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  • devastationfilms117 February 2018
    Nothing more than a vessel for political propaganda
    Typically, if a show is really hyped up...assume your friends are idiots, because typically they end up being trash.

    For starters, this show is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. And that's coming from someone who LOVES the show 'Brickleberry.' This show is simply an attempt to push a political agenda. Nothing more. They take literally ANY opportunity to inject politics into it...I mean, come on... We get it.

    Now, I love crude humor, but there has to be actual HUMOR. On top of all isn't even funny, which is rare for Nick Kroll. At the end of the day, if you love political propaganda (which, isn't entertainment supposed to be an escape from reality?...) then you'll love this show. However, if you're a NORMAL person who hates politics, do yourself a favor and avoid this garbage.
  • Doug Burr7 February 2018
    Don't believe any of the hype, this show is terrible. It is not funny and it is completely disgusting. I have a high threshold for watching graphic sex and violence, but, this made me cringe. It is kind of like they have tried to make American Pie type raunchy sex comedy, but, the characters are about 5 years younger than they should be. There is also tons of SJW propaganda. I hate this and I never want to watch it again. For your own good avoid it like the plague.
  • alejandra-huggins29 December 2017
    A Relatable Comedy
    Yeah, some scenes are a little gross or disturbing but you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't think any of it was relatable. Its a unique cartoon that hits on really important aspects of puberty that most people don't like talking about.
  • Dr John Smythe28 December 2017
    Is this Pedophilia?
    This is an adult cartoon series featuring underage characters - tweens - not even teens!

    It is full of sexual content.

    How else can this truly be described than pedophilia!?

    This would be banned and the public outrage would be astronomical if it included real actors of the purported ages, so why is it acceptable if they are representative?

    I know full well, sadly, that many will wail and gnash their teeth at reading this, but they must step back and try to think about what the purpose and intent of content such as this is.
  • ktmimpreza27 December 2017
    its F*ckin terrible......
    Its sucks.. its really that it..try it out.. its terrible..
  • borjamestre22 December 2017
    Wise Monsters
    Big Mouth it's a show that is more than just funny show. This show explains how hormones, in form of monsters, affect our decision making. I find fascinating how lines that the monster has can be so accurate. Girls seem to find it accurate too, which leads me to the next question, can these monsters help us to understand each other and finally be able to break in into the understanding of women?
  • deeduh-king20 December 2017
    Love this show
    This is a good show. The characters are well fleshed out, the writing is sharp and witty, and there is a nugget of reality or truth in every joke. The writers of this show clearly remember the awkwardness of puberty, which makes the characters and story lines easy to relate to. Almost instantly, you find your favorite characters (I have two: Lola, and the Hormone Monstress). Watching this show made me remember my first kiss, my first high school party, buying my first bra -- just growing up in general. Maurice and Connie (the Hormone Monsters) are great representations of how hormones influence our behaviors and experiences during our adolescence. Can't wait for season two!
  • lmndalton17 December 2017
    It's Worth Giving a Chance
    The Short List: Not Appropriate for Kids (Nudity and Profanity) Not for Everyone (Crude and Dark Humor) Very Progressive (Well Represented Cast) Pushes the Boundaries of Comedy

    In Detail: Big Mouth won't likely appeal to all people because it has a very raunchy sense of humor because it's topic relates to puberty and sexual attraction. That being said if you are an adult you definitely give Big Mouth a chance. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well represented the cast is and the fact that it touches on topics like female sexuality, child abuse and broken homes in both humorous and reasonably respectable ways.

