Bambi Awards



  • In its first years - up to the mid sixties - the Bambi had been a film-only audience poll, then a TV-award. Today it's kind of a media award with variable and diverse categories (music, print, etc.). However there are still some movie-related categories too.
  • Due to the massive shift in public interest from cinema to TV, the 1966 Bambi ceremony does not take place and the event is reorganized to a TV award.



Honorary Bambi

Special Award

Historical Timeline

  • Up to 1984 the ceremony for any particular year had always been in spring of the following year. This scheme is changed shifting the event to the end of the year with the result that there are two ceremonies in 1984, one for 1983 in spring and one for 1984 in December.

  • For the first time the ceremony is broadcasted live.