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  • Borislav Georgiev17 November 2016
    The brand was not so much the name of the previous show... The brand is this lot here making the best motoring show ever. Well done for Amazon who quickly managed to get them on board.

    Without any spoilers: It is exciting, it feels familiar - yet new. Thrilling might be right word, but again - even if you sit these three around a table and let them talk about cats for an hour - they'll surely deliver.

    I think what most viewers would be hoping for is a fair dose of craziness, but also exploring new heights.

    I am not being objective, but yet again, who is? If you loved TG then you'll love GT....

    Looking forward to seeing the trio do excitingly new challenges!
  • Mr_Piggles18 November 2016
    It's like MEGA BUDGET Top Gear.
    Imagine what would happen if the famous three were told by Amazon to do what they want and spend as much as you like - because clearly that's what happened here and the end result is AWESOME!

    Everything is Hollywood in scale and execution. From the writing to the action set pieces, it almost has a slight Michael Bay feel to it.

    All three presenters are on top form but Clarkson is clearly still the star.

    'So is it basically just like Top Gear?'I hear you say. And the answer is 'yes', but imagine Top Gear better than it's ever been. The only negative is no Stig. There is Stig-like replacement but it's just not the same.

    Otherwise, this show is off to an AMAZING start. Highly recommended.
  • Steve Garrington18 November 2016
    Grand Tour has delivered the goods!
    So there was nothing to worry about after all! After the kerfuffle surrounding the end of the three presenting TG at the Beeb, I honestly thought that wherever they went nothing would be the same again in the motor show universe.

    Well I am happy to report here that I was wrong, sorry let me write that again properly. I was WRONG! Yep it needed the capitals.

    Amazon threw a lot of money at GT, probably 10 times the budget that TG enjoyed and today there must be some very happy execs in that organisation. The show is at once familiar and different, Richard Hammond's boyish charm (my wife is happy), James May's nerdy appeal and Jezza's sardonic take on everything - all is as it was, but there is also an excitement to GT that TG lacked, a production value that exceeds anything that has gone before as far as a magazine show is concerned.

    I'm not going to go into any details, no spoilers here, but the whole show is spectacular, great cars, great music, great scenery and most importantly of all - great presenters. If you liked TG you are going to love GT!
  • evimchine25 November 2016
    (If you really are open to other views…) The chemistry has been forced to death.
    If you really are open to other views: I watched Top Gear since the 2002 reboot, and the two most fun elements were the specials and the chemistry between the believable characters.

    But when they realized this, they gradually tried to force it, resulting in it becoming more and more over the top. And in the end it just stopped being believable. Which means it stopped being fun.

    In The Grand Tour, they desperately tried to re-ignite that chemistry. (Jeremy says so himself.) But by now it has completely stopped being natural and believable, and is more like someone badly copying a caricature of a nostalgic memory. And all that's left is them looking like they're trying too hard. That's just not fun anymore. And that makes me disappointed and sad.

    The other problem that I have is that, given their apparently much bigger budget, having each episode be a special and then some would have been possible. But they just went on doing basically the old format. Which is rather wasteful, financially.

    Well, at least their mini-specials each episodes give a bit of joy. I still have hope. I'm just rather disappointed.
  • Chris30 November 2016
    Let's be honest, it really isn't good!
    Warning: Spoilers
    To start off, I am a massive Top Gear fan and have been for a long time. I can watch endless re-runs and never get tired of it. I was really excited to see what these three would come up with, given free reign.

    But boy was I disappointed. The show clearly has a massive budget and the production value is incredible as expected. In the first episode the hyper car segment was good. But the in studio (tent) stuff was just terrible. Everything feels extremely scripted, and not well scripted at that. Feels like the guys have lost all of their chemistry and it feels forced. The celebrity segment was a complete and utter waste of time. And drawn out to the max.

    The second episode was worse. The in studio stuff again was not good. Some good Jacob Zuma digs, but the rest was the same bad jokes as episode 1. But in episode 2 the SAS film was very long and dragged out. Everything just feels like a filler.

    I am extremely disappointed in the show thus far. Was expecting them to raise the bar with the GT, but at the moment it is nowhere near TG.
  • areatw18 November 2016
    The boys are back!
    At last - Clarkson, Hammond and May are back on our screens, and they're better than ever. Considering Amazon's budget dwarfs that of the BBC, you can imagine just how impressive the show is.

