robbie character, I would have to say that yes, she could easily have been complicit.

    But I liked this movie especially because of the way it contrasts the "two" Tonyas - Tonya while on the ice vs Tonya everywhere else in her life. The skating scenes were awesome (good music throughout, BTW), with Tonya's gracefulness and athleticism on full display. Everywhere else in her life though it was pretty much chaos, so the skating seems likely to have been an escape for her. This is reinforced in the movie by her relationship with her proper coach who is so very different from her mom you have to wonder if Tonya ever wished she actually had been her mom.

    Also, taking everyone back to your main character's childhood is a ploy that always works for me in movies in general (like in "Contact" etc). Its just something that inevitably causes tears to well somewhere along the line while evoking sympathy for your character.
  • eddie_baggins5 February 2018
    A bizarre true story that makes for a fun ride
    A story so bizarre it could only be true, the tale of Olympic figure skater and American cult figure Tonya Harding makes for one of recent memories most purely enjoyable and fast-paced experiences in Million Dollar Arm director Craig Gillespie's Coen Brothers like adventure of dumb criminals, talented sportspersons and dragon like mothers.

    A passion project that was instigated and spearheaded by its Oscar nominated star and producer Margot Robbie, I, Tonya quite clearly represents a product that was developed by a unified cast and crew and this pitch black comedy that deals with some fairly confronting and at times in your face issues of domestic violence and childhood traumas is an absolute blast to sit through.

    Capturing the time and place of Harding's upbringing in the late 80's, through to her rise to fame for the right and many wrong reasons in the early 90's, as her quest to become the number 1 in her sport took her down many dark and publicly prominent paths, Gillespie instils his film with a real sense of purpose that's heralded in by some committed and duly recognised performances from its main cast members.

    Shedding her image as a beauty of the screen, Australian superstar Robbie excels in her first legitimate headlining role and is utterly convincing as the rough and ready Harding.

    Tasked with inhabiting Harding as a teenager, a young twenty year old year and also in documentary like style as an older more life-worn version of the unfortunate soul, Robbie has with this role grown as an actress and showcased an ability to disappear into a role when the situation requires it.

    Surrounded by an hilarious Alison Janney as Harding's cold-hearted parrot loving mother LaVona Golden, Sebastian Stan in his best role yet as Harding's often detestable husband Jeff Gillooly and Paul Walter Hauser as Jeff's grotesque best friend Shawn Eckardt, I, Tonya has assembled quite the cast to elevate itself above the usual biopic fair, even if Gillespie's film can be accused of covering similar ground a few too many times as the runtime pushes on.

    Before finalising ones thoughts on I,Tonya, it would be remiss to talk about Gillespie's film without making special mention of Walter Hauser as wannabe criminal mastermind Shawn.

    One of the most memorable dumb criminals of recent memory, who isn't too far removed from a Walter Sobchak like figure of this story, many of I,Tonya's most laugh out loud and memorable moments stem from the sweaty presence of Shawn, who has a much higher opinion of himself and his abilities than he should ever have cared to conjure up. Each time his on screen, the laughs will follow and seeing real life footage of Eckhardt during the post-film credits sequence gives a you a real appreciation for just how good Walter Hauser is in his role.

    Final Say -

    I, Tonya is a real riot of a film, featuring an abundance of great performances and cast chemistry. Gillespie has crafted a truly original biopic that mixes in laughs, shocks and drama and while it at times loses some of its steam in the 2nd half of proceedings, when I, Tonya hits its groove, it's a rollicking good time.

    4 taped over Star Trek episodes out of 5
  • Kingslaay5 February 2018
    Not too bad, had higher expectations
    I, Tonya had its strengths and was a decent film.

    However it did not live up to its hype. The acting and performances are the strongest part of the film. Margot Robbie does a great job as Tonya Harding and fully immerses herself into Harding's troubled and spiraling out of control life. It was hard to not feel sorry for Tonya and the abuse was not easy to watch. It also had a great soundtrack.

