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  • marinoceccotti16 February 2018
    An effective collection of clichés
    I've only seen the first three episodes. I love it ! So, yeah, it reminds of so many other series based on the same plot : Twin Peaks, Stranger things, Fortitude, Top of the lake, The Killing, etc.

    A closed community, an oppressive feeling of confinement, someone has disappeared; a gruesome murder has been committed, a bunch of weiiiird locals with unclear backstories that will unfold gradually, daaark (very daaark) forests, caves, some paranormal stuff, a government (here, a nuclear power plant) conspiracy. And, oh yes, a mad scientist. And another one, but a good one.

    Filming is very good. I pray god the sun will never shine ; It would destroy the daaark atmosphere. Acting is average. I watch the series in German with eng subs. Being French, it adds up to the eerie feeling you get watching this kind of show at midnight alone.

    All this is cliché as cliché can be. Can't wait to see the rest of it.
  • rupambs16 February 2018
    Excellent....too good..emphasizing,dark.The BG score, the retro 80's treatment and pop songs are strong reminiscent of Stranger Things and watching a German show depending solely on the English subtutles, first made me cringe if I should go on with it. But at the end of E1, I wanted to check out E2 just to get a hint of things and then E3, until I realised that I am actually binging on the series. Yes, its that good and for sci-fi lover
  • Bosonator15 February 2018
    A worthwhile commitment for one season... perhaps not a second
    You'll probably hear that it's slow to get going, but is very good once it does. That's true. But I'll warn that it opens *a lot* of interesting threads, then only ties up a small fraction of them... to the point where it risks being unsatisfying. It promises a lot to entice you to follow the MASSIVE ensemble cast into season 2... but me personally, I'm not sure I'm willing to do the work to go that much further.
  • cristi-na14 February 2018
    Love it
    Beautiful photography and acting. The location for this is breathtaking and terrifying at the same time, I loved the way this feels like a horror story but nothing REALLY scary happens. It also made me think about how we live and what would it be like if this was real. Anyways can't wait for season 2
  • JaikrishnaVS14 February 2018
    Spine-tingling, gripping and one of the best takes on Time Warp.
    Warning: Spoilers
    If Netflix ever were a Football Club, they would easily annihilate every single one of their opponents and would owe that all to their ridiculously good scouting network. The gems they unearth and produce around the globe is truly awe inspiring. It was only logical that I followed up Bright with Dark. Dark , for me, is the best ever mystery series to deal with time warp and the paranormal/supernatural. It obviously has to be if you end up binge-watching a series till 6 in the morning. Yet, the Season conclusion left me with more questions than answers (I hate it when the makers do that). We would have probably paused a hundred times in between all that to discuss and digest what we had just seen. Blink and you miss something significant.

    The series begins with the Einstein quote 'The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion' and from then its all an illusion. The story surrounds the disappearance of young kids (too many of them these days - The Five , Broadchurch, Stranger Things. et all ) from a German town Winden and a young father commits suicide leaving his son Jonas Kahnwald with no answers. Ulrich Nielsen, the cop father of the young boy Mikel who goes missing, Charlotte Doppler the police chief & Hannah Kahnwald, the wife of the 'young father' form the crux of the story which spans over 3 periods - 2019, 1986 and 1953. This is pretty much all that I could give in summary without going into any of the spoilers and this is where i leave it.