    They have managed to retain everything that was good about the old Top Gear, especially the humour and the chemistry between the three which made the old show the success it was. My biggest fear was that the new show would lose this and become too 'Americanised'. Fortunately, this hasn't happened.

    The camera work is phenomenal and the opening sequence was like something out of a movie. I also think the idea to take the show on the road is a nice touch. An incredible start - I already can't wait for next week's episode.
  • IgnatiusWacholder29 November 2016
    what a disappointment
    Warning: Spoilers
    Where to start. Well, i had big hopes for the show with the 3 beloved idiots. Now, after 2 episodes, my hopes were shattered. Why? Lets have a look inside, i will briefly point out the differences to the original show, or what the grand tour delivers (or not).

    • It is awfully scripted (so was Top Gear, but not that obvious)

    • The jokes mostly didn't work

    • Its less about cars and challenges

    • It doesn't have a tiny bit of the charm of the original series

    • The Grand Tour doesn't have the structure, it feels all over the place

    • None of the segments really stand out to make it a remotely good show (except for the holy trinity in episode 1)

    • It became so childish, even my immature mind cant comprehend such stupidity

    In fact, i feel robbed for going premium for this. Actually, all those 10/10 reviews show what is wrong with our society these days. Lets all jump on a random hype train and be blinded by a shiny pile of crap.

    I give it 2 out of 10, just for the cars and sometimes the cinematography. Sorry, i wanted it to be more.

    Ps.: Shouldn't Jeremy be named Jennifer by now?!
  • peteranddaphneforrest26 November 2016
    Dreadful episode two
    Warning: Spoilers
    After the excellent start made in episode one in the USA the trio came crashing to earth in episode two in South Africa. It was simply pathetic: motoring content was minor and almost coincidental, confined to one Clarkson review of the Aston Martin, the item on smoking tires was more relevant to a program on township culture (sic) and the 50% of the show on the SAS spoof in Jordan was far too long and self-indulgent. The opening banter was good and the jokes about Jacob Zuma very topical and clearly enjoyed by the South African audience. Who is the curmudgeonly version of Stig? He's very unfunny. There is also something significantly wrong with the test track which seems far too narrow and twisty to give the TV audience any impression of true speed. The trio really wasted the opportunity in South Africa: reviewing the huge range of vehicles in the game parks, racing the Blue Train in a hummer to avoid elephants etc. They made no real use of the location. If the next two episodes are as bad I'll be canceling my Prime subscription.
  • ByronicZero26 November 2016
    Top Gear: Supersized and Supershallow Edition
    Watching the Grand Tour is like watching a Hollywood pastiche of Top Gear.

    The show, in concept, is a great idea - and in practice should have been too. However, it comes out as bloated, Americanised and barely capable of holding your attention; or at least of providing your attention (and memory) with anything worth holding on to.

    Clarkson, Hammond and May have become aged sock puppets to what must be a roughly 95% scripted affair that sucks all of the life and fun out of the original format whilst spewing as much expletive content as possible to remind you that it is on the internet without the regulations of the BBC. The scripting itself is packed with crass, awkward and poorly written gags and dialogue that tries to imitate the natural but falls short in every way. Not to mention, the editing team have somewhat missed the point and, once again, have created a parodic American mash of the style of the original source.

    One of the redeeming factors is the larger budget, but even that feels wasted and wanton and - you guessed it - brimming with unnecessary American excess.
  • matthijsalexander18 January 2017
    The GRAND Rubbish
    Warning: Spoilers
    I used to be a fan, I used to love this show and surely elements of it I still love. But, this show has been beat up, rolled through the mud and punched in the groin by Hollywood.

    This show is forcefully funny. The guys are scripted too much, or simply have lost their touch. Hollywood has poisoned the Top Gear spirit. Explosions and exaggerations, scripted bits that are remotely funny. You can actually see the guys are like monkeys in cages, I really wonder if they are happy with the end-result.

    What makes no sense, the obvious points: 1) The American is not funny at all. That dude has no added value. Better for him to drive and 'hush. His repetitive nagging is seldom funny nor does it have added value. Very predictable, very stupid.

    2) Conversation street is useless and not funny at all. Forced and scripted conversation that barely produces laughs, nor is the subject matter interesting.

    3) The tent makes no sense. Why go anywhere and everywhere if 70% to 80%of the show is about, and filmed, somewhere else? Why not cover the actual place they are? In Stuttgart the whole episode is about driving in Scotland or in 'wherever' it is about some stupid project in the Caribbean. The latter a dreadful episode which wasn't informative or funny at all.

