"You're Not a Monster"

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You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 1: Night of the Living | 4:38

Max seeks advice from his undead ancestor John while treating a zombie (Adam Pally) with a broken (and oozing) heart.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 2: Too Possessive | 4:17

A demon (Langston Kerman) haunts Max, possessing everyone around him for free therapy.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 3: A Hiss Is Just a Hiss | 4:06

A Medusa patient (Amy Sedaris) finds that love is blind but still turns to stone.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 4: It's Aliiiiiiive! And Depresssssed! | 4:33

Still upset about his ex (Ellie Kemper), Max tries to help a Frankenstein (Peter Grosz) who's also falling apart, figuratively and literally.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 5: A Demon Can Dream | 3:58

A sleep-deprived Max helps his succubus secretary Nia, who's struggling with her own past demons.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 6: Headless Over Heels | 4:09

Max plays monster matchmaker, resulting in a match made in the opposite of heaven.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 7: Masking Your Problems | 4:10

Max worries he can't treat people, only monsters, but the Invisible Man (Patton Oswalt) teaches him that appearances can be deceiving.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 8: Half Over It | 4:08

A mermaid (Amber Ruffin) and a musical phantom (Joel Kim Booster) are in love - and out of tune.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 9: Dead Tech | 3:54

The ghost girl from 'The Ring' (Milana Vayntrub) struggles to adapt now that VHS is a thing of the past.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

Ep 10: The Transylvania Twist | 5:09

Max's relationship issues get complicated, while his vampire great-grandfather John reconnects with the reincarnation of a lost love.

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

A Guide to the Monsters in "You're Not A Monster" | 3:37

They're inhuman - and in therapy. IMDb's new animated series "You're Not A Monster" shows us classic movie creatures have issues, too. And there are almost as many movie references as problems packed into each episode. Here's a guide to 25 monsters in "You're Not A Monster".

Evolved (2018-)

The Evolution of The Addams Family | 5:02

They're creepy, and they're kooky, and they're headed back to the big screen. Let's take a look at how our favorite family of misfits went from a cartoon in the New Yorker to the upcoming film 'The Addams Family.'

You're Not a Monster (2019-)

You're Not A Monster Trailer | 1:34

Max Seward's patients really are the horrifying monsters they think they are ... because they really are horrifying monsters. But as this para-therapist struggles with his own demons - and his vampire great-grandfather who left him his practice - he learns that the only thing worse than being undead is being unloved.