    Everything from the direction, cinematography, locations, BGM, story and characters are all top notch. The makers Baran bo Odar, and Jantje Friese takes you along on a ride that you wish never ended and at the same time gave you at least some of the answers to the million questions that formed in your head while watching the series. To summarize, it's a masterpiece from Germany and if you can look beyond the obvious flaws of a some of the dialogues that were lost in translation, while dubbing and the ridiculously irritating open-ended season conclusion, you are in for a thrilling experience.
  • sdisnie28 February 2018
    Dark, Suspenseful, gripping
    If it weren't for all the other good reviews I never would have given this show a chance, but after reading the reviews I thought I would give it a try as I trust my fellow IMDb reviewers :) Personally I love anything that has to do with time travel and while it does go back and forth between 1953, 1986 and 2019 they make it pretty easy to figure out which year it is and the fact that the characters look so close in relation to their different ages helps a ton, not to mention the few times the show will put each characters profile on the screen together so you know who is who. It also helps to go onto Wikipedia to get a good sense of the families lineage. Since I'm overly Americanized, I am not too familiar with German films but I have to say these actors are pretty good and I came to really love their characters......The only thing that keeps me from giving it a full 10 score is the fact that it is a German movie therefore Netflix adding the voice overs was really difficult for me. Again, if it didn't get such good scores I would never have been able to continue watching as I have a tendency to watch lips when people talk and you cannot do that in this film at all. It's terrible and sometimes the voice overs are too flat and not fully matching up with the characters reactions. My only comment is if they are going to add these films to the American line up, please do better at the voice over actors because it makes it super difficult to follow along!
  • sanduljayakody7 February 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of my favorite shows of all time. Its so cool how it all connects, How they constructed it and mostly because its different from other tv shows where we see a "Hero" ,to see failure at the end of a season was just what i wanted although in the future seasons would turn out different. It was so great. Soooo exited for season 2. Cant Wait
  • Tainá Muniz (tuttiane)5 February 2018
    Great show.
    It's very clever how the show reveal itself, how you begin to understand characters background, I just couldn't stop watching. I was left with many unanswered questions. I am looking forward next season.
  • tuufft2 February 2018
    Just the way it's made is amazing, the music, scenery, everything. Reminds me, and obviously a lot of others, about Stranger Things. I just love it.
  • Kai l1 February 2018
    Plot twist: Religion
    This series' target audience are members of one specific religion and it's painfully obvious towards the end.
  • ali-najafyi31 January 2018
    sad pathetic attempt to mimic the Stranger Things
    Ok, considering the success of Stranger Things, why wouldn't some other show produced by Netflix try to go down its pass? Well, as it turns out, when the writing and acting and directing is bad, it becomes a sub-average show. The story revolves around a small city, near a nuclear plant. And mysterious thing happens! I mean, come on!! It is so slow, the characters are so underdeveloped, the dialogues is so immature, the music is so terrible that it makes the watching experience torturous. The story and logic behind it is full of holes, there are so many moments that all the problems can be solved but the writers come up with unbelievably dumb twists to extend the story. The show, takes itself and the logic behind peculiar events waaaay too seriously. I couldn't believe that so many people rated it so high! These ratings show how shallow people's expectation from TV shows are! really sad.
  • Mac Brandes31 January 2018
    Well Done
    Dark is a very well done sci-fi drama series. Be prepared though, it challenges its viewers with it's endless characters list and story lines. The slow burn wasn't an issue with me at all. Really hope they do a second season.
  • pennywoman-5010930 January 2018
    Intelligent and intriguing ! Thought provoking!
    Actually already wrote a comment, but I have to another comment on this show! Also, others like this. I love a story that draws me in. Into the characters syoryline, when u can feel what feelings are being portrayed! I have noticed when ppl think a show is to slow, empathy is involved, also thought! A show that makes u think and gives u time to explore those thoughts as it goes. These are the shows that get cancelled ! Today, it's CGI and fast paced TV . If ppl have to think, it's not welcome and doesn't last long! This is a sad fact that I hate! I always think I could write some storylines for this!, I'm putting this out there for the ppl who agree with this statement and the ones that don't!
  • pennywoman-5010929 January 2018
    Intriguingly Dark! I'm going more "Black Mirror"
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, as we al, know ,Black Mirror took way to long to come out. I needed a fix. It's interesting because when I saw the preview for this, I thought it was a preview for an episode for season 4. Which actually makes sense! There were so many twist. Even better, a"mini serires". Hopefull,y Netflix does decide to renew another yr! It has so many more places to go! I actually watch it 3 times then posted it on Instagram and ppl have also loved it!

    I love that we are going through the 33yr time spans and that the lives of so many families have become intertwined!I loved the dreary look of the scenes! Everything has a cloud ovver it! The ppl are depressed. The actors did an amazing job! I love when I feel like I can slip into the role of every character easily! This is seriously impressive because it wss translated in English for me, but I didn't feel like I was watching a translated show! It seemed like just a few families were intertwined for most of it. Then, as it goes u see that the whole town is intertwined! I love that they got rid of the bodies in other time spans. Making it more difficult for investigators! Smart!.Yes, it may seem slow to some, but I found myself wanting more! Where the story ends makes it a perfect set up for another season! PPL stuck in past, others propelled into thd future Which is why I would love it to be reknewed! Windows
  • Ahmet Kozan29 January 2018
    One of the most successful series I've seen in recent years!
    The show can be rather slow and can often feel like it's going to take the approach of lost leaving questions unanswered, but it does all lead somewhere and it's an intriguing time travel thriller/mystery with some amazing performances. The show drags at times but the script and the actors more than make up for it.

    One word of caution though. Do not watch the English dub. It's terrible. It feels like amateur, emotionless actors reading a script for the first time. If you're not watching the original German dub then you're doing yourself a massive disservice.

    Was really surprised to see critics giving it such low scores and comparing it to Stranger Things. I don't see any connection or reason to compare it to Stranger Things. The closest I can come up with is that is reminds me of the eerie feeling of Donnie Darko. It's totally a high end series which can compete with some other Netflix shows.