    4) Celebrity Crash, or whatever. Each show the same stupid gimmick. Here he is, oh no now he's dead. Once this was funny, twice this was slightly funny but doing the same thing every week.... didn't somebody figure this would be predictable? Perhaps, free advise, it would be nicer if a celebrity actually makes it, a week later one dies.

    Despite the horrendous torture by simplicity, I will continue to watch as, fair is fair, the car-bits are still interesting and from time to time it is funny. The battle-ship bit was genius.

    Above all....

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back the specials!!! Travel the world, keep it simple. Nature, Cars and British humor! Cut out the Hollywood element! Please!
  • Brandon Zarzyczny19 November 2016
    They're Back!
    It's amazing how well the trio slips right back into top form in the first episode of the Grand Tour. I loved the first episode, and I wish I could watch the rest of the season right now. This show is funnier than most of the comedies on TV, and it has to be one of the most gorgeous shows on TV, as they really spared no expense on the production values. They even have some excellent CGI showing how each hybrid engine works.

    The only things missing from Top Gear are the Stig, and the celebrity interviews. While this eliminates some of the excellent Stig jokes, they've replaced him with a named racer to perform time trials on their crazy new track. For the celebrities, they had a funny series of jokes about it, but honestly there's not much to miss.

    So overall, I'd recommend this show to everyone, but especially fans of humor, cars, and travel. I think I might have a new favorite TV show with The Grand Tour, and I can't wait to see the rest of the season.
  • Nathan Middleton29 November 2016
    Lost the plot
    Barely scraping through for a passing grade, the new series of The Grand Tour has not lived up to the hype. It seems to be running almost entirely on the popularity of the hosts and the blind following of the fans the accrued over at Top Gear.

    The series appears to be trying too hard to mimic what the new producers must feel made the old Top Gear successful. There's very little in the way of originality, and yet sadly the copies, just like a fake Rolex from Thailand, aren't of the same quality. The track is half rate and may as well have been a car park with cones. The new American test driver is a cringe worthy and unnecessary addition, who will no doubt run out of one-line stereotypes. The celebrity segment so far has been a pitiful excuse to just do some slapstick humour. Most importantly though, the car segments are no longer even about the cars.

    The show can hardly even be considered a car show, when the majority of the time is consumed by little skits that have nothing to do with cars, and even when cars are involved, we're told virtually nothing about them.

    It's no longer a show for petrol heads, and rather is now more like a talk show, where the entertainment comes exclusively from the hosts and the scripted skits, rather than from the cars, the challenges, and any kind of genuine chemistry.
  • Scots Loon1 December 2016
    Great show after a stumble on Episode 2. Bring back the celebrities on stage and in cars
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a great fan of Top Gear, I was looking forward to the Grand Tour. Episode one showed great promise. Superb intro and great selection of cars promised well of the future. Disappointing new test track and the new test driver is horrible. If they must have an American driver, get one with some charisma. Episode two got off to a good start with the AM Vulcan, but the Desert Stumble really was well named and some of the other slots seemed to lack the spark that these three used to show. I just hope the program can pick itself back up. The old TG did stumble a few times, but I cannot remember anything as bad episode 2 of GT. Maybe this is the strategy so that Episode 3 appears better.


    The above was written after episode 2 when I scored this a lowly 2/10. Since then, things have turned around and the remaining episodes were as good as the best they did for the BBC. The only thing missing is getting celebrities back on the show, talking to the presenters and driving 'real world' cars on a track. Surely the BBC cannot have exclusive rights to this concept.
  • mumia-127 November 2016
    TG is dead and this can't fill the void
    I didn't want to write off the grand tour after the first episode, so I waited until the second one dropped at least.

    Unfortunately it changed nothing. The shows looks like as if the producers gave completely free reign to the three clowns. And we get a barely legal ripoff of Top Gear.

    Don't get me wrong I loved them in Top Gear, almost every episode was brilliant.

    But this one is completely off the rails, and not in a good way. I felt embarrassed for the bad jokes and awkward punchlines while watching it.

    The chemistry between the three can't lift this show off the ground. It seems that they couldn't turn the humongous budget into a consumable show. Like the mobile studio which adds no value whatsoever. The viewer just sees the same interior all the time. And the guest car builder stood out like a sore thumb from the show's structure. And they only really had a few awkward words with him either way.