    The film could have had more laughs, been better directed and definitely contain less reflections from their older selves. Nothing kills the flow of a movie than disjointed confessionals from the cast that added little value to the film. A critic called this film 'The Goodfellas of Figure Skating', it definitely is not and does not have the same caliber or quality attached to it. The biggest weakness is this film lacked flair or style to weave it all together. Overall decent but lets not kid ourselves its nothing to brag about.

  • rioplaydrum4 February 2018
    Not A Dull Moment In The House
    We have now come full circle with the life and times of the one and only Tonya Harding.

    I very much remember the actual footage and news stories and relentless pursuit of her movements.

    Tonya the champion. Tonya the conniving participant in evil deeds. Tonya the celebrity joke. Tonya the hated.

    The first half of the movie very efficiently converts the hard-scrabble world of Tonyas' daily beat-downs from a hell bent mother, well meaning but idiot husband, and a small collection of his single-digit I.Q. associates into palpable comedy.

    We actually receive guilt free laughs as Tonya and her husband Jeff pound on one another, delivering blood and bruises while shoving each other's heads through walls and shattering mirrors.

    The formula works, considering a lot of it probably did happen. Before this, I had no idea how deep her red-neck roots went.

    Imagine the Bundys from the old "Married with Children" TV show except with genuine violence, alcohol abuse, and firearms... you get the idea.

    The second half delves into mostly tangible drama as Tonya's world is permanently unraveled by bumbling, delusional fools who fancy themselves real live black-ops agents and 'cleaners'.

    As the buffoonery and drama fades into the end credits featuring footage of the real Tonya at work on the ice, your heart strings will be tugged on more than a little bit in hopes the once brief American Legend has found peace.

    And a big fat check in the mail.
  • Dominic LeRose3 February 2018
    Margot Robbie gives a ferocious performance that leads this stylish true story to greatness.
    After about two minutes into "I, Tonya" I knew it was a new kind of epic work of nonfiction. Director Craig Gillespie knows how to tell a true story. Instead of the "first I did this, then I did that" style of most biopics, Gillespie and writer Steven Rogers give this film a ferocious energy that hits hard. Margot Robbie's performance as former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding is legendary, one of the single greatest performances I've ever seen. She portrays Tonya perfectly down to the last detail, while also portraying a broken soul that allows us to sympathize with this historic figure. Allison Janney steals the show as her abusive, foul-mouthed mother who is wickedly funny and hateful. Tonya'a abusive husband, Jeff Gilooly, who was behind the attack on Nancy Kerrigen that put Tonya Harding under suspicion, is magnificent.

    "I, Tonya's" rich cinematic style and unique form of storytelling through mocumentary interviews is put together and edited beautifully. The ice skating scenes in particular are done impeccably. This knockout full-throttle true story hits harder than almost any film imaginable. The humanist performances full of rage and sorrow hidden behind a dark comedic undertone bring out a staggering amount of different emotions throughout the film, making "I, Tonya" a truly special achievement.
  • DesiBaba3 February 2018
    A dramedy that is neither a good drama nor a decent comedy.
    IMDB ratings suck. I don't want to waste time reviewing this, it was not worth the time even for a free ticket. The direction was poor and the lead actor was not a good match to play Tonya. Characters were totally caricatured and totally lacking depth and nuance. There is a scene towards the end, supposed to evoke some emotion from the audience, but it falls totally flat. None of the characters are likable or particularly relatable. Pity that such an interesting character was made it into a totally uninteresting movie.
  • punisherversion12 February 2018
    I, Tonya
    Warning: Spoilers
    I, Tonya: Directed by Craig Gilliespie and written by Steven Rogers.

    A biopic where the influence of Martin Scorsese is felt throughout every frame about disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding. The camera never stops moving. It doesn't make you ill as the gliding is smooth. The characters talk to the camera and it moves in and out of rooms. Music underlines scenes perfectly. It is easily the best Martin Scorsese style movie not made by Martin Scorsese.

    It brings you right into her story and you follow her as she trains and grows up. It works because of the performances. You're not seeing these actors. You see the people they represent. Their trials and tribulations are believable. It is showing a system set up baring down on Tonya from the very beginning. She wants to be who she is while competing in figure skating. People keep trying to change her to fit this mold that is uncomfortable for her as a person. At the same time, there is abuse flying in from all corners of her world. Her mother, the judges and especially and perhaps most brutally from her husband. He is the crux that brings about her downfall.