    I'm not a fan of Nick Kroll usually but I really appreciated this shows heart and humor and might give his future projects a chance if he keeps up the quality of work that he did here in Big Mouth. I highly recommend watching this show but if you do not like it within the first two episodes it is likely not for you.
  • sophie-1749515 December 2017
    The first couple of episodes I watched kind of made me cringe and consider not watching anymore but I love all the voice actors involved so I gave it another go. I binge watched the rest of the episodes in one night and got in the groove and found it to be hilarious. Sure, there are parts that are so raunchy and wrong that it I cringed, but that's part of the appeal, right? It captures so perfectly how you felt during that own time in your life that even if you have tried to block it out, you'll remember your own puberty days. I really, really appreciate that the writers included the female experience at the same level as the male experience. Often shows lack a female perspective around these topics and to see it here was refreshing.
  • Daniel Martinez8 December 2017
    awful and confusing
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a fan of a lot of humor, and I enjoy the fascination of the Life as a Teenager, considering I am one. But there is something about Big Mouth that makes it feel lacking than a show. This show has got to be awful, not for Teen standards, but for all the reasons. The animation in this show is bland and ugly, these backgrounds or scenery have no charm and give a boring vibe. But the characters and animations are what get me. It feels terrible with how these figures move, talk, or just stand there. Sometimes they make me feel creeped out with the way they stare. These stories and plots of episodes hardly make sense as the writers and actors reflect on their own childhood experiences when reaching puberty. Despite the fact that these episode's focus can be absurd for being based on Teen Dilemma that just leaves me wondering. The characters and people are just screaming clichés and poorly written. I hate them all, they're either obnoxious, dull, barely noticeable, or just annoying. The voice actors are supposed to be kids around young teen and tween ages, although they sound like full grown men and women that doesn't make a little sense. The Humor is all over the place, it tries to feel centered to teens but just makes puns and quips to figures I think oblivious teens wouldn't understand. With that and the stories, it feels unbearable and a terrible mess. This show tries to be something different and somewhat special, but it feels run-down earning praise that doesn't even work. People say this is a whole new direction of mature animation. but this show is instead of a rehash that copies other mature cartoon shows with the same premise of growing teens who swear and do stupid things, like getting a pillow pregnant.

    I honestly don't recommend this bad show, go watch something else.
  • bobbycastro22 November 2017
    If you are a parent, you should let your kid watch something else
    If you are a parent, you should let your kid watch something else because

    Other shows have done this show in a more tasteful manner like South Park, Rick and Morty, the Simpsons This show has rules with the monsters that don't make sense. Also the structure and animation are horrible. This show is like my review. It repeats itself, it creates characters that add nothing to the show and the plot just kind of feels like one big run on sentence.

    People who like this show probably have just gotten bored with other, better shows. If you're watching this for that reason you should probably stop watching so much TV.
  • Sam_Du_Gi18 November 2017
    as reviewed by Gary the Squirrel
    Warning: Spoilers
    just saw that Big Mouth. on Netflix. it's disgusting. the show's stupid. the animations sucks. Duke Ellington shows up, it's a travesty. a kid impregnates a pillow, it's dumb. it's disgusting. everyone involved with this should be on a CIA watch list. should be called 'ew, the TV show'.
  • fauraxplayz4 November 2017
    great show
    Warning: Spoilers
    Parents need to know that Big Mouth is an animated comedy series that focuses on a group of teens who are obsessed with sex. They talk constantly about bodies, body parts, different types of sex, masturbation, orgasms, and many other sex-related topics. Expect cartoon nudity -- including male full-frontal -- kissing, and sex, as well as a realistic and sympathetic look at sexual development. There's frequent cursing and language, too, with plenty of sexual words: "f--k," "s--t," "p---y," "c--t," "ass," "damn," "hell," "jerk off," "sucks," "d--ks," "balls," and "jizz." Characters tell each other to "shut up" and engage in mild fights where they push each other. A set of married parents overshares graphically, talking about their own sex life, sexual history, and desires in a way that embarrasses their son deeply. Some jokes talk about drugs and alcohol: A character refers to a friend who died of a heroin overdose. While this show is about young teens, it's pretty mature and pretty raunchy -- older teens who are post-puberty will probably be a better audience.
  • smugplatypus30 October 2017
    Very good, genuinely made me laugh.
    A lot of the reviews (early on) on this show are rather harsh and overly bigoted in their opinion of say the art style for example (I know these are the same people who gave Rick & Morty 10 stars).

    I believe this show is extremely refreshing in a time where this genre of cartoon is relatively saturated. The show is not very comparable to the likes of Bob's Burger's or Family guy, however the Hormone Monster (male) reminded me a lot of Rodger from American Dad (my favorite character), so it does share similarities with characters from other popular cartoons.

