BMI Film & TV Awards



  • BMI, founded in 1940, is an American performing rights organization which represents more than 250,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music. Through its music performance and reciprocal agreements, it grants businesses and media legal access to it repertoire of more than 4.5 million musical works from around the world. (as of 2000)


BMI Cable Award

BMI Cable Mini-Series Award

BMI Film Music Award

BMI Film Music Scholarship
  • Each year, BMI gives an award to film composing students at three top schools: USC, UCLA and Berklee.

BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Award

BMI TV Music Award

Classic Contribution Award

First Russian Horror Films Award

Most Performed Song from a Film

Motion Picture Sound Editor Awards

News Special Tribute Award

President's Award

Richard Kirk Career Achievement Award
  • The award is named after past BMI Vice President Richard Kirk.

Ringtone Award

Special Citation

Special Recognition

Spotlight Award