Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things From the Week of July 1

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IMDb Editors highlight their favorite things from the week.

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Daniella Pineda at an event for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Trending Veterinarian of the Week

Dino-laden Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom continues to be tops at the box office and with IMDb fans, landing at No. 1 on MOVIEmeter in addition to propelling three of its stars to the top of STARmeter. IMDb fan favorites Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt find themselves at No. 1 and No. 8 on this week's chart, respectively, and they are joined at the No. 11 spot by Daniella Pineda, who plays a plucky and fearless paleo-veterinarian in the film. It's the highest charting ever for the actress, whose most recent on-screen work has been in TBS' "The Detour" as Vanessa Randall. IMDb fans may remember Pineda as a regular from the first season of "The Originals."

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Miles Teller at an event for 32nd Film Independent Spirit Awards (2017)

Casting News of the Week

More than 30 years after Top Gun first flew into theaters, the fighter jets are back on the runway, and Tom Cruise is looking for a new co-pilot. After an extensive hunt, Whiplash star Miles Teller has been cast as the son of Goose (Anthony Edwards) and Maverick's new protégé in Top Gun: Maverick. Teller reportedly beat Glen Powell and Nicholas Hoult to the role after testing with Cruise. Set in a world of drone technology, the movie is thought to explore the end of the era of dogfighting. Get ready to head back into the danger zone on July 12, 2019.

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Vanessa Kirby

Fast and Furious Addition of the Week

We were excited to hear that Vanessa Kirby might be joining yet another espionage/action franchise. "The Crown" and Mission Impossible: Fallout star is set to join the cast of the Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham Furious spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw. And as a bonus bit of casting news, Idris Elba is also in talks to join the film as the main villain. Sadly, we still have over a year to wait for this one as it's scheduled to premiere on July 26, 2019.

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David Kellman, Robert Shafran, and Eddy Galland in Three Identical Strangers (2018)

Triplets of the Week

In a year already marked by poignant and provocative documentaries, Three Identical Strangers stands out as one of the buzziest. And it might just be because it relates such an incredible and alarming story. From the outset, director Tim Wardle seems to present a straightforward narrative of joyful discovery, as three triplets reunite with one another as early adults. But the story never stops pivoting as Wardle uncovers, with one painful revelation after another, the reasons why the brothers were separated to begin with. The film addresses the human costs of pursuing scientific truth, where the boundaries between helping lives and actually hurting them are shifted or disregarded. If this isn't on your Watchlist, it should be.

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Jackie Tohn, Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson, Betty Gilpin, Kate Nash, Shakira Barrera, and Britney Young in GLOW (2017)

Binge-Watch of the Week

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back in Season 2 of "GLOW," and we finally got chance to binge-watch the new episodes. After a surprising first season, which proved a sleeper hit, we were happy to find the new episodes were packed with laughs and emotional moments that cement its position as one of the best shows on Netflix. Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron continue to deliver standout performances as part of a talented ensemble cast where there's not a single weak link. And an unexpected turn of events in the finale ensures we're hyped for another round in the ring come Season 3.

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Sacha Baron Cohen in Brüno (2009)

Secret Project of the Week

Late Monday night, a rewatch of Brüno felt like a proper way to cure our sociopolitical blues. Almost a decade after the movie's release, not only does the comedy hold up, but it also feels more relevant today than it did in 2009. The Ron Paul/RuPaul bit? Impossible to stage today. The vignettes centered around gay-conversion therapy at the end of the movie feel more shocking in the current climate as you recall that Brüno was released during Obama's first year in office. So, imagine the vibes we felt when Sacha Baron Cohen's video message to President Trump dropped on the Fourth of July, a signal that Cohen has been working on what just might be an American-themed satire since we know he filmed a gag with O.J. Simpson earlier this year. We're dying/completely nervous to see what SBC has in the works.

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Tessa Thompson in Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Easter Egg of the Week

Knowing that Sorry to Bother You is rolled tight with hip-hop references, we've been thinking about this striking image of Tessa Thompson for a couple weeks because we knew the statement earrings were a lyrical reference that was evading us. It struck us just now that director Boots Riley was paying respect to the group Blackalicious, who reached a creative zenith in 1999 with the record Nia. If you're fortunate enough to own the record, skip over to track No. 7, "Shallow Days," to piece this music-to-film Easter egg together.

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Secret Agent Selection: WW2 (2018)

Reality Series Binge-Watch of the Week

We're not sure exactly when "Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits" popped up on Netflix. But it ended up in our suggested programming list over the weekend perhaps because of our love of shows like "The Great British Bake Off" and "Escape to the Country," and we blew through the entire season in a sitting. The gist of the show is 14 contestants undergo the same rigorous four-day selection process as Britain's top-secret World War II spies. They cover everything from picking locks and hand-to-hand combat to survival skills and how to evade detection. Watching the modern-day volunteers take on these unique challenges, move out of their comfort zones, and discover their inner fortitude was both entertaining and inspiring. If you're looking for some history with your reality competition series, this is definitely one to check out.

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