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Print Biographies (121)

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Film Biographies (26)

Portrayals (29)

Interviews (4)

Salut les Copains (FR) July 1964, Iss. 24, pg. 56-59 + 95-98, "40 questions à Elvis Presley"
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The Press-Scimitar (Memphis) (US) July 28 1954, by: Edwin Howard

Articles (82)

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Business Wire (US) April 25 2006, by: David Beckwith/Jason Wanamaker with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., "International Icons Dolly & Elvis Together at Last in a Broadcast Television First; ``Tennessee Road Trip'' Commercial Brings Together Tennessee Legends through the Magic of Digital Technology"
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Pictorials (22)

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AD Rotterdams Dagblad (NL) April 21 2012
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Magazine Covers (414)

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TV Krant (NL) August 12 2017
Yours Retro (GB) July 27 2017
La Semaine (FR) July 21 2017
Hot Doc (GR) July 16 2017
Closer Weekly (US) June 5 2017
Closer (US) May 6 2017
Closer Weekly (US) January 9 2017
Closer (US) January 9 2017
Closer Weekly (US) September 5 2016
Closer (US) September 5 2016
Closer Weekly (US) April 11 2016
Globe (US) January 16 2016
Globe (US) August 10 2015
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Esquire (GB) February 2 2015
Good Times (DE) February 2015
ABC (ES) November 1 2014
Rolling Stone (ES) May 2014
National Enquirer (US) January 2013
Las Vegas Weekly (US) December 13 2012
Rolling Stone (FR) September 2012
Popular 1 (ES) August 2012
Now Playing (US) June 2012
Tracks Magazin (DE) January 2012
America in WWII (US) October 2010, Vol. 6, Iss. 3
History (US) September 2010, Vol. 8, Iss. 5
Las Vegas Weekly (US) January 7 2010
Events & Shows (US) January 2010
Rolling Stone (DE) February 2009
Jukebox Magazine (FR) December 2008
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Autograph Collector (US) April 2007
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Playboy (JP) December 1999
Record Collector (GB) August 1999
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Record Collector (GB) April 1998
People (US) March 13 1998, Iss. Special Collector's Edition
Radio Times (GB) August 16 1997
TV Guide (US) August 16 1997
MOJO (GB) November 1996, Iss. 36
Country Weekly (US) August 13 1996
Record Collectors' Magazine (JP) March 1996
Record Collector (GB) March 1995
Life (US) 1995
Gong (DE) December 31 1994
Country Weekly (US) August 16 1994
Katso! (FI) November 22 1993
Record Collector (GB) September 1993
People Weekly (US) December 28 1992
Hollywood Studio Magazine (US) October 1992
Record Collectors' Magazine (JP) September 1992
People Weekly (US) July 27 1992
Gong (DE) September 27 1991
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Hollywood Studio Magazine (US) August 1990
Life (US) June 1990
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The Fighter (US) October 1987
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US (US) August 24 1987
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Bravo (XWG) October 15 1981
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Bravo (XWG) June 25 1981
Photo Screen (US) March 1980
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Bravo (XWG) November 29 1979
Rona Barrett's Hollywood (US) October 1979
Photoplay (US) September 1979, Vol. 93, Iss. 7
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Women (US) January 1979
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Oor (NL) January 16 1974, Iss. 1
Veronica (NL) January 5 1974, Iss. 1
TV Star Parade (US) October 1973
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Funk und Film "Immer wieder lieb ' ich Dich" (AT) 1957, Vol. ?, Iss. 37
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Inside Story (US) December 1956
Dig (US) November 1956
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TV Star Parade (US) September 1956
16 (US) May 1956

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