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Quotes (12)

  • The years went by so fast and, even though I've had children, which makes me feel I've lived a long time. I want to fulfill the desire I have to do things that are beautiful and meaningful.
  • It's true what people say - that actors are the closest thing there is to children. They play.
  • I used to dance when I was younger - ballet and modern dance.
  • Even though things happen by accident, you also unconsciously choose things that help you.
  • I love oldies just kind of sweet, slinky, Fifties music. The slow stuff. And Billie Holiday.
  • I've overcome different stages in my life. I was shy and now I am not shy.
  • All I have ever wanted is to be a good mom. My children are everything to me, the loves of my life.
  • My father hurt too many people.
  • [on rewatching Tess (1979) in 2012] Wow! I saw that a whole lifetime has gone by. Thirty-five years.
  • I live for being with the people I love and to live as happily as possible. And you must dare to do as many things as you dream of.
  • [on her time with Demi Moore] We exercised, we ate good and we were into beauty products and our hair and nature and healthy food, and just getting up in the morning and enjoying our day.
  • If you get typecast, it's up to you to break that. Since I started real young, getting roles where they would ask me to take my clothes off, I would get those [types of] scripts over and over.