    Overall, I think this show has a lot to offer to watchers who get a laugh from stupidity mixed with sarcasm and well-wrought humor.
  • saxyandiknowit29 October 2017
    Bizarre, Surreal, Foul, and Genius.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hearing about this show, I was expecting nothing more than a "Family Guy" style raunchy animated comedy, relying solely on shock humor and cheap shots. To my complete surprise, Big Mouth turned out to be a very clever, funny, and oddly heartwarming series. The show is full of foul and shocking humor, don't get me wrong, but what makes it funny is that none of it is gratuitous. It's simply taking a bizarre and humorous look at the realities of life and puberty, that any adult can relate to. The characters are all surprisingly three dimensional, and they're easy to love and watch despite some of their downfalls. None of them are perfectly good, but all of them have something you can sympathize with. I was also surprised with the very clever self-referential humor- the show is constantly breaking the fourth wall in creative ways, and the references to Netflix remind one of the days when the Simpsons would reference Fox, and it was actually clever and witty. The running gags are also surprisingly well done- the way people have to keep telling Jay to stop quoting his dad's law commercials gets funnier and funnier as the show goes on, and can even be heartbreaking at times. Big Mouth is a very sweet and smart animated comedy, and for once, actually feels fresh and original. Check it out as soon as you can.
  • Ersbel Oraph28 October 2017
    it might have been wonderful back in the 1980s
    it might have been wonderful back in the 1980s when Madonna was taking a stand on sexuality. Maybe it would have still been relevant back in the 1990s. Still, these disgustingly ugly cartoons, are at least 3 decades late. of course, no boundary is passed. the wimps keep it clean. just words. not very well acted.

    Contact me with Questions, Comments or Suggestions ryitfork @
  • shroomsonacid25 October 2017
    Big Crap
    Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly, I feel like the creators of this show were the ones that had to have given this show 10 stars because this show gave me the feeling of losing brain cells. Now don't get me wrong I'm into stupid humor like South Park and Rick and Morty but when it got to the point to where a girl started talking to her own vagina I stopped watching and started reevaluating my life choices. If there are any jokes in this show the writers really need to look up the definition of comedy because literally nothing was funny to me. I don't even think a 12 year old boy would find this funny. Furthermore, this show portrays boys to be literally disgusting and will give you the idea that masturbating is all they think about 24/7. Now I'm not a boy so I don't if that's true but good grief its just ridiculous. I cannot remember the character's names, the episodes are not entertaining, and the a lot of the characters in this show are irritating. For the life of me, please do not watch this show. Watching paint dry will be more entertaining.
  • ccsk-8513524 October 2017
    Honestly, this show is great
    Listen, I was very hesitant about this show at first. A few weeks ago my boyfriend told me that he tried to watch "the new puberty cartoon on Netflix", but couldn't because the character design was so ugly. I decided to watch the show later that day while I was lounging around, fully planning to just fall asleep.

    As of today, I have watched the entire show three times, and I am absolutely thrilled that they announced a second season.

    Yeah, the characters are ugly as sin. But this kind of Bob's Burgers-esque homeliness actually fits with the tone of the show, in my opinion. Puberty IS ugly, and I think this is illustrated very well.

    The show dares to confront a lot of awkward, tough situations in a hilarious and light-hearted way. I really wish that this had been released when I was a teenager. I could relate to Jessi, the lead female character, in so many ways. I also had guy friends that distinctly remind me of Nick, Andrew, and even Jay.

    I'm giving the show 9 out of 10 stars, because I think the writers should consider representing the LGBT+ community a little bit better in Season 2. There are plenty of opportunities for this, having introduced some interesting queer characters that just need more background and development.

    Other than that, I thought that the show is, as Nick's dad would say, dynamite.
  • tostinati21 October 2017
    Our eroding culture
    Every cartoon writer wants to hit with the next Simpsons or South Park. But minus the critical spark of wit and comic vision, all such attempts are doomed to wallow in the potty-mouthed and potty- minded musings of clear also-ran stand up comic wannabes. Ergo Big Mouth.

    We stuck around through the first episode, willing to assume the series would simmer down, maybe deliver a few legit laughs and insights after getting the most transgressive ready-mades out of its system. Didn't happen. We turned off the second episode about ten minutes in, never to look back.