    The cheesiest part of the show is definitely the "American" they're throwing out age old clichés that don't seem even remotely funny. It's bad even as self irony.

    As far as the format goes it's too much like Top Gear, but it's nothing like Top Gear at the same time. In it's current state the show is not working.

    It seems that they're having a lot of fun while filming, but the end result is disastrous even after what seems extensive time in the editing room.
  • saxbytim18 November 2016
    The Grand Tour Is More Than What You Wanted!
    From the first trailer we knew this was going to be something worth watching. And it sure was. Clarkson, Hammond and May come back with this refreshing look and take on a car show. The backdrops to each episode look stunning and the guys are on a better form then they ever have been. I'm glad they left the BBC because it gave them time to create something new that was not going to dry out and become dull and also gave us time to get ready for something that will change the way TV is made. Thank you Grand Tour.Is this the same as Top Gear? No and yes. The shows format is altered but their is still a track and a racing driver, The American, who takes over from The Stig and The News is now Conversation Street. If you are hesitant about buying Amazon, you won't be disappointed.
  • somersetboy19 November 2016
    Wow! Sublime! Perfect! Provocative!
    I just watched an impressive, thoughtful, provocative, memorable, perfect first episode of the first season.

    I was not sure what to expect with the trio's new take on what they love to do the most. Actually it was imaginative and provocative enough to show that these three can come come up with the most watchable car programme on earth.

    The cinematography was better than anything I have seen before. Even better than the show they left behind at the 'Baa Baa See'! :)

    The picture quality was astounding. Whatever cameras and jigs they have used to film the show are probably the best equipment available. The overall visuals look spectacular and 'grand'. Smooth Amazon Prime streaming in proper HD gets credit for that too. Vibrant colours, smooth camera work and not the shaky vibrating car mounted cameras of yore. - Even in this department, it appears as though BBC has been beaten! Even the sound recording felt better. Now, sound recording is something BBC (Baa Baa See) used to excel in. Now, with an iPlayer that does not appear to play full HD and with a sound that feels compressed, Baa Baa See has unwittingly given these three guys an edge over their own sorry show. The audio playback was really superlative in Amazon Prime for what I was expecting for a streaming playback.

    Something dreary like a motoring show becomes so exciting with these three. I was completely expecting a few laugh out loud moments. What was actually there exceeded all expectations. I would expect more fun and more laugh out loud moments. I am totally spoilt. Would imagine that eventually, there will be scenes and episodes that sets new heights and standards. Is this a stunt show? Is this a motoring show? Is this a sitcom? Who knows. It is superlative fun: - That is what it is . I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season, as it looks like each episode may have its own unique flavour, because of the changing locations. Wow! Brilliant!

    ****Just this one show alone makes my Amazon Prime membership worth it****

    I have watched more episodes since this review and wanted to report back. Yes, this show is definitely mega fun and it looks like it has been a game changer for Amazon. I would now expect Amazon to throw even more money at not just Grand Tour, but to other potential programming. One the whole I am extremely pleased with Amazon streaming quality. After this, BBC's old version of Top Gear is probably dead. I still like BBC drama as they are more quintessentially British compared to current content on Amazon. I also think that Amazon should try stuff like Jools Holland doing takes on Songs, as an example. I do hope Amazon makes more strong stuff like this! :) Thanks for reading.
  • bannedguybe2 December 2016
    Simply irritating
    I wont waste much time reviewing this crap... To start i loved Top Gear back in the days, i was looking forward to seeing the TGT, but it came out stupid, childish & irritating as hell!

    Watched 3 episodes by now, every episode hoping for it to get better, it does NOT!

    To Start, That American aka the stig is utterly stupid, second : the humor is even lower than that of an 11 year old kid,

    And ALWAYS 1 of them must do something very annoying trough the entire episode, for example the muscle car Richard used in episode 3.

    conversation street is stupid as well.. that 'test track' or as i call it an old potato field is stupid and its not a real test track, i don't expect an air field but rather something decent "The star" in every episode dies, how funny... NOT! its the most stupid idea.

    And many other things i can talk about but like i said, ill keep it short

    Also i don't understand the 9.6/10 rating on here.. its maybe worth a 6/10 in total.

    my score is 1/10 because it irritates me. I wont pay to see another season of this!

    (Sorry for my badly written English, I'm a dutch guy :p)
  • David P. Dorman26 November 2016
    Grand Tour's "The American" driver is an insult to US fans
    It is hard for me to believe that Amazon condones "The American" as representative of any motorsport driver in the United States or Grand Tour's fan base.

