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  • Everyone wants to learn something; maybe not everyone makes the effort, because they get discouraged. I certainly was like that as a teenager in Brooklyn, always trying to hide my ignorance. But you have to find the strength to acknowledge that ignorance within yourself, otherwise you are going to remain stagnant. I learnt a valuable lesson with Ridley Scott. My agent kept insisting that I go watch the show-reel of this commercial director and I kept turning him down, thinking there was no way that I was even going to consider working with a commercial director. In the end I saw his reel and I was blown away by how great it was.
  • Fear is a marker I need to rise above, otherwise I would drown in my fear of myself.
  • I don't want people to think that awards amount to the value of an actor. Real success means involvement - to engage oneself totally in something. Unless you become involved, you will stay uninvolved. If money is your god, you will accumulate money, but little else. If you seek out the experience of something... you have a good chance to have a full life.
  • Existence is a struggle.
  • [explaining why he supports a mandatory military draft] We, the people, should participate in the privileges we have in this democracy that we live in, and we should all share in the dangers and the risks with our lives to protect the freedoms that we have. I don't see how our young men can feel they're part of the country if they don't participate in the defense of the country - in the defense of our values - when it's necessary to do so. I feel, strongly, that by excluding themselves, they sacrifice something integral. They separate themselves from the hero's journey - this journey we all must take to find ourselves.
  • Violence has its own texture, and it needs to be respected, prayed to, idolized, swallowed, digested.
  • I'm learning to enjoy living because I'm learning to cope with sadness and loneliness. I'm learning not to run away from those things into other places... I don't want to pretend to know why, but living is difficult, and living is beautiful; without difficulty there would be no beauty.
  • My characters aren't nasty; they're troubled. I don't see these these guys as bad guys at all. There's no difficulty for me in keeping them human.
  • Acting is religious... great acting can be worshiped because it descends into the subconscious, into the soul and somewhere in there must be God.