Olive Byrne: [From trailer] A comic book, Bill?

William Moulton Marston: Well, it's perfect. I'm going to inject my ideas right into the thumping heart of America. I mean, I'll get a real artist to draw it properly.

Elizabeth Marston: She's an Amazon princess that lives on an island of all women?

William Moulton Marston: Paradise Island.

Elizabeth Marston: And a man crash lands on the island.

William Moulton Marston: Yeah. Steve Trevor, the spy.

Olive Byrne: And she wears a burlesque outfit?

William Moulton Marston: Well, it's athletic!

Olive Byrne: And silver bracelets.

William Moulton Marston: They deflect bullets.

Elizabeth Marston: And all her friends in Harper's Barzaar are sorority girls who have spanking parties and everybody fights Nazis and rides in an invisible plane?

William Moulton Marston: Yes.

[Elizabeth and Olive try not to laugh]

William Moulton Marston: What?

Elizabeth Marston: Bill. We love you, truly but nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart, nobody will ever publish this.

Elizabeth Marston: How are you going to learn anything at all about life if you refuse to live it?

William Moulton Marston: She is beautiful, guileless, kind, and pure of heart. You are brilliant, ferocious, hilarious, and a grade A bitch. Together, you are the perfect woman.

Elizabeth Marston: He respects me. He loves me. And he's never boring.