    Without the distracting conceit of a demon spraying the room with verbal filth every couple of minutes, this series might have gone anywhere. There are, after all, universal elements of adolescent angst in the basic material. But the writers blew it, settling for -- or perhaps more pathetically, straining to finesse -- rude chuckles for potheads.

    Another win for this packager, no question, and another dump on the audience, a part of which will accept any hogslop set down in front of them. Sad.
  • bbailey-0129020 October 2017
    Good show!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is awesome i hope to see more seasons. Im 16 and i think this show can help with figuring out things in life for the way they r and not guessing things...i hope that made sense but i mean life is hard and this show gives me perspective. changes r hard to go through this show helps me laugh and not be so serious about everything
  • garoctempest20 October 2017
    Poorly animated and written
    The art style is the worst thing about this show, makes it near impossible to enjoy for me. Closely followed by the dialogue and concept. Which is amazing given the concept if done right would have been on the money. Instead, its the singular most cringy show i've seen in a long long time. They decided to go 'far' and went way over the line and not in a fun way. I'm only giving it a 5 star because people need work. Though, the head artist should probably be put on the street.
  • Kenyae Kofi19 October 2017
    I love this show
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show "Big Mouth" is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a long time. I appreciated all the characters in the show and loved how realistic this show was about how life can be the worst for people. I love how the show starts with the hormone monster bothering the kid at every given moment to make him have an orgasm or tell him something really rude. I enjoyed the scene when the characters were having sex with pillows, having orgasm on themselves, and cursing at every given moment! I loved the show with the song of life being a terrible mess and again this show had me on the floor laughing out loud.
  • johannesvanthart16 October 2017
    A very funny show that covers some important topics
    I loved Big Mouth. As most reviewers before me have also written, the show is not exactly subtle. That doesn't make it any less funny, however. The show has 5 main characters: Nick, Andrew, Jay, Jessi and Missy, who are all in their own way going through puberty. They come from very different homes, which causes them, along with the Hormone Monster/Monstress, to react very differently to all the new things they discover.

    Most people seem to think the show is mainly meant for adults, because of the abundance of swearing, genitals, sex and the use of scary words like 'vagina'. I disagree, however. Although the show for the most part covers lighter subjects, such as first kisses and stuff, it's not afraid to occasionally touch on more serious items, such as sex positivism, especially for women, consent/boundaries, slut shaming, homosexuality etc. Things that are important to know, especially for boys, but are often not given enough attention, for example because of parents' awkwardness, or even neglect, as the show clearly illustrates. Paying more attention to the aforementioned topics at a young age, will hopefully create a generation of men more aware of what women go through, so they might avoid the mistakes Nick, Andrew and Jay make because of ignorance. Obviously, things like consent and boundaries are also important for girls. Girls get horny too, to quote the show, which causes the male protagonists' heads to literally explode. The prejudice that only men want sex hurts both genders, as it assumes men don't have boundaries and that men always have to be dominant to have sex. It's exactly these things that make this show so important. So by all means, have children watch this, show it to them in school. It's funny AND it teaches valuable lessons.

    The only reason I didn't rate this a perfect 10/10 is that I personally didn't really see the additional value of Coach Steve, other than just being gross and possibly mentally challenged?
  • susanjohannvo16 October 2017
    Much better than expected
    Warning: Spoilers
    I thought I'd hate this, but decided to check it out. I've only seen 2 episodes. And, unfortunately, I've read the reviews. Unlike others, I haven't found it crude, disgusting, or dumb at all. At least not so far. Maybe it will grow old as the season goes on. I found it real, honest, sweet, and poignant. This is about sex. Specifically pubescent sex, but I think many of us continue to have these issues throughout our lives. I can relate. Sex is just weird. Strange. And a lot of fun. I see myself in this, and my old boyfriends, and I see my grown children too. I really like it so far.
  • joannebloxham15 October 2017
    Just got Netflix and found big mouth on a random search. How a program can be so very wrong but so funny then you will like shows how boys and girls feel and act when there hormones kick in at that special age. Given it a 9 rating watched the whole of season one in one marathon sitting and laughed at every episode. Sorry the review so long but just to say would recommend to friends for sure can't wait for season 2 excellent accidental find nice one.
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