TV Shows You Must Watch This Week

Looking for a TV show recommendation? Look no further to discover what's streaming online and on television.

What's New on Disney+ Hotstar in June 2021

From Raya and the Last Dragon to Wolfgang, discover what's premiering on Disney+ Hotstar in India this month.

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New on Netflix India in June

Update your IMDb Watchlist with the latest movies, documentaries, and TV shows premiering on Netflix this month.

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What's New on Amazon Prime Video India This June?

Find out which popular movies and shows are premiering on Amazon Prime Video India this month.

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Top Rated TV Shows

Discover the top 250 TV shows as rated by IMDb users – from all-time favorites to current hits.

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Share Your Knowledge of Indian Cinema on IMDb

Can you help us increase our coverage of Hindi movie plots on IMDb? Try out IMDb Answers, a new feature that surfaces high-value content missing from IMDb. Answer questions to share your knowledge with other IMDb users.