    I thought he was just a temporary joke in Episode 1, but I could not finish watching Episode 2 due to his insulting and vulgar performance.

    How could Amazon who has an outstanding record of being sensitive not to offer offensive products for sale, showcase such a negative stereotype as a typical NASCAR driver for their new show?

    If this continues in the next episode Amazon can count on me to immediately cancel my 18 year account with them.
  • dfarry1 December 2016
    9.5 Seriously?
    How Grand Tour can be rated by users at 9.5 is beyond me.... I like cars, I don't mind the presenters and Amazon have clearly thrown a lot of money at this but come on it's nothing special. Some of the finest, most classic feature films ever made don't get a rating above 9. But interestingly I notice that IMDb have the same looking login page as Amazon.... hmmmmm, I'd like to think IMDb was not biased?? Anyway the latest episode, the training ground episode in Jordan was just unnecessarily long, I had to force myself to carry on watching. I hope the show starts to focus more on motoring than pointless tasks that centre on the presenters.
  • MR STEVE COGGER26 November 2016
    What a shame
    Seems Andy Wilman has tried to turn the trio into actors....and they simply are not. The brain crash scene is just ridiculous and not at all entertaining for a home viewer. Is this really not a car show anymore? It feels more like car crash TV at time as the staged gags are just not funny. Repeated scenes rewinding with subtle differences over and over and over again just feels like padding....not action packed content that viewers have paid a premium for. What happened to the kind of epics we used to love touring Vietnam or Africa or the poles? ....please tell me this show is not just setting up a tent in different places and presenting from it. Really disappointed so far...honestly think Matt le-blanc and Chris E did a better job on TG for a quarter of the budget.
  • kenniechristensen2 December 2016
    Not the same..
    Top Gear was always scripted. The hosts have always been petulant children. The acting has always been bad and obviously so.. they've managed to take that to a all-new level, a American one. Every single scene feels fake and as if it's the 3rd or 4th take of said scene we're seeing. Nothing feels genuine or natural, including the chemistry between the hosts, and so it ends up feeling like heavily scripted and instructed reality-TV (barf!).

    The show is now pandering to stupid people, children and Americans, all of whom shouldn't be allowed to drive anyway.

    One could say "Well, it isn't TopGear, it's the Grand Tour" - and you would be right. But that doesn't change the fact that it was exactly what they marketed it as, TopGear come-again.. and it's still fake, and honestly just horrid.
  • iqroopsekhon27 November 2016
    It made me write a review !!!
    I rarely, ever write reviews for anything. But, having been a fan of Top Gear Since the 1990's I was just mortified at the sheer piece of bullshit that these people have created. I was fine till the first episode and gave the benefit of the doubt to the producers for not getting it right. But, the second one was just horrific. It was not about cars at all, it was about three old dudes trying desperately hard to act funny and failing at it miserably. The last half hour was just a pain. If any of the producers are reading this, then please, please, please do something about it. Otherwise this rating of 9+ won't stay there forever. To add to your woes, I believe the Top gear (new anchors) was far better in their first 2 episodes. The only thing carrying you guys was you fan following, thats it !!!
  • anirog30 November 2016
    Embarrassingly awful
    As a huge fan of the Clarkson, May and Hammond top gear, I was like many of us really looking forward to The Grand Tour, I'm afraid to say I am totally disappointed with this reincarnation. One of things I most enjoyed about TG was the specials the challenges and the guests, why didn't they spend the huge budget Amazon provided them with on producing these? instead we are untreated to overly long segments of what can only be described as filler television, in episode 2 they spend about 15 minutes basically just repeating the same not very funny joke in which James May gets killed trying to reach a get away car, it was like being in groundhog day, I actually felt embarrassed watching it. Terrible television.
  • Joseph Hood2 December 2016
    Boring,long winded, same gags
    I was a fan of the old show, I expected too much perhaps of Grand tour. Recycled jokes, forced bon Amie and the elephant in the room very little about cars. Episode three of Grand Tour a passing comment made about a British comedy 'last of the summer wine' three old bumbling gifts in their twilight years repeating lame punchlines in every one of the 10 million episodes to the delight of the senile audience, well I think it's hard to distinguish them apart as Clarkson, May and Hammond wryly smiled as I think they do too.

    Be honest with yourself and admit the show has hit rock bottom, let's hope like an alcoholic who does the same they'll seek help for this spluttering diatribe.
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