Road Trips and Zombie Hordes Rule the January Indie Scene

by IMDb-Editors | last updated - 5 months ago

IMDb Editors turn a spotlight on some of the indie, foreign, and documentary releases coming out in January.

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Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

Day of the Dead: Bloodline

As "The Walking Dead" becomes ever-more introspective, it’s good to get a good, old-fashioned zombie horror movie to chew on. This remake of George A. Romero’s 1985 movie — made before the legendary horror director died in July 2017 — centers on a small group of military personnel and survivalists who take shelter in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies. It’s difficult to imagine this surpassing Romero’s — on the originality front alone — but it looks great fun for horror fans. — Michael

Day of the Dead: Bloodline opens in limited U.S. release, VOD, and Digital HD on Friday, Jan. 5

Reda Kateb in Django (2017)


There are numerous stories of individual heroism and courage among those living in the menacing shadow of Nazi Germany during World War II. And this movie, which tells the story of Belgian-born guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt (Reda Kateb), paints a story with tones of jazz. Sprung from a gypsy family, Reinhardt became a noted jazz artist, even before the Germans occupied France, where he was living before and during the war. But those two factors, his genetic history and general German hostility toward jazz as an art form, made Django's existence immediately perilous. This movie traces his flight out of France and his journey as a musician deepened by both tragedy and determination. — Bret

Opens in limited release in U.S. theaters Friday, Jan. 5.

Tommy Wiseau in The Room (2003)

The Room

It has been 14 years since The Room opened on just two screens, funded by its writer, director, producer, and star Tommy Wiseau. Now, after being embraced as a cult classic and given the biopic treatment in The Disaster Artist, the movie will finally get a one-night only run in 600 theaters across the U.S. Despite being called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies,” The Room has played continuously in major cities around the world for over a decade. And while audiences have been laughing at what was intended to be a drama, this wide release confirms that it is Wiseau who has had the last laugh. – Michael

The Room will play in limited U.S. release on Wednesday, Jan. 10

Barack Obama and Samantha Power in The Final Year (2017)

The Final Year

Exactly how documentarian Greg Barker gained such unprecedented access to the Obama administration's foreign policy team is a behind-the-scenes tale that probably deserves its own doc, but for now we have this real world, super-sized episode of "The West Wing" to digest as a reminder, no matter your political beliefs, of a much different time in Washington D.C. — Arno

Opens in U.S. theaters Friday, Jan. 19.

Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth in American Folk (2017)

American Folk

Those who lived through the horrors of 9/11 have stories to share about how to cope with unimaginable violence, tragedy, grief, and fear. This film, which has touched audiences at smaller film festivals across the United States, relates the story of two strangers who traverse the country in an attempt to get back home. Their common language is their love of folk music, and along the way, they meet other total strangers, who ultimately become more essential pieces in the patchwork of neighbors that help restore their trust in their country and others. I can't wait to give this movie a viewing, not only for the beautiful, unadorned folk music that awaits but for the acts of humanity that are to be found in roads we have yet to travel. — Bret

Opens in U.S. theaters Friday, Jan. 26.

This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy (2016)

This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy

What's not to love about this rag-tag group of sci-fi geeks who unexpectedly find themselves in an old-school, B-grade sci-fi movie and must find their way home before it's too late? This low-budget, sci-fi comedy made the festival rounds back in 2016, but word on the street (and at our sister site, Box Office Mojo) is that it's been picked up for distribution and will be hitting theaters in January 2018. Which theaters? We can only hope that it's coming to a theater near us. — Pam

Opens in U.S. theaters Friday, Jan. 19.