    The pace and jumps between story arcs is excellent. I was hooked from the beginning to end. 9/10
  • sydneymark-0100929 January 2018
    Mind bending Sifi mystery
    This series is very well made all round, writing,editing,location acting and the casting that is often to good.The use of a remote control and pause /rewind functions are essential. I watched it the first time and am now planing on watching it again as I know I missed some of the connections I know I saw the first time. As a piece of advice, binge and don't have any distractions as your full attention is required.
  • rupambs23 January 2018
    dark gritty seatbounding
    The best sci-fi ever seen... it has its own artistisity and subtlety
  • rza-3468923 January 2018
    very good series
    Very good series. and episod 1 great starter series
  • kulkarnimithil22 January 2018
    Series of the year...
    Best cinematography,best background score,easily a german masterpiece 10/10...
  • Yasharth Choudhary21 January 2018
    Good cinematography, that's all this show has going for it. Poor soundtrack selection, shallow and cliched plot. Becomes more disappointing as you watch more episodes.
  • Yasharth Choudhary21 January 2018
    Good cinematography, that's all this show has going for it. Poor soundtrack section, shallow and cliched plot. Disappointing.
  • iuditapretty20 January 2018
    Superficially made and poor acting.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Kept on watching the first 3 episodes hoping for a change when everything just went very monotone. Right in the beginning I thought that it was going to be a good tv show when the disappointment started to come from the half of the first episode. 'Dark' is a very non-sense, having also included lots of cliché scenes. Most of the actors don't play very well. The storyline itself has a lot of scenes that reminded me of Stranger Things. It is awful, don't watch it!
  • OnlyNick20 January 2018
    It's Creepy, It's Mind Blowing, It's Dark
    In short: Based in the town of Winden, Germany (a real town, but fictional in this case...more on that in a minute), a child goes missing, then another, then another. A dead boy suddenly appears, partially buried in the forest, but not one of the missing. Birds are falling from the sky, almost at random, dead before they hit the ground. Electrical disturbances, strange sightings, sheep falling dead in their pasture with blown-out eardrums...all of this seems familiar. Deja-vu perhaps, or caused by the nuclear power plant? Maybe something supernatural? Many are convinced the plant is responsible.

    The first few episodes of Netflix 's original series from Germany begin to build the characters, a little bit about each as the story moves along. The narrative will become clear soon enough. To build something great, it takes time. Give this series two episodes to build the suspense, it will be well worth it.

    Some people compare "Dark" to "Stranger Things." I wouldn't go too far with that opinion. Part of the story happens in 1986, but also in two other time periods. Comparing the two shows would do neither justice. If you need to compare, they are both great. That's it.

    Unlike "Stranger Things'" Hawkins, Indiana, Winden is a real town. However, according to series director Baran bo Odar and writer Jantje Friese, "Dark's" Winden is a mashup of the small German towns that they grew up in around the time of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

    TWO things you'll LIKE about Dark: 1) This is a complex show with a lot going on, pay attention because the characters are intricate, full of emotion, and every little thing they do affects everything and everyone else around them; 2) It's binge-worthy and you can probably watch the whole first season over a weekend (10 episodes, roughly 50-minutes each).

    TWO things you'll DISLIKE: 1) The English dubbing is horrible. Watch the original German version with subtitles if you can. If you don't care about poor English dubbing (voices that really don't suit the actor or character, and poor inflection), then by all means watch it. With the subtitled version, you may need to watch it twice to catch the things you missed (visually) while reading the subtitles. 2) If you're not used to foreign made productions, "Dark" may seem a little "off", if not unorthodox, and thus of no interest to you. (However, this is the exact reason why many enjoy foreign made movies and TV shows. It's different.)

    It's twisted. It's creepy. It's scary. It's awesome. It's genius. It's haunting. It's mind-blowing. It's DARK.
  • Aadi Anil18 January 2018
    The Best Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller TV Series Till Date.
    Although widely compared to Stranger Things, Dark is in every aspect different from Stranger Things in every way possible. It is almost better and more enjoyable than Stranger Things in many ways. This German thriller is one of the best Mystery Thriller TV Series ever. It's amazing plot and several timelines in the plot makes it go from confusing to more of interesting. Green flagged by Netflix, I hope it gets the wider acclaim not only for its awesomeness, but also for its wonderful direction, soundtrack and acting portrayed by the cast. Waiting for an amazing season 2.
  • anasofiagrunge18 January 2018
    one of the best shows ever
    Beautiful photography, really interesting and intriguing plot and really good actors.
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