    She without a doubt pays for his sins over and over again. In order to make himself feel bigger and better, he resorts to physical abuse. She is a great skater. She has something in her life that makes her part of this upper echeleon of performers. He has none of that. He is a bit of a dim bulb. You really feel for her and what she goes through. It also makes you furious in a hindsight is 20/20 sort of way. She's smart and determined and dedicated. She should be able to leave all this insanity behind. Alas though she can not. Her mother is the first and final nail in the coffin for this woman.

    It is just a very well made film. It moves quickly and with purpose. It's funny in many ways that it probably shouldn't be. It is a solid movie. I give this film a B.
  • Troy_Campbell2 February 2018
    An entertaining (and unreliable) history lesson.
    U.S. Olympic figure skater and self-proclaimed redneck, Tonya Harding is anything but an ordinary figure in sporting history, so it makes sense that this biopic-based on "wildly contradictory" interviews, as we're told by the opening title card-is a rambunctious whirlwind of craziness. Framed by re-enacted interviews that quickly establish the inconsistencies between stories and the overall untrustworthiness of everybody involved, the film wears its artistic licence proudly on its sleeve. Some scenes are replayed from varying perspectives, whilst others brazenly break the fourth wall to emphasise the lack of dependability of the source; director Craig Gillespie never letting the (contested) truth get in the way of a good yarn. There's no shortage of filmmaking bells and whistles on display either, Gillespie ambitiously employs crash zooms, unbroken tracking shots and split screens, among other things, to give off that energetic Tarantino-esque vibe. Such brazen storytelling is hard to pull off-especially when trying to sustain it over two hours-so at times it feels like Gillespie is either in over his head or becoming a little too enamoured with his own flashiness, but never enough to derail proceedings. He's also blessed to anchor his movie with a knockout performance from Margot Robbie. De-sexy-fied with prosthetics and 80s hairstyle wigs, Robbie is spellbinding as the crude, tenacious and super-talented Harding, able to simultaneously elicit sympathy and scorn in a single scene. Playing out like a twisted comedy adventure, with a tinge of tragedy and pinch of crime thrown in for good measure, I, Tonya is one hell of a history lesson.
  • Special-K882 February 2018
    very good despite its questionable authenticity
    Shot in mockumentary-style comes this compelling biography of talented but controversial figure skater Tonya Harding, tracing her early days as a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who was pushed to excel at the one thing she was truly good at, as well as her tumultuous relationships with her husband and mother leading up to the infamous attack on "friend" and rival Nancy Kerrigan. Often tragic, often funny, how much of it is actual fact versus fiction we may never really know, but it's always involving and bolstered by believable scenes on the ice and faultless performances by its cast. Robbie perfectly embodies the central character in all of her permutations, Stan (primarily of Marvel fame) shows some profound acting chops as her "allegedly abusive" husband, and Janney is simply remarkable as her stern, indifferent mother. It may not be completely true to life, but it certainly entertains. ***
  • Christian Jahnsen1 February 2018
    A masterpiece
    I don't want to get too much into the Tonya Hardings / Nancy Kerrigan story, because that's not why I give this film a 10. It is because this is simply two hours that fly by! Everything about this film is top notch. The cinematography is brilliant. The soundtrack is possibly the best I've ever heard. The storytelling is fabulous, right up there with films like Magnolia. And then of course there is the acting. Stunning. Absolutely stunning performances by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney.

    I can recommend this film to just about anyone above the age of 18. A masterpiece!
  • Mac Brandes31 January 2018
    Gold Medal
    The trailer for I, Tonya was all I needed to see to want to watch this. Rarely when I have high expectations for a film do I end up really enjoying it. This wasn't the case here.

    I, Tonya is very well acted and directed. We all know the story. I re-watched the 30 for 30 ESPN documentary a week before seeing this to jog my memory. Like the doc, I Tonya leaves it to the viewer to decide whether Harding was involved in the crime or not. And that's the way it should be.
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