Mike White and Miguel Arteta's third film together, having previously made Chuck and Buck (2000) and The Good Girl (2002).

The movie features music from Mike White's previous TV series Enlightened (2011), which also had episodes directed by Miguel Arteta.

Connie Britton and Chloe Sevigny have both starred in American Horror Story: Britton in season 1, and Sevigny in seasons 2 and 5.

The movie features the song "Canción de las simples cosas", originally performed by the Argentinian musician César Isella, but performed by Salma Hayek for this film.

Beatriz says she's from a town 'north of Acapulco' where there are mangroves (manglares). But Acapulco is on the south coast, and there's not a single mangrove between here and the north pole.

Jay Duplass and Amy Landecker both co-star in the Amazon Original TV series Transparent (2014)