IMDb Picks: February Indie Picks

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IMDb Picks: February Indie Picks

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Daniela Vega in A Fantastic Woman (2017)

A Fantastic Woman

Meant with sincere affection: Sebastián Lelio can fashion a movie in the style of Almodóvar better than most. His latest, a Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee, seems like it could be a landmark queer film as its central character fights for more than her rights — this particularly fantastic woman seems consumed with honoring her partner's legacy and their love. Who is the next filmmaker writing a role for breakout star Daniela Vega? — Arno

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Friday, Feb. 2

Timothy Spall in The Party (2017)

The Party

Sally Potter's films are unconventional to say the least, but her latest is said to be more of an old-fashioned chamber piece with an acerbic wit about it. Personally, watching the world fall apart around party host Kristin Scott Thomas seems like a perfect way to go. — Arno

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Friday, Feb. 16

Matvey Novikov in Loveless (2017)


About 15 years ago I saw The Return by Andrey Zvyagintsey. The director's first movie hit like a fever dream and I wondered what he would do next. Fast forward to the present and he's just notched his second Best Foreign Language Oscar nomination for Loveless, which also has his second highest IMDb user rating (after The Return, which I promise you is a flawless family mystery). — Arno

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Friday, Feb. 16

Jérémie Renier and Marine Vacth in Double Lover (2017)

Double Lover

I love François Ozon in auteur mode (Frantz, early short A Summer Dress, and others) but I'm most engaged by his sex-thrillers that have a high-end sheen and a De Palma-like greasiness. I'm curious to see how he handles this work by Joyce Carol Oates, who has dozens of novels — including them — that are ripe for adaptation. — Arno

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Wednesday, Feb. 14

Nostalgia (2018)


Director Mark Pellington serves up a cinematic essay on the pervasive and persistent nature of grief in his first movie since The Last Word. In this movie, Pellington again grapples with weighty themes such as memory, legacy, and mortality. But here he chooses to focus on personal artifacts and the personal stories embedded within these inanimate objects to frame his story. The cast is rich with talented actors including Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn, Catherine Keener, and Bruce Dern among others. So, I'm eager to give this a watch. — Bret

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Friday, Feb. 16

Zosia Mamet in The Boy Downstairs (2017)

The Boy Downstairs

There's something immediately charming about this unpretentious rom-com's trailer, and much of it has to do with Zosia Mamet, who's parlaying her "Girls" fame into movie roles that capitalize on her winsome and winning way in front of the camera. In this romantic comedy for the Millennial set, Mamet plays a budding fashion writer whose march toward independence and success is upended by the realization that her ex-boyfriend is living in the same apartment building she's just moved into. What results appears an interesting, modern retelling of a familiar romantic love story, where the players seem to come to terms with the elusive and treacherous nature of love and regret. I can't wait to see Mamet and her on-screen partner Matthew Shear ("The Alienist"). — Bret

Opens in U.S theaters in limited release on Friday, Feb. 16